Fuck)Dollie Darko in Dollie Darko Sluts Dont Stop When Its Cold

It’s a rare moment to know what James Deen’s first times in his life are. Aside from all the nasty stuff he’s been doing in his career, apparently, he’s never been to some famous places in New York. And he’s been there for some time. So he seeks a friend, Dollie Darko, to give him a taste of some of NY’s place and eventually, her pussy. And it’s their anniversary so many reasons to meet up and fuck. They walked around in the Central Park in a freezing day for a casual walk and talk. But Dollie doesn’t really know the way that much so they just follow people around for a quick tour. As they do their tour, James asks Dollie what she’s been up to lately until James gets distracted by the beautiful view of NY’s skyline from the snowy pond of the park. It’s really magnificent so we can’t blame James here. James and Dollie continue strolling with occasional making out until they go back to a warm place to fuck. First things first, Dollie has some great ass. Once she bends over and strips her bottom naked, James just went for it. Her shaved pussy just awaits his big throbbing dick to fuck it nicely. James does his thing for a good amount of time with just placing the camera in different angles to make sure the viewers will comprehend how hot Dollie is. With this, James’ natural hard fucking just comes out. He grabs Dollie’s neck and face while still fucking her hard but she didn’t show any sign of regret or any form of defiance. Maybe she just likes it. You know how women get with times. Their levels of sexual pleasure changes too. After a while, Dollie lets her pussy rest and offers her mouth as an alternative. She planned on sucking on it but it went a little further and gagged a few times. This didn’t took much time. James gets back on wrecking that pussy again. He started from fucking her from behind to her being on her back with her legs just wiggling in the air. Dollie takes a bit of control and goes on top at some point. Her big ass just bounces up and down. They take a good few minutes to do this until Dollie do a solo act. She plays with her mouth and spit and rubs her own cunt while James jacks off behind the camera. When James was near his end, he fucks Dollie for one last time and cum all over her mouth.

5 months ago