Sophia Burns in Never Meet Your Heroes 14:59
Sophia Burns in Never Meet Your Heroes 14:59 SCENE OPENS on Alexa (Sophia Burns), a political intern, arriving at a lofty home. She is a little nervous as she is led into the living room where she waits with bated breath as her political idol, Eleanore Cadwin (Rachael Cavalli), comes down the stairs and greets her with a warm smile. It is revealed that Alexa is a promising intern working for Eleanore's political campaign. She has called Alexa to her home for a special meeting with her husband Mel (Seth Gamble).Alexa gushes over Eleanore, praising her political mission as something she truly believes in. Alexa wants to do EVERYTHING in her power to help get Eleanore elected, stating that too many women go ignored in politics. It's been a dream of hers since she first started studying political sciences to work on Eleanore's campaign and help make a difference for every citizen in this country. Eleanore is apparently honored by Alexa's commitment but soon gets down to business, elaborating that she has singled Alexa out for a VERY special project.Mel and Eleanore explain that they would like to end their marriage of convenience - which hasn't been as fruitful as they imagined - by setting up an affair between Mel and another woman. Eleanore would use this fabricated scandal for political gain, currying the favor of female voters across the country by turning Eleanore into a symbol of a 'woman striving against adversity'. When Alexa wonders why they are telling her this, it is revealed that Eleanore and Mel want HER to be the scapegoat for the fabricated affair.Alexa is disgusted, threatening to walk out. But she is stopped by Eleanore, who convinces her to stay and hear her out. Eleanore explains how this unorthodox plan could be the turning point for her campaign, slowly convincing Alexa that her participation in it will make more of a difference than her regular internship ever could. Nobody would ever know of Alexa's sacrifice, since she'll be painted as a villain, but in secret, she will become a hero for her country. After all, if Eleanore is put into office, she can actually put her political ideas to work and improve the lives of all. Convinced by Eleanore's silver tongue, Alexa agrees to the plan. She has energetic, intense sex with Mel, all while Eleanore films it with her cellphone, manufacturing a video that will then 'accidentally' be leaked to the public.
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Alice Shea in Her Imagination 8:01 Traveling home with beautiful Alice Shea, she steps through the door and kicks off her sneakers. In the kitchen, she unloads her shopping, snapping a banana from the fresh bunch. She peels it open, and licks it along its length, her imagination getting the better of her, treating it like a cock. Her desire aroused, she raises the hem of her dress and runs her hands over her thighs, her white cotton panties revealed. Undressing, the sexy blonde babe sits in a chair and squeezes her pert titties, fingers deftly rubbing at her shaved honeypot. Faster they turn, grinding her clit, two fingers between her pussy lips. With eyes closed, she bites her lip and sinks a finger inside. She masturbates rapidly, finger diving in and out, lost in a world of erotic fantasy.
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Dee Williams in Scandal in Suburbia: Part 1 15:00 Scandal In Suburbia: A Dee Williams Mini-Series [Part 1 of 3] - As Dee gets home from the supermarket, the pervy boy next door, Rion, spies on her while she unloads her grocery bags. Rion can’t help but notice her perfect ass peek out from her skimpy dress, but when Dee catches him taking photos, she flips the script on him. Dee has been looking for some raunchy fun, and Rion is the lucky guy who will show her a good time. This is just the beginning of Dee’s wild sex adventure, and it only gets kinkier from here…
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Shalina Devine, Lana Roy in OUR LOVELY AU PAIR 10:00 After a long day, Kristof comes home from the office to find Shalina waiting for him in her underwear. She's determined to take matters into her own hands and show her husband Lana's talents. And for that, what better than a threesome to spice up their relationship.
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Cali Caliente, Simone Richards in Raunchy Roommate Rivalry Part 2 11:59 When Mazee gets home from the gym, he expects to find his roommates chilling. Instead, he finds Cali Caliente's date in a daze on the floor! Confused, Mazee helps the date off the floor and gives him a glass of water. Meanwhile, gorgeous Cali and Simone Richards are still going at it in the bedroom. Curvy Simone has set up a suction dildo so petite Cali can ride it to her heart's content! Soon, Mazee is sucked into Cali and Simone's pervert little tryst and the whole thing turns into an XXX, raunchy, roommate rivalry!
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Leena Sky in Leena Sky Catchers Her Unsuspecting Employe Sonny Hicks HD 10:00 The unsuspecting low level salesman Sonny Hicks gets caught in the act of using office equipment inappropriately. His sexy seductive milf boss Leena Sky catches his cock in the copy machine leading to only one effective punishment. Fucking her brains out in the executive office suite. He can't resist the punishment and dives in face first into her perfectly trimmed pussy before she takes on his guilty cock. Poor Sonny is then required to put in some overtime on that sexy milf ass before he is giving the go ahead to blow his load on her massive tits and go home to his boring life.
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Sweet Sophia in My New Bratty Sister - S23:E7 15:00 Brick Danger isn't used to living with a stepsister, so when Sweet Sophia moves in he has some manners to learn. When he opens the door to Sophia's room without knocking, he finds her wearing a thong and nothing else. Sophia yells at Brick, then shuts him out. He thinks about it for a bit and then returns, remembering to knock this time. The stepsiblings have a heart to heart, and Brick finishes by saying that if there's anything he can do to help, all Sophia has to do is ask.Sophia does have one thing she wants. She has heard rumors at school that Brick has a really big dick. She wants to see it. Brick tries to tell Sophia no, but she insists. Popping her titties out, she sweetens the pot by saying that Brick can play with her tits if she can see his cock. When Brick gives in, Sophia instantly drops to her knees to begin stroking it while telling Brick that she's not done with him yet. Soon she's bobbing her head in a blowjob between giggles.Climbing into her bed, Sophia peels off her clothes to seduce Brick into giving her the D right where she wants him. She gets him on his back so she can feel his big cock inside her while riding, first in cowgirl and then in reverse cowgirl. On her hands and knees, Sophia watches over her shoulder as Brick slides back home. She rolls onto her back and draws her knees up to her boobs, which leaves her wide open for Brick to give it to her. Squealing and squirming, Sophia makes it clear she loves her stepbrother's big dick! He gives her one last treat as he gets Sophia on her knees to blow his load in her mouth, the perfect finale to their brand new stepsibling relationship.
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