Concept: Girl Crush #2

Hello, all you horny TeamSkeet fans out there! We know you love getting experimental with us, and that’s why Labs updates are always a blast. This time around, we’re bringing back a concept we’ve done one iteration of already. Girl Crush #1 was published on August 23rd, 2023, to many positive reviews. Girl Crush is an experiment about lesbian teens playing around with each other and exploring each other’s bodies. There is a ton of room here for intense and taboo lesbian content, so we knew we had to bring it back. In this episode, Myra and Evie are friends, but they’re about to become much more than that. After an intense workout, the girls get clean in the shower. Myra has been eyeing Evia and is ready to make her move, and Evie gets the sense that something intense is about to happen between them. In the shower, Myra touches Evie in a way she’s never been touched. Myra moves her wet, slick hand down to Evie’s pussy, where she stimulates her clit and fingers her pussy. Evie can’t believe this is happening. She feels so many things waking up inside of her, and she’s never been this turned on. Myra leaves Evie in the shower and heads to the bedroom, and this is where the fun really begins. The girls take turns eating each other out, pushing their tongues deep down into each other’s pussies. They break out the toys and use them to make the sex even more intense. They both shudder with delight and think about all the fun they’ll have when they hook up again.

4 weeks ago