More Than a One-Time Thing

Tyler is doing some stuff around the house when she hears some strange noises coming from the Bluetooth speaker. Noticing they are moaning sounds, the blonde starts giggling and calls Tyler, her stepbrother. It seems the guy was jerking off and forgot to disconnect the device, so now he embarrassed himself in front of his stepsister. Riley is surprised that Tyler is stroking his cock alone, as the guy has a girlfriend, but she recently broke up with him and now he has nobody to pat his dick. Feeling sympathetic, the blonde offers to help his stepbrother, just like she did some time ago. Tyler thought their hooking up was just a one-time thing, but the truth is that both secretly yearn for the opportunity to fuck again. The excuse couldn’t be better for Riley to savor her stepbrother’s meat once more and taste his creamy cum on her sweet lips this time. A nast pussy-pounding session takes place in the kitchen as Tyler drills his stepsister’s hole on the kitchen counter and feeds her with his buttery juice.

1 week ago