Steak for You, Cock for Us

It’s Steak and Blowjob Day and Mike couldn’t be more excited! It’s that moment of the year when his beautiful wife Rachael gets cooking and sucking! Rachael is a bit oblivious about this special date, but she can’t let her man down, so she gets a juicy steak on her husband’s plate and falls on her knees to stuff her mouth with man meat. Everything is going wonderfully until, surprise, Sophia comes in! Rachael and Mike’s teenage stepdaughter interrupt them in the middle of the celebration and can’t understand how they could leave them out of this tender family moment. Rachael feels sorry for leaving her stepdaughter behind, so she lets them join in for the fun just this one time. Stepmother and stepdaughter join forces to suck Mike’s cock, devouring it together. The moment is so special that a blowjob suddenly just isn’t enough, so the stepfather spoils Rachael and Sophia by fucking them both.

3 months ago