Kinky Ink in Sexting - Kinky and Adrian

Sexting is a scene idea that has been around in my head for a few years. I wanted to recreate a situation in which two people (or more) have a real sexting session, totally improvised, but authentically recorded. This idea was postponed for the time that it was taking me to think about the best technique to be able to simultaneously shoot the performers, in addition to close-ups, the text and the photos that are sent to each other... All these elements make sense now, when shooting porn in times of pandemic is quite a challenge. After almost a year of canceling and postponing shootings, I have decided to give the porn I usually shoot a spin and turn the idea of Sexting, which at the beginning was a single scene, into a series in which performers can enjoy sex without contact and at the same time represent a practice that is as daily as it is usual but very little represented iporn. Now, together with Adrian Mur, one of the directors I collaborate with, we have made this idea come true. Each of us records each of the Sexting participants, even though we are many miles apart, to later unify all the captured content of the virtual encounter in a highly visual and exciting scene. I shot Adrian in Alicante and simultaneously Adrian shot Kinky in Barcelona. It was a delight to do this experiment, I hope you enjoy it as much as all of us who carried out it.

2 months ago