The Woman Under the Principal

Amirah is a vivacious go-getter who works as the school’s vice principal. This is the highest-paying job she’s ever had, so the milf doesn’t want to blow it. Principal Mclane asks Amirah to meet him and calls Serena, his young secretary, to stay and take notes. It turns out that Amirah’s hands are dirty because she’s been caught embezzling school funds. Her ass is on the line and she even risks going to jail. What she doesn’t know is that this is all part of Ryan’s secret plan to get her to do whatever he wants. Now, Amirah will have to play nice with Mr. Mclane’s cock to get out of this situation. Serena, the naughty secretary, is also behind this raunchy plan, enjoying every second of forcing the vice principal to eat their boss’ dick. A horny threesome unfolds as Principal Mclane fucks both his vice principal and his secretary in his office–his nasty plan all along!

1 month ago