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Cherie Deville in Cherie DeVille First Big Black Cock 13:00 Cherie DeVille; First Big Black Cock. Do you remember your first time? I do and I think most people do. For sure Cherie DeVille is going to remember her first big black cock. This hot blonde with the big tits craves some interracial dick and after looking at her, who's going to say no? From REAR VIEW 4 watch Cherie lose her black dick cherry, quite a show. Quite a show!
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Victoria June in Latina's Big Tits and Plump Lips 15:01 Victoria June just wanted to eat her pizza in peace, but once she got a taste of easy money by flashing her big fake titties, she decided she wanted a nice fat cock to feast on instead! One facial later and this amateur slut was officially a pro!
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Quinn Wilde, Mick Blue in Quinn Wilde: Busty Redhead's BJ & Fuck 12:00 Striking redhead Quinn Wilde mesmerizes in yellow, navel-high pantyhose and a lacy lingerie top. Her big tits bounce as she unleashes them for XXX-director/stud Mick Blue's leering lens. He applies glistening oil to Quinn's hosiery; she rubs the clear lotion over her round derriere and hot cunt. Quinn uses the lube to masturbate her snatch. Mick tears open her tights to finger her butthole and eat her twat. He shoves his big cock in her cunt, and they fuck face-to-face. Quinn dishes out a blowjob that Mick captures from a POV-style angle. The cute hottie/hot cutie makes eye contact with the camera as she strokes Mick's meat and sucks his balls. Quinn rides, his schlong in her twat; she playfully hops up and down as if on a pogo stick. Mick drills her gash in several positions as the horny vixen frigs her clit. He plasters the gorgeous chick with a cum facial, his spunk blasting Quinn's open mouth and silky tongue.
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Lily Lou in Lily Lou: Anal Gaping, Cunt Squirting! 11:59 Lily Lou may be a new star, but she's no stranger to nasty ass fucking. The oversexed vixen looks incredible in a skimpy porn-wear look with tight booty shorts. She performs a hot tease, propping up her rump and jiggling for the camera. Spanish superstud Ramon Nomar steps in to spank her chunky rear cheeks and give her a kiss. Ramon feeds Lily his big cock. The young brunette slurps and slobbers through high-octane throat fucking, and then turns around, shoving her thick glutes into Ramon's face! He obediently rims her and then crams his boner into her cunt. Lily's fleshy jugs jounce through hard pussy hammering. Action heightens with a wild backdoor cock ride! Extreme anal drilling comes with crude rectal gaping and a slobbering, ass-to-mouth blowjob. Ramon splashes her a creamy cum facial. For the finale, he fingers the sexy girl to an intense orgasm -- she ejaculates girl squirt!
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Cassie Young in Cassie Younge Gets A Massive Facial After Fucking A Huge Asian Dong 15:00 Cassie Younge discovers the dungeon in this BDSM inspired scene. See her saunter down the stairs, curious about the mystery surrounding this place. There she finds the dungeon master who teaches this willing servant how to take a thick cock and like it. Cassie has so many orgasms she looses count!
Christiana Cinn in Christiana Cinn Taken And Ass Fucked 10:00
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Fuck)Babalu in Cuban Style Blowjob by the Brazilian Babalu 5:55 Babalu shows off her Brazilian curves, that big round ass and huge natural tits. Her real talent comes to oral, she opens up her mouth and sucks down some hard cock. She puts her tonsils to work in Cum on my Face 5, wrapping her lips around a big black cock to satisfy her hunger. She jerks him off to drain his cum, earning herself a big sticky facial and then catching the rest of his cum with her tongue.
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Luxury Girl in Luxury Girl Is Hungry For Cock 12:00 Luxury Girl wakes up in bed feeling sexy and horny. She gropes her big tits and then starts to masturbate, but when she tries to get her boyfriend’s help (and cock), he’s too tired, even pushing her hand away when she tries to get him to rub her wet pussy. Luxury Girl, feeling frustrated, goes to the kitchen for a snack. As she’s bent over, looking around in the fridge, her boyfriend sneaks up behind her then slaps and rubs her ass before pulling down her tight tank top to expose her perfect tits and hard nipples. She teases him by bumping him with her round ass, turning him on even more. He moves her thong to the side, slides his cock into her dripping pussy, and fucks Luxury Girl all over the kitchen until she jerks and sucks him off to a messy facial cumshot!
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Avi in AVI 414 11:01 Avi is a 21 year old sex toy and anal sex addict from Las Vegas who is super excited to begin her porn career today. She's done some solo girl stuff but today is her first boy/girl shoot. Meaning, she's going to get the cock on camera today for the first time, and she's stoked. So is TC, and so are we. Not only is Avi cool as hell, she's also one of the most sexually open and voracious girls we've had this year. And that's saying something. A young lady who brings her own sex toys to a shoot - and have the majority of them be butt plugs, including one the girth of a soda can, guarantees a great time. The fact that she genuinely loves anal sex is a gigantic plus. She's never had a full-blown orgasm from anal, she says. Let's see if TC can change that. Honestly, we can't wait for you to watch Avi's video. These are 83 minutes you do not want to miss, seriously. After Avi's confessions in the car, she gives TC a nearly spiritual blowjob in the garage before both head upstairs to the hotel room. We watch Avi get ready and try on different outfits, all while fielding more personal questions. By the time she gets to sit her sexy ass on the couch, you'll feel like you've known this cutie forever. There's just something very approachable about her. So TC doesn't waste too much more time interviewing her. We go from naked time right into toy mode - and it just gets hotter, dirtier, and better from there. Scroll through the preview pics below to get a taste. But as always, you really need to watch the whole video to really appreciate this insanely hot scene. So about the anal: to those 2 gentlemen who complained that we have too much anal sex with our girls lately (!), we're sorry. For everyone else - you're welcome! But either way, in addition to all that butt sex, there is also plenty of pussy fucking. And the obligatory cum facial, replayed from all camera angles, and split-screened (many positions get a split screen, of course), and replayed in slow-motion. I think Avi's video pretty much covers everything. We fucking love the fact how Avi is so into sex. She never complains, never whines, never asks how many more positions. No, she loves every which way of hardcore fucking TC throws at her. Nothing better than a cute girl who truly enjoys herself getting down and dirty on camera. We're pretty sure she would have done this shoot for free. We will probably see this sex maniac somewhere else soon, she says she wants to be a big pornstar and we have no doubts that she's got what it takes. We're just happy that ExCoGi has her FIRST hardcore scene! **NOTE - Dec. 16 2016: After Avi's first boy-girl scene here, she has gone to do more adult shoots as "Avi Love". She appears to be friends with our own Erin. Check the WHERE ARE THEY NOW section on the bottom of this page for more links to Avi's scenes!
Marilyn Johnson in Marilyn Johnson: Pile-Driven Gaping! 11:59
Marilyn Johnson in Marilyn Johnson: Pile-Driven Gaping! 11:59 Freaky backdoor babe Marilyn Johnson teases in skimpy porn-wear, eager for an epic ass reaming. Marilyn fingers her meaty twat and spreads open her sphincter, stretching her sweet holes through a sultry tease. The young blonde lies spread-eagled on the couch, wielding a massive dildo to shamelessly sodomize herself for director Pat Myne. Veteran XXX stud Michael Stefano shares a passionate kiss with Marilyn and then fucks her throat. Messy blowjob action evolves into nasty, hard-ass anal ramming. Crude Marilyn crams a huge toy into her cunt while Michael's meat slams her sphincter. She poses her immensely gaping rectum, moaning as Michael relentlessly churns her innards! The outrageous scene spotlights slobbering, ass-to-mouth fellatio; pile-driving sodomy; and a cum facial finale.
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Blondie Fesser in Blondie Fesser, MILF Masseuse Enjoys Hot Fuck 12:00 The curvaceous Blondie Fesser has come to Private Specials, A Private Massage With… armed with her big ass and big tits, and she’s ready to give the lucky Emilio Ardana the treatment of a lifetime! You know it’s going to be a good massage when the table has a glory-hole, and Blondie takes full advantage as she treats her client to a sloppy blowjob underneath before getting on top for an amazing titfuck. Then watch the rest of the action unfold on www.private.com as this spectacular MILF puts her big ass work in a hot a fuck that has her moaning all the way to a facial cumshot!
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Sonia Sweet in Teen Student Sonia Sweet Gets Cum on Her Glasses 12:00 Beautiful Russian teen Sonia Sweet succumbs to a big hard cock in Private’s Cute & Tight Holes 3! Forget about her lesson, this young babe wants a different kind of 1 to 1 with her teacher. She enters into her darkest fantasy, where this hung stud eats out her fresh and tight pussy. Then, she spreads those fine long legs and climbs on the desk to have her box pounded by his big hard cock. Her perfectly firm body is destroyed and then she finishes her teacher off by getting down low and taking a sticky facial, spilling his cum all over her glasses.
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Kitana Lure in Kitana Lure: DP Threesome Cums True! 12:00 Teaching stud students Josh and Kai Taylor the Russian language, busty MILF Kitana Lure wears a revealing outfit for the new pupils, showing off her long legs and luscious breasts. Later, we see Kitana masturbating in bed as she fantasizes about them... Now naked, Kitana sucks Josh's meat and then rides the stud's stiff dick. He rails her asshole. Before long, Kai appears, and Kitana welcomes him with a nasty blowjob. The anal threesome continues with both dudes drilling all of her greedy holes. Kitana poses her gaping anus through a rowdy buttfuck, and she whimpers as the guys subject her to intense double penetration action! The bodacious woman sucks big cock ass-to-mouth, talks dirty, and savors the hot sperm from a messy cum facial.
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Chloe Temple in Facial Agreement 10:14 Tommy and Oliver have told Chloe not to skate in their backyard multiple times. Chloe does it anyways and ends up breaking a sentimental vase. Now she has to suck and fuck her way out of trouble.
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Alien Fox, Hanna Rey in Teens share lollipop and cock 9:59 Be it a lollipop, a hard cock or guy's face to sit on – these naughty girlfriends love sharing. A perky blonde and a naughty pink-haired babe – they are an explosive duo ready to go wild and out of control with a man they like. Double blowjob, lesbian games in 69 position while taking cock and a spectacular facial to share – this vid has it all for a true Home Sex Party fan!
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Anna Claire Clouds in Facial Cumshot For a Curious Blonde 10:00 This blonde small titty teen with a chest tattoo and lips to suck on imagined that she came for a music video casting. After a long interview, the casting director broke down and came clean, there was no video. But, she could still earn 3 grand if she sucked his dick, fucked him, and if she let him cum all over her face. The teen talked herself into this nasty fuck that will melt your cock away once you see how good the blonde rides that pleasure maker!