Pleasure By The Pool

This season on Dating My Stepson, we have three hot milfs and three eager stepsons to mix and match. On today's episode, Shalina Devine is supposed to have a date with Matthew Meier. Unfortunately for Shalina, Micky Muffin has other plans. She likes Matthew far too much to let him go easily. After Micky barges in on the date, Matthew and Shalina decide to take off and let Micky have the hot tub. Micky comes to find them, claiming that Shalina forgot her towel. The ladies begin fighting over Matthew, who seems only too pleased to let Shalina suck his cock while Micky pulls her tits out for him to enjoy. When the ladies fight over the blowjob, Matthew just gets even hotter for both of them. Eventually the girls decide that fighting is pointless and they should use Matthew as a toy together. Now that they've decided to share, the girls treat Matthew as the fuck toy he is to them. Micky gracefully gives Shalina the first go on the D in cowgirl before she lays back to let Matthew do her as she eats Shalina's pussy. On her knees, Shalina rocks back to meet Matthew's strokes as she laps at Micky's snatch. Micky gets to enjoy Matthew's charms as she lays on her side with her mouth in Shalina's coochie and Matthew spooned behind her. Then Shalina climbs on and rides Matthew hard in reverse cowgirl, milking a creampie out of him that Micky snowballs with her. The two milfs agree they'll have to do more s haring in the future.

3 months ago