Paying With Pussy

Natalia is super excited about her plans tonight but has no money to go. Lucky for her, she still has her stepdad Jerry’s credit card to do whatever she wants. The problem is that Jerry knows she is living him off and won’t tolerate her doing that anymore. When the guy confronts her, Natalia starts playing nice around her stepdad and offers him some compensation. Maybe she can continue to use Jerry’s credit card if he gets to play with his baby girl’s pussy once in a while. Jerry loves the idea and immediately strips Natalia naked to savor his new deal. Squeezing his stepdaughter’s petite tits, Jerry lets his imagination go wild and shows Natalia what he has been fantasizing about. The girl realizes she has a lot more to win as she swallows her stepdad’s meaty cock. Her money problems are finally over as she gets her cunt stuffed by her horny stepdaddy.

3 weeks ago