Danielle Derek in Danielle Derek- Extreme Slingshot Swimsuit Sexxx 6:00
Danielle Derek in Danielle Derek- Extreme Slingshot Swimsuit Sexxx 6:00 We would hope that JMac recognizes Danielle Derek when he sees her in a slingshot bikini and reclining in a lounger at poolside. After all, he slipped Danielle the beef only a few years ago and Danielle is impossible to forget. Danielle's super-supersized her already-huge tits since the last time they got together and she's eager for more action. She pulls her swimsuit down to give him easy access to her ultra-slim and ultra-stacked physique. JMac is happy to give Danielle more of the pumping action she loves and to overload his palms with her boobs again. She noisily sucks on his shaft, making gagging and gurgling sounds, her saliva dripping on her breasts. JMac tells Danielle to get on her back, lower her head over the edge of the lounger and open her mouth wide. Straddling her, he feeds cock to Danielle. Her mouth fills with saliva and she gags again as he stuffs her throat. She's the ultimate fuck toy and the ultimate fuck doll. When they head to the bedroom to continue their reunion and make every attempt to break the bed, he picks Danielle up from behind like a life-sized doll and pumps her tight, shaved pussy from behind in a display of acrobatic super-fucking.
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Moka Mora in Hypno Fuck - S1:E6 15:01 Moka Mora and her stepbrother Damon Dice have come to an agreement that they find each other mutually attractive. Moka worries that they'll get caught fucking, but Damon just knows what he wants. When he eventually gets his way, he and Moka finds themselves with Damon's fingers buried in her greedy fuck hole while she strokes his stiffie. They're locked in their mutual masturbation when their parents call them downstairs to show them something neat. Damon's dad has learned how to hypnotize, but while he's trying to show off his trick on Moka's mom he accidentally hypnotizes both of them. They decide it would be kinky to fuck in front of both of their parents, so Moka drops to her knees and starts sucking Damon's big hardon off. Turning around, she pulls her shorts down so that Damon can take her in a doggy style pussy pounding right on the carpet in the living room! The couple starts spooning with Damon filling Moka's cum hungry twat and flexing his hips for both of their pleasure. As Moka rolls on her back, she enjoys the orgasmic fruits of Damon's labor. Then they get a big acrobatic with Moka on the floor and Damon pounding her bare pussy from above on the couch. Seeing his super skinny stepsister laid out before him like that is too much for him to handle, and he pulls out to give Moka a facial of jizz. They decide to fuck with their parents, but ultimately they wake them up from their hypnosis.
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Veronica Rodriguez in No Hablas, No Problem! 12:00 What is Dr. Sins to do when he doesn't understand his sexy Spanish speaking patient Veronica Rodriguez? Well, for starters he can snap on a pair of rubber gloves and give her the most thorough physical he's ever done, exploring every hole from her spicy mouth to her squirting pussy. Veronica's tiny spinner's body is perfect for the dirty doctor, who lifts her into her arms, flips her over, and 69's her. After a few pretty acrobatic positions, a footjob, and some rapid fire booty snapping, Johnny finishes this once in a life time ride with a gorgeous vaginal creampie that drips out of this sexy seniorita's piccante pussy.
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Barra Brass in Barra Fucks Like A Savage She Devil 8:00 Barra’s a titillating, small-breasted, blonde Mata Hari, with a toned, taut, dancer’s body. After sensually fondling her luscious body, while moaning euphorically, once her beefy stud joins her, he masterfully licks, her bald twat, while she moans elatedly. She reciprocates, by gluttonously sucking his hefty, meat stick, with whorish, wolfish hunger, gusto, and adroit, oral prowess. He then, brutishly plows his steely shaft into her, in missionary, while she writhes, moans, and squeals ecstatically. Then, she ferociously slams her voracious cunt onto his fuck pole, in reverse cowgirl, while moaning and screeching, in depraved jubilation. He then barbarously pile drives his beef hammer into her, in doggie, while she moans and howls, with raw, unchained, bestial passions. Then he furiously finger fucks her, to a raging, screaming, squirting orgasm, before resuming pounding her pussy, in missionary, while she moans and shrieks, ecstatically. Feeling acrobatic, she frantically humps him, in a jaw-dropping standing cowgirl, then seated cowgirl, as she fervently humps his cock, with reckless abandon, while moaning and crying out, in salacious exultation. Back in missionary, then doggie, he barbarically, pile drives his beef baton into her, as volcanic, screaming orgasms burst forth. Then, she frenetically jacks him off, until he covers her outstretched tongue, with his joy juice, which she savors, with sluttish relish.
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Kyler Quinn, Spencer Bradley in Thanksgiving Turns Me On - S40:E18 15:00 Spencer Bradley and Kyler Quinn are enjoying Thanksgiving dinner with Ryan Mclane and Will Pounder, their respective partners. The four of them are enjoying themselves, but Kyler and Spencer want something more than the traditional dinner. They plot in the kitchen and then return to the table to show off their lovely assets for their boyfriends. Sitting down, they each rub their boyfriend's dicks beneath the table. Instead of instigating a good time, they just make the guys uncomfortable as they try to have a non-sexual conversation.The girls aren't pleased that their partners are on their best behavior so they excuse themselves to get washed up for dessert. High tailing it to the kitchen, they exchange a kiss. Kyler sinks down to lift Spencer's miniskirt and peel off her thong. Leaning forward, she buries her face in Spencer's muff as she eats her friend out while Spencer tries to hold the moan. Kyler keeps it up until Will asks for a glass of water.Totally turned on and unwilling to take no for an answer anymore, the girls swap partners and go for the D, with Kyler fondling Ryan's cock and Spencer doing the same for Will's. When the guys don't go for it right away, the girls point out that it's thanksgiving and they're feeling very, very giving. Even then the guys hesitate, but as the girls lean in to deliver deep kisses it's impossible to say no.Spencer climbs into Will's lap, while Kyler hops onto the table that Ryan has just cleared for her. Ryan kisses his way down Kyler's body, taking a pit stop at her plump titties. Meanwhile, Will gets Spencer on the table and just goes straight for her damp twat. Once the guys have each had a taste of those musky juices, they each whip out their hard dicks. Ryan shoves balls deep into Kyler's pussy right away, while Will lets Spencer roll to her feet so he's fucking her from behind.Now that the girls have each had an appetizer, they want to enjoy blowing their partners. Kyler gets on her belly with Spencer on her knees over her. The position lets Kyler suck Ryan's cock to her heart's content, while Spencer can easily give Will's hardon the same treatment.The girls return to their original boyfriends as they swap cocks. Spencer finds herself leaning over the table with Ryan's hardon pounding away at her tight twat. Meanwhile, Kyler sits Will down so she can climb onto him and bounce away in reverse cowgirl.Swapping boyfriends once again, Kyler leans over the table so she can enjoy the same treatment Spencer just had from Ryan. Meanwhile, Spencer climbs onto the table on her side for an acrobatic version of a spooning fuck courtesy of Will. That's too much for the guys to take. Once they're assured the girls have gotten off, they each pull out with Ryan nutting on Kyler's thighs and bottom and Will showering Spencer in cum. Exchanging a kiss across the table, the girls propose that this should be their new Thanksgiving tradition.
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Nyx Monroe in Nyx Monroe: Tiny, Topheavy & Tight 5:59 Nyx Monroe loves playing dress-up. Halloween is her holiday. It was made for her. Stripper, cam-girl and all-around sex entertainer, Nyx brings her slinky self back for a strip show and finger-banging. Nyx did her first pro shoots at SCORELAND. Brick Danger and JMac had the honors. Nyx is tiny and curvy, the kind of girl the guys can easily lift up for some acrobatic fucking positions. "Doggie-style is my favorite position," Nyx said. "I like sex at least once a day. I love getting good head from a guy who's into it. I like pussy too and I like to share a guy with another girl when I can get the chance."
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Nicole Rey in Nicole Gets Her Ass Cum Washed 8:00 Nicole is a sultry, seductive, blonde, size queen, with a svelte, toned, ballerina’s body, who is interviewing a stud, that answered her add, looking for big cocks. After he unfurls his massive, meat stick, she ravenously sucks it, with rapacious, sluttish avarice, gusto, and adroit, oral artistry, giving him, an awe inspiring, blow job. His talented tongue, then lavishly licks, her sweet, bald, honeyed hole, as she talks dirty, to him, while moaning elatedly. Then, he potently plows his titanic tool, into her, as she moans and cries out, in debauched exultation. Mounting him, in reverse cowgirl, she wildly slams her greedy cunt, onto him, with savage fury, as she moans and wails, in decadent jubilation. Once in doggie, he brutishly slams his monster cock into her, as she moans and howls, with raw, untamed, bestial passions. Rolling into spoon, he vigorously drills his donkey dick into her, as she fingers her clit, unleashing multiple, jaw dropping, screaming, squirting, exorcism worthy orgasms. Then, in an impressive acrobatic display, with her suspended, in the air, supported on his cock, and one arm, he barbarously drives his colossal cock into her, sending her, into a moaning, shrieking, cock crazed revelry. Resuming her wild ride, in reverse cowgirl, he fiercely his cock into her, before returning to missionary, then doggie, as she moans and shrieks, in an intoxicated, dick drunk delirium, until he spray paints her ass, with a copious coating of cum.
Hime Marie, Spencer Bradley in You Me And The Babysitter - S40:E2 15:00
Hime Marie, Spencer Bradley in You Me And The Babysitter - S40:E2 15:00 Will Pounder and his wife Spencer Bradley have a work engagement that will keep them away from home overnight. They bring in Hime Marie, their regular babysitter, to keep an eye on things around the house. Spencer has her suspicions that Hime and Will have been fucking behind her back, but no proof. Besides, Will and Hime have agreed to stop and they do their best to keep things on the level while they're interacting at the house.Once she's alone, Hime decides to enjoy herself by splaying herself out on the couch and masturbating. She remembers too late that Will and Spencer have recently installed security cameras. Hime considers stopping, but the idea of masturbating in front of one of those cameras and hoping that Will sees what she's doing is such a turnon that she can't resist!Spencer sees what's going on first, but she only tells Will that there are motion alerts. When Will pulls the alert up, he knows he has to go help Hime out. He tells Spencer that he's going to go get them some drinks, then jets. Spencer is no fool, so when Will goes back to the house, she follows him.Will arrives first and walks in on Hime in the midst of getting herself off. Will doesn't even need to ask permission to join Hime. Soon enough, he has his mouth on her tits and hard nipples. In return, Hime sinks to her knees and pulls out Will's hardon. She's just getting started sucking that nice cock when Spencer walks on in.Will and Hime don't hear Spencer at first, but they're certainly surpsied as hell when she starts speaking to them. It turns out that Spencer has had the hots for Hime as a possible threesome partner for quite a while, and this is all part of her plan to make it happen. She gets down on her knees beside Hime and tells her babysitter that she'll show her how it's done.Next thing Will knows, he has his wife and his side piece taking turns sucking his dick. The girls share so nicely. They take turns loving on the tip and sucking Will's balls, which just ratchets their shared passion higher and higher.When Spencer relocates to the couch and spreads her thighs, Hime is immediately happy to get down and start lapping away at her slippery twat. The position leaves Hime wide open for Will to enjoy her. He begins with a pussy licking that fondles Hime's anus, then gets up and slides his dick inside so that he's fucking Hime in doggy as Hime muffles her moans in Spencer's snatch.Spencer gets to enjoy her hubby's hardon next as Will takes a seat on the couch. Spencer climbs on top of him and straddles his fuck stick for a reverse cowgirl ride. Meanwhile, Hime remains on her hands and knees so that she can do whatever it takes to double down on her lovers' pleasure, whether it involves licking Spencer's clit or sucking Will's balls.Hime gets the next ride as she mounts Will in cowgirl. The position lets her lean forward to shove her tits into Will's face. On her knees beside them, Spencer follows in Hime's footsteps, ensuring that her hubby and the babysitter can get off through whatever means necessary.Things get a little bit acrobatic as Spencer rests her shoulders on the couch with one leg hooked over Will's shoulder as he once again settles between her thighs. Will doesn't mind supporting some of Spencer's weight as he pounds away at that nicely trimmed twat. Meanwhile, Hime starts off watching the married couple fuck while masturbating. When that's not quite the satisfaction she craves, Hime climbs on top of Spencer to sit on her face and ride that talented tongue until she can't contain her moans of delight.The trio keeps that position up until Spencer and Hime have both reached the ultimate satisfaction. Will is at his breaking point, so Hime climbs off of Spencer and scoots down her body. Opening wide, she guides Will's dick toward her open mouth so she can catch his finishing pop in her eager mouth. Covered in cum from her facial, Hime snowballs what she caught in her mouth with Spencer so they can both enjoy Will's salty treat.
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Katie Stieves in Katie Is A Cute and Adorable Cock Crazed Slut 7:59 Katie is a vivacious, cute and adorable, ultra horny, brunette, with a retro, Betty Boop look, whom we catch diddling her love button, with a vibrator, while moaning euphorically. With her juices flowing, she crawls, to a brawny, black stud, and sensually, savors sucking his ebony horse cock, with sluttish epicurean relish. Then, needing to feed her other hungry hole, her sweet, round ass, zealously humps, his humongous obelisk of lust, in cowgirl, moaning and wailing, in salacious jubilation, as she races towards her libidinous Avalon. Flipping her over into missionary, he barbarously, pile drives his monster cock, into her furry, bearded clam, with savage fury, sending her, into a moaning, shrieking, dick drunk revelry. After she greedily sucks her slut sauce, from his donkey dick, in an acrobatic, standing 69, he barbarically slams his dinosaur dick, into her hot hole, in standing doggie, as she moans and howls, in an intoxicated, dick drunk delirium. With her pussy perched, on his ebony tower of power, in a side saddle cowgirl, as he fiercely fires his huge prick into her, while she moans and wails, in cock crazed jubilation. To quench her whorish thirst, he fills her mouth, with a gusher of creamy cum, that she savors swallowing, with sluttish relish.
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Melissa Benz in Sex for Its Own Sake 8:00 Melissa, is a young, tall, svelte, brunette heart breaker, with a toned ballerina’s body, and adorable tiny tits. She seductively awakens her brawny older lover, voraciously sucking his morning wood, with wolfish hunger, and sluttish ardor. Moving into a 69, she moans euphorically, as he licks her bald, honeyed hole, while she ravenously sucks his horse cock. In cowgirl, she ferociously slams her hungry hole, onto his fuckpole, moaning and wailing, in libidinous exultation. In a jaw dropping acrobatic display, he lays on her back, in the splits, with one leg down on the bed, and the other, pulled back over her head, as he brutishly plows his titanic tool into her, while she moans and cries out, in sluttish jubilation. Moving her legs into the splits horizontally, he barbarously pile drives, his colossal cock into her, as she moans and shrieks, with unbridled passion. With her perching on his potent prick, doing the splits in cowgirl, he fiercely thrusts his meat missile into her, making her moan and bellow, in whorish rapture. Crouched on the edge of the bed in doggie, he stands behind her, barbarically pile driving his donkey dick into her, as she moans and howls, like a harlot in heat. He then pushes her down flat on her stomach, with her legs spread wide in the splits, as he ardently pummels her pussy, driving her into a moaning, screeching, dick drunk revelry, until he deposits a hefty cream pie, that slowly oozes out of her pretty pussy, in a creamy white river of goo.
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Louise Jenson in Louise Is A Titanic Titted Cock Crazed Trollop 8:00 Louise is a beguiling, big boobed, brunette, with creamy white skin, and a smokin T&A body. In this cheeky, vignette, Louise plays a personal trainer, whom Ben Dover has convinced to give, he and his pal, some personal, sexual training, to enhance their pornograhic prowess. Loving her work, she enthusiastically sucks their prodigious pricks, with sluttish verve, and accomplished oral aptitude. After they briskly titty fuck, her monumental mammaries, she exuberantly humps, the young stud’s pleasure pole, in cowgirl, moaning and crying out, in salacious exultation. He continues barbarically pile driving his pork sword into her, as she lays, on her back, with her legs, over his shoulder, moaning and wailing, in lecherous jubilation. Then, with her bending back, in an impressive, acrobatic feat, Ben throat fucks her, as his buddy, fiercely fires his meat missile into her, in reverse cowgirl, while she moans and squeals, in whorish rapture. Once in doggie, Ben brutishly slams his dick into her, while she greedily sucks the other prick, moaning and howling, like a cock crazed slut. Then, the young stud, barbarously drills his beef baton, into her, in spoon, sending her, into a moaning, shrieking, dick drunk revelry. After she felches them, Ben pulverizes her pussy, in spoon and missionary, to satisfy her carnal cravings. For the finale, the guys send cataracts of cum, cascading down, into her mouth, and all over her face, which she savors swallowing, with whorish relish.
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Candy Red, Jenny Manson in Pussy Pound Double Down 8:00 Candy and Jenny, are two, gorgeous, young, irresistible, vivacious vixens, with tight, athletic bodies, and incendiary carnal cravings, who have brought home a stud, to star in their own porno, as their hidden camera captures the action. After some kissing and fondling, the girls take turns, licking and sucking, his stout shaft, with ravenous sluttish hunger, glee and gusto. Having Jenny lay on top of Candy, he licks both of their sweet bald honey pots in earnest, as they moan euphorically. Ready for more, he vehemently pounds his beefy battering ram into Jenny, as she licks Candy’s pussy, filling the room, with their exuberant moans of blissful rhapsody. Perched precariously on a table top, he slams his prick into Candy, in doggie, as she moans, howls, and yelps, like a bitch in heat, while he licks Jenny’s honeyed hole, as she moans ecstatically, hanging suspended, from a steel support, in a circus worthy acrobatic feat. Candy furiously fingers and licks Jenny’s clit, as she lays on an ottoman beneath her, while their stud brutishly pile drives his potent prick into Jenny, in a standing doggie, making her moan and wail, in sluttish jubilation. Candy then takes him for a wild ride in cowgirl, zealously humping him, while moaning and shrieking, in whorish rapture, as Jenny licks his balls. He rewards their efforts, by sending a stream of creamy cum into their mouths, which they savor, as if it were sweet ambrosia.
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Luna Light in Luna's Acrobatic, Orgasmic Anal Fuck 7:30 Playful Luna Light flirts and shows off her acrobatic skills. She rips open her fishnet stockings, spreads her legs and buzzes her pussy with a vibrator. Well-hung Mick Blue tongues her clit. Climbing on top, Luna performs a full, gymnastic split on his dick. She moans through a bouncing pussy fuck. Mick opens her tight butthole with a big blue toy. Luna gasps through an oily, orgasmic anal fuck. She gives a wet, ass-to-mouth blowjob and swallows a hot mouthful of cum.
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Kira Noir in Silent Dancer 10:00 Kira Noir gives Xander Corvus a sexy silent lap dance, showing off her seductive acrobatic skills. But when Xander slips his hard cock into Kira’s wet pussy, she can’t stay silent for long. Kira moans with pleasure as Xander fucks her like the girl of his dreams.
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Black Misty Stone fucking in her pussy and wet mouth 10:00 Misty Stone does not put up with anyone’s bad manners, but Keiran Lee managed to turn this first impression into a first pussy fucking! Making moves from the part the one of the closed off bedrooms, Misty spreads her legs and reveals a soaking wet pussy just waiting for a tongue to lick it up! Keiran wastes no time, going from a tongue-savvy conquistador to stretching her tight hole wide with his big hard dick! Whipping out her perky tits out to play, Misty stretches her juicy ass wide so her soaked pussy can better swallow up all of her one night stand’s cock. Keiran can barely hold on any longer, pulling out to glazer her elegant face in his warm load just feet away from the party!
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Reagan Foxx cheats on hubby with stepson 8:00 Moving is just the worst. Ever since Van's Dad got married to Reagan, he's had to make a couple of adjustments. For one after they moved into a new place, all of their stuff got mixed up and is shoved in the back of Van's closet. While Reagan has been on his case to clean it up, he comes across one of her old toys buried in a box of her unmentionables. Reagan fesses up, but isn't ready to let Van off the hook without a little demonstration before taking his thick dick inside of her.
Bridgette B, Nicolette Shea in BabeZZ Watch: A XXX Parody 8:00
Bridgette B, Nicolette Shea in BabeZZ Watch: A XXX Parody 8:00 At a popular resort, every day is an adventure, especially when life’s a beach! Two hot, busty babes are on duty and take their jobs very seriously. Nicolette and Bridgette don’t let anything distract them from patrolling the beach--except when there’s a giant cock in the water! Realizing that this dick is in need of rescuing, they rush over to save Charles from his blue balls! Will their huge boobies be enough to save the day?
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Rought and hard is the way Mackenzie Moss wants it 10:00 Mackenzie Moss LOVES the rough stuff and she's been craving some choking, spanking, and a good dick shoved deep in her throat. So when that good dick shows up, in the form of Small Hands, Mackenzie's practically drooling.Small Hands tears off her bra, squeezing her throat as he slaps her perfect little titties. Mackenzie squeals, already going wild as Small Hands rubs her clit while she strokes his cock. Mackenzie gets on her knees and gobbles his dick, taking it down her throat balls-deep. She gags like the little slut she is, working his shaft with both hands. Small Hands spits in Mackenzie's face as she moans gratefully.There's no doubt Mackenzie really DOES love the rough stuff, and Small Hands isn't about to disappoint her...
Gia Milana, Nicolette Shea in Ms. Nicolette's Academy For Exceptional Women 7:59
Gia Milana, Nicolette Shea in Ms. Nicolette's Academy For Exceptional Women 7:59 Ms. Nicolette, the dean of an elite women’s college, is willing to do anything to help her students succeed. Gia, a particularly petulant student, has spent the majority of the semester sending dirty texts to her boyfriend – spending so much time sexting has put a real strain on her GPA. Ms. Nicolette knows the only way to get Gia back on track is to eradicate her hot, horny urges… and Ms. Nicolette’s just the woman for the job!
Katie Kush, Bella Rose in Make Her Pussy Rain 10:00
Katie Kush, Bella Rose in Make Her Pussy Rain 10:00 Cute blondies Katie Kush and Bella Rose planned to have a fun time out in the sun, but the forecast shows rain! To salvage the day, Bella suggests that they watch some movies on her laptop. Katie heads into the bedroom to set up some flicks, but stumbles upon some videos that are a little more… interesting. Turns out Bella has been watching lesbian porn in her spare time! Katie is curious, so she lets Bella lick her tight, young pussy as it gets wetter and wetter. Her clit is super sensitive as Bella swirls her tongue over and over, bringing her to climax! Then Katie returns the favor, licking Bellas sweet asshole. Why watch a movie when you can make your own?
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Stepdad's meaty cock docks with Tiffany Watson's pussy 8:00 Tiffany arrives home from college to an empty house. She drops her bag on the floor and heads to the bathroom to shower. Feeling a little naughty, Tiffany rubs her young pussy as she thinks about her stepdad’s hard cock. Keiran gets home and trips over Tiffany’s bag. Annoyed, he picks it up and Tiffany’s dildos spill out onto the floor. Keiran concludes it’s about time he taught his stepdaughter about safe sex.
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Lovely Amber Jade facialized after nice anal penetration 8:00 Amber Jade shows up at a luxurious mansion that Manuel Ferrara, an upscale real estate agent, is hosting an open house for. Amber tries to seduce Manuel, offering to do “the thing he was always begging for” while they were together - anal sex. Manuel resists her advances at first, but quickly snaps, unable to resist his ex’s juicy ass. Manuel is willing to give Amber what she wants, as long as it’s on his terms… and Amber is more than happy to take him up on the offer.
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Horny Layla Love loves to do passionate porn on carpet 8:00 Curvy cutie Layla Love shakes her stuff on a full body vibration platform, making her thick ass and juicy tits jiggle before getting oiled up and pounded by stud Scott Nails.
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