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Jenna Presley in Buxom Jenna Presley Loves Good Vibrations 7:59 Jenna is a prepossessing, voluptuous, brunette belle, with incendiary passions. While auditioning for a modeling job, she is conned, into riding a Sybian mega vibrator, by convincing her, that it is a thigh strengthener. She soon succumbs, to this high horsepower, monster vibrator, and is wantonly riding it naked, as a torrential, screaming, gut-wrenching orgasm burst forth. With her passions set ablaze, she voraciously sucks our stud’s beefy tongue depressor, with sluttish avidity, verve, and accomplished, oral artistry, a true maestro, of the oral arts. Putting her in doggie, he vehemently slams his beef baton into her, as she moans and yelps, with unbridled, primal passions, as she begs him, to fuck her harder. Her fine, full, round ass, then spiritedly humps him, in reverse cowgirl, then cowgirl, as she moans and cries out, in salacious exultation. Laying her down, in missionary, he potently plows his steely shaft into her, mostly naked juice box, that is topped, with a well-coiffed tuft of fur, as she moans and wails, in lascivious jubilation. Then, for the finale, he spray paints her bodacious Ta Ta’s, with a copious coating of cum, leaving her happily, glazed and dazed.
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Nina Kayy, Brandi Bae in BLONDE & ANAL 15:00 Big booty buxom blondes, Nina Kayy and Brandi Bae share their very first lesbian anal experience together. With almost 90' of ass combined things are about to get wilder than ever! With intense face sitting, analingus and ass worshiping lesbian anal clearly does not get better than this!
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Tiffany Watson, Alex Coal in Squirt Off Swap 14:59 Alex is jealous of Tiffany, Bill is obsessed with her and Alex wishes she had Bill. Alex finds a magic doll that will allow her to take Tiffany's body. Alex steals Tiffany's buxom body and goes to see Bill. Just as Alex tries to sext with Bill, Tiffany comes by in Alex's body trying to convince Bill of the truth. Of course the only way to prove to Bill who is really Tiffany is to have a squirt off. They work hard to prove to Bill who the true Tiffany is, scissoring, eating each other out, fucking each other with a Strap on. Will Tiffany in Alex convince Bill of the truth?
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Annabel Redd, Van Wylde in What Are You Going To Do About It - S14:E12 15:00 Annabel Redd has been longing for her roommate Van Wylde for a long time now. Her new year's resolution is that she's going to seduce him. She begins her campaign by wearing increasingly skimpy clothes around the house that really show off her breasts and bottom. If her thong is sheer enough to put her trimmed mound on display too, so much the better.As Van starts to see his buxom roomie in an increasingly sexy light, he tries to be a gentleman. His strength can only take him so far, especially as Annabel's patience wears thin. Annabel eventually waits until she sees Van walking around the house with a laundry basket through her open door. Popping her boobs out of her shirt, she puts herself on her knees with her ass facing the door.Van sees Annabel in bed and tries to ask if he can help her with something, but he's hit with the full frontal view when she turns around to talk to him. As Van tries to have a talk with Annabel about her clothing (or lack thereof), Annabel takes the initiative to push her breasts into her roomie's hands. Leaning her face close to Van's, she tells him that he can do something about it, like fuck her.By the time Annabel is done talking she has Van's hardon in her hand to stroke him off. How can he say no to that kind of an invitation? Leaning back, Annabel relieves herself of her thong and lets Van go to work on her creamy pussy with his tongue as they forge a new roommate relationship that includes plenty of benefits. Her hands kneading her tits, Annabel lets her head fall from side to side as she soaks in the pleasure of the moment. When Van sticks it in to give her her first climax of the afternoon, Annabel can't help but moan long and loud.Getting Van on his back, Annabel finally gets her mouth full of his hard cock just like she's been dreaming of. She sucks her own juices from his dick, going to town in a deep throat BJ that has been haunting her dreams. When she gets her tits into the act, Van gets to enjoy the full force of a titty fuck between those two sweater puppies.Keeping Van on his back so she can remain in charge, Annabel straddles her roomie's hips and sinks down onto his erection in cowgirl. That lets her lean in to drop kisses on Van's lips and gives him full access to rub her boobs. When Annabel climbs off the D, it is to get on her hands and knees for a doggy style pussy pounding that's rough, fast, and oh so satisfying.When Annabel rolls onto her back so that Van can once again sink balls deep into that creamy twat, her moans are a loud indication he's hitting all the right spots. She's so vocal that there's no question when she's been fully sated. Van is keen to cum, too, so he pulls out and aims for the shelf of Annabel's breasts and her open mouth. Cum covered and smiling, Annabel knows that their roommate relationship is going to be much more satisfying going forward.
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Jamie Michelle in Jamie's (Blow)Job Well Done 15:00 Jamie Michelle is a buxom brunette with a penchant for pleasuring penis. The sexy cocksucker gets turned on by throating a dick. She shows Mick Blue how awesome she is at working a cock.
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Nina Kayy in MILF Nina Kay Gets Her Big Booty Fucked 11:01 A year and a half is 18 months too long a wait for MILF Nina Kayy to get her big booty fucked. It doesn't seem fair that everyone else is having fun, so we've decided to treat the buxom blonde to one of the PervCity big guns. We didn't think we'd make her wait, but who can resist sucking her big tits, ripping her fishnets to worship her sexy feet, or get smothered with her big ass? She turns the tables fast, giving the most amazing titjob and such a slobber blowjob that her spit drips through her cleavage like a river. Finally, the tattooed cougar gets what she has wanted all along: a fat prick riding her from ass to pussy and a huge nut from ass to mouth!
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Angela White, Savannah Bond in Savannah Bond Beach Bikini Slut Sc. 1 15:00 Poolside, curvy, hugely buxom, bikini-clad babes Savannah Bond and Angela White stare lustily into Jonni Darkko's camera lens. The two Aussies play lovingly with each other's sun-drenched, big tits. Hugely hung Jax Slayher serves up his big Black cock for a dual blowjob. Raven-haired beauty Angela eagerly deepthroats Jax's huge pole. Jax gives Savannah a doggie-style anal reaming fucks while Angela urges them on. Jax takes his yardstick out of Savannah's rectum and serves it to Angela for ass-to-mouth fun. Savannah slurps on Angela's massive jugs, and Angela returns the favor. As Jax sodomizes Angela, she loudly begs for more! Jax feeds his ebony boner to Savannah's mouth, fresh from Angela's asshole. Savannah mounts Jax, who crams her crease. Angela rims Savannah's asshole. Ms. White wraps her massive cleavage around Jax's enormous meat for a heavy-duty titty fuck. Savannah takes his pole between her own bodacious boobs. The climax is a spunky cum facial and a lesbian jism-kiss.
Skye Blue in Whats For Dessert - S14:E3 14:59
Skye Blue in Whats For Dessert - S14:E3 14:59 Skye Blue is a busty lady who loves to cook. She has put those two gifts together to create an amazing business. She comes into her clients' homes and acts as a sexy chef who is total eye candy as she makes a lovely meal for their date nights.Zach Wild has hired Skye, but as soon as he lays eyes on her he knows that he doesn't want anyone but Skye. He tells her that he has to get ready for his date, but in reality, he leaves the room to cancel. Meanwhile, Skye takes the opportunity to change into her sexiest outfit: A short apron that makes it clear she's got some barely-there lingerie on underneath and nothing else.Skye overhears Zach telling his date that something came up, but she stays professional as he returns to the kitchen and tries to feed her a sob story about the date cancelling on him. Zach invites Skye to stay for dinner, and she agrees. She knows where this is heading as she prepares the meal, and she's excited to reach the destination. They sit down together at the table and make small talk, but Skye is eager to get to the main event.Getting to her feet, Skye grabs Zach's tie and pulls him in for a kiss that makes it clear that she's quite eager to take their impromptu date to the next level. Skye doubles down on her blatant invitation by slipping out of the apron so Zach can see all the goods. Zach can't take his eyes off Skye's incredible jugs as she struts around the table to relieve him of his tie. Practically before Zach knows what's happening, Skye has used the tie as a blindfold to really ratchet up his anticipation.When Skye crouches in front of Zach, she is pleased to find that his hardon lives up to her imagination. She can't keep her hands off her boobies and hard nipples as she uses the other hand to stroke Zach off. When she has peeled off her bra, Skye puts Zach's hands on her breasts for a little bit of explorative squeezing and then leans in to slide her tongue up his shaft. Liking what she tastes, she settles in for a sweet and sexy blowjob. She even gives Zach a titty fuck as he sits there, a slave to sensation.Skye isn't even close to done with Zach. She gets to her feet and shimmies out of her thong, then seats herself in Zach's lap. It's a simple thing to guide herself down onto his erection. Rocking her hips, Skye also shoves her breasts and hard nipples into Zach's face for him to lick and suck. At last Skye frees Zach from his blindfold so he can watch and enjoy every moment of his busty cook riding his fuck stick.Now it's Zach's turn to enjoy some dessert. Skye seats herself on the chair with her thighs spread wide and Zach on her knees with his head buried in her pussy. Licking and sucking, he explores every inch of her meaty snatch while spreading her juices all over. When he's got Skye dripping with excitement, Zach gets to his feet and helps Skye onto the table so he can shove himself balls deep into her greedy pussy.Next, Skye gets on her knees on the chair and leans forward to open herself up for more hardcore fun. Zach is eager to join in. He anchors his hands on Skye's ass until he's buried in her velvet glove. Then he lets his hands roam her buxom body to heft her jugs and feel up her nipples as he rides her.Finally sated, Skye turns around on the chair and goes back to work for Zach's pleasure. She lets him stroke himself towards a climax as she props her arms beneath her tits to create the perfect landing spot for his cum shot. After a few moments, Zach delivers, popping onto those lovely breasts to leave her dripping in a hot sticky delight.
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Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 10 8:00 The scene opens with hugely buxom Kianna Dior kneeling naked before a raging hard-on. The auburn-haired, statuesque MILF and her man role-play: Kianna talks a filthy streak of maternal seduction and age kink as she sucks dick, slobber streaking her massive jugs. Her guy grips her head for a slobbering, deepthroat face fuck. She hand-strokes his meat, squeezes his balls and blows lewd, slimy saliva bubbles. Kianna begs for cum, bringing her slutty, taboo talk to a head. The subject of this special attention does what any seduced 'young man' would, beating off to orgasm. Kianna's dirty talk inspires a heavy semen load worthy of the most hormonally hyperactive experience. A split screen shows the cum facial from two angles at once! Kianna wallows in and swallows semen.
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Annabel Redd in Daddy's Girl 12:00
Annabel Redd in Daddy's Girl 12:00 Annabel is out to prove everything you’ve heard about redheads being trouble. Pale, buxom, and a bit of a brat, Annabel might be the Big Boss’s daughter, but who could resist her advances? This voluptuous vixen won’t quit until she gets whatever she wants, and this time she has her eye on a really big package.
Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 8 15:00
Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 8 15:00 Extremely buxom MILF Kianna Dior looks elegant in sheer, black lingerie and heels. Tease footage features her huge jugs. Dirty-talking Kianna calls her shots, promising to commit filthy acts and showing her excited, swollen clit. As director Jonni Darkko shoots POV-style footage, Kianna devours his balls and sucks his big boner, lubing the action with mouthfuls of shiny, slick spit. He rears back for a rim job, and Kianna eats asshole excitedly. She orally worships his meat, sac and crack, expectorating bubbles of milky fluid onto junk, and she two-hand strokes his slippery dick. Next, Kianna plunges a glass toy into Jonni's rectum, providing a prostate massage as she makes eye contact with the camera. She cleans the clear, bulbous dildo with ass-to-mouth sucking. Jonni fucks her doggie-style, making Kianna gasp as her big boobs sway. He fucks her throat from above, spit streaking her cheeks. Then a thick, nasty cum facial plasters her from lips to hair, spackling one eye closed!
Kianna Dior in Kianna Dior: Busty Cum Slut 8 Sc. 9 15:00
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Dominno in Gorgeous bodied Dominno shows her wonders 12:00 This beautiful, buxom and sexy milf woman is every man's delight as we can see in this amazing sex casting scene full of energy and passion
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Kayley Gunner in Get Wet N Wild With Kayley 12:23 Here comes cute n thick Kayley Gunner amp. here comes trouble. This buxom beauty is here to get off on one rock hard solid dick! She uses her tits, her luscious lips amp. seductive hips to lure that fat load of cum outta that dick. Kayley’s juicy pussy loves a creampie!
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Layton Benton in Layton Benton Gets Her Huge Chocolate Tits Iced In Vanilla Cream 12:00 Manuel Ferrara gets to taste the chocolate goodness that is buxom Layton Benton. This amazing babe is built for fucking and if anyone is going to properly pound her tight little holes, it's Manuel. He takes his time feeling every inch of her, including her massive booty that he can't wait to sink his teeth into. This cutie likes being spanked and asks for her tiny little pussy to be stretched out. It's impossible to say no to that and Layton lays her beautiful mouth onto his massive pole to warm it up and wet it down. These two have a hell of a time and Manuel is sure to return the oral favors when he buries his face and fingers into her itty bitty hole. Ready for the real deal, Layton gets her brains fucked out and those natural tits bounce like crazy and she pushes those pups together a few times, just the way he likes. The load he delivers between those perfect jugs was well earned and Layton is proud of her gooey prize.