Playful Passions

A girls night in leads to something way more passionate when Zazie Skymm decides she's bored. She begins playing footsies with Bonnie Dolce, who is all smiles and giggles. When Zazie persists, Bonnie finally takes the bait. She watches with a sultry expression as Zazie begins stroking and kissing. When Zazie peels Bonnie's shorts off, things begin to escalate quickly from there. After sampling Bonnie's nipples, Zazie moves lower. Settling on her belly, she makes herself at home between Bonnie's thighs. Her tongue flicks out, lapping and suckling as she pushes every one of Bonnie's buttons until her girlfriend's back arches in delight. Zazie gets her turn as soon as Bonnie has had a moment to recover. She helps Zazie out of her shirt, then pushes her back onto the couch. After Bonnie has blazed a path from clit to lips with her tongue, she shoves her fingers inside. That finger banging plus Bonnie's lips on her nips make Zazie moan as she enjoys her release. The girls come back for round two as Bonnie finds herself cradled in Zazie's arms. The girls exchange deep kisses as Zazie's fingers get busy. Pulling Zazie's entire nipple into her mouth, Bonnie makes it clear that she's still eager to give more. They transition into a lesbian 69 that lets them each indulge their desires as much as they want. Bonnie stays on her back while Zazie climbs on top of her. Sitting nice and close, Zazie presses her clit to Bonnie's. The girls tribe together, using their mutual friction to bring each other off one last time before coming together for post-coital cuddles and kisses.

3 months ago