My Stepson's Into ANAL Porn?!

Cherry Kiss suspects that her stepson, Jimmy Michaels, may be addicted to porn, but when she sneaks onto his laptop to find out, she's horrified to find that he's not into just ANY porn... but ANAL PORN! She goes through Jimmy's Adult Time account to learn more about his habits and is SHOCKED when she finds 'Stepmom Likes It Up The Ass' scenes in his viewing history. Wanting to understand Jimmy better, she tries watching the videos but becomes unexpectedly aroused herself. Although she tries to resist the urge, her curiosity and lust win out and she starts exploring by fingering her own ass. Eventually, Jimmy returns home and is startled as he catches Cherry in the act. To his disbelief, Cherry convinces him to have anal sex with HER in order to 'purge' these thoughts from their minds. And once they do, that's when Cherry realizes that she's ALSO a stepmom who likes it up the ass!

1 month ago