Two friends, Nicole Kitt and Penny Barber, have a longtime, ongoing game where they try to pants each other while the other isn't looking. The thing is... Nicole ALWAYS loses! Penny is just too good at using various tricks, such as ringing the doorbell or leaving out dirty dishes, to distract Nicole so Penny can sneak up and pants her. And one of the rules of their game is that the loser can't retaliate on the same day, so it's really tough for Nicole to get Penny back. One day, Nicole is talking on the phone when Penny sneaks up behind her and tries to pants her again... but Nicole's pants won't budge. Nicole then triumphantly reveals that this time, SHE tricked Penny... Nicole wasn't actually talking to anybody on the phone, and her pants are actually overalls partially hidden by a sweater! Realizing she's been had, Penny tries to run off, but Nicole manages to grab Penny's pants and pull them down... revealing that Penny isn't wearing panties. Not only that, but Penny has a BUTT PLUG in her ass! Nicole is amused and also turned on, and suggests that maybe they can have a little fun to celebrate Nicole's first victory. Penny is surprised at first, but Nicole is able to convince her, leading to energetic, playful sex that includes rimming and butt plug play!

1 month ago