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Irina Cage in Slutty Teenage Model Irina Cage Opens Her Legs for Stud Painter GP2220 15:00 It’s the middle of the day on Tuesday and slut model Irina Cage has just met the man who’s going to paint a sexy picture of her. After exchanging pleasantries, Irina takes her clothes off and from there it doesn’t take long for the painter to whip his cock out and put it in her mouth.
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Tiffany Doll, Eva Parcker in Fuck Me Earthling 12:00 With a keen eye for sexual deviance, The Collector (Eva Parcker) travels the universe in search of raunchy specimens to abduct. Of course Danny D, with his famous schlong, is chosen to represent Earth's male population. In a flash of light he finds himself in a spaceship with his dick between the bars of a cage, sucked by a horny alien on a leash (Tiffany Doll). Her skin may be green but her pussy's still pink, so Danny takes the plunge and fucks her 'til she screams. To test his worthiness, the horny alien and The Collector team up to take on Danny's dick. From then on it's out one hole and in another. Pussy, mouth, or asshole these extra-terrestrials don't care where it goes; they just want that cock bad!
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Kenzie Reeves in Teen Tastes Horny Stepmom's Pussy 15:01 Blonde teen Kenzie Reeves catches her busty stepmom, Vanessa Cage, masturbating and smelling her panties! Vanessa disciplines her stepdaughter by making her suck her big, fake tits and lick out her wet pussy! A mouthful of MILF pussy is just what Kenzie n
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Jasmine Jae in The Horniest Man On Earth 12:00 Sexy scientist Jasmine Jae has been tasked with interviewing and running tests on a caged Danny D, who claims to be the... horniest man on Earth!! Danny's claims seem to be true; he's wild, full of explosive cum and his heart rate is off the chart after the slightest stimulation. Jasmine tries to be professional at first, but as she learns more about her horny subject, the more she wants to try out some hands-on experimentation. Jasmine eventually lets Danny out of his cage, excited by the prospect of being fucked by Danny's massive and mega-horny dick.
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Christie Stevens in Christie Stevens-CuckoldSessions 8:15 How many times have we told you, "be careful of your wife's personal trainer!"? If you still don't believe us, take a look at today's Cuckold Session! Super-hot MILF Christie Stevens has dragged Hubby to today's "workout" with her buffed, studly trainer. Why? It's his birthday! Christie loves Hubby, and she very much loves their cuckolding relationship! So why not toss the cuckold a bone? While Hubby is trying desperately to squeeze out a half-dozen pushups, Christie's busy getting very friendly with her man! Soon, she's sucking him, and, Hubby gets to watch! Get this -- he get's a day without his "cage", too! This means he'll pound his tiny weenie with his fist while Christie is getting pounded by The Trainer! Since Christie's in a good mood, she'll allow Hubby to make a mess all over himself; however, she's not walking out of the gym messy! This means clean-up on Aisle 32-D for Hubby! But let's face it...part of Hubby's joy in cuckolding is the pleasure he receives cleaning up his wife after other men finish all over her!
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Vanessa Cage in Vanessa Cage fucks the debt collector 7:29 When Vanessa finds out her husband owes Chad money AGAIN, she takes matters into her own hands. Chad is willing to extend the repayment date as long as she fucks him -- properly. The terms: undress slowly, sexy lingerie, 69, sex all over the room, and a cum shot all over her big sexy tits.
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Vanessa Cage in Perpetually Moaning 15:00 Golden blonde cutie Vanessa Cage gets fucked from all angles, leaving her constantly moaning and asking for more until she’s completely satisfied with Eric John’s delicious cum facial.
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