Loree Love in DISLOYAL FRIENDS - PART 4 - BIRTHDAY PRESENT . LOREE LOVE 11:00 The neighbors threw a birthday party for Loree Love. They brought beer and tres leches cake. They all started to get horny, and they gave her a taste of cake using their cocks as spoons. She was so delighted with the taste that she extracted creamy cum from each penis.
Gwen Stark, Kimberly Brix in Gwen Stark fucking in the bed with her small natural tits 15:00
Gwen Stark, Kimberly Brix in Gwen Stark fucking in the bed with her small natural tits 15:00 It's Kimberly Brix's birthday and the one thing she really wants is to have a threesome with her boyfriend and her friend, Gwen Stark.
Fuck)Dana Vespoli, Jessa Rhodes in Jessa Rhodes, Xander Corvus and Dana Vespoli birthday threesome 10:00
Fuck)Dana Vespoli, Jessa Rhodes in Jessa Rhodes, Xander Corvus and Dana Vespoli birthday threesome 10:00 Dana Vespoli surprises her boyfriend, Xander Corvus, with his ultimate fantasy girl, Jessa Rhodes. Dana moved heaven and earth to arrange a birthday threesome with the sexy blonde babe. Xander is eternally grateful for the slutty surprise but it's also kind of a present they can both share. Dana can't wait to get down between Jessa's legs and taste her pussy juice all over Xander's cock. While Jessa and Dana sixty-nine each other, Xander gets deep into their slutty holes. This threesome is hot and heavy and everyone gets to cum!
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Vanna Bardot in Vanna Bardot: Pervy Pantyhoser 15:00 Mouthwatering brunette Vanna Bardot teases in hot pink pantyhose, lacy top and glitter heels. She's perfect porn pulchritude as she lies on her back and gently caresses her tits and twat. Porn maven Mick Blue lets his camera take a walk all over the young beauty's perfect bod. He soaks her covered rump with oil. Drenched, she rubs her wet twat under her hose, with an assist from Mick. Moaning Vanna fondles her clit while his thumbs plunge inside her cunt. The pervy pornographer thrust-fucks Vanna's tight pussy. She supplies a voracious, POV-style blowjob. Vanna digs her tongue deeply in Mick's asshole for a wild rim job. She skillfully sucks his balls and strokes his big cock. Vanna rides his dick hard in her twat. He porks her doggie-style on the retro pink shag carpet! And he tongues her snatch. The stud rails her clam as she peels back her hose-encased gams. In an explosive cum facial climax, Mick's semen soaks gleeful Vanna's tongue and chin. The sweet thing licks her fingers, as if savoring icing from a birthday cake.
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Henessy's insane anal birthday orgy! 9:59 Henessy isn't satisfied just relaxing poolside for her birthday. She gets thirteen of her closest girlfriends for the biggest orgy Ibiza has ever seen. Henessy checks out each massive, hard cock for herself, making sure she's only getting the best. These beautiful, bikini babes are ready for some deep fucking and these tan studs need to deliver. Henessy unleashes the men onto these curvy, exotic whores and the hardcore fucking begins. In no time at all, every girl is naked with a cock in whatever slutty hole they want. One girl deep throats their stud's cock while next to them two gorgeous girls lick each other's bouncy, sexy titties. You get to see these girls in every position you can imagine! Their huge asses bounce all over their man's cock and next to them the couples only get hotter. The sexy girls glisten in the sun as they get fucked in their wet pussies. They lick and suck whatever body part is closest. These girls know how to share and no slutty babe is left out. They form a circle, ass out, getting hard dick from behind. We watch a sexy brunette fist her tight asshole while the other babes get a hardcore anal pounding. Their assholes are stretched open and the girls are screaming, loving every second. They lick their ass juice off their man's dick and we watch a gorgeous, curvy girl get titty fucked. Their assholes are gaped open and the orgy is moved indoors. Beautiful bodies as far as the eye can see. These girls take a pounding in every hole and these guys want to make these dirty, submissive whores cum. They finger fuck the sexy, dirty sluts until they squirt all over their man's face and lick up every drop. Now it's their stud's turn and we watch each one shot a hot load all over their fucks dolls.
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Chloe Temple in February 2022 Flavor Of The Month Chloe Temple - S2:E7 15:00 Chloe Temple is the birthday girl and she has decided the gift she wants it her stepbrother's dick. The only problem is that Nathan Bronson isn't aware of Chloe's plan. She puts her plan into action by climbing up onto a stepladder and asking Nathan for help. As soon as Nathan kneels, Chloe asks if he's looking up her skirt. She flips her miniskirt up a bit and tells Nathan he can look all he wants because luckily Chloe isn't wearing any panties. That blatant display scares Nathan off, but Chloe has a Plan B. She tells Nathan she's going to go get some balloons, and when she returns she's wearing her birthday sash and her birthday suit.Nathan tries to resist the allure of his petite stepsister. After all, his mom is in the other room and he doesn't want to get caught. Chloe takes Nathan's hands and tries putting them onto her delightful little titties. Disengaging from those plump boobs, Nathan pulls his hands back. Chloe pouts that Nathan is rejecting her as she goes to the couch. Nathan tries to comfort her by saying he's afraid that once he starts touching her he won't be able to stop, but Chloe suggests they try anyway to see what happens. She could not be more clear at this point, so while Nathan is absorbing that information Chloe lays back and spreads her thighs and puts Nathan's thumb right on her clit. Although he's still uncertain, Nathan can't say no to his super cute stepsister being a sure thing. He takes her hint and goes in to lick her twat for a birthday pussy feast.Chloe wants the D in so many ways. She starts with a deep throat sloppy stiffie ride, then gets on her hands and knees so Nathan can slide on home from behind. When Chloe falls to the couch, Nathan is right there to spoon behind her and keep on delivering for her pleasure. He eventually gets to his knees between Chloe's thighs so he can pound her in missionary. When it's Nathan's turn to get on his back, Chloe rides him like he's her own personal steed. Her pussy is so tight that Nathan can't help but give her the creampie she's begging for. Dripping with her birthday treat, Chloe is all smiles and joy.
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 2 11:01 If you missed Part 1 of Blake Blossom's Epic debut scene here at ExCoGi you have to check it out. But in case you didn't, the beginning of Part 2 gives you a little taste of the fun rides the Blake Blossom Amusement Park has to offer and the fun Jake had riding everything this blooming flower had to offer on the car ride to the hotel. With so much "Strange Danger" about, a quick call to mom before her beautiful daughter takes dick on camera is always a safe bet and today's scene is MOM APPROVED! So lets focus on Mom's blossoming offspring shall we? "I don't get naked in front of many people," confessed Blake. Could have fooled us how easy it was to get you into your birthday suit in the car and then again naked during your makeup. Blake, your a natural exhibitionist. "I don't know what that means", she said with a perplexed face. It's what you're becoming dear by fucking in a moving car and stripping bare ass naked in front of 3 complete strange men you just met minutes before. God bless America! She then followed those statements up with more of what we wished every naked young beauty would say to 3 strange men in a hotel room, "Tell me what to do and I'll do it". YES PLEASE. We do tell her what to do, and guess what? She does everything on our checklist like the good like super slut in training she is, and I mean EVERYTHING. Right off the bat Jake makes Blake squirt and gives her her very first orgasm ever with the "Hitachi Thingy". That's her new BFF for sure. Next Blake gobbles Jake's cock with her sweet DSL's and takes his baby arm down that oh so fuckable throat like she hasn't seen a real cock in months, which she hasn't. "Fuck me now please", she whispers to Jake. Not before we make her rim his ass. Check. "I'll try" declared our eager beaver as I use the Hitachi on her pussy while Jake's nuts teabag her pretty face. The way she squirms as her pussy lips vibrate from the Hitachi is fucking hot and hard! The only thing I love more than telling a girl to lick ass for the first is when a girl does lick ass for the first time after I tell them to. This outgoing obedient girl is special and from what I can tell, very sex starved by how eager she is to please. Trust me, Jake takes full advantage of his self-proclaimed perverseness and gives her the fucking of her life for sure. Of course the rest of this scene lives up to everything you expect from the perverted fucks we are and confirms you don't want us to get a hold of your daughters or college coeds. We hope you enjoy this scene as much as we enjoyed making it because this is one fucking hot of a scene. Just remember this thought. Beautiful ExCoGi pussy like Blake Blossom is proof that god exists and wants us to be happy so happy fapping! Stay Safe - Stay Home. Wash your HANDS and Wash your BUTT! Enjoy, Steve
Daisy G, Larissa W, Mia L in Her 50 birthday turn into orgy 2 6:00
Daisy G, Larissa W, Mia L in Her 50 birthday turn into orgy 2 6:00 This new and amazing part two scene with 3 horny mature ladies and their male guests. They'll get nasty with each other on the couch while using special birthday gifts on each other. Don't waste any time and join the party.
Mariska, Tiffany Leiddi in SWINGER NIGHT 9:59
Mariska, Tiffany Leiddi in SWINGER NIGHT 9:59 After a birthday party at one of her friends' house, Mariska proposes to Tiffany Leiddi and her boyfriend Ricky Mancini, a couple she met during the party, to finish the evening at her place. Mariska takes the pleasure where it is and her two guests of the moment will certainly not complain about it. The trio does not suspect one moment that Luke, awake by the noise observes them of far and takes pleasure to look at the scene...
Casey Calvert, April Olsen in What The Wife Likes 15:00
Casey Calvert, April Olsen in What The Wife Likes 15:00 Casey Calvert and Seth Gamble, a married couple, show up at a massage parlor. The masseuse, April Olsen, asks if they want a couple's massage. However, Seth explains that they actually want April to give Casey a NURU massage for her birthday, while Seth just watches. Even though that isn't how she is used to giving NURU massages, April agrees. The two women get undressed, and April gives Casey a sensual NURU massage while Seth observes them. April starts to get a flirty/sexual vibe from Casey, which Seth seems to subtly encourage. April tries to shrug it off and remain professional.As the massage continues, Casey becomes even more suggestive with April, who is becoming increasingly tempted. April invites Seth to help with the massage, so he undresses and helps with rubbing NURU oil onto both women. April then rubs some of the oil onto Seth, while Casey strokes his cock. Then the three of them start exchanging kisses, and the women taste each other's pussies while Seth takes turns fucking the both of them. It looks like Casey is getting EVERYTHING she wants for her birthday!
Daisy G, Larissa W, Mia L in Her 50 birthday turn into orgy 1 6:00
Daisy G, Larissa W, Mia L in Her 50 birthday turn into orgy 1 6:00 Watch this new and amazing scene with 3 horny mature ladies. They'll get nasty with each other on the couch while using special birthday gifts on each other. Don't waste any time and join the party.
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 1 11:01
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 1 11:01 Does your mom know you're doing this? That was the question asked of this week's exploitee Blake Blossom as Jake and I drove through her well-groomed and upscale community as we pulled up to the very nice home she lives in with her mother. "Oh yeah she knows and is cool with it" proclaimed eager Blake in her sweet, sexy giggly voice. Right away we new we were in for a treat with this one because Blake has the personality and voice you just want to fuck over the phone. "Oh my god... She's so hot", confessed Jake, with a big smile on his face as we pulled up. It reminded me of a kid pulling into Disneyland with his parents for the first time, and his eye widen like saucers as he gazes upon all the massive fun rides he will get his hands on and soon ride. Yeah it was kinda like that for Jake I think as he gazed upon very fuckable, 20 year old Blake with her 32DD tits and curvy, it all right places, body. "What ride will I go on first" I'm sure was dancing through that perverted mind of his, because I have to admit, she's special this one. As the car door opened Jake scampered out to meet our unsuspecting amusement ride and her twin sisters that precede her. "You are so hot" was her greeting from Jake. "I am?" responded Blake coyly. These are the car rides wet dreams are made of and I'm sure everyone won't mind Jake getting right to the business of unwrapping Blake so he can go on his first ride in the car. We do however take the time to have Blake properly introduce herself and say a few words, but shortly there after the fun stuff begins. I won't bore all of you regurgitating the brief car interview questions. Most of the interview happens back at the hotel anyways at the end of the car ride, but trust me, this car sex and hotel interview is so hot and long we decided to make this scene 2 parts. Not many girls can command enough great content to warrant 2 updates from the same day but Blake is that kinda gal. "This is so crazy and fun you guys", sexy Blake declares as she strips down to her birthday suit in front of two complete strangers. The power of a hot expensive car to influence inexperienced young girls to get their juices flowing and explore their sexuality at 90 mph. Love it. Yeah this car ride is that hot and Jake takes full advantage of the situation giving our newbie a good taste of what she's been needing, from the only industry that can fill those needs. What "needs" need to be filled from a young hot thing like Blake you ask? GREATEST MIND BLOWING SEX of her life is a good start I'd say. Oh and being physically dominated by a cocks-man like Jake who she's watched in porn and gives her her first squirting and orgasm EVER is another good one. Oh and not to mention sex lasting longer than 10 minutes, yeah that made the list also. The list goes on and on but you get the picture of what Blake is in for today. Lets just say that when I asked her what her favorite position was back at the hotel she screamed with a big smile, CAR SEX! Wasn't aware the car sex was a position but we get what she's saying. Yes this week's scene is broken down into 2 parts because I just felt 3 hours of good content could not be trimmed down into 1 update and it warranted it. So sit down, strap in, keep all hands, feet and genitals inside the moving car at all times because the rocket ship is about to take off and your in for a fun ride today. Stay safe by staying home. Wash your hands. Wash your butt! Enjoy, Steve
Bella Beretta in Steal My Virginity 12:00
Bella Beretta in Steal My Virginity 12:00 All sexy slut Bella wants for her 18th birthday wish is a big hard cock. When Danny D arrives in the middle of the night, her dreams come true and she gets to suck and fuck the present she's always wanted!
Ariel, Candee Licious in Deep Tissue Penetration - Two Babes Massage Cock For Anal Sex GP2175 13:15
Ariel, Candee Licious in Deep Tissue Penetration - Two Babes Massage Cock For Anal Sex GP2175 13:15 Vega got a deep tissue massage for his birthday. When he shows up at the massage parlor, the two hot babes find him so attractive and offer him a four-handed massage. The guy takes off his cloths and lies down on the massage table, when the two young college students start making out while giving him a massage. Katarina Muti and Candee Licious start French kissing and playing with their lovely natural tits, when he grabs the blonde’s curvy butt. The two hotties rub their clits on his skin when he gets a boner. Vega starts sucking their hard nipples while they wank his boner and give him some ball licking. Candee crams her snatch with his face while Katarina goes down on his cock! After some deep throat warmup, the two gorgeous teens start riding his rod like cowgirls and lick each other’s titties. Candee licks her playmate’s shaved pussy and his long shaft while he penetrates that tight pink fuckhole on the massage table! Candee can’t wait to get her ass fucked and gives us some anal gapes before being banged in the ass doggy style. The girls enjoy some 69 before Vega also ass fucks the brunette and fills her butt crack all the way up with his cum!
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Alisa in The best birthday present 10:00 All alone and extremely horny on her Birthday this blonde teeny couldn't wish for a better present than this hot guy with great body and delicious cock. Sucking this perfect boner made her wanna do something raunchy and dirty like getting buttfucked and taking a nasty rectal creampie. Ah, we hope her mom doesn't find out her little 18 y.o. angel loves anal sex and shows off her gaping ass hole on the Internet.
Silvia Saige, Liz Jordan in Oh, You Shouldn't Have 15:00
Silvia Saige, Liz Jordan in Oh, You Shouldn't Have 15:00 A naive teen girl, Liz Jordan, wants to give her loving stepmom, Silvia Saige, a special birthday gift, but can't figure out WHAT. It seems like Silvia has EVERYTHING she could possibly need... although she COULD relax more. Liz then does an innocent internet search, but gets results about sex toys. Thinking they're personal massagers, she happily buys one for Silvia -- THIS will help her relax for SURE!A few days later, Liz hands Silvia the wrapped present and Silvia excitedly unwraps it... only to find a sex toy. She awkwardly asks Liz if she knows what the gift actually IS and Liz still believes it's an innocent personal massager. Silvia is amused and patient as she tells Liz that the 'personal massager' is actually a sex toy.Liz is shocked and HUGELY embarrassed about the mistake. Silvia assures Liz that she has nothing to be embarrassed about, but that it's obviously time for Liz to learn more about 'personal massagers.' Liz is a little bit embarrassed at first but also eager to learn so that she NEVER makes such a mistake again. But as Silvia tries to teach her, things aren't clicking for Liz, so it's time for Silvia to get more hands on!
Mailyne in TWO ROOMS, TWO ATMOSPHERES 10:00 Maïlyne celebrates her birthday and for the occasion she invites her friends Ryan and Alissa. While the party is at its peak Max Deeds comes to ring her doorbell. Surprised by his visit, she decides to slip away with him and leaves Ryan and Alissa in the living room...
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00 “I’m a chef all day, every day. It’s what I like to do… And I LOVE seeeexxxxx,” are the seductive and sensual phrases that pass over 33 year old Eva Alvarez’s luscious lips in her submission video to us. Wow! And who could resist a hot MILF that loves sex and cooks? I can just see her now standing at the stove with just an apron on and that perfect, and I do mean really perfect, ass peering out just begging to be slapped, kissed, and spread wide, revealing those wet pussy lips anxiously awaiting a stiff hard cock to be rammed up it from behind. Those same lips that soon will be wrapped around Jake’s stiffy. The same wet lips that will be bouncing up and down on said hard cock just minutes after the airport pickup, and we can’t wait. So lets get-it-on shall we? So Eva’s an admitted tease and knows how to use that perfect body of hers to get what she wants from guys. Yes MILF Eva’s a stripper and once she’s stripped off those clothes of hers in the back seat it becomes very apparent why she can hang with the teeny boppers at the clubs and command the guys attention while on stage. This girl is hot, and with that fast-tongued Cuban personality and spirit, this girl may be too hot to handle for most men. Well she isn’t too hot to handle for Jake and he dives straight into this spicy Cuban dish to taste what delicacies this fine ass Caribbean meal has to offer. Did I say this girl is hot? Well she is and with such a pretty pussy and silky smooth skin that just begs to be touched and manhandled, it’s more than Jake can resist. So as I eluded to earlier, Eva’s willing and ready to get into her birthday suit just minutes after her pickup and demonstrate what phenomenal cock sucking skills she possesses for an out of this world ball drainer of a BJ. Her fucking skills are exceptional as well as you will see, hopping aboard the Jake Adams “rail me” express on her way to fucked silly town. Fuck, this girl can ride a stiff cock and she looks fucking hot as hell doing it. You know what I’m talking about. When you see a hot stripper on stage and you wonder if she’s just as good in bed as she is swinging around the brass pole? Well Eva lives up to all the hype and is well worth the cover charge and admission. So Jake fucks the shit out of our Hot MILF on the ride back to the condo and this girl knows how to use her body, and use it she does. This is one hot as fuck car dicking and a prelude to the just-as-hot condo bedroom sex that gives Ms. Eva multiple O’s. And just like in the club, she’ll be leaving today with a pocket full of Benjamin’s and a smile on that pretty cum covered face of hers. As for Jake? He’s leaving this stripper’s club more than satisfied and unlike most guys after a night at a strip club, he doesn’t have blue balls. So boys and girls, moms and dads, perverts far and wide, grab your lube or favorite toy because this show’s about to start and up on center stage is Eva. But you don’t need to tip the hottie dancing at this club. Your tipping and cover charge is the admission to our site and we thank everyone who has joined and enjoys our content. Without you we would not be able to do this. We thank you all!
Alexia Anders, Brooke Banner in Cougariffic: Sweet Birthday 15:00
Alexia Anders, Brooke Banner in Cougariffic: Sweet Birthday 15:00 Alexia Anders has just finished celebrating her 18th birthday party and is now relaxing with Brooke Banner, a friend of her parents. While licking some icing from a slice of leftover birthday cake, Alexia admits that she is unhappy because even though she's finally an adult, her parents still don't treat her like one. Brooke tries to cheer her up, telling Alexia that her parents love her very much and are just having a hard time letting go.Still, Brooke agrees that it would be sad if Alexia's first year as an adult didn't get a proper start, so now that they're alone, she offers to give Alexia a special grownup birthday present. But it's a surprise, so Alexia has to close her eyes. No peeking! Once Alexia's eyes are closed, Brooke partially undresses and takes off her bra, then places the bra in Alexia's hands. Alexia is delighted when she feels the luxurious lace and realizes that it's a fancy bra, until she opens her eyes and is shocked to see that Brooke's breasts are on display. Brooke explains that she's not giving Alexia a bra... she's offering to have SEX with Alexia!Alexia is intrigued, but worried about her parents finding out. Brooke points out that they can keep it a secret, and that would be a way for Alexia to take some control back from her parents. Alexia agrees, kissing Brooke and licking her nipples, then letting Brooke touch her pussy. Looks like this is going to be a memorable birthday indeed!
Fuck)Ana Foxxx ANALIZED Birthday Surprise 10:01
Fuck)Ana Foxxx ANALIZED Birthday Surprise 10:01 Porn star Ana Foxxx celebrates her birthday in fucking style! It’s as though she has invited all of her friends to have a special birthday orgy with her, and her friends, of course, could not say no. naked Ana gets ravaged by all her friends and they begin to grope and touch and insert their fingers into all her available holes. However, Ana isn’t greedy, she wants all her friends to join in on the fun she’s receiving, soon ever mouth is filled with a cock and every cock is penetrating some female. A cacophony of sounds and fucking arouse in the room as they all share in this most human and natural sequence of sexual events. Ana’s girlfriend’s can barely handle the big black cocks that have filled their mouths, some barely being able to not scrape them with their teeth, but Ana is the attraction of the party as she gets her pussy eaten out and her tits sucked by different people, tongues and fingers galore all up in her wet pussy. As we know by now, Ana is very generous, she eats out her friend in a 69 position while she spreads her legs for her and her many friends to fondle and fuck with her pussy. Now on her knees, Ana handles two cocks, a BBC and a BWC, as she handles these cocks in her mouth her friend gets under her to lick off her pussy juices, Ana like her friend can barely handle the BBC in her gaping mouth. Ana’s friend does a crab walk to get a massive cock down her and for her friend to eat out her pussy, then the big white cock bends Ana over a counter and fucks her tight little ass while she simultaneously chokes on a big black cock, her friends help her out to make sure she gobbles him all up. Surrounded by pussy and cock, Ana doesn’t know where to go but ultimately picking the pristine pussy to cover her lips in her juices, but big white cock wants in on the action and shoves his cock in her mouth, she obliges and takes him whole in her throat. Big black cock makes sure to not miss out on the action and fills her mouth until she can barely breathe. Big white cock comes and steals her away and puts her on all fours to shove his massive cock in her tight little asshole, ger girlfriends shoving some fingers in her throbbing pussy. Back and forth the BWC and BBC take turns stretching out Ana’s tight little asshole. All of her friends get in on the action now, the girls, the guys, they splay her and make sure that every hole of hers is being spread, filled and stretched. This has been the best birthday Ana could have ever asked for.
Ellie Lilly in ELLIE LILLY 2 10:59
Ellie Lilly in ELLIE LILLY 2 10:59 When we say we are Hot Milfs Fuck, what we really mean is we have hot-as-fuck MILFs that FUCK, and today’s hot MILF is front line medical worker Ellie Lilly. Let me start off by saying thank you Ellie for your services and now it’s time for you to take a break and let Jake service you. And by service you, I mean he’s going to give you your first BIG VAG-cine injection to combat the WHOREona Virus situation. It’s a real thing people and women all around the world are at risk of becoming whores so it’s our duty to give as many women their BIG, THICK, and it will only hurt at first when it PENETRATES you VAG-cine injections. But don’t worry; Jake will make sure he kisses the spot were he injects you to make it all better. Promises, promises, right ladies? Well I guarantee after Ellie gets her first injection she’ll be begging for her follow up 2nd VAG-cine injection because this drive thru inject-HER site aims to please and we hit our target with Ellie today. We like this girl so much we want her to come back and maybe lick some pussy seeing she’s bisexual and all. Love that and we hope it happens soon. “So what kind of sex do you like Ellie?” asks Jake. “Ummm, frequent sex,” giggles Ellie, and we couldn’t agree more. But from your answers in the car we’re going to put that and you to test to see just how super sexual of a girl you really are. So Ellie says she’s totally down and knows what she’s getting into today by taking her clothes off and fucking a stranger on camera for the millions of our adoring MILF fans. Do you Ellie? Do you really know what’s in store for you today? I’m pretty sure you only think you know what’s in THIS STORE. The MHF store, and luckily for you it’s a good kind of “not knowing what’s going to happen” store. Well like Jake from State Farm, you’re in good hands today Ellie with our service rep and I’m quite certain she wasn’t expecting to get fully naked in the back seat right off the bat. I’m even more certain she wasn’t expecting to suck Jake’s cock either. I’m even more super positive she wasn’t expecting to hop on Jake’s stiff cock and fuck like school kids in the backseat while people drove by. But Ellie’s a self proclaimed exhibitionist and confessed in between thrusts and moans of pleasure that it was a turn-on to be fucked as cars are right next to her. I know Ellie, it always seem more pleasurable when people are watching. It’s one of life’s great mysteries I suppose that’s better if we don’t know why. We just love your adventurous spirit though and we’re happy to help bring you out of that shell and show you what a true fucking is from a professional. Oh and trust me. She likey Jake’s, from HMF’s man meat injection that she got. She likey a lot I’d say. So we also find out that Ellie likes porn, and I’m quoting her here. “I like really fucked up porn and kinky stuff. The real taboo shit,” she says with that super infectious giggle and her ever-present bright smile. Did I say already this girl doesn’t look like she should be doing this and with every answer to our questions we’re even more super surprised with her sexual answers. Super surprised in a good way that is and once our Hot MILF’s down to her birthday suit we all get to see what a hot and beautiful girl she really is. Ellie was a total 10 when we saw her submission pictures and video, and this girl really backed it up when she presented herself in person. But once she opened that beautiful mouth of hers and let us all hear what a sweet, sexual and willing pleaser of a woman is she? Well as Nigel Tufnel so eloquently quoted in the blockbuster cult classic movie “This is Spinal Tap.” “Well this one goes to 11,” and I second that Nigel. Ranking Ellie on a scale of 1 – 10, she’s a solid 12. Ok, Ok, Ok Steve you’re giving this girl quite the buildup. But I’m telling you this girl is the definition of fresh-as-fuck and I sure you’re all going to love her because Jake from HMF sure as hell did. She also got the living shit fucked out of her in the car and back at the condo, stating she’d never been fucked like that before. You’re welcome Ellie. So why don’t we all sit back and enjoy this soon to be cult classic of Ellie Lilly getting the fucking of a lifetime on the ExploitedX network. The network known for explicit romantic pornofication. This girl’s going to be highly rated I predict.
Amber Dawn in AMBER DAWN AND HER MANY TOYS 6:00 I am pretty discreet in real life, but my close friends and parents know what I do, said Amber Dawn, a 43-year-old wife from the San Francisco Bay Area. "I don't think they would be surprised to see me here, although I don't think most strangers would imagine that I got on a plane to have sex with a man I'd never met, on film. I love having naughty secrets." What Amber's doing this week at can be our naughty secret. Today, this beautiful redhead is demonstrating her blow job skills on one of her many toys, ripping open her pantyhose so she can get to her wet pussy as quickly as possible and fucking herself with a multi-colored dildo. Tomorrow, she's going to have sex with a man she'd never met, and he's young enough to be her son. "I do sometimes have sex with other men and women while my husband films it," Amber Dawn said. "I'm not technically a swinger, but I did go to a swingers party once and had sex with my BFF and a hot woman while everyone watched. And last summer, my husband found a 25-year-old ball player with a huge cock for my birthday and filmed and directed me fucking and sucking him." Amber Dawn is 5'6", 144 pounds with D-cup tits and long, shapely legs. She enjoys watching women's volleyball and Formula 1 racing and is a big fan of the San Francisco Giants baseball team. She likes gardening and has been a vegan for 25 years. The only meat she eats: cock. But that's a story for another day: tomorrow.
Hime Marie in Birthday Stripper Surprise 10:28
Hime Marie in Birthday Stripper Surprise 10:28 Dad gets surprised with a stripper for his birthday. The stripper sucks and fucks and takes huge facials.
Lena Ashworth in LENA ASHWORTH 11:00
Lena Ashworth in LENA ASHWORTH 11:00 ExCoGi is on a roll these days with the Senior honeys in High School. Amber Moore last week. Lena Ashworth this week. What’s next? These two lezzing out for a hot 3some? Enquiring minds want to know. So fresh out of class, and the school bell, is 18 year old Lena Ashworth who just turned 18 three weeks ago. They don’t come any fresher than that and yes she’s literally fresh off the campus. As soon as the school bell rang she raced to catching her flight immediately after classes ended on Friday. But Steve, why is such a young fresh girl wanting to take her clothes off and fuck a stranger on film for millions of adoring perverts to beat off to? Well it is true Lena’s an honors student. She also plays multiple musical instruments and speaks a few foreign languages. She has a strong 4.35 GPA and… Wait I’m not making a very good case as to why am I? Lets just say she plans to go places that’s for sure and the first place is in the backseat of my Porsche to let horn dog Jake Adams put his paws all over our inexperienced fresh as fuck newbie. But Steve, Come on? You’re not answering the question. Why? Ok ok ok. It’s a really fucked up situation this poor girl is in you see. So listen to this, her mom kicked her out of the house the day before her 18th birthday because, get this… She has a girlfriend. What the fuck lady!!! Hey this is 2021!!! What a CUNT. Yes a huge fat stinky CUNT with a capital C she is. Anyways, Lena just needs cash fast and we’re super happy to shower her with Benjamin’s this weekend to help her and her girlfriend move into their own place. See porn does have positive humanitarian collateral occasionally. Ok so anyways back to the slutty sex. Jake wastes no time getting Lena naked in the back seat and passionately kisses her quivering lips as he finger fucks that oh so tight pussy. “Do you want me to fuck you like a little slut?,” Jake asks of our honor student. “Yes, I want you to fuck me” she whispers back. “Fuck you like a what?” Jake demands she say it. “I want you to fuck me like a little slut” she whimpers as Jake rubs her clit to the first of many orgasms. Hot. Just fucking HOT AS HELL is all I can say and this is a great scene. Lena I swear to God looks like a high school band member that just left practice and got into the wrong car after school. Well everything about that last statement is true except she WANTED to get in our car and she begged Jake to fuck her good and he does. Lena’s been missing good dick her whole life you see and she’s been leaning towards pussy as her preference, she confesses. But all that’s about to change after today. Sorry girlfriend but your lover loves dick way too much and is going to need more of it from now on. Just saying. The rest of this scene is as super hot as this car sex and Jake fucks that little tight pussy so much Lena can’t walk straight the next day. You're welcome girl, and did she break her all time record of number of orgasms? In her own words, she had way too many to count and this weekend was the best weekend of her life. We’re excited for you girl and your new life with your girlfriend. We hope everything works out. But in the mean time, sit back people. Cuz the rocket ship’s about to take off and take off it does.