Stacy Cruz in Cover

Gorgeous Stacy Cruz is under the "Cover" with Michael Fly, as Andrej Lupin’s intimate erotic movie begins. They kiss and cuddle sweetly, hands roaming over each other’s skin. Michael squeezes his sweetheart’s big beautiful breasts, before she straddles him, stroking his stiff cock, licking it slowly and teasingly. She sucks harder and faster, jerking his shaft as she bobs her head, then guides it into her tight pussy, sliding up and down on it sensually. Her breasts jiggle enticingly as she rides harder. Michael flips her onto her back so he can plow into her shaved pussy in missionary, making her moan softly. He fucks her through an intense orgasm, then rolls her into spoons to bang her from behind. He speeds up to drive her wild, before she moves astride him again, humping to an even more powerful climax as he fills her with his hot load.

3 weeks ago