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Vanessa Decker, Claudia Bavel in Pretty brunettes fingering passion 15:00 Lesbian lovers Claudia Bavel and Vanessa Decker are in bed wearing lingerie and kissing passionately. Claudia wears a naughty black set, and Vanessa's bra and panties are a sultry red. The ladies kiss while stripping each other, then Vanessa gets on top so she can suck Claudia's big tits. Vanessa takes off Claudia's panties and kisses then licks her tight, wet pussy. Claudia pleasures Vanessa doggystyle, licking her pussy and ass, then both ladies 69 each other to mutual orgasm!
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Kimora Quin in Tall Babe Kimora Quin Has A Variety Of Toys To Fuck LIVE 12:00 Kimora Quin has legs for days and a huge appetite for cock. For her today though she is all by herself so no real cock to pleasure today. That will not stop Kimora from getting naughty and wet for you as she teases off her red panties and tempts you with that sexy ass. She loves how you want to bury your face in those cheeks to eat her all out. How do you think she tastes?!? Kimora double teams her pussy with her vibrator and dildo to really spice up the show letting you watch as she stretches her tight pussy wide. She'll grind on her dildo and more wishing it was your cock that was making her cum! Archive from 6-24-2022 5pm LIVE show!
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