Bad Girls Get Bound

Jay is in charge of his younger stepsister, Imani, while their parents are away. When Jay learns that Imani has been sucking cock at school, he has no choice but to put his foot down and be the disciplinary figure Imani needs. He pulls her pants down and spanks her, but this discipline only turns Imani on more. She wants her stepbrother to spank her harder, and she can feel her pussy starting to get wet. She gets her chance to play with him later when she shows him how she sucked other guys' cocks at school. Jay knows he shouldn’t be getting a blowjob from his stepsis, but her lips wrapped around his cock is a sensation he’s not ready to give up. Things get really intense when Imani wants to be treated like the bad girl she is. Jay gives into Imani’s wishes, leaving her gagged and bound on the couch. He teases and disciplines her again before fucking her pussy hard. She has been waiting for this moment, and her stepbrother’s cock deep inside of her feels incredible and wrong all at once.

1 month ago