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Zlata Shine in Shampoo Monster Gets Dirty 14:30
Zlata Shine in Shampoo Monster Gets Dirty 14:30 The Landlord checks blonde babe Zlata Shine into the Fake Hostel and then realizes he stinks! Rushing to the shower, the Landlord starts to scrub, but quickly realizes he has used too much shampoo! The suds get into every crevice he has, but unfortunately, also into his eyes. Blinded, the Landlord cries out for help, and Zlata comes running. She helps him towel off, then gives him her healing touch... and a blowjob. Turned on, the Landlord fucks Zlata and her big tits bounce, then he lays down a towel for her to ride his cock. Zlata gives the Landlord more head and even a rimjob, then the fingers and fucks her until her pink pussy is gushing! The pair head back to the tub, and the Landlord covers his client with a facial!
Sofia in SOFIA 194 11:01
Sofia in SOFIA 194 11:01 If Brazilian cutie Sofia's accent isn't enough to get your dick hard, watching her suck TC's cock will. This girl loves to suck dick. And ride. But we'll get to that. First we get to strain trying to listen to her little sex stories, and how much she loves girls and all that. She's pretty soft spoken but as we'll see, she's pretty much the energetic opposite when it comes to making boom boom. As usual, TC talks our visitor into giving him head in the car, and then takes it a step further by actually fucking our first timer on the back seat. Sofia is excited about this unusual sex location. And WE are excited to finally have a girl who hasn't fucked in every nook and cranny on earth already, and appreciates some good ol' American-type car sex.Clearly there's something about Sofia's BJ skills because it takes TC all but 2 blinks of an eye to ask for seconds at the hotel. Sofia happily obliges and sucks his cock with gusto. After these warm-ups, it's time to step back a moment and let the established ExCoGi flow take over - interview, toys, orgasms, and so on. As one can expect, everything goes over without a hitch, and lovely Sofia enjoys herself and all the attention. 3 cameras on a girl at once = aphrodisiac.
Kay Lovely in Healing Hands 2 10:21
Kay Lovely in Healing Hands 2 10:21 Kay experiences sexual healing from Duncan’s hands and cock.
Teressa in Self Arousal 2 8:01
Teressa in Self Arousal 2 8:01 Gorgeous brunette Teressa is hanging out in her retro-chic apartment at sundown. Pretty, with a super-cute, gap-toothed smile, she is dressed for horny fun – in a black, vintage-style garter belt with wide straps, tan stockings, ribbon choker, and knee-high leather boots with metallic spike heels. Her hair is caught up in a ponytail and her makeup is sexy but understated. She is already topless and caressing her firm, perfect breasts, pinching and pulling on her hard nipples. Seductively, she sucks on her manicured fingers, which are painted neon orange, adding an edgy touch to her classic look. She traces them over her tits then trails them down to tease her crotch. She snaps her garter straps against her rounded ass, then rubs her cheeks. Next, she positions two armchairs opposite each other and rests one knee on each, straddling the gap between them as she rubs her clit. Soon she is moaning with pleasure. Pausing to pace herself, she swishes her hair and gyrates her beautiful curvy body. Then she gives her shaved, fleshy-lipped pussy more attention, splaying it before sitting in one of the chairs, legs spread wide and knees hooked over the arms. She switches between frigging her pussy and clit until her snatch is slurping wet around her fingers. However, this isn’t enough to satisfy her as next, we see her stroking and sucking on a large black vibrator with a clit-tickler. After drenching it in saliva, she gives her slit another rub to make sure it’s oozing-wet, then she eases the toy inside, swirling it in her pussy and playing the tickler against her swollen nub. Head thrown back, she is lost in bliss as she screws herself with the vibe, then she pulls it out to lick and suck the juices off of it. She resumes plowing her snatch, moaning with pleasure as she comes closer to orgasm, heels drawn up to her ass cheeks. Another pause, so she can suck on the toy again, dangling it over her mouth as her fingers rest on her tender pussy. Then, after giving her nipples a little teasing buzz with the vibe, she plunges it back inside, alternating between it and her fingers. Soon, she’s playing for keeps, using the vibrator on its most powerful setting. Whimpering, she cums and slams her thighs hard together, clamping her hand and the toy in place. She works it against her slit until she can’t cum anymore, then sprawls back in her chair to bask in post-orgasmic pleasure, stretching her leg high in the air as she caresses the soft, smooth leather of her boot…
Riley Reyes in Sexy Blonde Slut Has Fun With Her Older Brother 10:01
Riley Reyes in Sexy Blonde Slut Has Fun With Her Older Brother 10:01 A pretty young blonde slut in her early 20s decides to have some anal fun with her much older brother. She seduces him and soon has him groping her and eating her out. After getting her pussy and ass licked she gets on her knees so she can suck his cock. After giving him the blowjob of his life she lets him stick his cock in her pussy and fuck her little pink love tunnel on the couch. She then gets off him and gives him another quick blowjob to prepare him for the main course. After making sure his dick is nice and wet she spreads her cheek and has him ass fuck her.
Argentina in Casual sex with gorgeous teeny 10:00
Argentina in Casual sex with gorgeous teeny 10:00 When you meet the hottest chick you've ever seen and she smiles at you like this beauty did all you gotta do is be confident and persistent and you'll end up having sex with her the very same day. This guy does everything right and the reward is more than worth the effort. A teeny he picks up in a local park is so gorgeous and so passionate, her young wet pussy tastes sweet and feels smooth and tight inside. She plays shy at first, but eventually loses control, fucks her way to a powerful orgasm and takes a messy cumshot. Best casual sex ever!
Alexis Tae in Oiled Up, Down To Fuck 12:00
Alexis Tae in Oiled Up, Down To Fuck 12:00 Alexis Tae likes oil and she likes dick. In this scene, you'll see her get both. First, she teases us while wearing a hot pink bodysuit; sexily posing on the couch and splattering herself with the titular oil. Then Scott Nails comes in with the big dick she ordered and proceeds to give her a good fucking. Simple and to the point!
Marie Mccray in Marie McCray fucking in the desk with her bubble butt 15:00
Marie Mccray in Marie McCray fucking in the desk with her bubble butt 15:00 Marie McCray is picking up some VR glasses for her man on Cyber Monday when her boss catches her on a porn site. Marie explains that she's buying the glasses on the site so her man can learn a thing or two about how to please a women. Her boss takes pity on her and helps her out with her problem. Since Marie's man can't make her cum, her boss takes up the task.
Ria Sakuragi in Wall Flower 6:00
Ria Sakuragi in Wall Flower 6:00 Ria is one of those girls who prefers the video camera to the still camera. She likes to keep moving. She also mashes and squeezes her soft, pliable tits a lot. Ria started as an AV (video) model, so that explains her desire for constant motion. She says she gets antsy when she has to hold still for a photo. She would rather keep playing with her boobs and other girl parts. In this video, Ria can't keep her hands off her tits. This is a good thing. Ria is one of the thinnest SCORE Girls and that makes her boobs look even bigger. She has trouble finding bras and usually needs a fitting because her back is so thin. If you think that Ria spends several evenings a week doing karaoke with her model girlfriends, you pretty much have her pegged. Nothing can tear her away from her social life with her girls.
Asuka in Asuka's Creampie Sticks To Her Dark Pubic Hair Covered Snatch 15:00
Asuka in Asuka's Creampie Sticks To Her Dark Pubic Hair Covered Snatch 15:00 Asuka plays the naughty skool gurl perfectly with her short skirt and cute little tie. But her hairy pussy and monster tits reveal that she's all woman! Watch her throw her head back in ecstasy as her man fucks her pussy raw before opening it up to admire his creampie!
Sasha Sweet in Sweet Ass 3 14:59
Sasha Sweet in Sweet Ass 3 14:59 Levi and Pauly were out cruising around on their day off and spotted their neighbor, Sasha. She'd moved in a couple of months ago with her husband and kid and had sparked the MILF Hunter's interest, but he hadn't properly met her yet. Levi decided to be a proper neighbor, and introduce himself, but also planned on getting a piece of that ass. It didn't take much since Sasha had become bored with her marriage recently. She accepted the invite to stop over at the house and do something crazy on camera with Levi. Shortly after they got home, the knock at the door was from a very seductively dressed Sasha. They quickly moved into the living room and got more comfortable. Sasha explained she had a surprise. She revealed a toy and began to masturbate. Her thick juicy ass and plump titties were more then enough to get Levi to dive in and eat her bare dripping pussy. Sasha showed she still knew how to work it and gave Levi a good time until he exploded onto her face.
Eve Sweet, Candie Luciani in Creative Translation 12:00
Eve Sweet, Candie Luciani in Creative Translation 12:00 Eve has been feeling out both sides at the bargaining table, and she thinks she might have a way to bring them to an agreement. She knows it’s important that Candie and Christian respect each other’s love language - words of affirmation. That way, they’ll sign the papers, and they can all move on to speaking in their lust language: menage-a-trois.
Fuck)Red Madness in Skinny Redhead Doggystyle Jizzed On 10:00
Fuck)Red Madness in Skinny Redhead Doggystyle Jizzed On 10:00 Kisses are always a great way to kick off foreplay. With a nicely shaven pussy, this sporty redhead had a date with a dude with a fat dick and a knack for outrageous sex positions. It didn't take them too long to start fucking. The dude was ready from the moment he walked through the door. She was too, that's why they had heated passion as they were fucking their brains out. During the doggy style, he had to pull out quickly, so as not to make her pregnant. What a super hot scene!
Emma Mae in Make a Splash 9:51
Emma Mae in Make a Splash 9:51 It was a balmy morning in paradise that day, but it wasn't just the weather that was hot and wet. Fresh from a yoga session among the wild fronds, Emma Mae slinked onto her secluded hideaway's patio, piercing the humid air with electric blue eyes and nipples as hard as pearls. She didn't mind being found; in fact, she likes to be watched. That's why she smiled so seductively as she peeled away her little pink top and tight gray yoga pants. She just had to get to her perfect tits and full, round ass. But even that was just a tease of things to come. Emma slowly slid her voluptuous figure down onto the ground, flitting her quivering fingers across her dripping pussy. Massaging her glistening lips deeply, Emma whispered breathy moans as she brought herself to orgasm, and lost herself once again to paradise.
Joana Bliss in Joana Bliss Makes Time Stop 6:00
Joana Bliss in Joana Bliss Makes Time Stop 6:00 A woman of taste, Joana Bliss picks out one of her sexiest tank dresses to show off her curves and start this scene. She owns the camera as always, caressing her huge tits and her shapely ass and legs. Sitting in her happy seat, Joana takes a giant black dildo and licks it while she fingers her pussy lips. Sticking her toy inside her pink pussy, Joana pumps her wet cookie, her body quivering from the pleasure. She moans loudly when she reaches her hot zone and licks her finger and the dildo. The incredible surprise of 2022 was two-time Voluptuous Model of the Year Joana deciding to do hardcore after 18 years of solos and girl-girls. The SCORELAND Blog went on overload with every kind of reaction and comment to the news that an unnamed major model was going to have sex on-camera. A record-breaking number of comments poured in. Some guessed correctly. Others were way off the mark. The editors themselves were very surprised when they originally learned that Joana was going to do boy-girl because we never thought she would.
Ariel in ARIEL TEASER 4:09
Ariel in ARIEL TEASER 4:09 It took us three weeks of convincing to get Ariel to come in and audition. Once she arrived, she delivered. If you like what you see in this BTS clip, then you'll love her full Backroom demo coming this Monday!
Lady Lyne, Mishel Dark in Kissing teasing and fully pleasing 14:59
Lady Lyne, Mishel Dark in Kissing teasing and fully pleasing 14:59 Lesbian lovers Lady Lyne and Mishell Dark are pillow fighting and kissing in an empty apartment. The ladies tease each other up a staircase, chasing and tickling, and then Mishell lifts Lady Lady's shirt so she can worship her big, natural boobs. The babes take turn worshipping their tits, then pleasure each other with their hands and fingers. They head to the bedroom and Lady Lyne licks Mishell's pussy in missionary, and Lady sticks her booty in the air so Mishell can eat her out from behind. Finally, the babes pleasure each other in 69!
Mianna Thomas in I Have The Biggest Natural Tits in Nevada 6:00
Mianna Thomas in I Have The Biggest Natural Tits in Nevada 6:00 When your veteran SCORE editors saw Mianna Thomas, they began hyperventilating uncontrollably. This is usually a good sign. Mianna is a living miracle of Mother Nature's magic boob wand. Mianna has a very easygoing, relaxed personality. She doesn't try to play it serious or vamp it up. Mianna could have been the successor to the magnificently-stacked, now-legendary British bra-destroyer Sammie Black of Boob Cruise #4. Mianna has a great attitude and a sensational body. Yes sir, Mianna Thomas is a very special girl, worthy of your DNA projectiles.
Kitty Li in Seduced on the third try 10:00
Kitty Li in Seduced on the third try 10:00 A guy walked in on a hot neighbor... and fucked her! What could be better for the roommate herself, who hasn't had sex in years. Great story, you say? Well, it's not. This kind of banality only happens in stupid porn movie plots. In reality, it's not like that. The heroine of the story would be happy to be seduced, but today's youth is so timid and inexperienced. The guy did not understand the innuendo at all. Her sexual insinuations repeatedly turned out to be a complete failure, and despair was growing. Would she be able to seduce a guy in the bathroom? Or would it be a decisive reason for him to flee...?
Michelle in MICHELLE 3629 11:00
Michelle in MICHELLE 3629 11:00 22 year old stripper Michelle wants to earn more than those dollar bill- slinging old guys at her "work" give her each night. Plus she's an exhibitionist, and kinky, so there. Despite admitting to having had threeways, Michelle claims to have never had anal sex before. A stripper not getting boinked in the ass by customers for some side money? Bullshit! For this blatant lie she's getting the Straight-to-the-Ass treatment. In this case it means Michelle's vag isn't going to get a nice warmup or anything, it's almost all- anal sex-only immediately after her cock sucking demo. Since she's about five feet tiny and Jake's cock is quite a bit above average, this turns out into about the closest ass-related massacre on the casting couch in recent memory. And turns out she indeed WAS an anal virgin. The genuine PAINAL faces and the fact that she had no idea how this butt seks thing would work is prove for that. And Michelle is grossed out in a way only assfuck-virgins react. How can a stripper not have had anal sex? She's 22 and has been showing her tits and ass to customers for 4 years. This girl lives stripping. And we all know how strippers make some extra money on the side. But in Michelle's case it appears she sticks strictly to showing off those pancake tits and stretch-marked belly at the club. This is the ultimate update for first-time-anal / painal fans. Michelle's facial expressions when she is getting her first anal are amazing and so real, you almost feel bad for her. But the highlight might just be when Evil Agent Jake fucks her pussy - which she loves - and right before she cum, he takes out his cock and shoves it right back in her asshole, where he unloads a sweet load of Jake Jizz. That ambush anal creampie is replayed so you get the full visceral experience - Jake's pumping cock, Michelle's shocked face, and the surprisingly clean cum slowly flowing out of Michelle's pulsating asshole. Michelle wanted to make more money, while having sex,and faster than she could ever do stripping. We can help her with the last 2 today but the money thing ain't happening. She can barely hold herself together when Jake tells her this "audition" isn't paid. But like most strippers she keeps dreaming of making piles of cash the easy way. Good morning, Michelle. Let us introduce you to real world: nothing in life comes free or easy (except Jake's sex life, of course).
Annie Reis in The Ripped Yoga Pants Stretch 14:59
Annie Reis in The Ripped Yoga Pants Stretch 14:59
Taissia Shanti in Sun-Kissed 15:00
Taissia Shanti in Sun-Kissed 15:00 It was a rainy day at the beachfront resort where Taissia Shanti and Matt Ice were enjoying a hedonistic holiday. But their lust refused to be rained out. Or reined in. Overcome by a storm of desire, the two found cover beneath a four-poster canopy, where their amorous kissing turned truly carnal. Soon, Taissia could take no more, and had to have Matt's hard cock in her mouth. After slowly deep-throating his big dick, she turned her perfect, peach-shaped ass around, presenting it to Matt for a deep doggystyle fuck. The tempest of their appetites continued to rage as Taissia rode him like a cowgirl to multiple thunderous orgasms. Flipping Taissia over into missionary position and whipping his tongue across her wet pussy like a hurricane, Matt flooded his lover in a downpour of thrusts. Finally spent, Matt and Taissia collapsed, rippling together in a pool of pure satisfaction.
Alice Paradise in Cutie puts away dumbbells to suck a dick 11:59
Alice Paradise in Cutie puts away dumbbells to suck a dick 11:59 Beautiful Alice Paradise takes good care about her body and she does a lot of exercises to keep fit. She even asks a professional coach for help. He is more than happy to assist the cutie, but gets very much excited when showing the hottie the exercises that she needs to do. He manages to seduce Alice Paradise into putting the dumbbells away and taking his big dick into her talented hands.
Renata in Pickup trick for women 10:00
Renata in Pickup trick for women 10:00 This sex-starved redhead teeny probably invented the best way to get a hot guy out of his pants. She was just staring at his tight sporty ass on the street, noticed a rip in his jeans and offered him to sew it up at her place. Yeah, right! That slut just wanted an excuse to lure a handsome stranger into her bedroom and have him lick and fuck her young juicy pussy. The grateful fella didn't mind thanking her for the effort with a great casual fuck making the bitch cum hard and loud and enjoying it to the fullest.
Fleur Himera in Deep anal surprise 10:00
Fleur Himera in Deep anal surprise 10:00 When my girlfriend told me to surprise her in bed I knew exactly she wanted to go a step further in our sex life. I've been craving to fuck her tight little butthole ever since we first had sex and my anal wishes finally came true when I slipped my erect cock into her well-oiled chocolate hole. I kept working my way deeper and deeper till my shaft completely disappeared inside of her and her moans of pleasure indicated I was on the right path to a fantastic double orgasm.
Lilou Ch in Lilou Is A Sexy Senior Anal Slut 8:00
Lilou Ch in Lilou Is A Sexy Senior Anal Slut 8:00 Lilou is a tall, blonde, mature, fun loving, horny harlot, with small breasts, and a tasty, bald pussy. She starts off, stripping, fingering, and fondling herself, while moaning elatedly, and loquaciously chatting with us. When her sable stud arrives, she voraciously sucks his inky black, monster cock, with sluttish gusto and glee, rejoicing, as he assertively face fucks her. Needing to feed, her other hungry hole, she savagely slams, her greedy, bald cunt, onto his monumental monolith of lust, in reverse cowgirl, moaning and crying out, in orgiastic exultation. He continues, pulverizing her pussy, in spoon, as she bellows and bawls, in debauched jubilation. After ardently licking and fingering her pussy and asshole, he fervently pounds his donkey dick, into her ass, in doggie, as she moans and yelps, with unchained, animalistic passions. Fiercely firing, his monumental, meat missile, into her ass, in reverse cowgirl, launches her, into the stratosphere of moaning, screeching, dick drunk revelry. Then, he moves her into spoon, diligently drilling his colossal cock, into her ass and pussy, as she moans and groans, in whorish rapture. For desert, he squirts his spluge, into and all over her mouth, leaving her happily glazed and dazed.
Donna, Tena in This is One Sexy Raunchy Teen Threesome for the Ages! 10:00
Donna, Tena in This is One Sexy Raunchy Teen Threesome for the Ages! 10:00 Dean got a call from his ex Donna who was hanging out with this other girl Tena. It turns out that Tena has had a crush on Dean for a long time and always wanted to fuck him. She knows they've been apart for long enough but came over to ask Donna's permission to hook up with him. Donna was okay with it, but was more interested to see if maybe she could get a threesome going. So she ran the idea by Tena who had never done anything like that before and then called Dean who came over to find them ready for action.
Pryscilla Lopez in All Pryscilla Lopez Wants To Do Is Fuck That Big Cock He's Sportin 15:00
Pryscilla Lopez in All Pryscilla Lopez Wants To Do Is Fuck That Big Cock He's Sportin 15:00 There ain't nothing fancy about this scene. Set in a tiny bedroom with white walls, you get to focus all your attention on blonde nympho Pryscilla Lopez as she works her wet pussy up and down a big dick. All she wants to do is fuck!
Alice Paradise, Minni Love in Sweeties lick sweet lesbian pussies 12:00
Alice Paradise, Minni Love in Sweeties lick sweet lesbian pussies 12:00 Alise Paradise and Mini Love share a flat and they help each other often. They even help each other to choose the best outfits that underline the beauty of her hot bodies. Mini Love asks Alise Paradise to check if that T-shirt matches her shorts. Sure, she needs to take off everything but the view of her naked tits turns on Alise Paradise so much that she talks her friend into staying naked for a while and playing with each other till they both orgasm.
Hot Pearl in Teen angel enjoying hot fuck 10:00
Hot Pearl in Teen angel enjoying hot fuck 10:00 This 18 y.o. angel is so sweet, gentle, sensual and so extremely aroused she will do anything just to feel her boyfriend's big firm cock inside. She will start with an amazing blowjob sliding her lips up and down the shaft like she's sucking her favorite lollypop. Then she will spread her beautiful pussy and welcome him inside moaning out loud as he fucks her to consecutive orgasms and gives her a perfect facial. Enjoy!
in 32095 12:01
in 32095 12:01
Alicia Tease in Alicia Tease Keeps Her Thigh High Fishnets On For This Hardcore Fuck 14:59
Alicia Tease in Alicia Tease Keeps Her Thigh High Fishnets On For This Hardcore Fuck 14:59 Alicia Tease isn't a tease at all. Sure she's going to flirt and play hard to get but ultimately she's going to get naked and fuck the cum out of your cock! Watch this big dicked stud fuck the wet out of her pussy before pulling out to cum all over her freshly fucked snatch.
Abigail Mac in Bad girl Abigail Mac fucking in the floor with her big tits 15:00
Abigail Mac in Bad girl Abigail Mac fucking in the floor with her big tits 15:00 Abigail Mac is doing yoga when Tyler walks in. Tyler joins her for a bit, but after a few minutes they decide to get their workout on in other ways.
Morgan Lee in More Of Morgan 14:59
Morgan Lee in More Of Morgan 14:59 Morgan was a sexy Asian girlfriend we caught up with in this week's homemade submission. We first saw her while she was doing the laundry. Morgan was crouched down taking the clothes out of the machine, and her ass looked incredible. Her BF kept complimenting her HOT booty while spanking and grabbing it. He was trying to get her to make a sextape even though they'd just had sex earlier that morning. Morgan thought it would be fun but told him she would handle the camera while he ate her pussy. He jumped all over that and munched hard on that sweet Asian pussy. That got Morgan crazy heated, so they took the action to the bedroom where she gave her BF a world class BJ for the ages! Morgan was a total freak and wanted that dick bad. She got on top, slid it in, and rode that cock deep. She worked that pussy like only an Asian GF could, as those big juicy tits bounced all over. Her man took over and pounded that pussy like a wild man. Then Morgan finished him off by jerking every last drop of cum all over her gorgeous face. You won't want to miss a second of this one!
Fiona in Smoking Hot Teen Fiona Gets Fingered and Squirts! 10:00
Fiona in Smoking Hot Teen Fiona Gets Fingered and Squirts! 10:00 Check out this delicious find! Fiona has the perfect body: sweet face, firm booty and cans that overflow from her shirt. She shows the camera how tempting her boobies are as she bounces them inside her shirt. She finally takes it off to show how glorious her jugs are when they aren't covered. She starts to do a little beaver touching when Ferris steps in to give her a hand. He clobbers her firm snapper with his fingers until she's practically screaming with excitement. Fiona gets so aroused from this finger pumping that she squirts her juice all over Ferris' hand. That's not the end for her though, she lets Ferris keep on going and helps him keep his hand nice and juicy by mouthing his fingers before he thrusts them back into her beaver. She thoroughly enjoys his fingers being in her. When it's all said and done, Fiona flashes a sexy smile at the camera.