Yasmine de Leon in A Family Affair Part Three 12:00
Yasmine de Leon in A Family Affair Part Three 12:00 After being thrown out of his hiding spot in the bathroom with Anya, Xander blundered into the kitchen trying his best to hide out from the girls' father. But the girls' mother Yasmine de Leon spotted him hiding out butt-naked and nearly baited him out. Luckily, when Yasmine caught a glimpse of his big pink dick, she had to have it in her mouth, and immediately sucked and jacked him off until she was gagging on the shaft and drooling all over his balls. Xander lifted Yasmine onto the counter and laid into that ebony Milf's pussy as hard and deep as he could, and striped her face with his jizz, the whole time an inch away from getting caught by the cuckolded husband!
Ashley Wolf in Sweet And Sensual - S41:E4 15:00
Ashley Wolf in Sweet And Sensual - S41:E4 15:00 Sometimes there's nothing hotter than your girlfriend joining you in bed with one thing obviously on her mind. Chad Alva gets to live the dream when Ashley Wolf crawls into bed with him wearing some simple but oh so sexy lingerie. Petting Chad's chest and stomach, Ashley makes it clear that she's open to doing anything at all that Chad can think of. By the time her hand moves lower to Chad's cock, he's nice and hard for her.They take things slow to begin, with plenty of sweet caresses and searing kisses. Chad's hands explore all of Ashley's best parts, from her sweet pussy to her firm titties. He dips his head to lick and suck each of those nipples to hard peaks, then moves his attention lower. Slipping Ashley's thong aside, Chad rubs her pussy down as her hips undulate in delight. He backs off just long enough to peel himself out of his briefs so Ashley can masturbate him even as he returns the favor for her.With Ashley's musky twat there for the taking, Chad eventually gives in to the temptation to crawl between her thighs and make himself comfortable for a pussy feast. Burying his nose in Ashley's muff, Chad makes magic with his mouth. He keeps it up until Ashley gets on her knees to welcome him inside for a doggy style pussy pounding to begin their lovemaking.Pulling things back a bit, Chad lays down and lets Ashley have her way with him. She starts with a BJ that lets her enjoy the flavor of their combined juices. Moving on from her deep throat delight, Ashley straddles Chad's waist and then slides down so that she can ride him in reverse cowgirl. Leaning back, she lets Chad support her weight and help her set a pace that leaves them both feeling incredible.Ashely finds herself on her back with Chad kneeling between her thighs. Lifting one of Ashley's ankles, Chad keeps it out of the way to open his lover up and to help himself go in as deep as possible. Those lovely strokes are all Ashley needs to find herself fully sated. Chad finds his own pleasure a few moments later when he pulls out to let Ashley stroke him to a pop all over her stomach as they wind down their morning affair.
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Maddy May in Deranged - Scene 1 15:00
Maddy May in Deranged - Scene 1 15:00 As Dr. Charlie Hayes (Kenzie Taylor) watches the video confessions of prolific serial killer Joseph Curwin (Tommy Pistol) she hears torrid tales of cheating, betrayal, and untimely offings. In his first confession, Curwin tells of the affair he had with a beautiful brunette named Bianca (Maddy May) and the unfortunate night when he caught her having sex with her husband Matt (Codey Steele).
Lorena B, Sabrisse A in Two Girls One Lake 2 12:00
Lorena B, Sabrisse A in Two Girls One Lake 2 12:00 Beautiful girlfriends Lorena B and Sabrisse A reprise their torrid affair in Don Caravaggio’s stunning erotic movie "Two Girls One Lake 2." The gorgeous brunettes kiss on the shore, before we join them on the sofa as they embrace and touch sensually. Sabrisse caresses Lorena’s pert breasts and tugs her flimsy lace panties aside to stroke her smooth pussy with its cute little strip of dark hair. Lorena toys with Sabrisse’s nipples as her passionate sweetheart strums her clit, then lies back to get licked and finger-fucked until she’s going wild. Now Lorena peels off Sabrisse’s panties and licks her shaved pussy, her skilful tonguing making her sexy lover gasp and moan. Lorena laps at her clit as she fingers her rapidly, moving into spoons so they can kiss as she frigs her to a powerful orgasm. It’s a playful, romantic and highly arousing encounter.
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Joanna Angel, Jason Brown in ONE LAST TIME 6 15:01 Joanna Angel and Jason Brown have been having an affair, he explains to her that this needs to end and that they cannot see each other anymore. Joanna refuses to accept ending it and tempts him by giving him her tight ass. This is clearly an offer he cannot refuse and it isn't long before he's deep inside her booty!
Jill Kassidy in Gym Session - S1:E6 15:00
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Elena Lux in Hot Hook Up - S40:E15 15:00
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Anya Akulova in Interracial Anal Affair 8:01
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Adriana Chechik in NEVER GET MARRIED: The Aftermath 12:00
Adriana Chechik in NEVER GET MARRIED: The Aftermath 12:00 Keiran and Dana’s marriage has taken a complete turn for the worst. After Chanel has come forward and broken the news to Dana that Keiran has been continuing his affair with her, Keiran has been kicked out of his place and hit with divorce papers. With no one to turn to and angrily wanting to confront Chanel for selling him down the river, Keiran decides to pay her a visit. When Chanel isn’t home, Keiran sees the chance to get some sympathy and sweet action from Adriana….Chanel’s daughter.
Emily Willis, Vanna Bardot in Light Me Up 2 11:59
Emily Willis, Vanna Bardot in Light Me Up 2 11:59 Exhibitionist, voyeur, artist and muse: when Emily and Vanna come together, they just can’t keep things professional. From a dazzling sapphic photoshoot springs a heated office affair as this pair turns the art world upside down.
Agatha Vega in La Vie 11:59
Agatha Vega in La Vie 11:59 Agatha is vacationing in Paris for the first time and falling in love with French culture… And the french. Agatha is writing home to her boyfriend about her experiences, but only hinting at certain details, such as her affair with Manuel.
Jane Wilde, Kuleana, Violet Starr in Kuleana Brings Jane Back To Bed 12:59
Jane Wilde, Kuleana, Violet Starr in Kuleana Brings Jane Back To Bed 12:59 Unsure in the morning Jane creeps herself out of her "one night stand" Kuleana's bed and is softly asked where she was going. Jane assumed she was not welcomed to stay the night but Kuleana assured her that she was hoping she would sleep over. Kuleana confesses to Jane that she likes her and wants their love affair to continue and to please stay and enjoy each others body again this morning.
Olive Glass, Alexis Tae in His Wife's Secret Lez Affair #02 - Alexis Tae & Olive Glass 15:00
Olive Glass, Alexis Tae in His Wife's Secret Lez Affair #02 - Alexis Tae & Olive Glass 15:00 Two teachers, Alexis Tae and Olive Glass, reflect on how hard the past year's been when it comes to teaching. Even though it's been tough, they realize it hasn't been ALL bad because they've been able to spend some... quality time... together since all of the students were taught remotely.Alexis wonders if Olive has told her husband yet about their affair but Olive says that she doesn't consider what they're doing to be cheating. Yet, Olive also admits that she hasn't exactly told her husband about them either. That's part of the fun and what her husband doesn't know, won't hurt him.But now that class is about to be done for the summer, it's time for one more steamy encounter to tide them over until fall!
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Iggy Amore, Silvia Saige in Rough Time For A Tiny Tease 11:59 Ramon's wife Silvia has forgiven her husband for fucking their teenage neighbor, Iggy. Ramon ended the affair and is ready to move on, but Iggy is still obsessed with Ramon. In fact, she's so obsessed with him she breaks into their house, takes off her panties and masturbates on their bed. When she hears Ramon coming she hides and spies on him fucking his wife. Silvia and Ramon are 69ing when Silvia discovers Iggy's panties on the bed. Thinking her husband must still be cheating, she storms out, leaving Iggy to seduce her husband. Ramon is furious and fucks Iggy's cute little face just the way she likes. When Silvia comes back she teams up with Ramon to show Iggy what happens when you fuck with her marriage.
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Natasha Teen, Daniela Ortiz in Natasha Teen + Daniela Ortiz: Lesbian Gaping 15:00 Glamorous, busty blonde Natasha Teen looks hot in a sporty get-up, and she's eager for some freaky lesbian fun. Wearing a matching outfit, young, black-haired Daniela Ortiz teases and stretches her hungry holes for the camera. Adventurous director Proxy Paige captures the aroused babes stripping and showing off through a sexy scene intro. The irrepressible girls finger and rim each other's hungry bunghole, leading to a session of massive anal toy play! This freaky backdoor encounter includes immense rectal gaping and nasty, ass-to-mouth antics. Natasha and Daniela kiss and caress in a passionate make-out session, climaxing their raunchy, backdoor affair.
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Ryan Conner, Anna Ray in Golden Hair And Lesbian Affair 15:00
Ryan Conner, Anna Ray in Golden Hair And Lesbian Affair 15:00
Victoria June in Prepping My Affair 15:00
Victoria June in Prepping My Affair 15:00 With her husband out of the house, Victoria June gets herself pampered to see her hot young arm-candy, Nade Nasty. Nade gives Victoria just what she’s looking for when he goes over to her house.
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Amalia Davis in Treats to My Handyman 15:00 Cute teen Amalia Davis is preparing a coffee while her handyman is repairing something in her room. Coffee is ready, she takes it to him with a large smiling and cute face. Wearing a sexy black dress, she starts giving him a massage then quickly things escalate and turn into a sensual affair.