Victoria June in The Season For Believing 15:00
Victoria June in The Season For Believing 15:00 Danny Steele, Nicky Rebel, and Johnny the Kid have been stuck at the orphanage forever, and all they want this year are sweet mommy jugs. It’s a Christmas miracle when Victoria June shows up and offers her body to the curious trio of boys.
Alicia Williams, Eliza Ibarra in Couple Swap Christmas - S40:E25 15:00
Alicia Williams, Eliza Ibarra in Couple Swap Christmas - S40:E25 15:00 What could be hotter for Christmas than learning your hot girlfriend is also into your friend's hot girlfriend? Gift in hand, Tyler Nixon and Alicia Williams are headed to Jay Romero and Eliza Ibarra's place to receive a gift of their own. The couples have been friendly for a while, but this Christmas meetup is about to be really special, because on top of all the other gifts getting exchanged Alicia and Eliza have a special present for their boyfriends.After getting the men settled by the Christmas tree, Eliza and Alicia announce they have one last present from themselves for the guys. They leave the room together, leaving Jay and Tyler to speculate about what their girlfriends might have cooked up. Before long, the girls have reappeared in Christmas coordinated lingerie. To clear up any possible misunderstandings, Eliza and Alicia capture one another's lips in a hot kiss that leaves no doubt that this isn't the first time they've gotten together.The guys could have happily just watched their girlfriends necking, but Eliza and Alicia want so much more than that. Eliza goes to Tyler and Alicia goes to Jay where they're seated on the couch. Climbing into each other's boyfriends' laps, the girls make themselves cozy. Kissing and stroking, they work each man into a sexual frenzy from which there's no coming back, which makes the upcoming couples swap beautifully inevitable.Once the girls are assured of their mutual conquests, they get the men to their feet. Eliza pulls Tyler's cock out while Alicia does the same for Jay's. Rubbing and stroking, they lean in and open wide to begin coordinated blowjobs. The guys are committed now, which makes them enthusiastic participants. The girls keep on sucking until they're both ready for something more hardcore.Getting on her hands and knees on the couch, Eliza invites Tyler to slide into her slippery twat. Meanwhile, Jay sits on the couch so Alicia can mount him in reverse cowgirl. The position lets Eliza lean forward to lick at Alicia's clit and tongue her hard nipples.The couples switch it up again, with Eliza laying on her back with Alicia climbing onto her face to ride her hot tongue. That pseudo-69 position lets Tyler slam home into Alicia's greedy fuck hole. Jay arranges himself between Eliza's thighs, giving it to his girlfriend while guiding one of her cute feet up so he can run his tongue over the tender arch to really make Eliza moan.When the foursome splits back into couples, Eliza finds herself riding reverse cowgirl on Jay's hard dick. On her back on the couch, Alicia opens wide to welcome Tyler back inside. The girls swap partners one last time and lay on the couch with their heads adjacent so they can caress each other's upper bodies as the guys bring them home one last time.Tyler makes Eliza moan, while Jay does the same for Alicia. When the guys can't hold back a moment longer, they pull out and pop all over the girl they're fucking to leave both ladies cum covered and oh so satisfied. As they kiss on the couch in the aftermath, Alicia and Eliza suggest that perhaps this can be their new Christmas tradition.
Kira Noir, Paige Owens, Lilly Bell in Stuff Her Stocking 15:00
Kira Noir, Paige Owens, Lilly Bell in Stuff Her Stocking 15:00 Happy couple Kira Noir and Paige Owens are full of Christmas spirit as they decorate the tree and smooch under the mistletoe, but their roommate Lilly Bell just got dumped by her gf. They decide to give her some holiday cheering up with a gift... of strap-ons! Kira and Paige dress up in red lingerie and make Lilly feel all better as they run their hands over her stunning body, sucking her tits and licking her pussy, then they put on the strap-ons so Lilly can get well and truly stuffed! Paige doesn't want to get left out, so Kira fucks both babes under the mistletoe.
Milka in Santa cums early this year 5:59
Milka in Santa cums early this year 5:59 Since Christmas is the festival of giving and merrymaking this unique tradition adds to its grandeur. However, the only rule of this tradition is that you need to give and receive. But what happens when you don't receive anything? Santa came empty-handed this year but with a sack full of goodies to fill Mila in all the right places.
Alana Moon in Jingle Her Bell - Blonde Teen Hardcore Fucked on XXXmas GP2165 15:00
Alana Moon in Jingle Her Bell - Blonde Teen Hardcore Fucked on XXXmas GP2165 15:00 Alana Moon is a blonde teen who loves to be hardcore fucked on XXXmas! Erik Everhard is here to jingle her bell tonight, as we reveal DDF Network’s advent special. Both look gorgeous in their fancy outfits. The handsome man of the hour wears a nice suit, while his holy blonde looks just gorgeous in her skin-tight dress and nylon stockings! They start French kissing and within a couple of seconds, Mr. Everhard licks her tasty shaved pussy. The handsome man crams her butthole with his nose while sticking that wet tongue deep into her cunny. The blonde Hungarian college student gives him a handjob followed by some intense cock sucking. Erik can’t wait to penetrate that curvy ass doggy style and slides his big hard meat deep into her twat! The horny Hungarian bombshell makes her ass gape and fingers her butthole with two fingers while he bangs her cunt. The boy-girl scene under the Christmas tree heats up when she rides his boner like a cowgirl and feels his rod deep inside her dripping wet box. Finally, she wanks his boner and receives a load of cum on her pussy! Merry & Horny Christmas!
Katerina, Sandra Zee in Katerina, Sandra Zee, Katerina, Lucie And Anna Have A Xxx X-Mas Gang Bang 15:00
Katerina, Sandra Zee in Katerina, Sandra Zee, Katerina, Lucie And Anna Have A Xxx X-Mas Gang Bang 15:00 Katerina, Sandra Zee, Katerina, Lucie and Anna decided to throw themselves a very naughty Christmas party. They wanted to dress up as sexy Santa's helpers then bring in two studs to fuck the wet out of their pussies as they all watched! Talk about being on the naughty list!
Malory Malibu in MALORY MALIBU 2 11:00
Malory Malibu in MALORY MALIBU 2 11:00 Christmas came early here at ExCoGi this year and our little presents name is 18 year old VIRGIN Malory Malibu. Yes she's a VIRGIN and we are way ahead of you on bringing her back and have already shot a 3some with her, Jake Adams & Audrey Hempburne. It's fucking awesome by the the way so stay tuned for that one. So lets focus on today's gift and the deflowering of Malory. Let me also say first that Malory is the second virgin we have had the pleasure of deflowering here at ExCoGi. If you want to see the first, her name is Keisha and I was just as excited to meet and get that shoot started as I was for the deflowering on Malory. Even though I wasn't the one sticking my dick up her virgin pussy this time. You may ask: "Steve, is Malory really a virgin?", and my answer is absolutely 100% she is. This girl hasn't even seen a real penis before today and Jake can't hardly wait to get his hands on her. She even claims to watch porn constantly and her fantasy is to be gangbanged. I know it's always the quite ones that are the super whores right? Well during the interview you get to see what a wholesome and inexperienced slut she is and we get her naked in the car. Once back at the hotel we find out more about Malory as her makeup is getting done. Trust me. This interview is one you have to watch and listen to set the mood of this shoot. EVERYTHING, and I mean EVERYTHING is a first for our wholesome flower. Listen, I can try to give you blow-by-blow accounts of this epic shoot but she gets all her wishes granted from Santa and go watch the fucking video!
BerylQ in BerylQ Video Release 472 5:00
BerylQ in BerylQ Video Release 472 5:00 With Christmas just around the corner, we have decided to bring you a festive BerylQ release 472. The Blonde perfectly fits the holiday spirit with her perfect body and deep blue eyes. And when we put a white turtleneck sweater on her with nothing but green underwear under it, that's when we realized we have struck holiday perfection. BerylQ is the perfect choice for this kind of erotic photoset. Of course, it helps that the release also features red and green furniture to really accentuate that Christmas vibe. But it wouldn't amount to anything unless it was Said Energizer behind the camera though. He took some amazing exclusive BerylQ videos in the past, and this one is just as perfect. If you want to heat yourself up during these cold months, then sexy naked teens like BerylQ with their erotic nudes and full videos are just the thing for you.
Taylee Wood, Little Ellis in Matt And Dan Get The Perfect XXXMas Present 12:15
Taylee Wood, Little Ellis in Matt And Dan Get The Perfect XXXMas Present 12:15 Matt Bird tells Porno Dan about his dirty dream of fucking two brunettes. Later that day they meet Taylee Wood and Little Ellis and as foretold they grant them with their Christmas wish.
Fuck)Antonia Sainz in ANTONIA SAINZ — MERRY CHRISTMAS 9:00
Fuck)Antonia Sainz in ANTONIA SAINZ — MERRY CHRISTMAS 9:00 It's nearly Christmas and who better to bring back to Wet and Pissy for this special event than Antonia Sainz! Stunning Antonia is dressed in red lingerie and high heels and looks the perfect gift to stuff under your Christmas tree! She writhes around then suddenly pulls down her red panties and starts pussy pissing right through them! We zoom in on her trimmed pussy as she lets her juices flow and Antonia heads into the lounge to continue to tease. She pulls off her panties and licks them before making herself comfortable on the rug. She takes off her heels and squeezes her tits together, giving her nipples some attention then leans back to play with her pussy and finger herself. Antonia opens a gift left for her on the rug and sees that it's a cute plaid minidress. Placing it on the floor, this naughty babe pees all over it then squeezes her piss into her mouth to give herself a taste of piss drinking. She puts on the wet garment and continues to finger herself, grabbing another item of clothing from her gift. She pees all over this too and gets dressed in the soaking wet bodysuit before pulling the crotch to one side to fuck her pussy with a beaded dildo! Antonia gets hold of a glass vase and pees into it, pouring her juicy goods all down herself to drench her body even more! Moving onto a glass dildo, this horny brunette gets herself off and finishes this pissing porno by filling a glass goblet with one final stream of pee!
Allie Sin in Allie Sin fucks her friend's brother instead of going to a Christmas party 15:00
Allie Sin in Allie Sin fucks her friend's brother instead of going to a Christmas party 15:00 Allie is being a real Grinch since Derrick's sister stranded her downtown during a last minute gift run. She doesn't even want to go to the Christmas Bash & gift exchange. Nothing like a few jingle balls, err, bells to break her out of that mood!
Maddy May in Christams Morning Release 15:00
Maddy May in Christams Morning Release 15:00 Stepbrother and stepsister, Laurel and Gabe have been dying to fuck each other since Gabe arrived for Christmas vacation. However, with both entangled in other relationships they've had to be on their best behavior - until now. Throwing caution to the wind - both indulge in a Christmas morning of pent up sexual tension finally released - with BOTH of them experiencing mind-blowing orgasms and wet, wild, sensual sex.
Coco Lovelock, Harley Haze in BF Gets a Threesome Christmas Gift From His GF 14:59
Coco Lovelock, Harley Haze in BF Gets a Threesome Christmas Gift From His GF 14:59
Angel Wicky in The Christmas Angel! 14:59
Angel Wicky in The Christmas Angel! 14:59
Abby Somers in ABBY SOMERS DP 11:00
Abby Somers in ABBY SOMERS DP 11:00 Winter’s upon us everybody and we all need a little something to help keep us warm this time of the season. What season is that Steve? You know the, ‘It Jizz the Season’ Season… The ‘Elf on the shelf’ time of year… The, ‘I saw mommy blowing Santa by the Christmas Tree,’ shenanigans. Well in Santa’s little help Mrs. Abby’s case, it’s more like ‘I saw Grandma blowing Santa and a bunch of his helpers by the Christmas Tree’ because that’s the type of gal Abby is. Bring them on is her attitude and like I said in her first scene's write up, boy do we have a treat for you today. May I present, for the second time, 41 year-old Abby Somers and I’ll say it again. If I hadn’t seen pictures of this hot Gilf’s smoking hot daughters myself I’d say there was no fucking way in hell babies came out of this girl's tight pussy and Tyler, along with Alex Mach couldn’t be more happy to see how Abby takes both their cocks. So today was Abby’s second scene and it was only supposed to be a 3some. No anal. Well we are always down for a little change up here at HMF and Abby said she’s up for a little anal and possibly some DP, Double Penetration action. Yeah baby!!! This little fire cracker was actually hoping for anal in her first scene but didn’t tell us so today we’re going to let the wild cards get played and see what happens. I know the suspense is killing us all. Ok I’ll give you a little something, something to tide you over with. She gets a double facial in the end and then sends her hubby pics of it, then calls him to get his reaction because she’s never let anyone else ever blow a load on her gorgeous face before but him. Curiosity satisfied? No? Well ok then let’s start unwrapping Abby shall we and see what’s under that wrapping paper. The rest of this story shouldn’t disappoint. It’s a good one. Happy Holidays!
Alicia Williams, Eliza Ibarra, Jazmin Luv in Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas - S19:E4 15:00
Alicia Williams, Eliza Ibarra, Jazmin Luv in Stepsister And Her Friends Want Dick For Christmas - S19:E4 15:00 Eliza Ibarra is getting together with her friends Alicia Williams and Jazmin Luv to make gift boxes for charity. The girls have decided to dress in matching festive elf outfits for the occasion. It's just an added bonus that those outfits are sexy as hell. As the girls put the boxes together, they gossip about all the cute guys they're going to meet and how horny they are. When Eliza's stepbrother, Ricky Spanish, joins them, Eliza tries to tell him to go away. Ricky says he'll stay, provoking Jazmin to taunt him that he's only here because he's in love with Eliza. Trying to dispel the awkwardness, Eliza tells Ricky he actually can help by playing Santa for some social media pics.Eventually Ricky agrees to dress in the Santa costume and lets the girls snap photos of him. Jazmin announces that someone should sit on Santa's lap and immediately volunteers, which lets her feel Ricky's hardon. As soon as Eliza has her back turned, Jazmin enlists Alicia's help as they pop that stiffie out to play with. Eliza is initially irritated, but once she sees what a nice cock her stepbro has, her attitude changes. Dropping to her knees with her friends, Eliza joins in the cock play while begging Ricky not to tell her mom. When he indicates that he won't, the trio of sexy elves goes to work on a triple BJ.The girls want to do more than suck that hardon. Jazmin gets the first turn with the D as she gets on her hands and knees and slides her thong aside so Ricky can do her in doggy. Eliza positions herself in front of Jazmin so her friend can lap at her hard nipples and then lean down to eat her out while Alicia takes up the mantle with Eliza's tender titties. On her back and cradled in both her BFFs' arms, Alicia spreads her thighs for Ricky to give her some Christmas cock. Eliza gets Ricky to lie on his back so she can enjoy her stepbro in a cowgirl and reverse cowgirl ride as her friends get on their knees so Ricky can use both hands to rub their pussies. The girls finish their impromptu foursome by sucking Ricky off until he rewards them by blowing his load for all three girls to enjoy.
Peta Jensen, Nicole Aniston in Our Holiday Three Way 2 14:59
Peta Jensen, Nicole Aniston in Our Holiday Three Way 2 14:59 Poor lonely Levi - all he wants for Christmas is a blushing new bride. But when the overeager young man makes two desperate wishes, he wakes up to discover that Santa has sent him not one but two new wives! And these aren't just any run-of-the-mill wives - this Christmas Levi gets to fuck Nicole Aniston and Peta Jensen! It's a Christmas miracle!
Aarora Fire, Leana Lovings in AARORA AND LEANA THREESOME 11:00
Aarora Fire, Leana Lovings in AARORA AND LEANA THREESOME 11:00 Who likes to lick pussy & have their pussy licked at the same time as a walking hormone named Tyler Nixon stuffs their holes with his cock? Well it's Aarora & Leana of course back for their first 3some on camera and boy oh boy does this scene deliver. It’s fuckmates delivery service or Santa’s helper Saint Tyler stuffing these girls' boxes full of cock and instructing them on all sorts of holiday naughty shenanigans. Do these girls like to lick pussy? Fuck yes they do and nothing's better than young fresh nubile pussy aching to be used. So this scene starts out innocently enough with some kissing. No need to go stampeding towards the clitoris. Just a soft kiss is all these girls need to get the vaginal juices flowing, but rest assured valued members! There’s lots of debauchery and nastiness packed in this one. Just read the categories to fill your fireside stockings full of cock stuffers that would make an old woman blush and a young girl scream. It also all ends in a glorious double facial this one does because my man Tyler’s good but I don’t know of anyone who can do a double stuff creampie that would satisfy this bunch of creampie hungry members without having multiple guys involved. Spoiler alert! We don’t fake anything here and trust me when I say there are some creampies a coming in future scenes but remember this. ExCoGi was never a creampie site. Ever! And that's coming from the guy who started this. But when we do do them it's like a special treat or something, like getting to open one Christmas present on Christmas Eve special, and unfortunately for all of you I can’t wave my magic cock over a completed scene and change it to a creampie no matter how much you comment on it. So enjoy these two girls having a debauchery facial full of a good time.
Andrea Ann in Merry Christmas and Fuck For Your Name 10:00
Andrea Ann in Merry Christmas and Fuck For Your Name 10:00 This family has its own traditions and customs. At exactly one year of age, the dad must present his offspring with a spoon carved out of wood. At the age of ten, the offspring must start working on an equal footing with the adults. And on the day of the age of majority, the elder members of the family should hold a special ritual of entry into real adulthood. No outsiders are allowed to this action, only the family can be present. And such a Christmas is memorable for the rest of the life...
Andi Rose, Scarlet Skies in If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf - S21:E1 15:00
Andi Rose, Scarlet Skies in If My Stepsister Was A Christmas Elf - S21:E1 15:00 Andi Rose has enlisted Scarlet Skies to help her set up some Christmas elf pranks for her stepbrother, Robby Echo. Robby is confused about the pranks since he didn't think his stepsister was so sexual. The pranks get sexier and sexier as the days count down to Christmas, although they reveal to Robby that both girls watch porn. The third prank involves the elf getting double teamed through a glory hole, which the girls hope will send Robby a clear message. When Robby still seems dense, Andi suggests they play Christmas elf games for real. Robby worries he might get too sexual for the girls, but they assure him it'll be fine and he agrees.Later, Andi and Scarlet walk back into the living room to see Robby dressed as a real life elf. He has set up a lemonade stand with his dick out, implying his lemonade is piss. Andi jokes that she's going to tell their parents and Robby goes to put his dick away thinking he's really fucked up. The girls stop him and take what they've been after this whole time. Getting on their knees, Scarlet and Andy lick Robby's dick like it's an ice cream cone. There's plenty of sucking going on, too, as the girls take turns enjoying their treat.Now that Robby is on the same page, they relocate to the couch. Scarlet gets the first ride on Robby's cock as she lays back in Andi's arms and lets him give it to her. Once Andi has ensured that Scarlet is enjoying herself, she climbs on her friend's mouth so she can ride Scarlet's tongue while Scarlet continues to get fucked. Robby gets on the couch next so Andi can mount him and go to town bouncing on his hardon in reverse cowgirl while Scarlet rubs Andi's clit. Getting on her hands and knees, Scarlet takes a pussy pounding next with Andi squeezing and licking her BFF's ass. Their threesome winds down with Andi on her back and Robby between her thighs, pounding her to a climax. He pulls out a second later, guiding his cum shot onto Andi's muff in the closing act of what has turned out to be a very merry Christmas romp.
Andi Rose, Maya Woulfe in Twat The Night Before Christmas - S23:E1 15:00
Andi Rose, Maya Woulfe in Twat The Night Before Christmas - S23:E1 15:00 Twas the night before XXXmas and Clark Kent is awake and horny. His spouse is dead to the world, but his stepdaughter, Andi Rose, is feeling the urge herself. Things are just getting good for Clark when he hears a moan from Andi and goes to investigate. When he arrives, he finds Andi with a titty out and a horniness that won't quit. She grabs Clark's dick and drops to her knees to blow him, which wakes her friend Maya Woulfe up. Maya watches for a moment as she pops her boobies out, then without a word joins in on the cock sucking for a double BJ. The girls share so beautifully, but this XXXmas miracle still has so much more to cum.Getting Clark into their bed, Andi and Maya pounce. They keep on sucking with lots of deep throating and ball sucking. Then they peel off their jammies to create a pussy double stack for Clark to enjoy. Maya is on her belly on the bottom and Andi is on her knees above her friend with her hand wrapped around Maya's neck for some light breath play as Clark bangs them both. Eventually Maya winds up on her hands and knees with Clark's fuck stick buried in her snatch and her face buried between Andi's thighs.Swapping spots, Andi takes a doggy style pussy pounding while lapping at Maya's lush body. She gets Clark on his back once again so she can take him for a spin in cowgirl. Maya makes sure Andi is enjoying herself, then climbs onto Clark's mouth so he can eat her out. When it's time for the girls to switch it up, Maya gets on for a reverse cowgirl ride that puts her back to back with Andi as she plants her twat on Clark's tongue. Andi and Clark switch places so that Clark can bang his stepdaughter as Maya rocks her hips over Andi's mouth. That leads them all to a glorious finish where Clark blows his XXXmas load into his stepdaughter's greedy fuck hole. There's a moment of consternation when Clark realizes Andi's not on birth control, but Maya saves the day by sucking the cum out of Andi's tight pussy.
Mia Kay, Penelope Kay in Mia Kay and Penelope Kay share the holiday spirit with a threesome!!! 15:00
Mia Kay, Penelope Kay in Mia Kay and Penelope Kay share the holiday spirit with a threesome!!! 15:00 Merry Naughty Christmas Mia Kay and Penelope Kay, the moment for the arrival of the tree has arrived but, grouchy Anthony is not feeling the holyday vibes, until Mia gives him a candy cane and sweetness start to form in the air and what more sexy magic do you need other than Mistletoe right in top of them, so this is the naughty wish Anthony has for this night, a threesome with 2 hot chicks on a magical winter night. Merry Christmas!!!!
Violet Gems in A Horny Christmas Carol 12:00
Violet Gems in A Horny Christmas Carol 12:00 The Holidays aren't for everyone. In fact, some people, like Peter Green, can become such a scrooge on Christmas. When he visits his girlfriends house on Christmas Eve, he finds out that her and her stepmom are obsessed with Christmas. They sit him down to watch their favorite holiday movie, but when Peter falls as***p, the unthinkable happens. He's awaken by The Ghost of Christmas, who's there to show Peter how much better his life could be if he had the spirit of Christmas in his heart. The fun, Christmas loving version of Peter is suprised with a threesome with his girlfriend and her stepmom. Now he can really make it snow. He fucks them in multiple positions and lets out a huge load from his candy cane all over their faces.
Kylie Quinn in Naughty Or Nice? 12:00
Kylie Quinn in Naughty Or Nice? 12:00 Christmas Eve day, Kylie Quinn is wrapping presents to put under the Christmas tree, little does she know, Santa is here early this year. Santa Claus breaks into her house, which scares Kylie until she realizes it's just her boyfriend in costume. He remembered her fantasy about always wanting to fuck Santa. She's gonna be his little hoe hoe hoe this year. He spanks her for being such a bad girl and then he takes out his big dick and face fucks her just the way she likes it. They fuck in multiple postions, making her cum multiple times, until he's finally to pull out his candy cane and make it snow all over her.