I Wanna Make It Big Time

Without beating around the bush, young and sassy Sia Lust declares her wish of becoming a pornstar. The skinny blonde wants to make it big-time in the business and she knows that there’s only one way to do it: fucking filthy for the camera! Sia gets her blood pumping with girls' stuff mostly, but she wants some man meat this time, so she is happy to answer a couple of hot questions to Mike before sucking his cock. She reveals some nasty secrets about her sexual awakening at a young age and then proceeds to show off her tight and slender body, showcasing her firm ass and tight pussy. A little solo time with her cunt prompts Mike to jump in and plow the young girl, making her scream like mad. Horned as fuck, Sia takes the lead to gag on Mike’s meaty dick, savoring it like a lollipop. Eager for a second round, Sia climbs on top of Mike once more to get stuffed, showcasing her lustful talent once more.

1 week ago