Taking Two For The Team

Ken Feels and his buddies, Robby Apples and Isiah Maxwell, are engrossed in a football game on television. It isn't long before Leana Lovings steps into the room with a bowl of popcorn for her parent, Ken, and his friends. But once she sees Robby and Isiah, it's clear that football is the furthest thing from her mind! With Ken's eyes glued to the TV, Leana cheekily comes onto Robby and Isiah. She begins feeling Robby and Isiah up literally behind Ken's back, which quickly leads to a double handjob and blowjob. But she doesn't stop there as she cheekily slips off her bottoms and eagerly rides their cocks while Ken remains blissfully unaware. Both Robby and Isiah are worried about being caught but are so into everything and happily along for the ride. But as Ken obliviously leaves to grab more snacks during halftime, now Robby and Isiah are free to enjoy themselves to the fullest and have Leana every which way they want!

3 weeks ago