A Magical Swapping Act

Kimmy and Lulu love their magical stepdaddies. Danny and Peter are professional magicians who constantly strive to one-up each other. Kimmy and Lulu want to prove that they, too, have magical talents. But soon, the men get defensive over their stepdaughters - Peter doesn’t want Danny looking at Lulu, and Danny doesn’t want Peter looking at Kimmy. The girls start to get horny as Danny and Peter begin to compete with one another, using their cocks as magical props. In order to keep the peace, the men decide to swap stepdaughters. Kimmy sucks Peter’s cock and gets his shaft far down her throat, and Lulu does the same with Danny. Even so, the men want a chance to play with their own stepdaughters, and neither Peter nor Danny can stop watching Kimmy and Lulu. They switch back, and now the girls will get a chance to play with their own stepdaddies. The sex is even better and more wild, and both Kimmy and Lulu quiver with delight. Danny and Peter cum hard for their girls, and the babes share a cummy kiss.

3 weeks ago