Nothing pleases Ryan Keely like a good fuck. She can be called a sex addict. Even in her seemingly perfect marriage, she's lacking pleasures of flesh, so she always looks for affairs on the side. That is why the visit to her stepdaughter Aubree Valentine and her husband was a real gift of fate for Ryan. The MILF immediately falls for her stepdaughter's young and handsome husband, and she does not hesitate to show her affection even when her stepdaughter is around. When the guy walks around the house, Ryan stops him, removes his pants and gives him a blowjob while Aubree is nearby. The hubby doesn't even have time to be surprised as MILF takes his cock deep inside her throat, and they walk back to their rooms as if nothing had happened. Ryan's sexual impudence culminates when Aubree and her husband lie in bed, but step-mom sneaks into their room and says she would like to sleep with them this night because she is scared to be alone. A few minutes later, she touches her stepdaughter's husband, asking him if he liked what happened at lunch. The guy nods, giving Ryan the green light to act out all her lustful fantasies with him and start fucking furiously. She moans louder and louder. Suddenly Aubree hears that and wakes up. She is shocked that her stepmother is trying to seduce her soulmate again, like she had done before. Ryan says she can't do anything about her nature, and Aubree accepts that her stepmom will never change. To avoid feeling overwhelmed, she joins a threesome with the idea that maybe this is a family matter.

4 months ago