Anastasia Doll in ANASTASIA DOLL: SPUNK ON HER BIG TITS 6:01 Our tale of titillating Tits & Tugs starts at the sexy feet of Anastasia Doll and pans over her stunning body. Anastasia wants to play. She's wearing a tight, short one-piece dress that's perfect for her shapely figure. Tom Holland is sitting next to her and wants to finish his book. Anastasia is the patient type. Another woman would hit Tom with the sex toy on the table between them. Tom finally returns from his trip to oblivion and gets into a hot clinch with Miss Doll. She slips off her dress and teddy, ready for his cock to meet her big tits. He fucks the French Doll's boobs for a long, long time in different positions while she eye-bangs him. It was a little over a year ago that Anastasia did her first on-camera Tits & Tugs. While he's fixated on her breasts, Anastasia rubs her pink toy over her clit and cums loudly. When Tom blasts a load of spunk over her tits, Anastasia eagerly watches it spurt out, pleased that she inspired so much spunk. She licks up some of the goo then shakes and slaps her sticky tits.
Alicia in ALICIA4258 11:00
Alicia in ALICIA4258 11:00 Ass lovers rejoice, we've got another big booty cutie this week on Ex Co Gi. Her name is Alicia and she's a sassy 22 year old Cuban import by way of Las Vegas. While most girls offer up some random hobbies when Jay asks, Alicia doesn't beat around the bush and admits that she just loves riding dick. We can definitely work with a girl like this. We aren't sure why a girl would go to the beauty parlor and ask her eyebrow waxer to make her look like a comic book super villain, but that's Alicia's "look" and she seems to rock it. Maybe it's her way of saying, "I know you are staring at my big, round ass anyway, so this is how I do." Jay counters by getting Alicia to strip so he can finger fuck her and then pound her with a huge pink vibrator. That is how HE do. After getting Alicia close to orgasm, Jay has her drop to the floor to suck his cock. If Alicia has an evil super villian plan it MIGHT be to drain the earth's male population of their essence via their cocks. She certainly sucks Jay off like world domination is at stake. From her hand technique to her deep throating, she just might take over. Once Jay is rock hard, he has Alicia climb aboard for some reverse cowgirl so he can watch that phat ass bounce. He flips her over for some deep dicking and then flips her back to fuck her in doggy and get some footage of that big, tan ass getting drilled. If Alicia looks like a comic book villain, Jay looks like the world's most useless (but coolest) comic book hero when he unleashes a mutant-like cumshot that covers Alicia's face and tits and foils her evil plans. If, that is, her evil plans were to spend the rest of the day not covered in Jay jizz. If she's planning to take over Las Vegas and bend it to her will, well, like we said, Jay's pretty useless at fighting crime.
Jamie Valentine in Cum On My Command 8:00
Jamie Valentine in Cum On My Command 8:00 When Jake asks for a happy ending, big busty babe Jamie Valentine finds the chance to take the upper hand. She does not intend to make him cum so easily so she brings ghim to the edge and ruins his orgasm over and over. The poor sap is about to cry while the sexy masseuse enjoys every moment of teasing and torture.
Jessie Volt in She Thinks No Ones Watching - Scene 2 7:39
Jessie Volt in She Thinks No Ones Watching - Scene 2 7:39
Ginger in GINGER22015 11:01
Ginger in GINGER22015 11:01 Redhead lovers, we haven't forgotten about you. This week we present Ginger. A slim, curvy little redhead with an impressive set of bouncy, natural boobs and an equally impressive ability to orgasm on camera. She and Jay click right away and their chemistry drives this hot update from start to explosive finish. Things start off with a little behind the scenes car interview, which leads to a behind the scenes car blowjob, which leads to MORE behind the scenes at the hotel with even more behind the scenes blowjob action on a hotel terrace. It won't take you long to see that this 19 year old newbie is very sexual and very into being on camera, she's really a natural. Despite confessing at the start of the shoot that she's a little nervous, Ginger really seems to get into it. After blowing Jay SEVERAL times, he returns the favor by fingering her to a real, noisy orgasm. Ginger then shows her appreciation by taking care of Jay with yet another beej. After some nice replays, Jay gets down to the business of trying to make Ginger orgasm again. He takes her on her back, doggy and even lets her ride him as hard as she can where she finally orgasms again. Finally, after stuffing Ginger's pussy in sideshow he's ready to tap out and has Ginger drop to the floor for a nice splashy facial. As the shoot wraps, Ginger says something off camera while she's toweling off her complimentary facial and Jay circles back to capture it - she explains that her Ex Co Gi shoot was the best sex she's ever had. We get it, Jay. You're the mack and you fuck 'em in the back. But honestly, she's 19. If you asked her what the best pizza or beer she'd ever had she'd say Papa Johns and Mich Light.
Aidra Fox in She Thinks No Ones Watching - Scene 1 6:25
Aidra Fox in She Thinks No Ones Watching - Scene 1 6:25
Skye Wood in Solo orgasm in the kitchen 12:00
Skye Wood in Solo orgasm in the kitchen 12:00 Beautiful Skye Wood is spending her day reading a book in the kitchen. Finally, she gets bored and decides to entertain herself a little bit. She thinks about taking another book or watching a movie, but this all doesn’t satisfy her needs. Finally, she decides to play with her yummy tits for a start. That little game gives her enough excitement to continue the action and to play with dripping wet pussy till she is satisfied totally.
Noname in Chained To The Bed This Masked Beauty Can Still Masturbate And Cum 7:19
Noname in Chained To The Bed This Masked Beauty Can Still Masturbate And Cum 7:19 This masked brunette is chained to the bed and awaiting orders. This is her first time going to a secret sex society party and the anticipation of the sex that may be cumming her way is unbearable! Rather than struggle with desire, she reaches down to play with her pussy and make herself cum!
Flamy Nika in Colors and fingering 6:00
Flamy Nika in Colors and fingering 6:00 Flamy Nika stands out in a colorful room because she brings spice to the table like no other. She pushes her fingers harder in making un and down motions until she starts rolling her eyes with pleasure and anticipation.
Alice Shea in Her Imagination 8:01
Alice Shea in Her Imagination 8:01 Traveling home with beautiful Alice Shea, she steps through the door and kicks off her sneakers. In the kitchen, she unloads her shopping, snapping a banana from the fresh bunch. She peels it open, and licks it along its length, her imagination getting the better of her, treating it like a cock. Her desire aroused, she raises the hem of her dress and runs her hands over her thighs, her white cotton panties revealed. Undressing, the sexy blonde babe sits in a chair and squeezes her pert titties, fingers deftly rubbing at her shaved honeypot. Faster they turn, grinding her clit, two fingers between her pussy lips. With eyes closed, she bites her lip and sinks a finger inside. She masturbates rapidly, finger diving in and out, lost in a world of erotic fantasy.
Mia Brown in She is tasting his wet cock 12:00
Mia Brown in She is tasting his wet cock 12:00 This sexy blonde milf is so hot that this Czech horny guy decided to test her qualities in the POV scene
Lily Madison in Busty In Red 6:00
Lily Madison in Busty In Red 6:00 Lily Madison is the lady in red lingerie ready for a roll in bed. Lily isn't in her lingerie for long. While we know that Lily dearly loves hot girly outfits, and she looks super-sexy in them, getting completely naked is always more comfy. "I had been going to school for fashion photography," said Lily. "I want to go into set design and interior design. I'm going to go back to college. I was supposed to go back to college already, but webcam modeling is addictive. I was always on the other side of the camera, and I thought, 'I'm too short to do modeling.' I didn't think I'd ever get any work as a model." It's a good thing that Lily was wrong about that.
Lexie Burova in Redhead Lexie teases her bush 8:01
Lexie Burova in Redhead Lexie teases her bush 8:01 Okay, I know you like chicks with hairy poontangs and today we have the hairest of them all! Lexie is a gorgeous redhead with perfect natural tits and a full bush that she gets to show off in this video. You'll get to watch her strip and play with that sultry looking patch of hair in her box.
Strus Iranna in Hirsute Strus plays with dildo 8:00
Strus Iranna in Hirsute Strus plays with dildo 8:00 Alright, we have this video of a pretty hirsute blonde girl named Strus Iranna playing with her hairy poon. She's the pretty blonde girl with a slender body, nice small breasts, and a hairy pussy that she just loves to show off every chance she gets.
Reighlei in Reighlei4320 11:00
Reighlei in Reighlei4320 11:00 Reighlei is only 20 years old and is having a sexual free-for-all that she plans to continue until age 25 (Take the red pill & google Open Hypergamy). A webcam model at night and gym bunny during the day who wants (needs?) more sex in her life. I'm more than willing to help after I see her photos. 5'5", blonde, blue-eyed girl-next-door. Unfortunately, she permanently marked her body up with large tattoos, which tells me that she likes to fuck & make bad decisions... and tattoos never lie (unlike the girls they're inked onto). During the casting, Reighlei is smiley, friendly, giggly and talkative. She loves anal, double penetration, can suck cock like a high priced escort, & is on birth control (no need for a $50 Plan B pill - yay!). After I cum insider her, I shoot a close up of her pushing my cum out of her pussy. She tastes it and says, "It's good! It tastes like cum and strawberries."
Renee Roulette in Milking My Dads Friends 6:45
Renee Roulette in Milking My Dads Friends 6:45 As parents know, their offspring sometimes disobey them, and teen Renee Roulette is no exception. She takes great delight in doing whatever she wants, especially now that's shes 18 and legal. And jerking off and handjobbing her dads friends is one of those things!
Jana in Jana Gets Her Fingers Wet In Her Pussy So She Can Lube Up Her Clit To Cum 9:20
Jana in Jana Gets Her Fingers Wet In Her Pussy So She Can Lube Up Her Clit To Cum 9:20 Jana looks gorgeous sitting on her little bench under the backlight of an open window. She's already playing with her tits and getting her pussy nice and wet for her fingers to explore. Jana likes penetration, so she sinks them in deep, getting them nice and lubed up so she can rub all that slippery goodness on her clit to cum.
Aaliyah Love in Alicia's Favorite - Aaliyah Love 5 14:59
Aaliyah Love in Alicia's Favorite - Aaliyah Love 5 14:59
Hayley in HAYLEY5834 11:00
Hayley in HAYLEY5834 11:00 Hayley is a leggy, fresh faced brunette that looks as innocent as a choir girl but reveals a sexy side that you'd never expect. Today's update starts off with Jay in full creep mode as he sneaks up on Hayley in the shower to start the interview early and we get a look at her amazing girl next door body. Here at Ex Co Gi our two main missions are to entertain and arouse. But at times we can do more and today is one of those times when we can both entertain, arouse AND educate. And no, we are not talking about another one of Jay's slightly off center anatomy lessons. Today we can teach you, loyal subscribers, a thing or two about women. The fairer sex. Just look ay Hayley, long chestnut brown hair; big, innocent smile; deep throating a stranger in a hotel room with 4 cameras running and capturing the action from every angle in high def. Don't be fooled by the female of the species gents, they are more devious and hornier than we are in most cases and they'll never let on. Imagine what Hayley's "nice guy" boyfriend is doing today. Probably at the mall buying her a cute charm bracelet to try and get in better with her, while she's in a hotel confessing to Jay that she's banged at least 30 guys in just a few years of sexual activity. And, another bit of education, girls always lie about the number by half or a third so Hayley's probably been with 50-100 guys. Which, if nothing else, explains why she's so amazing at sex. This girl gives some of the most amazing head we've ever seen here at Ex Co Gi. Before the shoot even starts she's deep throating our man Jay and showing off her carefully honed mouth skills. After things get off to a bang, Jay manages to coax an orgasm from her with a vibrator and then a second from her as he lays her on her back and pounds her wet pussy into submission. After trying for bonus rounds from behind and then from the side Jay can't hold back and unleashes a trademark Ex Co Gi 1 gallon facial glazing across Hayley's sweet smile for the perfect finish to another great shoot.
Sarai in Newbie amateur with big natural tits 12:00
Sarai in Newbie amateur with big natural tits 12:00 Sarai is a sexy amateur brunette with a sweet rack of all natural tits. She's a happy go lucky kind of chick that loves to fuck. Sarai wanted to get right to the action. Tony didn't mind at all. He whipped his cock out and sure enough, Sarai wrapped her lips around it sucking away. Then took a serious pounding in all positions. Creaming all over the dick. Don't miss this amateur in action. Enjoy!
Lola Ash in The Road To Home 2 8:00
Lola Ash in The Road To Home 2 8:00 Hot brunette Lola Ash is walking home along a dusty backroad, carrying her college books. She’s rocking a cute and sassy preppy look, in a black pleated skirt, white frilled blouse, cropped blue cardigan, white knee-socks and white sneakers with red laces. She is also wearing glasses and her hair is braided into tight pigtails – however, glimpses of her alternative hipster style, including tattoos and septum and labret piercings, are visible. She approaches a derelict building, possibly an old factory, and decides to investigate. The doors and windows are gone, so it’s just walls and a roof, the floors strewn with rubble. As she cautiously makes her way inside, she pulls a small riding crop out her waistband and taps it against her thigh, hitching up her skirt to flash her white polka-dot panties. Next, she walks over to a pile of rubble – large slabs of concrete from collapsed walls – and rests one foot on it, exposing a tan thigh. She teases herself with the whip, pulls her panties high into her crack and kneads and spanks her own rounded ass-cheeks. One hand slips between her thighs to rub her pussy through her panty-crotch and she humps and lunges against it. She lies down on a flat concrete slab, flips up her skirt and splays her legs wide, using fingers and the whip handle to masturbate through her panties, the cotton clinging to the contours of her pussy lips. She pulls the crotch aside to reveal her shaved, fleshy snatch with a little trimmed landing strip on her mound – then her manicured fingers get to work in her moist slit. As her pleasure increases, she whips her inner thighs hard enough to leave pink welts. This provokes moans then cries of pleasure and she peels off her underwear. Getting on all fours with her firm ass in the air, she hand-spanks her cheeks again, then fingers herself. She sucks on the whip handle like a cock then uses it as a dildo, grinding it against her slit then pumping and stirring it inside of her pussy. As she approaches orgasm, she lies on her back, bucking her ass up off of the rough concrete, then moaning as she cums hard, whipping her thighs to maximize the sensation. As she drifts back down to earth, she caresses herself more gently. Then, suddenly self-conscious, she glances around and dusts herself down. Before she leaves, she puts her panties back on, then continues on her way.
Brandy Tinks in BIG DICK CHANNING RODD FUCKS NEW BLONDE BRANDY TINKS 12:00 Channing Rodd... a VERY fitting name for our new guy. This young jock has got a big, fat, cock! So why don't we get him the tiniest chick to FUCK? Makes sense, right? Brandy Tinks is a super sexy, 5'2", 100lb, energizer bunny. The initial attraction was real between these two. With that movie star smile, Channing simply lights up a room when he comes in making you want to melt with his handsome good looks and great body. A true showman and showOFF as well. Throwing up double bicep flexes as he's balls deep in tiny Brandy... Savage. Phew! This scene is action packed! We still can't understand how Brandy is able to take that much BBC!
Caty in Caty3549 1:36
Caty in Caty3549 1:36 This beautiful snow angel sucked my dick so damn good. I fucked her perfect pussy and she jerked me off in her mouth. Amazing.
Staci Lee in Staci's Toy Box - Part 2 15:00
Staci Lee in Staci's Toy Box - Part 2 15:00 The second part of Staci Lee's decadent evening amongst her favorite toys. Naked, after masturbating with her clit sucker on the ottoman, she studies her lingerie collection on display, deciding what to put on. She selects a fresh piece and sensually dresses in it, not bothering to put on panties because she knows her already swollen pussy is going to be fucked by another toy. She sucks her pink dildo for you before teasing her clit with it, then lying back on the sofa and pounding her pussy to more orgasmic bliss.