Ana Montes in Ana Montes: Tiny Girl, Big Tits

Ana Montes is 4'9" and has 32DD-cup boobs. You don't have to picture that because we've provided the pictures."My body began to develop very early," Ana said to our photo staff who went to South America to photograph her. "My breasts grew a lot over the years. I've always had big breasts in relation to my age and height. I was always the girl with the biggest bust. I already had breasts while my classmates still had the body of a girl with a flat chest."Growing up, I did not practice sports. I was really a very introverted girl with few friends and I was always more focused on playing board games and reading, which I must admit is my favorite hobby. I'm not fond of soccer but I always support and watch the games when Colombia goes to the World Cup."

10 months ago