A Cozy Day In

Michael Fly and Katarina Rina are enjoying a nice day in, which of course means getting nice and close together. Katarina gets their party started by donning some hot sheer lingerie that highlights every one of her voluptuous curves. When Michael comes up behind her, Katarina easily slides out of her robe so he can enjoy the full picture. Sitting Michael down on the couch, Katarina straddles his hips and grinds against his stiffie. Of course those big naturals come popping out of her bra, leaving them free for Michael to play with. Dropping to her knees, Katarina begins with a titty fuck that moves forward to an enthusiastic blowjob. Sliding her thong to the side, Katarina takes advantage of Michael's seated position to slide down onto his hardon. Beautifully impaled, she rocks her hips and leans forward to shove those big ones into Michael's face. Turning around, Katarina continues her ride in reverse cowgirl. Michael finally takes control of the pussy party as he gets Katarina on her knees. Plunging into her from behind, he uses her necklace to do some light breath play and keep her right where he wants her. When Katarina rolls over, Michael spoons behind her to keep her full of cock. On her back, Katarina enjoys one last climax and then goes to work for Michael's pleasure. He pulls out of the velvet glove and lets Katarina stroke him off. When he's ready to cum from the handie, Michael lets Katarina direct it all over her bountiful bosom.

5 months ago