Fuck)Joana Bliss in Joana Bliss: Season's Blissing

Just the kind of beauty you'd want to find under your tree. The girl whose lovely smile lights up the darkest night, Joana Bliss serves up a great big dish of season's greetings. Joana does her holiday lingerie justice. Here's your Xmas gift, wrapped and unwrapped. Bliss out with Miss Bliss. And what's that hidden under a pillow? It looks like Santa delivered his gift early. We've long suspected Mr. Claus was a horny old goat. Joana puts her gift to good use. "I don't look at modeling like a job," Joana told us. "When you do something with pleasure, you forget that it is a job and it doesn't become a job. This happens to me when I model." Happy holidays, Joana.

1 year ago