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in Nubile actress audition fuck 10:00 Mickey is a charming aspiring actress from Arizona looking for a chance to jumpstart her career in LA and boy did she perform at my fake casting. I think I got her aroused just enough with my intimate questions to eventually agree to let me fuck her for 3000 dollars right there. That killer body I will never forget and the way she sucked and rode my big cock made me wanna give her a splash of my special creamy dessert right in her pretty mouth.
Linda Moretti in Linda's Cum-Soaked Anal/DP Audition 11:59
Linda Moretti in Linda's Cum-Soaked Anal/DP Audition 11:59 Linda Moretti, a leggy Russian fitness model, auditions for porn legend Rocco Siffredi. She gives him and John Price a passionate double blowjob. The athletic babe sucks John's dick while Rocco fucks her from behind, and she enjoys a rowdy anal ride with the well hung Mr. Price. He prematurely cums on her face but returns; he and Rocco double penetrate the relentless girl! Linda enjoys intense anal reaming with both guys; she sucks cock ass-to-mouth and takes two more creamy facials.
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Alexa Grace in You Wanna Touch It? 14:10 We got a treat for you today Team! Check out Alexa Graces Team Skeet audition tape! As you already know, Alexa is a tall girl and she also has an AMAZING ass - definite PAWG! What you dont know is just how ready she was to join. What was supposed to be a regular photo shoot started heating up a little after Alexa gave me the ok to touch, and taste, her sweet pussy lips. I wasnt gonna let this impromptu fuck session pass me by so I flipped Alexas fine ass around and fucked the out of this fine 19 year old from behind! She even let me record it as part of her audition! Watching Alexas tan lined titties bouncing around while I was inside her made me bust a huge load on her toned stomach and a new Team Member was drafted! I wasnt supposed to tell anyone... but fuck it.
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Knivy in Tattooed, Pierced And Horny, Knivy Takes On A Bbc For Her Audition Tape 15:00 Knivy is super hot. She's got big tits, a thick ass, bright red hair and she's heavily tattooed. Did we mention her nipples are pierced, cause she's got that too. Now you get to watch this hottie fuck a stud with a big black cock. You can tell from how she's grabbing at that mattress that his dick is hittin' her in all the right spots!
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Fuck)Sovereign Syre in Sovereign Syre's Movie Audition in Hollywood 10:00 If you ever experienced having no choice but to use cold showers before, you might remember that the first touch of the water is the most difficult one. In the same line, Sovereign Syre makes a flashback to her first rough fucking featuring the man, the legend, James Deen. As she talks to about it, they made it look like she was at ‘Nam. It was that hard. She visited James at his home at Hollywood Hills to do the ‘interview’. She was received nicely at the front door but as soon she enters the room, James made her suck his fat dick right away. As Sovereign slurps and gags on his dick, James slowly takes of his suit to get ready for this. Sovereign follows and continued sucking him off until James decided to proceed to the real thing. James bent her over the couch and starts fucking her hard even from the start. It was a good old hard fucking at first but as time pass by, James starts to get rough to Sovereign. He hold her down in different places to keep her in place. It was mostly by her neck but Sovereign’s face doesn’t really show any resistance. In fact, there’s a hint of her liking the act so James never ceased what he did. After a while, James flipped her over to make lie on her back. By spreading her legs wide, he continued hard fucking her shaved pussy while he played her big tits in process. James felt the need of changing the position after a while so he grabs her legs and shift her side to side to give him a new angle. He was nice enough to give her smooches while wrecking her cunt. James gives her the chance to control the pace of the fucking when he just sat down and let her do the work. Sovereign made an outstanding job on bouncing up and down while riding his dick. As a reward, he made her kneel down while wrapping something around her head. James works his way to his climax. By using her mouth and jacking himself off, he releases his gratitude into her mouth.
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Bex Shiner in SEXY BRITISH BOOBS 4:49 When Bex Shiner auditioned for Big Brother in the UK, she did not take her big boobs out to knock them over. "No, I kept them in, and I told them I'm pretty proud of the fact that I've got curves," said Bex. "I want to eat. I want a Pop-Tart! People in England should be proud that you have big boobs. You should embrace them and not stick to leaf diets. So when I went to the final part of the audition, I took all my clothes off and said, 'This is me.'" "Everyone used to say to me, 'What are you going to do when you grow up,' and I'd say, 'I'm going on Big Brother.' There wasn't a doubt. I wanted to be on since I was 11." Bex starts off this scene in old-school men's magazine style clothing, with a bra, knickers, stockings, garters and heels. Rule Brittania!
Allie Haze in Allie Haze Is An Irresistible Porn Legend 8:00
Allie Haze in Allie Haze Is An Irresistible Porn Legend 8:00 Allie is a ravishing, brunette, porn icon, with a luscious body, irresistible smile, and incendiary passions. Allie does a wonderful job, pretending to be a shy newbie, going on her first, porn audition. Soon, she is naked, voraciously sucking our stud’s prodigious prick, with sluttish epicurean relish, verve, and adept oral artistry, as a consummate cock sucking professional. She then, mounts her bald, man trap, onto his towering tool, in cowgirl, as she zealously rides him, while moaning and squealing, with impassioned ardor. Then, she spins around into reverse cowgirl, giving us an eyeful, of her sweet ass, from his POV, as she ferociously humps him, moaning and crying out, in titillating exultation. After she greedily sucks her sweet nectar, from his dingus, he barbarously drives his donkey dick into her, in doggie, then missionary, then back in cowgirl, for some fantastic, frenzied fucking, as she moans and howls, in licentious exuberance. For the finale, she fervently sucks him off, until he lets loose, a monsoon of creamy cum, that rains down, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving her happily slathered, in gobs of goo.
Lilu Moon in Lilu's Orgasmic DP & A2M Audition 12:00
Lilu Moon in Lilu's Orgasmic DP & A2M Audition 12:00 Lilu 4u is new to porn, so what better way to elevate her status than auditioning for sex icon Rocco Siffredi? Rocco gropes the thin, dark-haired cutie and fingers her tight anus before John Price steps in with his cock stiff. Lilu gives the guys a worshipful double blowjob. She timidly whimpers when Rocco's raging rod porks her up the asshole! The sweet starlet sucks dick ass-to-mouth and convulses in orgasm from hard double penetration pounding! The intense anal tryout climaxes with a dual cum facial.
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Kiera in Kiera2232 10:54 Dear Kiera, thank you for your recent audition. And congratulations on being a new mom! Unfortunately the producers decided that despite your excellent anal sex performance, and the enthusiasm for the adult industry and Let's do it!"-spirit during the casting, they are unable to hire you without first getting a tummy tuck and breast augmentation. There is no need to call or text me anymore as they will not change their minds. I know of a good plastic surgeon who will accept payment in food stamps, lmk if you are interested. Sincerely - Rick."
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Amber Swift in Amber Swift Aces Her Porn Audition 7:59 Amber’s a scintillating, redheaded, sexual siren, with snowy white skin, and a sublime, womanly body. Answering an ad, for a modeling job, she soon discovers, that it is a porn audition, that quickly renders her naked, ravenously sucking our guy’s potent prick, with sluttish gluttony, gusto, and masterful, oral artistry, as she proves herself, to be a true maestro, of the oral arts. She then, mounts his towering tool, in cowgirl, energetically humping him, with impassioned zeal, while moaning ecstatically. Spinning around, into reverse cowgirl, she continues, spiritedly humping him, while we enjoy the view of her heavenly ass, from his POV, as she moans and wails, in lascivious jubilation. Once she is in doggie, he brutishly pounds his colossal cock into her, as she moans and yelps, with untethered, primal passions. Flipping her over, into missionary, he vehemently plows, his titanic tool, into her garden, of decadent delights, as writhes, moans, and squeals, in whorish rapture. Laying her, on her side, he continues pummeling her pussy, with his virile thrusts, as she moans and cries out, in libidinous exultation, until he pulls out, firing a jet stream of jism, into her mouth, and all over her face, leaving looking like a glazed donut.
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Cléo in Cleo's Ass Is Spread To Capacity Around A Thick Porn Cock In This Audition 15:00 Cleo is a freaky deaky chick! You know the type, part goth part slut and a whole lotta naughty! She starts her audition off by playing with her pussy to get wet because she's about to fuck her first real porn cock and this guy is thick! Her pussy takes every inch so good they move on to shoving that monster up her tight little asshole!
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Lara Duro in Latina Model Lara's Huge Cock Audition 12:00 Young Spanish doll Lara Duro responds to Spanish porn legend Nacho Vidal's modeling ad and meets him on the street. In his studio elevator, he bares her natural tits, and the dark-haired beauty obediently deep-throats Nacho's thick, enormous cock to the base! The adorable minx pleasures his meat with her tiny mouth and lies back so the older man can finger her bald pussy. He stuffs her with his giant schlong, and after a passionate pounding, little Lara milks out a tasty cum shot.
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Mazy Myers in Tightest pussy for my big cock 9:59 I have a gift to find a special connection with a girl who comes to my audition that helps her relax and unleash her wildest side. This charming teeny was more than happy to strip naked on cam and it was no problem talking her into having sex with me right there. She was so enthusiastic sucking and riding my dick, must have been without good sex for a while. I gave her a powerful orgasm and she gave me a great vid to remember our fun time. Win-win!
Misty in Misty's Audition 11:59
Misty in Misty's Audition 11:59
Fuck)Clea Gaultier in COMFORT FOR CLÉA GAULTIER 10:00
Fuck)Clea Gaultier in COMFORT FOR CLÉA GAULTIER 10:00 After failing at her audition, Clea goes home and calls her lover Kristof. He will go all-in and do his best to give her maximum pleasure, first with his tongue and then with his sex to make her forget her failure. There's nothing like multiple orgasms to stop thinking and feel better!
Sydney Cole in Sexing Sydney 13:40
Sydney Cole in Sexing Sydney 13:40 Sydney was stressed out over her dance audition and her boyfriend picked her up from it hoping to change her gloom and jitters to cheer. He told her about his camera and used it to add some fun and spice to their life. It was just what the doctor ordered
Dane in Dane3726 11:00
Dane in Dane3726 11:00 When Dane tells us she cums from anal, I knew this casting would be an ass fucking extravaganza. I didn't expect it to be THAT awesome though. The night before I rescued this now ex-stripper after her club fired her. After listening to her crazy gangbang and submissive sex stories (she'll repeat some of them here, don't worry), I told her to come audition for me for a chance to make $1000 to $5000 per day. Like any good, desperate, self-loathing girl, she jumps on the opportunity. Dane starts off proving her love for anal by shoving two fingers in her ass for her masturbation demo. After one of the most incredible blowjobs in my life, and some rug sampling, I take Dane's pussy for a test drive. I lift the 5'2 spinner up in the air and it's all fun but really, I can't wait to get in that ass. INCREDIBLE! Let's just say this crazy girl wasn't lying about loving anal. Dane is one of the most sexually enthusiastic and kinky girls of all time. "A star is born" what I would say if I had any intentions of giving her the job.
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Milena Devi in Milena's 3-Cock, Cum-Swallowing Tryout 12:00 Tall, slender blonde Milena Devi demonstrates sloppy oral skills for porn icon Rocco Siffredi. Starting off her nasty, all-oral audition, the leggy vixen kneels in front of John Price and Chad Rockwell for a slobbery double blowjob. The horny studs simultaneously fuck her face. Rocco joins in to have a go at Milena's talented mouth. An intense, triple suckfest features deep-throating and messy ball lapping. All of the guys slather the auditioning slut in hot cum.
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Sara in Sara 82015 11:01 19 year old Sara has been with 1 guy in her life. One. And she just broke up with him. Compared with most other girls I get on the couch, Sara is basically a virgin. So color me surprised (not) when this cherubic cutie decides today to make the leap to becoming a pornstar. Making up for lost time? Ego boost? Whatever it is, I take full advantage of Sara's naive (but adorable) hopes for changing her life in one afternoon. Toys? Sure? Blowjob? Of course (and she's weirdly awesome at it). Anal? D'uh! Creampie? Yes, but in the ass. Because this one just doesn't seem...prepared enough to be on birth control before walking into a porn audition.Keywords:teen, almost virgin, anal, anal creampie
Anissa Kate, Clea Gaultier in ANISSA KATE LEADS THE DANCE 10:00
Anissa Kate, Clea Gaultier in ANISSA KATE LEADS THE DANCE 10:00 When life gives Clea a second chance, she will take it in the most exciting way. After failing her first audition, what if she had to offer herself to the jury to secure a place as a dancer at the Opera? Choreographer Anissa and Professors Rico and Antho will submit her to their most wicked desires in an intense foursome.
Lizzie Bell in Licking Lizzie 15:00
Lizzie Bell in Licking Lizzie 15:00 Lizzie Bell came for her first time audition. She was a cutie with a juicy booty. She was eager to get started. She began by undressing and showing off those perky tits and sweet rump. She spread out on the couch and played with her succulent pussy. Peter joined the party and the real audition began. She sucked and fucked that cock. She got her pussy pounded and got that man juice all over her pretty face. It was a good audition.
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Jeny in Chubby Chick Jeny Fucks Two Guys In A Basement Gonzo Style 15:00 Jeny send us her audition tape and we are into it. Nothing like a chubby chick that wants to break into the biz! And you will see here for yourself, it's the chubby ones that can be the naughtiest! Jeny surprises us when she fucks not one but two studs in this underground scene!
Fallon in Fallon 4421 11:01
Fallon in Fallon 4421 11:01 From a girl that looks like Fallon I wouldn't have expected to hear that she spends her free time gardening. I do believe that she started stripping for fun, likes to get choked until she passes out, and gets off daily with the shower head. Our 22 year old blonde claims to have never seen a porn movie before but guys told her she'd make a great pornstar she is! Not kidding. And the best part? It's true! Fallon is fucking amazing at this. Interview is fine but when I get her naked and guide her through my...audition process, this girl channels her inner pornstar and delivers one of the best performances I've ever seen from an amateur. I'd love to give her real jobs but....well, you know.