Be My Naughty Valentine

It’s Valentine’s Day, and Elias and Rico are again left without Valentine's sweethearts. These nerdy dudes are never going to get laid if they don’t start making an active effort to put themselves out there. Luckily, their stepsisters, Bailey and Melanie, want to help the guys and ensure they don’t spend another Valentine’s Day alone. The girls start by giving their stepbrothers a makeover and putting them in some more appealing clothes. They then decide maybe it’s time for their stepbrothers to have kissing lessons. Elias isn’t so sure, but Rico encourages the lesson, knowing that this chance won’t come up again any time soon. Rico and Elias can’t believe they’re making out with each other’s stepsisters. Could this be a dream come true? The girls are pretty turned on themselves, and despite Rico and Elias being total dorks, they are pretty cute, and they’re fast learners, too. To really show their commitment to helping Elias and Rico, Bailey and Melanie set the guys up with dates. But the dates end with no kiss, which the girls were half suspecting. They don’t want their stepbros to be upset with the results of the date, so Bailey and Melanie once again offer themselves up to the guys. This time, however, Melanie wants to take things all the way. She doesn’t want the guys to be virgins forever, and if Bailey is cool with it, Melanie suggests a sis swap - Bailey will have sex with Elias, and Melanie will have sex with Rico. It sounds ridiculous at first. Were Bailey and Melanie really about to fuck in front of their own stepbrothers? But the more the thought crept into their minds, the hornier they got. It would easily be the most taboo thing they’d ever do, and who knows, maybe their stepbrothers had big cocks. So they go along with their plan, but neither Melanie nor Bailey can take their eyes off of their own stepbrother. Even while getting fucked, they make eye contact and think about how wild it would be to get fucked by their own step-family. The desire becomes too much to resist, so they switch again so that Elias and Rico are now fucking their stepsisters. Everyone knows how fucked up the situation is, but they also feel incredible. All the pent-up sexual energy since their kissing lessons are released in full force, and that only makes everyone in the room even hornier. When the guys can no longer hold their loads, they bust their nuts on their stepsisters' faces, who then share a cum glazed Valentine’s Day kiss.

3 months ago