Crushing On Stepmom

Ivy Ireland is folding her lingerie laundry and her stepson Rion King comes in to creep on her. He claims he needs help because he sprained his finger last week. Ivy is sassy, but helps him out. Later, Rion tries to get additional help from Ivy but finds her in a bra and panties. She doesn't waste any time. Dropping to her knees, she pops his dick out to slide it between her lips. Rion can hardly believe his good luck as his hot stepmilf sucks him off. That's not all Ivy wants. She gets on her back so Rion can dick her down. Then she rolls onto her knees and takes a doggy style pussy pounding. After giving the stiffie a cowgirl and then a reverse cowgirl ride, Ivy gets to her knees to take a nice cum facial.

3 months ago