Burglar Gets Her Pussy Pounded

Sexy burglar Gal peeks into Mick’s window before breaking in, looking to steal some jewelry and other valuables. As Gal crouches down in the corner of his kitchen, Mick enters for some water, and she sees his expensive watch … And Mick’s impressive bulge! Gal touches her pussy and moans and as Mick searches for the source of the noise Gal pokes him in the back with her flashlight, intimidating Mick into sitting where she wants him (but stealing a hot kiss first). With Mick tied to a chair, Gal starts rubbing his cock through his boxers then sucking him off … But he only gets to cum when he tells her where he keeps the goods! Mick manages to get his restraints off and decides to teach Gal a lesson. He grabs her hair and fucks her face, and a very willing Gal deepthroats him before having her hands tied and being led out to the living room, where they fuck on Mick’s furniture until he shoots a huge load on Gal’s face. Soon after, Mick brings out the pair’s wedding rings … And tells Gal next time it’s HIS turn to be the burglar!

2 weeks ago