Sneaky Footjob For the Voyeur Janitor

Hot office worker Coco is working late with her annoying boss, who bugs her to finish her work. Coco flips him off as he walks away, she’s tired of his crap and decides to relax, putting her stocking feet up on her desk. Pervy janitor Danny walks by, sees her sexy soles and slides into her cubicle to clean up, sneakily sniffing at Coco’s feet before finally giving in and smashing his face into them. Coco decides she needs a break from work and Danny will do! She pulls out his cock and is amazed at the size as she pulls out her tits and gives him a footjob before giving him a messy BJ. When they hear Coco’s boss approaching Danny gets pushed under Coco’s cubicle as he eats her pussy until her boss leaves, then Coco drags Danny to a cubicle where she fucks his brains out! They almost get caught by her boss again before Danny cums all over Coco’s feet, her cummy footprints confusing her boss as she sneaks off down the hall!

1 month ago