Ms. Johnson’s Graduation Gift

Joshua and Aria think they have time to get a quickie in before walking the stage. It’s their graduation day, but all they can think about is fucking each other. They’re both feeling horny and need to let off some steam. They start in the locker room but move to Ms. Johnson’s classroom for more privacy. Their session is soon interrupted by a very horny Ms. Blaire Johnson, who walks in on the couple while Aria sucks Joshua’s cock. She doesn’t make them stop - in fact, she wants in on the fun. Now, Joshua and Aria’s fuck sesh turns into a full-blown threesome, and they’ll have to give Blaire extra special attention if they want this to remain a secret. Joshua has his work cut out for him, as he’ll have to fuck his Aria and his extra hot milf teacher and make sure he doesn’t cum too quickly.

1 month ago