Nikki Sexx in NIKKI SEXX: SEXX FEVER 6:00
Nikki Sexx in NIKKI SEXX: SEXX FEVER 6:00 Nikki Sexx fever takes over when the busy blonde gets down with Marco Banderas. They were going out, but those plans get scuttled when he sees her huge tits in her halter top and gets fired up. SCORELAND: What gets you hot? Nikki Sexx: Really strong and passionate eye-locking sex where I can feel the heat rising and it boils over to an orgasm for either person. When I can feel a guy about to come to orgasm, it sets me off and has me really boiling over at that point. SCORELAND: What type of foreplay do you like? Nikki Sexx: I like dirty talk and being felt up. I also really like a guy to perv on me and masturbate while looking at me. Just that leery look with their dick in their hand will have my pussy gushing. SCORELAND: It looked like Marco picked up on that. What was your kinkiest sexual encounter? Nikki Sexx: I don't know that I can pick just one but just recently I was fucked in a Las Vegas stairwell and on the balcony. It felt really spontaneous and really dirty and I was beyond into it.
India Summer, Kacy Lane in Phone Sex With Gf's Stepmom 11:59
India Summer, Kacy Lane in Phone Sex With Gf's Stepmom 11:59 Jake Jace likes dirty talk, it really turns him on. Apparently his gf doesn't like to talk sexy to him. I guess that's why he's on the phone with the 1-800-Milf hotline. Jake wants to hear a sexy milf whisper nothing but sex talk in his ear. With his dick in his hands, Jake's gf walks in on him unexpectedly. Cutting his conversation short with the hotline. He heads over to her house for dinner. The gf's sexy Stepmom is cooking Lasagna for them. Turns out that he recognized her voice from the Milf hotline he called earlier. It was her! The stepmom sent the daughter to the store, while she got to know Jake a lot more in person. She pulled his dick out, got on her knees and sucked it just the way Jake imagined it. The gf catches them in the act and joins in on the fun. Jake Jace fantasy came true. Enjoy
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Violet Gems in Wet and Working It 15:00 When it comes to both pottery and pussy, you want it nice and wet, and you have to be ready to get dirty! Sweet art student Violet Gems made a deal that her boyfriend Jmac would put down his fishing pole and spend some time doing pottery with her, but after sliding his fingers into the soft, wet clay, Jmac's interested in squeezing Violet's pierced tits and sliding his pole into her pussy. Violet rides her man while she works the clay, then concentrates on working Jmac's cock as she sucks it and squeezes her pussy around it till he cums on her face. Talk about a true work of art!
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Romi Rain in Romi Rain Dirty Girl Needs A Bath 8:39 Busty brunette Romi Rain enters the bathroom in a white one-piece bikini. She washes her body after getting dirty on the pool. She removes her bikini, revealing her huge tits and thick ass. The sight of the water running down on her body is so irresistible. Her step-father is masturbating outside the bathroom while watching her take a shower. Romi caught her step-dad. They talk for a while before Romi gets down to her knees and starts sucking his dick. She continues to worship his dick, licking, sucking and kissing it endlessly. After a quick titty-fuck, Romi bends over and leads his cock into her tight pussy. He shoves his big dick inside her wet cunt. They fuck doggystyle in the bathroom. The sound of the shower is not enough to muffle her moans of pleasure. He continues to fuck her from behind. Romi looks back at her step-dad. Her eyes are begging for more. They change their position from doggystyle to cowgirl. Her big boobs bounce violently with every hump. Romi can feel her step-dad’s dick hit deep in her pussy. She spreads her legs more to make her pussy completely visible The two gets back to doggystyle before shifting to the missionary position. He keeps on pounding her pussy, digging deeper with every thrust. Romi really enjoys being fucked by his step-dad. She starts playing with her clitoris while his cock is still inside of her. She can feel her arousal peaking up. Romi continues to rub her pussy until she cums again and again. When her step-dad feels like he is about to cum, he pulls out his dick from her pussy. Romi sucks his cock aggressively until he shoots his cum all over her face. They both get back to the shower to wash up. It is only right to erase every evidence to keep this dirty little secret remain a secret.
Sorority Sisters 15:00
Sorority Sisters 15:00 Ada is a new pledge at the sorority, so she's got to go through the initiation process to see if she's right for the sorority. First of all, she was late to the sorority house so the other girls were pissed and that made them want to embarrass her even more! As soon as she got there they made her strip down naked and the first was making her deepthroat a huge dildo - the sisters were not impressed. Next, they threw a blindfold on poor Ada and shoved her to her knees where she played "guess the pussy" where she had to guess who's snatch she was licking! She surprised them all by being a pro at eating pussy! She made Marsha cum by licking and sucking her clit and after that they were sure she was right for the sorority! They brought out another big dildo and Ada fucked the girls like a pro! After making them both cum, they turned it around on her and devoured her clam and destroyed her with the dildo until she came! Talk about being initiated...
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Audrey Madison, Alura Jenson in Home Run at Home 15:00 Buddies Joshua and Oliver are excited for their dates tonight, and are hopeful about their opportunity to hit a home run. But when they overhear their stepmoms’ girl talk, they can’t help but feel bad for leaving them alone and upset. So, the boys cancel their plans and instead make Alura and Audrey a date at home. Filled with amazement, their stepmoms return the nice gesture with a delicious dessert.
Lupe in Lupe (Walkout) 6:55
Lupe in Lupe (Walkout) 6:55 Want to know how my life is REALLY like? It's full of gems like this one: Lupe is a 19 year old cutie with braces and a dirty secret that slips out during the interview. She's all big talk and badass - and then things suddenly go horribly wrong. This one's what I call a 'walkout'. I deal with this a lot. Normally I don't put these up but this one's pretty hilarious. Tough week.
Ashlyn Peaks in Who Needs Him Anyway... 13:49
Ashlyn Peaks in Who Needs Him Anyway... 13:49 When my hot new stepmom Ashlyn Peaks frustratedly asks me (Tony Rubino) where the beverage is, I know something isn't right. I sit down with her to talk, trying not to focus on her massive knockers in that low-cut dress. She gets to telling me about how my dad doesn't give her any attention anymore and I bury him further by talking about the ex-wives & his shitty track record. I start complimenting my sexy stepmom and she gets all giggly with me. Before you know it, she is taking those enormous big naturals out of her dress, showing them off to me. She lets me squeeze & fondle her boobs some more and then I slide my finger into my stepmom's pussy - she is really tight! She sucks & slobbers on my big dick and lets me fuck her huge tits. She turns around, giving me a view of her phat ass as she slides that MILF pussy down on me, her tight pussy gets all greased up from my hard cock. We got all sweaty as we fuck, I thrust into my stepmom from behind making her orgasm better than my dad ever could. She lets me pull out and cum all over her pretty face. This will be our little secret!
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Ashe in ASHE 12016 11:00 19 year old Ashe's sugar daddy (!) might not be too pleased that his little rent-a-darling has flown to sunny CA today to suck and fuck a stranger on camera today. But then again, maybe Daddy should be upping his allowance so this sort of thing doesn't happen again. Oh who are we kidding, this young fuck bunny loves the cock too much. And she hangs out with Chloe (yes, THAT Chloe) so yeah, there's gonna be some stranger's semen in or on her at any given time, pretty much. What else? You want a rundown of all the sexual acts? Scroll down, plenty of preview thumb pics for you. We do have to admit this one's a bit short. Turns out sweet Ashe got her butt late on the plane, and Jay had to check out of the hotel by 4 pm. Guess what time it is by the time these two start fucking? That's right. Almost 4. Knock knock goes the house keeper, wondering why there are sucking noises behind the door. Jay promises to be out by 4PM so Lupita can come in and change those cum stained bed sheets. Funny thing, this same thing happens again right before Jay pops his load on young Ashe's pretty face. Just in time, huh?Tell you what, we got a feeling this one's going to be among the most popular ExCoGi girls so let's see if we can talk her into a proper ass-fucking (and maybe more?) soon, ok?
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Sage Fox in Super Hottie In Pink Sage Fox Cums For You LIVE 11:59 Sage Fox loves how she looks in her new pink bra and panty set and she does look amazing! She hopes you love it just as much! She teases with that sexy ass crawling up in bed beckoning you to come and join her. Sage is quite horny and needs some help cumming. Talk to her and tell her just what you want to see! Watch as she pulls down her panties revealing those beautiful pussy lips before she gets her vibrator to rub all over her clit. The vibrations excite her and she thinks of you fucking her and smacking that beautiful ass. Sage moans loudly and loses control when that orgasm she so badly chased sends her cumming hard for you! Archive from 6-20-2022 5pm LIVE show!
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Lady Lyne in Let's Talk About Your Big Tits 15:00
Lady Lyne in Let's Talk About Your Big Tits 15:00 Lady Lyne has arrived for her pre-scene interview, but the only thing the director and her costar Charlie Dean want to talk about is her big natural tits! Lyne tells Charlie just what she likes during a scene, and he asks if she wants to try his favorite: a super oily fuck. It's Lyne's first time, but with an expert guide, she's more than down as Charlie oils up her curvy body on the massage table, and then it's her turn to drench his abs and big cock with oil, then titty-fuck him! Don't miss one second of Lady Lyne's oiled-up big boobs bouncing as she gets fucked till Charlie cums all over them.
Leana Lovings in Joi Roommate - S42:E16 15:00
Leana Lovings in Joi Roommate - S42:E16 15:00 Jay Romero and Leana Lovings are roommates, but Leana thinks Jay doesn’t know about her secret career as a joi cam girl. Jay's cover is blown when Leana barges into his room while he's watching one of her vids. He tries to cover his tracks, but Leana heard what he was doing.Now that Jay has been outed as thinking his roommate is really, really hot, Leana has plans for him. She struts up to him and instructs him to take his dick out. Telling him how to manhandle his dick, Leana pops her firm titties out and slides her hand into her thong to rub her pussy. The mutual masturbation is hot as hell for both of them as they enjoy the in person aspect of it.When Jay is ready to cum, Leana tells him to stop. He does as he's told, then takes off his clothes. Leana climbs on top of him and has him put his hands behind his head. Crawling on top of Jay, Leana has him think of this as an advanced instruction as she grinds her pussy across his fuck stick. By the time Leana slides her thong aside and lifts her hips to take Jay inside, he's practically desperate to fuck.Clearly enjoying herself as she rides, Leana rocks her hips in her own personal rhythm. When she climbs off to suck her own girl goo from jay's cock, it's only the beginning for them. Leana turns around on her hands and knees and keeps her dirty talk going as she tells Jay exactly where to put his hardon and how to use it as he gives it to her in doggy.Flipping over, Leana spreads herself nice and wide. She tells Jay how to hit all her right spots, then has him pull out as he's ready to cum. She helps him aim his cum shot, then smiles and giggles as he covers her in jizz on command. Since Leana hasn't cum yet, she tells Jay to be a good boy and eat her out. Obedient to the end, Jay does as told and earns the privilege to ask Leana to fuck him whenever he wants.
Casey Calvert, Gizelle Blanco, Charlie Valentine in First Time Cuck 15:00
Casey Calvert, Gizelle Blanco, Charlie Valentine in First Time Cuck 15:00 Charlie Valentine and Gizelle Blanco are on a double date with Casey Calvert and April Olsen, having invited them over to their loft. After some brief small talk, we learn that these two couples have met on a dating app. Casey explains that she and April have been dating for three years, but she has wanted to spice things up and in fact, Charlie and Gizelle are the first couple she's met with.When Charlie inquires about how April feels about the arrangement, April explains that she is more of a 'watcher' than a 'doer', and is happy to live vicariously through Casey. Charlie and Gizelle find this very generous of April. After all, it's not every person that would let their partner plow the neighbor's field.Gizelle checks one last time if their new friends are 100% okay with this, and when everything seems good to go, they get down to business. Gizelle and Charlie surround Casey, kissing and fondling her from either side. Casey moans with delight as April watches from the sidelines, loving every second of it. They have a steamy, sensual lesbian threesome, with April occasionally splitting her legs apart to give herself a little stimulation as well. After all, if she's going to watch her girlfriend cheat, she may as well enjoy the show.
Kimora Quin, Mae Milano in Blooming Romance 15:00
Kimora Quin, Mae Milano in Blooming Romance 15:00 Mae Milano is relaxing when she hears the doorbell ring. Surprised, she goes to answer it and finds Kimora Quin, the owner of a flower shop she frequently uses, with a delivery of flowers.Mae is confused, saying she doesn't remember ordering them. Kimora politely reminds Mae that she ordered them months ago for her and her girlfriend's anniversary. Suddenly remembering, Mae divulges that they recently broke up and she forgot to cancel the order...Kimora is mortified, afraid of bringing up bad memories, although Mae tries to assure her that everything's okay. Wanting to cheer Mae up, Kimora playfully alters the names on the card so that the flowers are a gift from HER to Mae instead!Mae is flattered by the sweet gesture and tries to politely decline the gift, but Kimora insists. Mae is ALWAYS the one giving flowers to others, so she deserves some TOO.Mae is touched by such thoughtfulness as she finally accepts the offer. But the more they talk and lock eyes, the more something changes between them... which soon leads to an unexpected, passionate visit.
Lucia Love in Lucia Love 3 12:00
Lucia Love in Lucia Love 3 12:00 British anal babe Lucia Love visited us to show us how she loves to get down dirty: lots of anal sex, dirty talk and a memorable anal creampie. Enjoy!
Fuck)Ava Addams in Ava Addams Long Hotel Hook Up 10:00
Fuck)Ava Addams in Ava Addams Long Hotel Hook Up 10:00 Busty MILF Ava Addams sits comfortably on the bed as James Deen sets up the camera. She is wearing a purple sweater and jeans. James enters the frame and sits on a chair by the bed. The two continue to talk to each other, sharing their work experiences and the porn industry. James and Ava can barely contain their inner beasts. They begin to kiss deeply and touch each other. They continue to fool around on the bed until they can’t resist each other anymore. It only took seconds to remove their clothes. James lies down on the bed and lets Ava sucks his hard dick. She uses her big boob to titty-fuck his dick. James grabs her by the hair then sticks his dick into her mouth. Ava gags every time his dick touches the back of her throat. James gets up and bends her over on the bed. He jams his cock into her pussy. The two fuck in the doggystyle position. James continues to fuck her from behind before he goes down on her and eats her pussy. Ava cums uncontrollably while his face is buried in her cunt. James takes a breather first then shoves his dick into her pussy. The two fuck in the missionary position before shifting to the cowgirl position. The camera is positioned in such a way that her busty boobs and thick ass are completely visible. Every thrust makes her tits and butt cheeks bounce wildly. Ava’s moans are slowly filling up the room. The couple continues to fuck each other, changing their position from time to time. They return the bed to be more comfortable. He fucks her pussy while rubbing her clit. Ava can’t do anything but burst out screams of pleasure. James keeps on pounding his duck into her pussy until he feels like he is about to cum. He strokes his cock then shoots his cum all around her face and tits.
Brooke in Brooke 3232 11:00
Brooke in Brooke 3232 11:00 Hot real life Barbie / anal porn watcher Brooke is just about the ideal candidate for this biz. Fake nails, fake 34DD tits, but her enthusiasm for cock is real. Should we call her a MILF? Not sure, but 30 ain't teen territory. With Brooke, that's a good thing. Our Scottsdale bimbo's pussy starts creaming up even during the interview and she just gets wetter and filthier and awesomer the more TC does his cock magic on her. Awesome anal. Dirty talk. Creampie eating. Speaking of - do not miss the creampie that never ends. Seriously, this is pretty crazy. And Brooke doesn't mind at all.
Ariadna in Body Heat 15:00
Ariadna in Body Heat 15:00 Ariadna came by to check out the apartment and was looking way too hot to be by herself. This twenty-three-year-old was very tall with some serious curves, and she was from Russia. Her travels made her tired, but she soon forgot about it when we got into sex talk. Ariadna didn't like the price for the place and jumped all over the opportunity to get the fifty percent discount for pealing off her clothes. She didn't even think about it. Ariadna was determined to stay. When asked about sex, she smiled and giggled while she said yes. JJ mentioned having sex with Renato to stay for free. Ariadna had to see him first. As soon as he stepped into the room, she was excited and gave the thumbs up. Ariadna towered over him, but it didn't matter because his first thought was going down on her. He pulled her panties over to reveal the perfect box to complete the package. Ariadna gagged on his cock, as Renato's balls rested on her forehead. It wasn't long after that she was bouncing on the cock. Ariadna collected the payment on her face and swallowed the rest. Her lengthy body was a nice spread in Mike's apartment.
Samantha Rone in Samantha Rone: Big-Cock Anal + A2M BJ! 10:05
Samantha Rone in Samantha Rone: Big-Cock Anal + A2M BJ! 10:05 Captivating blonde temptress Samantha Rone meets heavily tattooed porn pro Damien Soup to discuss therapeutic methods at an unusual sex clinic. Instantly turned on, she reaches into her panties to masturbate her clit. Damien unzips his jeans and unspools his big cock. Horny Samantha gulps down his huge dick in an exuberant blowjob. She receives a nasty rim job, Damien plunging his face between her ass cheeks. He slams his stiff shaft in Samantha's aroused twat doggie-style. The natural-breasted honey returns the ass worship favor, licking Damien's bunghole like a lollipop. Samantha takes an anal ride on his meat and then dismounts to taste her flavor ass-to-mouth! He rails her holes as she bounces on his thick boner like a jockey. Samantha's dirty talk pushes Damien over the brink, producing a spunk-spraying climax. She sops up the milky cum facial mess, tasting semen from her fingers with pervy satisfaction.
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Lacy in A Shy Girl's First Time Anal 11:00 20 year old smoke show Lacy is next up on the best black couch you know. She's a restaurant worker who’s had enough of the customer service and bullshit that comes with it. Now she's ready to suck some dick and get her porn career going. This girl is looking great as she arrives wearing practically nothing lol. Our first impression of her is soft spoken, but super chill for such a hot chick. We get her to open up and she tells us some stories about her previous exploits. Apparently she let her boyfriend talk her into a few threesomes with his friends. We knew this would be a slam dunk. Next, we get her naked and have her show off her tight little body. Rick gives her some toys, and a butt plug. We find out she's used a plug before, but never had the real thing in that butthole. Something we’ll have to RECTIFY! ;) She does a great job during the oral exam portion of this interview and it seems like she genuinely enjoys sucking dick and fucking a stranger. Even when we get to some first time anal, she seems to be smiling and having a good time. I fuck her ass and gape her a few times before putting her on her knees and blowing my load on her face. Rick tosses her the dildo, and we get a little more masturbation, with my cum dripping off her face before she finds out she isn’t getting paid and we say goodbye!
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Cherie Deville, Mia Kay in E-Girl Gets D'd While MILF Jerks & Cleans 11:59 E-Girl, Mia Kay invites her friend Kyle Mason & super fan Donatello Devine over to fulfill some subscriber requests while she games. Kyle gets chosen over Donatello to entertain Mia’s audience with her - leaving Donatello feeling a little bored & ignored. When he stumbles upon super MILF & Mia’s new stepmom Cherie Deville in the kitchen, Donatello manages to talk his way into a most hygienic handjob. Later - Mia’s audience naturally fall in love with Cherie & demand a hot threesome from her, Mia & Kyle - the odd crew do not disappoint!
Roxi Red in ROXI THROUGH GLASS 6:00 One of SCORE's cameramen, Jose, spent most of his time on his back shooting this Roxi Red scene. He captures Roxi hovering over him from a low-angle as she undresses and swings, jiggles, juggles and shakes her big, huge, massive, giant tits. Roxi then climbs onto the glass table for the first time for more impressive views of her super-naturals and her pussy. It was a different experience for Roxi, who's seen the table in the studio before but thought it was just a glass-topped table and didn't know it was constructed to support a model standing and sitting on it. P.S. points out, as we have, that Roxi is in a league of her own: "This tall, sultry beauty is simply stunning. Roxi has it all: the looks, the body and the rack. Roxi beautifully shows that bigger really is better. The sheer size, shape and fullness of her heavy hangers is awesome. Talk about endless cleavage!"