A Heat You Can’t Beat

Joey knows he is supposed to fire his babysitter, but he finds her extremely alluring. Alix knows her power over Joey and must do what she can to protect her job. On a particularly hot day, Alix does her chores in the heat, working herself a little too hard. Joey notices how the heat affects Alix, so he runs to her rescue. This is the perfect chance for Alix to work her moves. When Joey spills water on Alix, she strips naked and entices Joey with her stunning body. He can’t resist and gives into his lust. Alix knows there is no way Joey will fire her if he’s fucking her. The horny stud pounds Alix hard, filling up her pussy with every inch of his cock and giving her the best fucking she’s had in a while. He is hooked and wants her around for good - this babysitter is here to stay!

2 weeks ago