Patriotic Pussy Pounding

Cecelia is the petite hottie with a luscious body and one mission: preparing the best 4th of July grill party. Her friends told her she needed to get everything ready, decorations, the pool, and even balloons. Cecelia doesn’t care much about it, but she pushes herself to do it in the hopes of learning what the holiday is about. To get into the patriotic vibe, the tiny blonde wears a red, white, and blue attire to celebrate the occasion properly. She still doesn’t quite get into the whole spirit, so Uncle Sam appears to save the day! Determined to help the little girl and get her into the mood, this majestic American Man will spread his liberty all over her in the form of creamy goodness. Nothing shouts freedom more than a nasty fuck sesh, and Mr. America will ensure that Cecelia learns to love the holiday with a glorious fuck fest. When he’s done with her, Cecelia’s pussy will be filled with patriotism!

2 weeks ago