Miranda Banks, Antonella Bucelli in We Enjoy Being Watched 14:00
Miranda Banks, Antonella Bucelli in We Enjoy Being Watched 14:00 These 2 redhead Latinas love being watched and they decide to make a video that they want to share with the whole world to see their skills and their passionate love. They rent a nice villa and they spend the whole time having sex in each of the rooms from the balcony to the bedroom and to the shower. Their love for pussy is insatiable and they finger, kiss and lick each other until they can't get anymore orgasms.
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Evelina Darling in Escort Seduces Pool Boy GP2162 15:00 Russian luxury escort Evelina Darling needs at least a cock per day. The hot brunette is constantly horny and craving a good fuck most of the time. When she sees pool boy Nikolas, she starts fantasizing about making out with him and invites him to oil her back. Once he touches her, she grabs his hands and puts them onto her absolutely perfect tits and peach-like butt. The sexy bombshell feels his dong getting hard inside his pants and takes that prick out to give him a blowjob. She keeps sucking on that massive meat and soon enjoys him fingering her clam by the balcony door.The Russian sex goddess gets fucked hard in today’s Hands on Hardcore XXX glamour porn by DDF Network. She moans as he crams his dick into her quim and boffs that sex addict doggy style. The two shift into her living room where she receives some deep plowing from behind. The rides his dick and continues sucking his shaft until he blows a big load of cum into her mouth. Yes, Evelina Darling is craving cocks and cum day in and day out!
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Fuck)Kitty in Kitty: A Night in Vegas 10:00 Gorgeous blonde tattooed teen Kitty is hanging out in a Vegas hotel room on the balcony smoking a cigarette. She comes back inside and sucks James Deen's cock before she gets her pussy fucked on the bed.
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Alice Shark in Alice Sharkk Gives Her Neighbors A Naughty Xxx Masturbation Fuck Show! 10:08 Alice Sharkk likes to think that she's being watched. In this scene she's already turned on to know that you are watching her fuck her pussy with her favorite dildo but to add even more mystery and kink, she fucks herself on her outside balcony and fantasizes about giving her neighbors a naughty XXX show!
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Goldie Glock in Sibling Spy Games 15:00 Our boy Jmac receives a call to check up on his -sis Goldie. Turns out the little slut is sunbathing outside, round ass pointing towards the sky in a tiny white thong. He gets the bright idea of filming her from his balcony. Probably wants to get some video for his spankbank. Everything seemed to go according to plan until Goldie notices what’s going on and rushes up to confront him. She tells him she’s going to tell her stepmom unless he pulls it out. Turns out she saw his dick when he was showering and she was impressed. Quickly J starts receiving some head from his blonde-hoe sis. He licks her booty hole, starts to pipe her doggy, takes her inside where they fuck even harder and finishes off with topping her face with a dollop of cock-whip.
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Katy Rose in Shall We Dance 12:00 Stunning brunette Katy Rose moves gracefully as Andrej Lupin’s erotic movie "Shall We Dance" begins, her legs looking sensational in sexy heels and a dress split to her thigh. Miguel Zayos watches her from the balcony, then joins her for a dance that conveys all their mutual lust without words. Katy pushes Miguel into a seat, straddling him so he can stroke her pussy through her panties. He pulls down her dress to lavish attention on her beautiful breasts as she grinds in his lap, turning her on until she kneels to free his thick cock from his pants. Wrapping her fingers and lips around it, Katy bobs her head to suck him deeper with each stroke. She sits astride him again in cowgirl, sinking down on his dick and riding energetically, moaning as pleasure courses through her gorgeous body. Pausing to strip to her heels, Katy impales herself in reverse cowgirl, her tight pussy gripping Miguel’s cock as she slides up and down frenetically. She wants it from behind, bracing herself against the window as Miguel thrusts into her rapidly. He fucks her to a noisy orgasm, filling her with a hot cum load that drips out as they embrace.
Savannah Bond in Busty Blonde Housewife Savannah Bond Analyzed by Husband’s Brother GP1982 15:00
Savannah Bond in Busty Blonde Housewife Savannah Bond Analyzed by Husband’s Brother GP1982 15:00 It’s midday in the middle of the week and Savannah, a busty blonde housewife, is checking out her husband’s stud brother Alex swim laps in the pool from her balcony. Since her husband hasn’t fucked her all weak, Savannah is horny so she goes down into her room, takes off her clothes, and begins rubbing her pink clit as she fantasizes about the stud swimming in her pool. But for Savannah, her fingers are simply not enough, so she heads out to the pool in her lingerie and quickly seduces Alex. Within seconds, Savannah has Alex’s cock in her mouth as the hot summer sun beats down upon them both. After a nice skullfuck, the two move the session back into the house, where Alex begins slamming Savannah on his brother’s bed – first in her cunt and then in the ass – before he blows his load in her mouth.
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Gia Milana in Stepcousin Copes With My Cock 13:15 My Cousin Gia was staying with me for a mini-vacation, I found her out on the balcony having a pretty intense conversation. Apparently her BF was breaking up with her and she was having a hard time coming to terms with that, I tell her that I'll talk with her when I get back from work. I took a quick nap after coming home from work and the next thing I know I am getting woken up by Gia giving me head under my blanket, I was totally in shock at first but I gotta admit she sucks dick so good. Gia thinks the best way to get over her ex is to fuck me, although I do not think it is the greatest idea I am just gonna go along with it so I can fuck her.
Azazai in Its Been A While - S39:E25 15:00
Azazai in Its Been A While - S39:E25 15:00 Lovely Azazai has decked herself out in some incredible lingerie that hugs her curves while leaving just enough to the imagination. She finishes preening in front of the mirror as she waits for Murgur to join her. When she spies him approaching her apartment, Azazai strikes a pose in the balcony. Murgur is no slouch when it comes to climbing the stairs, and he is rewarded for his speed by the sight of his girlfriend laying in bed with a do me smile and a finger beckoning him closer.As soon as Murgur approaches the bed, Azazai shifts so that they are seated facing one another. She lets Murgur lift her feet and knead them, peppering her tender toes with kisses that lead to a bit of sucking. Then Azazai crawls up Murgur's body so that she can indulge in a bit of dry humping that lets them enjoy each other before they really commit to the hardcore lifestyle.When Azazai has gotten Murgur nice and hard, she works his fuck stick out of his pants. Then she leans forward, lapping her tongue along the shaft. Once she's had a taste, she can't get enough of licking and sucking. Not wanting to be left out, Murgur tugs Azazi around so that he can go to town eating out her greedy twat while she leans forward to complete their 69.Resuming her previous position, Azazai finally goes from teasing to the real thing as she sinks down onto Murgur's fuck stick. She gives him a sensual ride, gyrating her hips for both of their pleasure as she leans forward to make out with him. When she turns around and guides Murgur back inside her velvet glove, Azazai goes back to work at a booty bouncing pace.Now it's Murgur's turn to prove he's worthy of Azazai's attention as she gets on her hands and knees and offers herself to him. He takes what she has to offer, sliding deep and slipping his hands over the swell of her rump. Using that anchor, he shoves deep to milk a series of ever louder moans from Azazai's lips.Rolling onto her back, Azazai pulls her legs back to open herself completely for some more hardcore fun. Murgur kneels between Azazai's thighs and gives it to her exactly the way she wants, fast and furious, but gentle enough to ensure that she's enjoying herself with every moment. In return, Azazai gets Murgur on his back once again and goes to town blowing him until he gives her a mouthful of hot cum to enjoy at the end of their lovemaking.
Adira Allure in Adira Allure-BlacksOnBlondes 3 12:00
Adira Allure in Adira Allure-BlacksOnBlondes 3 12:00 Adira had been at a party last weekend and she knew the guys at the house had a lot of goodies hidden in the safe in the upstairs room. So she devised a plan. She would sneak up there when they were all sleeping and grab what she needed and nobody would know. They would just assume it happened at the party. She would get out scot-free and go show off with her party friends. Such a brazen plot for this slightly deranged blonde. So Adira dressed all in black and tossed on a mask cause that's what cat burglars do and climbed up onto the second story balcony and ever so quietly snuck in through the window. Just as fate would have it as she was about to pick the lock on the closet door, one of the homeys' was exiting the toilet and caught her in the act. Yelling "stop thief" the rest of the household was alerted and this naughty thief was running for her life. Can Adira get away? Will the homies nab her? Unfortunately for Adira she ran right into the arms of one of the men and was quickly caught. Oh no - what will happen to our little heroine now? Will they kick her ass? Will they call the police? Is this the end of our party girl? Unmasked and caught red handed, Adira quickly thinks on her feet. She explains it was just a prank. She wanted to get their attention cause she wanted some big black cock. See guys, it was all just a prank. Huh? Fuck that makes about as much sense as anything and soon three enormously large ebony dongs are pulled out and dropped in her face where she quickly gets to sucking. You see, Adira is no dummy. She's had to suck a lot of cocks in her life to get her out of jams. When you are young dumb and blonde living in the big city it kind of becomes second nature. Slobbing and bobbing on the man root shoving into her drooling pie hole Adira gets down to what she does best - using her womanly assets to get through life. Soon her pussy is invaded by a rigid and angry cunt duster as she is facefucked from the other side. Spit roasted and pulverized she is in her natural element. Stuffed full of cock and being used as a human pump and dump station. She's done a bad thing so one must offer up the anal in these situations. No different than a snitch in prison - that asshole must make payment and reparations. Once those cocks start entering her brown eye it is game on for this piglet who needs the sweet blistering friction of a double penetration drive by to really take the edge off. With cocks filling her airtight she almost starts to believe she really did come over to get fucked and not to steal anything. Yeah you believe that blondie. Whatever helps you sleep at night. The only thing it looks like it cost Adira today was just a little bit more of her dignity but that's a small price to pay for how good being a slut makes her feel. Holes blasted out and drenched in sweat, Adira squats in feeding position and gets a facial blasting of jizz juice as all is forgotten and forgiven. Shine on you crazy diamond.
Isa Gomez in The Sexy Talents of Isa Gomez 6:00
Isa Gomez in The Sexy Talents of Isa Gomez 6:00 You'll fall in love and lust with Isa Gomez. Her exuberance, sex appeal, huge tits and dangerous curves bust through and make you her prisoner. She has an inviting personality both off-camera and on. In the opener of this video on the balcony, Isa explains how she came to XL Girls. At first, Isa was hesitant but her apprehension quickly melted away. She explains that it's difficult for her to buy the right bras because she's so chesty.
Miss Lexa in Fuck With A View 12:25
Miss Lexa in Fuck With A View 12:25 Miss Lexa shows off her fit body and incredible curves before inviting lucky stud Jack Hoffman into her balcony and riding his dick in a variety of pleasurable positions.
Daphne Rosen in Daphne's Ass Needs Attention 6:00
Daphne Rosen in Daphne's Ass Needs Attention 6:00 Daphne Rosen is standing outside on a balcony, all by her lonesome when she notices that you are watching her. "Hey there! I am sure most of you out there know me as Daphne Rosen, the model with huge fucking tits. I know you love them, but I have something else that tends to get ignored and I wanted to share it with you today," she says with a smile on her face. "It's my big fucking ass. It's nice and round and soft and I was thinking that maybe I should share it with you today. Maybe I should hike this skirt up a little bit and share it with you today. Ooh, look how it shakes when I lift it up. Look at my big ass in all its glory. And as much as I would like to sit here and play with it all by myself, I was thinking that maybe I should bring a guy out here to help me with it?" And that's just what she does. She gets her salad tossed and her ass spanked and then it's time for her tight little butthole to get fingered. Then she sucks on this stud's cock and gets it nice and wet so he can pound her pussy from the back. She rides cowgirl and then she throws that ass in the air again cause she wants to get pounded and coated in cum. And that's what this stud does; he glazes her ass like a doughnut and Daphne loves every second.
Victoria Lobov in It’s raining cum 6:50
Victoria Lobov in It’s raining cum 6:50 Victoria Lobov’s plan to swim at the pool has been canceled because it’s going to rain soon, however, the sexy milf finds an other way to have fun. Victoria jerks off her boyfriend in the balcony asking for a cumshot and that’s exactly what she is gonna get. “OMG babe, it’s raining cum!”