Package Delivery

Aiden Ashley is lounging at home one day when there is a knock on the door. When she answers it, she comes face-to-face with a courier, Khloe Kay, who is there to drop off a parcel. As soon as their eyes meet, sparks fly, though they're both a little shy... But Aiden is part of Khloe's usual route. Over time, the more deliveries that are made, the more their attraction to each other intensifies. Finally, one day Khloe is bold enough to make the first move when she arrives with a parcel that Aiden wasn't expecting. Although Aiden is a bit confused, she lets Khloe inside, her eyes drifting curiously to the unmarked box. Once they are seated, Aiden opens the box and is pleasantly surprised to find a strap-on inside! Khloe is flustered but hopeful as she cheekily asks Aiden if she'll sign for the package. Aiden smiles as she takes the strap-on into her hands, assuring Khloe that she'll sign for it for SURE!

7 months ago