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Jillian Janson in Jillian Janson Is A Natural Beauty That Loves To Make Herself Cum In Nature 8:02 Jillian Janson knows she's sexy as fuck and she also gets off on being a dick tease. See her take off her pretty white dress just as she summer sun starts to set so she can masturbate on a bench and make herself cum while you watch.
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Kathy Restrepo in Spa Girl Gets A Whirl 15:00 Javier paid a visit to his local spa after some time away and was surprised to find a new girl - Kathy - working there! He struck up a conversation with her and told her that if there was anything she needed to clean while he was there to please do so - as long as she doesnt mind that hes naked. Kathy told him how unhappy shes been with her boyfriend lately and Javier had his in. He called her over and invited her into the tub with him and the next thing she knew Kathy was sucking on that client dick! She was stroking and sucking his dick like a champ in the hot tub and knew how to switch up her rhythm to make Javier feel completely relaxed - remember hes at the spa! After a sloppy blow job, and a firm gripped handjob, Kathys face was shellacked by spunk and it was on to the next client.
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