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STELLA SEDONA KEEPS IT NICE AND TIGHT FOR HER BOSS 28:12 Specific and detailed Boss Sam has his best cute employee Stella Sedona handle all quality control for his daily scheduled events. As Stella was making sure everything was up to par in his hotel room she could not help herself from trying out his exercise bike, but ended up in her lingerie and stockings, to comfortably ride the equipment. As Sam took in the view he realized she was ready to go far and beyond with some cock sucking and hard fucking in his room, showing her boss she keeps everything nice, hot and tight for his cock and load anytime
Service ME Please! 36:19
Service ME Please! 36:19 Alison Rey's kitchen pipes have been leaking again, so she's called her trusty and handsome plumber, Ken Feels, over to tinker with them. As he works, Alison hangs around and probes a little about his love life. It's clear she's got the hots for him, but she wouldn't DARE be so bold as to ask him out directly... Instead, she does what any sensible person who harbors a secret crush would do: she goes to her bedroom to rub one out! As she fantasizes about Ken's strong hands over her body, Alison pulls her panties aside and rubs her fingers on her already-soaked clit, popping her boobs out over her top to grope herself as she moans with delight. But things take an awkward turn when Ken passes by and catches her in the act. He stares for a bit, unable to look away, until Alison notices him and covers herself. Ken is totally apologetic, but Alison tells him it's fine. In fact, it's MORE than fine... since now they can make Alison's plumber fantasies MORE than just a pipe dream!
Naughty Realtor Shows It All 25:49
Naughty Realtor Shows It All 25:49 Realtor Xwife Karen is showing Jmac and his wife a house, and she immediately shows Jmac a whole lot more! As his wife admires the view, Karen lifts her skirt to flash her ass, then takes out her big tits. Jmac sneakily fucks the realtor doggystyle behind his wife's back, and lets her check out the house alone while Karen sucks and rides him on the couch. His girl never fucks Jmac like this, and the tattooed realtor even takes his thick load all over her glasses.
Brazzers House 4: Episode 5 32:43
Brazzers House 4: Episode 5 32:43 It’s Blake Blossom’s turn to show us what she’s got in the latest spotlight challenge, and she’s ready to go as deep and hard as she possibly can when she takes every inch of Scott Nails’ big cock in her mouth and pussy! Not to be outdone, Jenna Fox makes a strategic choice in selecting Phoenix Marie as her partner for her challenge, who fulfills her fantasy by donning a strap-on and dominating her!
Balancing Act 39:02
Balancing Act 39:02 After a submissive abuses her hall pass privileges, she takes charge of the situation to balance the scales with her master.
Cream for the Waitresses 44:29
Cream for the Waitresses 44:29
The Sex Therapist 6 - Scene 1 - Keep It Close 29:26
The Sex Therapist 6 - Scene 1 - Keep It Close 29:26 Gorgeous, Victoria Voxxx and Tyler Cruise are about to get extra naughty! This is explosive sex at it’s finest! Mind-blowing climaxes takes things to the next level, do not miss this smoking hot duo!
Highly  Recommended 45:44
Highly Recommended 45:44 Peter (Oliver Davis) and his fiancee Tina (Dana Vespoli) are having a conversation about Sharon (Ember Snow), a wedding planner they just finished meeting with. As they discuss whether or not to choose Sharon as their wedding planner, Peter admits that he's a little uncertain about Sharon - she seemed VERY focused on him, which weirded him out a bit. Tina disagrees, saying that she liked how Sharon was connecting with them - Sharon seemed to really take an interest in them, and what they wanted for the wedding. Peter says that Sharon seemed a little TOO interested in him, but Tina is dismissive, saying they WANT a wedding planner who is enthusiastic and will take the job seriously... Besides, Sharon came HIGHLY recommended by a few couples they know. Peter still looks a little uncertain, but tells Tina that he'll trust her judgment. A few weeks later, Sharon, Peter, and Tina get together for a planning session. Throughout the session, Sharon does lots of subtle flirting with Peter - especially when Tina is distracted. After Sharon leaves, Peter raises his concerns about Sharon's behavior again, saying that Sharon was ALL OVER him. But Tina is unconvinced and she even chuckles, teasing that MAYBE he's just longing to feel like he's still attractive, especially with a slightly younger woman like Sharon. Tina playfully assures him that he's still a charmer - after all, she's MARRYING him. However, Peter still seems a bit uneasy about Sharon. A week later, Peter is alone at home when he gets a surprise visit from Sharon. He is shocked as Sharon comes on to him, acting much more seductive than before. Peter says that he TRIED to warn Tina, but Tina didn't believe him. Sharon ramps up her seduction, saying that if he tried to warn Tina and she didn't listen, then what comes next is kind of her fault, isn't it? Peter is clearly at his wits' end, trying so hard to resist temptation but unable to refuse what Sharon is offering him. Sharon tells him that it's just one last romp before he ties the knot, and he finally relents. As Peter and Sharon are having sex, Tina suddenly comes in through the door, and is shocked and upset at what she sees. Peter tries to defend himself, telling Tina that he TRIED to warn her this would happen. Tina is furious, asking how he could do this to her, but Peter tries to insist it's Sharon's fault. Sharon is completely unashamed, telling Tina and Peter to calm down - they've already put so much work into this wedding, so it'd be a shame for it to fall through NOW. Wouldn't it be easier to just stay the course and still get married? Acting generous, Sharon says that she'll even help bridge the gap, and invites Tina to join the sex - that way, it's not even REALLY like Peter cheated, it's more like... Peter and Tina both agreed to a threesome. Sharon says that if they say it enough times, maybe they'll even start to believe it. Peter and Tina both look ashamed, but clearly don't want their futures disrupted, so they agree to the idea. But little do they know that Sharon has one more surprise left in store for them after the sex...
Barbie Rous, Exotic Beauty Shines in her Private Debut 48:10
Barbie Rous, Exotic Beauty Shines in her Private Debut 48:10 Barbie Rous is a stunning mulatto with a perfect body and beautiful natural tits, and today she’s come to show it all off for us in her first ever appearance. With her exotic charm, Barbie joins us for an incredible debut scene in Private Specials, Intimacy & Passion Vol. 5 where she takes on Potro in a sex filled bonanza that has her sucking and fucking all morning long with gagging blowjobs, ball licking, cock riding, and hard passionate sex until her gorgeous big tits are covered in cum! A debut to remember!
Curvy Wife Gets Worked Out 28:24
Curvy Wife Gets Worked Out 28:24 Sexy Lacey Jane has her personal trainer Scott Nails come over to give her a good workout. With Lacey's annoying husband hanging around, Scott assumes this is going to be a professional meeting, but Lacey continues to tease Scott and every opportunity and it's only a matter of time before they're fucking! Scott gives Lacey's pussy a hard pounding before getting caught by her hubby.
Tattooed blonde Athena Anderson cheats on her husband with younger neighbor 34:12
Tattooed blonde Athena Anderson cheats on her husband with younger neighbor 34:12 Athena Anderson's husband has his work trip extended. That's too bad, cause Athena has been in the mood for some cock. She decides that she can't wait a few more days and has her neighbor come over to give her a hand...and a cock! See, Athena has caught her neighbor checking her out in the past, so she knows that he would be more than willing to make her pussy cum; and Athena's intuitions are correct because as soon as her neighbor see's her in her sexy lingerie he goes to work on her wet pussy!
New hotwife Lia searches and finds her first BBC 45:17
New hotwife Lia searches and finds her first BBC 45:17 When Lia's husband is away on business and a new guy tries to hook up with her, Lia has a pass to play… Lia squeezes into sexy lingerie and puts on a show any husband would have a hard time forgetting.
Blonde Babe Hard Revenge 28:33
Blonde Babe Hard Revenge 28:33 Today I picked up a sexy college student named Greta Foss. The blonde-haired babe assured me that she had enough money to pay for the ride, and then she confided that her boyfriend had been cheating on her. Greta wanted to get revenge, and I was happy to play along, so I parked the cab and hopped into the backseat. The tattooed nymph made my dick rock-hard by gently licking and sucking it, and then she deepthroated it until she gagged! After taking a picture to send to her cheating partner, Greta spread her legs, and I teasingly rubbed my throbbing erection over her panties before sliding it deep inside her dripping wet pussy. The beautiful Russian flashed me her big titties, which jiggled around with each thrust of my cock, and then I banged her doggystyle outside the Fake Taxi. Afterwards, Greta rode me cowgirl and reverse on the car’s bonnet, and it felt so good that I creampied her snatch!
Kylie Rocket Gives Deepthroating a Try 28:46
Kylie Rocket Gives Deepthroating a Try 28:46 Kylie Rocket is in the midst of studying human anatomy with Apollo Banks when she reveals she's never seen a penis before. The well-endowed stud offers to show her the real deal, and what ensues is a cock sucking and fucking session instead in this premium Penthouse porn. The Latina babe tries her hand at deepthroating a big dick and it's soon obvious that she's a natural. Then the naughty vixen gets what she's been waiting for, his monstrous manmeat in her horny pussy until a facial finale.
How Women Orgasm - Emma Magnolia 21:12
How Women Orgasm - Emma Magnolia 21:12 In this episode of How Women Orgasm, we had the distinct pleasure of chatting with the one and only Emma Magnolia about everything from the birds to the bees! And when we say 'bees', we literally do mean 'bees'! Allow us to explain... You see, before Emma got to work in the adult industry, she was aiming to make a dent in the field of science. Her specific interest? You guessed it... bees! But while working towards her degree in Research Science, she realized that spending her days in a lab just wasn't for her. Instead, she spent years working in agriculture, as well as participating with NGOs to promote food access. As she worked on her passion projects, however, she decided to start dancing as a way to raise funds to sustain herself. But when COVID hit, all the clubs closed down, so she started camming as a way to keep the income flowing. Eventually, she found herself where she is now, and our industry is truly all the better for it. In all honesty, this is just the beginning of what we covered in this discussion. There's much more to digest, along with a sizzling solo sequence that's bound to turn some heads. Once again, we a thrilled to present a unique perspective from one of our industry's finest performers. Thank you, Emma, for everything!
No Interruptions 41:15
No Interruptions 41:15 Kira has been an unemployed writer for a while, and after not having heard from a publisher that she sent a book proposal to, she’s been feeling a little down. Her husband Peter wants to be supportive, but he also reminds her that maybe it’s time to start looking for a different job. Just as they’re about to head out to help lift Kira’s spirits up, she gets the long-awaited call from the publisher, and they want her to send them the first chapters by the end of the week. Since Kira doesn’t have them yet, she needs to write all week uninterrupted. Peter promises he’ll find a way to keep himself busy while she works, and what better way to stay busy than freeusing his hot novelist wife?
Neighborhood Nympho Watch 38:11
Neighborhood Nympho Watch 38:11 A "neighborhood watchman" (Jimmy Michaels) receives a call from Christie Stevens, the big-breasted supervisor of a quiet gated community, because a strange disturbance in someone's home has been causing some complaints. A sexy investigation inside the house— Jimmy's dick stiffens at Christie's huge tits— quickly reveals a Nymph (Marcia Hase) vigorously jacking off her pussy and slamming her ass cheeks against the window. No wonder she's got the neighbors' attention! Christie throws herself in first, while she and Marcia 69 like there's no tomorrow. It's only a matter of time before they bring Jimmy's hog into the mix for a raunchy BGG melee. Marcia and Christie trade licking, riding, sucking, and slamming before Jimmy coats them both in cum. As the watchman and supervisor lean back, bodies ablaze with post-coital bliss, the nymph disappears. Where does she roam? What does she seek? Suburban pleasure in all its forms — on to another neighborhood she wanders, pussy glistening and tits in the wind.
Movie  Night 32:22
Movie Night 32:22 Lulu Chu and Emma Rose are watching a scary movie together. Lulu knows Emma isn't a fan of this genre, so in order to help settle her nerves, Lulu orders some pizza and tries to relax Emma by giving her a blowjob. The pizza delivery girl, Valeria Atreides, then arrives. However, Valeria opens the pizza box to show that she has something MUCH better than a pizza to offer... it's Valerica's cock, poking through a hole in the box! Lulu sees this as a perfect opportunity, and uses Valeria's help to convince Emma that movie nights aren't all bad!
Alice Gone Wild 18:16
Alice Gone Wild 18:16 Adorable Alice Wild has a spicy side, so watch out! Sporting a cute, oversized sweater, Alice is hiding some smoking hot assets underneath. Her big tits and plump ass are perked up by lacey, blue lingerie. Danny D is trying to play a game of darts but, when Alice bends over the pool table, he loses his cool! Soon, Alice has Danny's huge cock in her mouth and her pussy is dripping wet. Danny fills Alice's tight pussy with his dick, until he cums all over her gorgeous, big tits. So much for a game of darts, Danny's just turned the pool table into his personal fuck pedestal!
Our Fav Spinners Compilation 44:02
Our Fav Spinners Compilation 44:02 What’s up, TeamSkeet fans? Did you know your favorite pornstars in the business are also stunning spinners? This hot collection featuring Coco, Demi, Jade, and Violet has them being turned upside down, whirling, and taking every position possible all for the sake of nasty fuck sessions. Try not to get dizzy while jerking off!
Girl With A Plan Part 1 35:58
Girl With A Plan Part 1 35:58 Alexis is a girl with a plan.
October 2023 Fantasy Of The Month 30:17
October 2023 Fantasy Of The Month 30:17 Octavia Red is the 2023 Nubile Films Fantasy of the Month, and she has a hot one just for you. Dressed in her absolute best, Octavia prepares to attend a masked ball with her boyfriend, Will Pounder. Will sweeps Octavia into a preview of their dancing, then collapses into bed with her when it becomes abundantly clear that they may be better served staying at home. Laying on top of Will, Octavia takes absolute control. She uses his necktie to lock his hands in place over his head. Then Octavia works her way down Will's body to the hardness of his passion, popping his stiffie out to worship with her hands and mouth. While Will watches in absolute rapture, Octavia gets to her feet long enough to peel off everything but her bra, stockings, and high heels. Then she's back, releasing Will's hands and then sitting on his face to create a 69. That's just the beginning of their lovemaking; sliding down Will's body and turning around, Octavia takes him all the way inside to ride him in cowgirl as he kneads her titties. When Octavia rolls to her side, Will knows just how to handle her. He spoons behind her, enjoying the feel of Octavia's soft curves as he reenters her from behind. His thrusts are long and deep, growing even deeper as Octavia scoots so that she's on top of him in an almost reverse cowgirl. Octavia wants so much more as she gets on her knees. Will is happy to deliver, dicking her down in a doggy style pussy pounding. As Octavia gets on her back and lifts one leg high to give Will all the room he could need, he makes her moan one last glorious time. When he pulls out, Will blows his load all over Octavia's tits and stomach, leaving her wearing his love as she sucks the last few drops from his fuck stick.
Home Alone Wife Lauren Phillips Tempts Handymen Into DP Fuck Frenzy 39:12
Home Alone Wife Lauren Phillips Tempts Handymen Into DP Fuck Frenzy 39:12 Rich bitch Lauren Phillips is watching her handymen hard at work while her husband is away on business and can't help but flash her big tits at them! This hottie needs cock and invites Vince and Dan in to join her for a well-earned break. She cuts right to the chase and gets them both to suck on her nipples before she gives them both a handjob! This sex-crazed MILF sucks off Dan as Vince slams her pussy and ass and she takes every inch of their big dicks in her holes! Lauren lets them DP her, balls deep before taking both loads of cum in her adulterous mouth!
A Homerun Milf 36:21
A Homerun Milf 36:21 What’s up, MYLF lovers? It’s time to celebrate a brand-new Mylf of the Month, and for this update, we’re shining the spotlight on the always-sexy Callie Brooks! We’ve got some fun surprises in store for you, and Callie is here to give you a sneak peek of what’s to come. This busty babe loves showing off her curves, and this baseball season, she’s looking hotter than ever. Get ready to score big time as Callie lets Matty ravage her incredible milf body. You won’t want to miss out on this for even a second!
WECUMTOYOU 28 SWINGERS ON FIRE 38:53 Enjoy the second part of the WECUMTOYOU 28 with Michaela, Marco, Dave and Candy. After a nice interview, some erotic games and a lot of teasing, pussy licking, blowjobs, they two couples on fire and wanna just FUCK, share partners and have a lot of fun...
What Hubby Doesn't Know 35:15
What Hubby Doesn't Know 35:15 What hubby doesn't know won't hurt him... right? Gorgeous Alexis Fawx convinces her boring husband to tuck in early, so she can sneak out with her leather clad side piece, Dante Colle. Alexis adorns her body in strappy black lingerie and then hops on the back of Dante's motorcycle. Soon, the two have found an empty warehouse to pull into so they can fuck each other's brains out! Alexis rides Dante's hard cock, until she squirts all over the warehouse floor. Dark-haired Alexis' fantasy ends when Dante covers her beautiful face with a load of his cum. Time to tuck back into bed, with her husband none the wiser!
Caught in the  act 39:48
Caught in the act 39:48 Jenna Fireworks was just rubbing her pussy going to town on her bean. When Damion Dayski arrived to hang out with his friend, the door knocked. Nobody was answering. He went looking in the backyard. That's where he spots her rubbing her pussy raw to porn on Xvideos. He gets a boner onsite and starts jerking off. She notices the window and runs out to scold him but notices his big black cock. She's enamored with the size of his manhood. They make it to bed and she gets railed she takes all 12 inches of his black cock in her tiny little pussy. He cums all over her face.
Sex Crazed Student Jaelyn Fox Fucks To Make The Grade 32:09
Sex Crazed Student Jaelyn Fox Fucks To Make The Grade 32:09 Jaelyn Fox is learning to sail. But she doesn't want to study the material. Her teacher recommends she first become familiar with his dinghy. Jaelyn isn't ready to pilot a yacht, but that won't stop her from being surrounded by semen!!
Shooting His Shot 27:15
Shooting His Shot 27:15 Willow Ryder was excited for date night, at least until her BF spends it ignoring her to talk on the phone. Luckily, she can talk bartender Jmac into livening up her night, and she doesn't have to say a word, just flash him her tits and put his hand on them! Jmac comes out to sneakily fuck Willow right under her man's nose. Then she creeps back behind the bar to suck him and ride his cock, and they go in the kitchen where Willow can use that dick as much as she wants. Jmac even picks her up as she rides him, then Willow takes a special cum shot for her BF.
My Personal Nurse 46:15
My Personal Nurse 46:15 Jay hurt his hand in a scooter accident. Now, Thalia, his stepmom, has to take care of him until he’s all healed up. This includes helping him take baths, any manual stuff, and relieving the pain. Thalia’s adoration for her stepson knows no limits, so she goes the extra mile by ensuring the boy also relaxes by getting blowjobs and drilling his stepmom’s pussy.
Bullying Stops With Cock 49:38
Bullying Stops With Cock 49:38 Octavia and Roxie are two entitled brats always picking on poor Joshua, the class geek. The girls are so mean to him that they even get him in detention with them with Mrs. Clark. Yet, when the teacher has to pick up an urgent call, the three are left alone in the classroom for a while. Thinking they can pull a new prank on him, Roxie and Octavia start showing their boobs to convince him to show his dick. Yet, the plan backfires when the girls discover that Joshua’s cock is the biggest they’ve seen! Maybe bullying the geek is not the best plan right now…
What is Anal Sex? 64:11
What is Anal Sex? 64:11 Gia and Penelope are two school friends who come from very conservative and religious households. One day, Penelope shares with her bestie that she saw her step-parents having anal sex and just can’t stop thinking about it. This also sparks Gia’s curiosity, so the two try using a sex toy to explore their assholes together. Unfortunately, Dorian and Ken, their stepdads, are in the next room and come see what’s going on after hearing loud noises. Shocked to discover that their stepdaughters are doing this, the step-fathers use this situation as an opportunity to teach them how to take anal sex seriously…by swapping stepdaughters and teaching them how to do it.
October 2023 Flavor Of The Month Chanel Camryn 20:10
October 2023 Flavor Of The Month Chanel Camryn 20:10 Dressed like a babe of a doll, Chanel Camryn stands in her box and waits for her stepbrother Tyler Cruise to play with her. He does want to. Laying Chanel on the couch, Tyler unwraps his stepsis and then whips his dick out. He doesn't hesitate to put it in and face fuck a very pleased Chanel. It's fun, but Tyler wants more. He squeezes the tits and is just about to rub his stiffie along Chanel's pussy lips when she blinks and announces that Tyler's cock brought her to life. She repays him with a sloppy BJ and plenty of ball sucking! Fucking his doll is next on Tyler's agenda as he takes a seat and has Camryn climb aboard for a cowgirl then reverse cowgirl stiffie ride. Banging Camryn in doggy gets them both primed to cum, and then Camryn rolls onto her back. Tyler gets her squealing in delight, then blows his nut inside her tight pussy, leaving his new toy a big mess to enjoy.
Lazy Day 22:44
Lazy Day 22:44 Cute blonde Eva Elfie strolls downstairs and picks out a book from the shelf. Sitting in an armchair, she plays a board game for a few moments before turning her attention to more sensual pastimes. She strokes herself through her floral tights, then slides a hand inside, moaning with arousal as her fingers start to explore. Pulling up her top, the horny beauty caresses her gorgeous big breasts, making them jiggle alluringly. She peels off her tights and begins to rub her shaved pussy, strumming her clit and parting her plump lips to reveal the juicy pink interior. Thrusting her fingers inside, she masturbates avidly, giving herself an intense orgasm. She barely pauses to catch her breath before resuming her finger play, making herself climax again. Turning onto her knees, she diddles herself doggy style until a third mind-blowing orgasm leaves her glowing with satisfaction.