in First Class POV - dirty talk video 12:21
in First Class POV - dirty talk video 12:21
in Her Guilty Secret 14:59
in Her Guilty Secret 14:59 Sara (Bella Blu) is talking with her parent, Sadie (Kenzie Taylor). They're awaiting the arrival of Sara's boyfriend, who Sara has been dating for a few weeks. This will be Sadie's first time meeting the boyfriend, although Sara says she's already told him that Sadie is a prison warden - in fact, he's been making jokes about what it would be like to have a prison warden for an in-law.When the boyfriend arrives, Sadie answers the door and is stunned to see that the boyfriend is Vince (Johnny Goodluck), a man she apparently knows. They both hide this fact from Sara. As the three of them have dinner, Vince uses innuendo to hint that he's an ex-convict. This seems to unnerve Sadie, but Sara remains unaware of what's being hinted at. Sadie tries to suggest that Vince isn't right for Sara.Thinking that Sadie is just being overprotective, Sara protests and tries to defend Vince, but Vince remains oddly calm. Sara gets upset and leaves the room. Now that they're alone, Sadie confronts Vince. It is revealed that Vince used to be an inmate in Sadie's prison, and she misused her position to have a one-night stand with him. She felt so guilty that she had him transferred to another prison afterwards, and she accusingly asks if now he's targeting Sara as revenge.However, Vince explains that he's not here for revenge, but to be with Sadie again. He hasn't been able to stop thinking about her, and became Sara's boyfriend because he thought that was the best way to get in the door and talk to Sadie. Vince promises that if Sadie will be with him again, he'll stop dating Sara. Sadie is stunned, but Sara returns before she can reply. The dinner resumes, and Vince talks about taking his relationship with Sara to the next level, to get Sadie to give him an answer. Sadie realizes what will happen if she doesn't intervene, so she uses her foot to suggestively touch Vince under the table, to express that she'll give him what he wants. Sadie and Vince then make an excuse to leave Sara and go to another room. Once they're alone in the other room, Vince starts to say something, but Sadie says he got what he wants, so he should just fuck her already.
in Double blowjob action with superb Angel Gostosa and Molly Little from Step Siblings Caught 15:00
in Double blowjob action with superb Angel Gostosa and Molly Little from Step Siblings Caught 15:00 Molly Little and Angel Gostosa are dressed to impress for the new year as they decorate for a party. Molly's stepbrother, Nathan Bronson, can't help but check the girls out as they pin up a banner and talk about their hope that there'll be cute guys because they both need some cute dick. When Angel catches Nathan staring, she asks what he wants. He confesses that he wants a threesome, but the girls mock him.Molly tells Nathan that if he can get both their bras off with one hand before the countdown ends, they will let him have his way with them. Nathan takes the challenge to heart and goes to his room to practice. Nathan manages to do it with two seconds left, to the girls' surprise. Then he pulls out a bubble blaster to get their party started as the girls jiggle their little titties. Then Nathan requests a blowjob as his prize for wining, which the girls happily deliver. After some deep throat face fucking and ball sucking, they move the party to the couch.The trio kicks off their threesome with Molly on her knees taking a pussy pounding from her stepbro's nice dick while she eats Angel out. The girls swap spots so Angel can enjoy some time in the middle. Molly gets on her back so Nathan can keep her NYE party going with Angel's help. Once again, Angel takes her turn next to mirror Molly's position. Nathan makes sure to get Angel off before pulling out to bust his nut on Angel's stomach, the perfect way to start a new year.
in Meat My Girlfriend 15:00
in Meat My Girlfriend 15:00 A bunch of rowdy men (Johnny Palms, Donny Sins, Lawson Jones, Clarke Kent, Elias Cash, and Rion King) eagerly await the arrival of a stripper at a bachelor party. The best man raves about how hot the stripper is, saying her profile picture doesn't do her justice. He met her in person and KNOWS this is going to be a night that NONE of them will ever forget, especially the groom-to-be! They hear a knock on the front door and the best man goes to answer it, bringing the stripper, Kitana Montana, into the room. Everyone is gobsmacked by how HOT she is, including the groom... but Johnny looks HORRIFIED, clearly recognizing her.Johnny catches the eye of Kitana, who obviously recognizes him as well. He gives her a 'what the fuck' expression and Kitana glares at him silently in return. She subtly nods her head in another direction, obviously wanting to talk to him privately elsewhere. She cheerfully announces to the other men that she needs to set up, asking if any of the gentlemen want to show her to the bathroom. Johnny volunteers right away and he and Kitana then walk out of the room and into another room.As soon as Johnny and Kitana are alone in the other room, they start whisper-arguing. 'What the HELL, babe? You're a STRIPPER? You said you were a DANCER!' Johnny accuses. 'I AM a dancer!' Kitana scoffs. As they continue arguing, it's revealed that they're in a new relationship. Kitana didn't want to tell Johnny about being a stripper so soon because she was afraid of scaring him off when everything's been going great so far. Johnny gets huffy, asking what he's supposed to think about all this? Kitana gets huffy back, insisting he should be a supportive boyfriend. Johnny rolls his eyes and tells her he's not mad about her being a stripper but just that she didn't tell him. Kitana counters that HE hasn't been honest either since he didn't tell her that he was going to a bachelor party to watch a stripper that night.Johnny tries to change the subject slightly, saying he's not happy about his girlfriend being ogled by all his friends -- strangers would be one thing, but this is too much. Kitana tells him it's part of the job and that he doesn't get to decide what she does. He becomes mad again as he retorts he should have SOME say as her boyfriend. Kitana becomes even more offended. 'If THAT makes you mad, then you're NOT going to like what I do NEXT,' she says as she leaves to return to the living room where all of the other men are hungrily waiting for her.It looks like it's time to get this party started!
in Kenzie 3805 11:00
in Kenzie 3805 11:00 Kenzie is a freshman at U of A and will probably remain one for a long time. Just because a girl is enrolled in college doesn't mean she actually attends classes. No, Kenzie prefers to spend her time doing other things, like oh...getting banged on camera because she hates to masturbate. This isn't her first video and may not be her last. She loved her first porn experience so much - even though it was quite unusual, to say the least - that she decided to do it again. First we get her make-up done and then have her contort her tiny frame into all sorts of positions for the still phoots. All of which seemed to be more of an annoyance to her. Like, 'are we gonna fuck soon, or what?'. Okay, so a pro porn model she ain't. But that's okay. Here is where it gets weird though: Jay starts the interview process with Kenzie on the bed, everything is going well - until he asks her to masturbate for him. She looks at him like he just asked her to drown a puppy. "I just told you I don't really masturbate" she says, and then looks even more confused. "Are you sure you don't wanna do something?", she asks him sheepishly. Well, alright. We don't want to scare the young lady away so Jay has Kenzie lie down and get ready for him to do his magic. Good choice because Jay gets Kenzie off in no time. The girl orgasms easily and frequently and you can tell it's real. In fact, those two hit if off pretty well, Jay makes Kenzie cum in almost all positions and even plays a little rough with her. It's all okay by Kenzie, as long as she gets off from it. It's so intense that the whole shoot ended up pretty short. Even young bodies like that can only handle so and so much. You know a shoot went well when there's talk about some "off camera" fun later. So if you like girls who are as open and honest as it gets, don't mince words, and just want to get down and dirty without a lot of fluff and foreplay, Kenzie is your girl. If she'd just wash her feet, and cut out the cursing, she might be my type, too.
in A Transformative Session: A Deep Analysis Extended Cut 15:01
in A Transformative Session: A Deep Analysis Extended Cut 15:01 After a little talk Aaliyah decides to follow her friend Penny’s advice and try out therapy for her and her stepsons Joshua and Tyler. Penny happens to be a therapist who has all the credentials to be able to take care of this case. Turns out the way to get deep into the boys’ issues was to let them fuck them! Joshua and Tyler each take their turn with Aaliyah and Penny as they show the deep love they have for their stepmom!
in Two hot lesbian milfs 5:59
in Two hot lesbian milfs 5:59 Meet tons of gorgeous mommies who are ready to get down and dirty at MyMilfz. Everyone has fantasized about a gorgeous MILF at least once in their life… and MyMilfz makes sure that all your dirty fantasies can come to life. At MyMilfz you can enjoy watching tons of gorgeous European step moms who love to get plowed hard. This also includes many beautiful British moms who love to talk dirty with their cute accent. This means that you get to watch the hottest matured girls pleasure younger cock, while talking dirty to the
in Alina Has A Messy Mouth 12:14
in Alina Has A Messy Mouth 12:14 I was walking outside, enjoying the view and watching people paddleboard, and a bright flash of bikini caught my eye. Yep. It was being worn by a totally hot girl. She was easy to talk to and gave me her number. Of course I texted her. Wow! What a sweet, wet mouth…
in BAD Relatives #02 - Chantal Danielle & Alex Mack 15:00
in BAD Relatives #02 - Chantal Danielle & Alex Mack 15:00 Alex Mack is hanging out at his parent's house when there's a knock at the front door. He looks perplexed- who could it be? When he opens the front door he is greeted by Chantal Danielle, who looks at him expectantly. Alex is even more puzzled. 'Can I... help you?' he asks.It turns out that Chantal is his step-cousin, and this is the first time the two of them have ever met. But Chantal isn't one for small talk. She bursts into the house like she owns it and declares that she's going to go take a nap upstairs.Alex is bewildered, but when he joins her in his parent's bedroom to chat, he discovers that Chantal isn't tired at all. In fact, she's interested in a little hanky panky. After all, they have SO MUCH catching up to do...
in Taylor Reed Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 6:20
in Taylor Reed Loves Getting Her Pussy Eaten 6:20 Taylor Reed arrives at James Deen’s house wearing a white T-shirt and a pair of black jeans. She now sits in black chair in front of the camera. She tells James how much she likes masturbating. She continues talking about the pleasure she gets whenever she successfully makes herself come. She even smiles at the thought. After a few minutes of talking, Taylor starts looking a bit bored. She almost yawns and snoozes off to sleep with boredom. She just doesn’t know what else she can talk about. She just wants to get into action right away. She then stands up and gets away from the camera’s focus. Taylor now lays down on a red couch as red as her sexual desires. She smiles with her eyes shut. She slowly looks down on while she grabs onto the headrest. As the camera focuses on her shaved pussy, James is already down there eating her pussy as he looks at her straight in the eyes. With her small tits exposed and nipples already hard as fuck, she intently watches him during their pussy eating session. She seems unsatisfied at first because she has no reaction at all. Well, not until James puts his hands around her waist, lifting it up a bit. He holds her pussy, making her stay still as he licks and sucks her clitoris. The brunette beauty finally reacts. She suddenly arches her back as James thrusts his tongue inside of her wet and tight pussy. The sensation is almost electrifying that she reaches her peak and orgasms. James isn’t done with her yet though. After letting her rest for a few moments, he wraps his arms around her waist, tighter than earlier. He almost squeezes her insides. This time around he dives into her pussy without any warning making her jolt at the sensation. As he mouth-fucks her again, she orgasms again. Taylor Reed enjoys pleasuring herself but today she finds out that getting her pussy eaten is way better.
Women's World: Part Two 14:59
Women's World: Part Two 14:59 Leslie (Casey Calvert) is going about her day when a frantic-looking woman, Linda (Serene Siren), bumps into her, causing Leslie to drop her purse. Linda shouts nonsense at Leslie and then rushes off. Naturally, Leslie is baffled, but little does she know that the mystery is only beginning. When Leslie goes to pick up her purse and her ID card that fell out of it, she experiences a strange flash of... well, she doesn't even know how to describe it! A very bizarre image had suddenly appeared in her mind and then vanished just as quickly.Elsewhere, Amber (Alison Rey) is camping out in the boonies, reflecting on how she ended up in her current situation. Her insatiable appetite for sex has been getting her into all kinds of trouble, and she has a flashback of the most recent mishap: an encounter with a news anchor, Diane (Ana Foxxx), that was incredibly hot but ended in disaster. Can camping out in a place with no women really help Amber to change her ways?Meanwhile, Rebecca (Destiny Cruz) is visiting one of her relatives, Karen (Victoria Voxxx). As they make small talk, it becomes increasingly obvious to Rebecca that they're almost having two different conversations. It's as if the world has changed, but Karen thinks everything has ALWAYS been this way. Rebecca makes an excuse to leave, and rushes out of the house.As we return to Leslie, she arrives at the beauty salon where hairdressers Amanda (Alexis Tae) and Tanya (Jewelz Blu) are working. While Amanda tends to another customer (Mocha Menage), Tanya leads Leslie to a salon chair so she can get her hair done. Leslie is still confused about the strange image that had appeared in her mind earlier, and as she settles into the salon chair, she is shocked to see another fleeting vision. What's going on?As for Rebecca, she hurries to see her secret lover, Julie (Spencer Bradley), who agrees that the world has changed somehow. The two lovers have no idea what caused all this to happen, but the important thing is that they are filled with more hope than they have felt in a very long time. They joyfully kiss, and celebrate their new situation by making love.
Fuck)Dollie Darko in Dollie Darko Sluts Dont Stop When Its Cold 10:00
Fuck)Dollie Darko in Dollie Darko Sluts Dont Stop When Its Cold 10:00 It’s a rare moment to know what James Deen’s first times in his life are. Aside from all the nasty stuff he’s been doing in his career, apparently, he’s never been to some famous places in New York. And he’s been there for some time. So he seeks a friend, Dollie Darko, to give him a taste of some of NY’s place and eventually, her pussy. And it’s their anniversary so many reasons to meet up and fuck. They walked around in the Central Park in a freezing day for a casual walk and talk. But Dollie doesn’t really know the way that much so they just follow people around for a quick tour. As they do their tour, James asks Dollie what she’s been up to lately until James gets distracted by the beautiful view of NY’s skyline from the snowy pond of the park. It’s really magnificent so we can’t blame James here. James and Dollie continue strolling with occasional making out until they go back to a warm place to fuck. First things first, Dollie has some great ass. Once she bends over and strips her bottom naked, James just went for it. Her shaved pussy just awaits his big throbbing dick to fuck it nicely. James does his thing for a good amount of time with just placing the camera in different angles to make sure the viewers will comprehend how hot Dollie is. With this, James’ natural hard fucking just comes out. He grabs Dollie’s neck and face while still fucking her hard but she didn’t show any sign of regret or any form of defiance. Maybe she just likes it. You know how women get with times. Their levels of sexual pleasure changes too. After a while, Dollie lets her pussy rest and offers her mouth as an alternative. She planned on sucking on it but it went a little further and gagged a few times. This didn’t took much time. James gets back on wrecking that pussy again. He started from fucking her from behind to her being on her back with her legs just wiggling in the air. Dollie takes a bit of control and goes on top at some point. Her big ass just bounces up and down. They take a good few minutes to do this until Dollie do a solo act. She plays with her mouth and spit and rubs her own cunt while James jacks off behind the camera. When James was near his end, he fucks Dollie for one last time and cum all over her mouth.
Bianca Bangs in Bianca Bangs Loves to Bang 11:59
Bianca Bangs in Bianca Bangs Loves to Bang 11:59 We found a beauty while driving around in the Bang Bus today. A waitress named Bianca stopped to talk to us, we gave her some cash and ended up buying her underwear off of her. We knew we had to get her in the bus. She hops on and gets naked for us, showing off her perfect body before getting fingered and sucking our boy Jay's dick. They fuck in multiple positons and then we leave her ass on the side of the road.
Alex Coal, Liv Revamped in Tension - S6:E7 15:00
Alex Coal, Liv Revamped in Tension - S6:E7 15:00 There's quite a lot of tension built up between new roommates Alex Coal and Liv Revamped. When Liv returns from the gym one day to find Alex pouring herself some coffee while wearing just a shirt and a thong, she can't help but check Alex out. Alex does notice, and the roommies exchange a quick convo about blowing off tension in the gym versus relieving stress via masturbation.Speaking of tension and stress, both girls are feeling it. Each in their own rooms, they slip their hands down to fondle their titties and then even lower to diddle their clits. Liv thinks she's alone in her horniness, but when she hears Alex going at it down the hall she gets the idea to see what's going on. Sneaking over to Alex's room, Liv watches and slips her hand back down her thong.The next day, Alex is folding laundry in the living room when Liv comes out to chat. They talk about how Liv doesn’t enjoy wearing thongs outside of the house because she's just too shy. Alex, meanwhile, loves to feel sexy and hot. She has Liv try on one of her own thongs, then grabs at Liv's ass to prove that she thinks her roommie is plenty sexy and has every reason to feel confident.Liv is still feeling shy, so Alex tries to raise the bar. She suggests that they masturbate together so that Liv can be even more confident in herself. Once she gets LIiv in bed, though, Alex changes the plan. She gives Liv delightful kisses while her hands tickle Liv's body from tits down to cooch. Sliding down the trail her hand has just blazed, Alex settles between Liv's thighs to sample her roommate's sweet cream.Liv gets to indulge in Alex next as she pops Alex's tits out of her shirt. Suckling Alex's nipples to hard peaks is her next course, but Liv isn't about to stop there. Soon she has her hands all over Alex's plump ass as she relieves her roommate of her shorts. That leaves them both bare from the waist down so they can go twat to twat and grind their clits together through enthusiastic tribbing.Getting on her knees, Alex uses her words and her body language to guide Liv through eating her out properly. She leaves nothing on the table as she makes sure Liv knows she's doing on an incredible job. As soon as Alex has begun to buck her hips in delight, she rolls onto her back and pulls Liv on top of her for a lesbian 69. That grand finale leaves both girls replete and sated with their newfound roommate relationship.
Jasmine Webb, Georgie Lyall in The Best Way To Get Off 12:00
Jasmine Webb, Georgie Lyall in The Best Way To Get Off 12:00 When Georgie Lyall agreed to go to her boyfriend folks' house for the weekend, she wasn't expecting him to withhold the dick and deprive her of sex. Horny and unable to doze off, Georgie was kept up all night with fantasies of hot lesbian sex with Danny's super-hot stepmother. When she wandered into into the kitchen for a midnight snack, Georgie bumped into Jasmine Webb, and let that ebony seductress talk the clothes right off her body. Danny walked into those hot nymphos making out in the kitchen and turned their affair into a steamy threesome with the addition of his massive cock. Georgie and Jasmine took turns getting split in half by his cannon, taking every inch of his manhood deep inside.
Layla in Layla2704 10:34
Layla in Layla2704 10:34 Nothing better than a sex starved young mom. I should feel bad for the guy Layla is cheating on with me today. But her baby-daddy clearly hasn't made her cum in a long time, or given her the attention she craves. Shame on him, a girl with an ass like that deserves a regular tapping. The interview doesn't make me believe she really wants to be a pornstar. More like Layla wants to confirm to herself that, yes, indeed she still got what it takes to be desired by many men - despite the kids and the tattoos and the boyfriend, and all the other choices (mistakes?) she's made in the past. She does everything I want her to. Masturbation demo, fantastic blowjob... she plays with her nipples when I eat her out, and I know she wants to cum. I help her get there. It's smooth sailing from there, I fuck the shit out her, talk her into anal, unload on her face. She takes it all with a smile (ok, the anal wasn't accompanied with cheers...) and I think she's just fine with the fact that she won't ever get that call from producers.
Felicity in FELICITY312014 11:00
Felicity in FELICITY312014 11:00 ExCoGi is thrilled to unleash sexual tornado Felicity on you; a stunning, sunny, dancing sex pot, with a tight body and big natural tits and she is up for anything when the cameras get rolling. From showing off her perfect C cups as she gets ready to bending her long legs in semi naked yoga poses to getting pounded with a dildo or splashed with cum, this girl approaches everything like it's a party and she's the guest of honor.It's a testament to Jay's recruiting skills that a girl this naturally pretty and with a body this banging will make the bad decision to star in an Ex Co Gi update, but just look at her tattoos, this girl is full of bad decisions and clearly doesn't know the definition of the word regret. Felicity is definitely one of the hottest girls on the site: great tits, great ass, great abs, pretty face, perfect peach pussy - she's even got a perfect balloon knot butthole.During the interview she tells Jay that she's never used a dildo but is totally down to on camera. Jay grabs one and before he can ask what type of lube she likes, she's already orgasmed twice in a row. Which leaves her pussy so sensitive that it clenches up and she needs a break. After two real, huge orgasms (and a quick pee) Felicity gets to her knees for an enthusiastic BJ that ends with a nice bout of face fucking, shown both from Jay's POV and in replays of alternate camera angles.Face fucking quickly turns to real fucking as Jay takes her from behind in doggy style. Then he lays her flat and fucks her on her back. He manages to capture the action and her big tits bouncing from an overhead camera and her facial expressions as she gets fucked from a second camera. Then, after he pulls her on his lap for a good jackhammering in cowgirl, Jay has Felicity get back to her knees for a little more oral and then a huge, splashdown facial.It's rare that we get a girl that's both as fine looking and as sexually uninhibited as Felicity, but if there's a New Year's resolution we're gonna try to stick to it's to search for a few more girls like Felicity. Side note, we are funding a Kickstarter campaign to hunt down the guy who applied those horrible tattoos to this girl's taut, tan body. We're thinking it will cost about $25,000 to hire an ex-Navy SEAL to track the guy down and have a serious "talk" with him because a girl this good is going to show up on some other site soon enough and we're hoping it's with less bad ink and not more.
Jillian Janson, Pristine Edge in Final Farewell - S1:E4 15:00
Jillian Janson, Pristine Edge in Final Farewell - S1:E4 15:00 Pristine Edge has called in Ryan Ryder and Jillian Janson so that she can tell her students that the threesome affair they've been enjoying needs to come to an end. Although they are disappointed that they won't be able to play with their teacher any longer, Ryan and Jillian talk Pristine into one final romp and she agrees.
Rachel Ford in MAX WARNER FUCKS RACHEL FORD 12:00 Oh boy, oh boy... Member favorite, bodybuilder, All-American, STUD Max "Work of Art" Warner is finally back to smash mega hottie, Rachel Ford. Max is definitely the hottest guy Rachel has ever fucked. She just couldn't stop staring at him in awe! Rachel felt like a VERY lucky girl when she walked in and saw this giant Adonis waiting to ravage her. Talk about soaked panties. This guy is so massive that he makes Rachel look like a rag doll next to him... and Rachel isn't just going to be standing there. Max tosses Rachel's petite body around and does with her as he pleases. Oddly enough, Rachel never complains once... Imagine that! Her mission is to do whatever it takes to PLEASE this handsome alpha male HUNK. Enjoy watching this gorgeous couple have some hot, sweaty, passionate sex! Any video starring either of these two is a must watch... Is it too early to talk about 2018 scene of the year??
Katy Ann in KATY ANN: GOLDEN GIRL 6:00
Katy Ann in KATY ANN: GOLDEN GIRL 6:00 Katy Ann combines slim and super-stacked beauty, incredibly erotic moves, a talent for sexy talk and tremendous camera charisma. She also has the rare talent for making the viewer feel as if she is directly speaking to him or her. The big question is if 2020 SCORE magazine Model of the Year contest winner Katy Ann will become a two-time winner in the 2021 contest. Since the first contest in 2002, won by Sharday, only one girl has been a repeat winner. That was Hitomi, a three-time winner for 2013, 2014 and 2015. The contest lineup is powerful and includes Victoria Vale, Ricki Raxxx, Anastasia Doll and Jessy Bunny. It'll be a few months before the big reveal in SCORE Volume 31 Number 2 and on the SCORELAND Blog. This is not just a contest, it's a huge-bra shootout.
Morgan in MORGAN102017 11:00
Morgan in MORGAN102017 11:00 Twenty year old Morgan may come off as a cute girl next door type but her inner pornstar emerges when she drops to her knees for one of the most incredible blowjob performances of the year. She's literally eye fucking the camera while mouth fucking Jay. Her oral skills are so good that we show the entire beej from two different angles and side by side.As usual we start with Jay playing confessional and prying as many dirty secrets as he can from our girl. In comparison to the other ladies of ECG, Morgan is pretty tame. Aside from hooking up with girls at music festivals, her sexual adventures aren't especially crazy. But if there's one thing we know it's that girls who are all talk usually aren't all action and vice versa. But when Morgan strips and spreads her legs to show off Jay gets all kinds of ideas. With a bit of lube, a little vibe and a whole bunch of penetration Jay manages to give Morgan her first orgasm.When Morgan gets on the floor for blowjob time, things really take off. Spend as much time as you want watching and rewinding this performance because it's literally one of the best scenes on the site. Watching Morgan's big, sexy, brown eyes look up at the camera as she devours Jay's cock is mesmerizing. There are all kinds of adjectives one could use, but this is the magic: a pretty, innocent 20 year old beauty worshipping a hard cock with her lips. Of course, after that amazing head, it's P in V time and Jay has Morgan lay back on some pillows while he fucks her.Finally, some really great shots of Morgan getting fucked on her back: a few close ups to start and then Jay switches to a cam mounted way up, where you can see everything from a bird's eye view. We're toying with calling this angle the 'eagle eye' because you get a great overhead view of the action. Jay drills Morgan for a bit and then has her switch to doggy after you get another view of those beautiful, innocent eyes as well as her very wet pussy. Finally Jay lays back and has Morgan ride him in cowgirl which results in an intense mutual orgasm. While a facial with Morgan's big, brown eyes staring into the camera might have been nice, there's just nothing sexier than a creampie.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)! ******If you prefer to download the full video, just RIGHT-CLICK the "DOWNLOAD FULL MOVIE" link and select "Save As" (or similar wording depending on browser), and save to your computer.***
Nicole Aria, Maria Kazi in A Birthday To Remember 15:00
Nicole Aria, Maria Kazi in A Birthday To Remember 15:00 It's Maria Kazi's birthday, and her friends were thoughtful enough to get her a full-body massage! She arrives at the parlour and is greeted by her masseuse, Nicole Aria. This is actually Maria's first time getting a massage, and she can't wait. Nicole assures her that she will do everything she can to ensure Maria has as relaxing and rejuvenating a birthday message as possible. She asks Maria to get fully undressed and then lie on the table.As Maria strips her clothes off, Nicole can't help but sneak a few peeks at Maria's body, including her amazing ass cheeks and breasts. Maria lies on her front, and Nicole pours some warm oil over Maria's back and ass. Maria loves the feel of Nicole's hands on her skin as they rhythmically work on her knots and kinks. As the massage continues, Maria initiates a bit of small talk with Nicole. It's effortless, and they grow more comfortable with each other through each passing sentence uttered from their lips.Nicole works her magic from Maria's shoulders down to her toes and heels. As she moves her hands back up Maria's body, she spends a bit more time massaging her ass, which makes Maria ask if this is supposed to be part of the service. Nicole reveals that Maria's friends got her a massage with a 'happy ending' to make her birthday extra special. Maria can't argue with how good it feels and lets Nicole explore every part of her body with her experienced hands. This leads to steamy sex on the massage table, making this one birthday Maria will remember for all time.
Lila in LILA10339 11:00
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Ms Milf, Ari Alectra in In the Biz 15:00
Ms Milf, Ari Alectra in In the Biz 15:00 Ari has been working at her stepparents’ restaurant, but she’s sick of having so much responsibility. She doesn’t like the uniform and constantly asks to take the day off. Ms. Milf and Charles are very disappointed, so Charles decides to have a stern talk with her, but Ari knows exactly what to do to divert the conversation and starts coming on to Charles. Ari gives Charles a blowjob and learns that committing to her family’s business comes with lots of juicy, naughty extra benefits!