My First Threesome

Tyler and Addison are looking to try out their first threesome, but Tyler isn’t sure it’s going to work in his favor. He’s worried Addison is going to get all the fun and attention and that his cock will be left to wither in the corner. Things turn around when Kait shows up and gives Tyler some affection. Addison slyly pulls Kait away so as to entice Tyler and coax him into the bedroom. The babes only let Tyler watch at first, and he is once again worried he’ll miss out on the action. But the girls bring him in soon to set the threesome into action. He helps send things full throttle and pleases their perfect pussies. It’s an amazing experience for all three lovers, and Tyler has a blast pleasing two chicks at once. Tyler cums inside Addison’s pussy, and she lets it drip down so Kait can catch the load in her mouth.

3 weeks ago