in Blowjob clip with randy Carolina Sweets from Spizoo 11:11
in Blowjob clip with randy Carolina Sweets from Spizoo 11:11
in JAY TATE LEAVES HALLE STORM SPEECHLESS AND COVERED IN CUM! 12:00 Halle Storm And Jay Tate were caught hanging out together before their scene, poking at each other and joking around while Halle finished getting ready. Once the scene started, these two were ready to get to the point! Jay starts off eating Halle's tight little pussy, showing how much of a gentleman he can be! He tr(eats) that pussy for a while before Halle takes over and wraps her lips around his perfect uncut cock. She throats his dick for as long as it takes to get it rocked up and throbbing for her pussy. Jay flips Halle on her back and slowly penetrates her, giving her what she's been waiting for. Jay's expertise is on full display as he flows through positions and adds some extra pussy eating in there to keep it fresh! After the studs had his fill of pussy, he unloads a classic Jay Tate Sprayer all over Halle Storm! Jay, you never disappoint!
in Yvonne Gets It On 5:59
in Yvonne Gets It On 5:59 Jay Banger is blessed to be slapping and stroking down Yvonne Carlo's fat ass and pussy while she parades her big booty around the backyard. She gets a classic poolside fuck from a big cock and makes her pussy sweat cum on his dick like it's sunscreen. She sucks his dick with her juicy lips and looks up at him with her slutty eyes before he fucks her more. He fucks her long and hard giving her every inch of his long cook. When he's done laying pipe he rinses her off with a cums**t in her face.
in Truth or Dare 2612 12:00
in Truth or Dare 2612 12:00 When Bridgette B went to see her buddy Abbey Brooks at her new place, it was hard to believe that her old party pal Abbey had settled down with a guy. But all the same, there she was with her new man Keiran Lee. Bridgette decided the only way to get the party started on the right foot was with a tried and true classic, truth or dare. The dares started to get hot and heavy, and before long, Abbey and Bridgette were sharing Keiran's fat cock! They sucked and stroked that dick, and then once it was hard as a rock, they took turns riding their way to some intense orgasms. After they shared a nice load of Keiran's jizz all over their pretty faces, Bridgette B finally started understanding the appeal of settling down!
Fuck) in Enticing Jessica Fox at blowjob dirt 10:01
Fuck) in Enticing Jessica Fox at blowjob dirt 10:01
in Doggy sex with fairytale girlfriend from XXX-Vintage 10:01
in Doggy sex with fairytale girlfriend from XXX-Vintage 10:01
Barbie Nicole in THE SKY'S THE LIMIT 5:44
Barbie Nicole in THE SKY'S THE LIMIT 5:44 Barbie Nicole was spotted on Twitter by a SCORE editor. After reaching for his oxygen mask, he immediately contacted the studio team. It took a little time for her to visit us in Miami but everything worked out in the end. Skyler's no stranger to Miami. She was born in the Magic City. She now lives in California. She has the classic SCORE Girl slim body and huge boobs. The Big '90s, as we refer to it, was when girls such as SaRenna Lee and Angelique ruled the planet. "My hobbies are working out, shopping and doing photo shoots," Barbie said. "My boobs are 2000CCs. I tend to make them fit in 34DDD- or F-cup bras. I love how they pop even more when the bra doesn't fit! When I'm not shooting, I prefer to go braless."
Silvia Silent in Vintage DP for Latex Wearing Silvia Silent 8:55
Silvia Silent in Vintage DP for Latex Wearing Silvia Silent 8:55 Private’s latex wearing super slut Silvia Silent stars in the smash hit classic “Hells Belles!” This kinky slut has her ass, feet and pussy licked by a hung stud to satisfy all her fetish needs, then she gags him and uses her whip to get her pleasure. She is joined by another hung stud and then things get hardcore! This dominating slut opens up both her holes to take some wild DP action, having her pussy and ass crushed by two big cocks. Finally, after giving her men some hardcore anal, she gets to her knees and is finished off with a ATM facial.
Jennifer in JENNIFER5929 11:00
Jennifer in JENNIFER5929 11:00 At ECG we're starting 2014 off right with a curvy coed from our favorite diploma factory. Jennifer is 20 and in addition to a huge appetite for sex, she's sporting a pair of enhanced D cups that look like they cost more than a loaded Toyota Carolla.I start with Jennifer in the bathroom doing her hair (because, obviously with big bouncy tanned D cups, you will totally be staring at her hair, right?) and she's nervous and giggly but seems to have a great attitude. She quickly reveals that she's a borderline nympho and while nervous, she's turned on and excited to shoot with me. When I see her tits I'm excited to shoot ON them, so we have that in common.When I finally have her peel off her panties, she's already extremely wet and when I start fingering her she quickly gets into it. It hardly takes any time at all to get her off to a huge orgasm. You guys know what comes after fingers at ECG: the blowjob. I put Jennifer on her knees and a little sucking and a little face fucking lead to a rock hard boner, which I can tell she wants to ride. Back to the bed and I fuck her right into another big O. Then doggy and another O, then cowgirl and yet another big, real orgasm for Jenn. She's got an incredible O face and it's a real pleasure watching her get there over and over, but it's got to be my turn.I put her on her knees again for the pop shot and while I'm debating whether to cover her tits or her face, things kind of happen and I end up getting both equally gluey, so another classic ECG win-win.***NEW STREAMING VIDEO PLAYER!! Simply click the "WATCH FULL MOVIE NOW" link or click the "play" button and the movie will instantly stream - on any of your devices (PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, Android)!
Alejandra in Slutty Bride Alejandra is the Queen Of Latina Blowjobs 5:21
Alejandra in Slutty Bride Alejandra is the Queen Of Latina Blowjobs 5:21 Alejandra puts her tonsils to good use in Private’s classic series “Cum on My Face 6.” This naughty bride rips off her stripper’s pants and shoves her mouth on his big hard cock, getting him hard with the back of her throat. After some sloppy head, this blowjob expert takes a real hard face fucking, using her hands to wank him off only to grab herself some breathing time! Finally, after choking on his huge cock, she earns herself a big sticky facial; now that’s a sticky Latina.
Sydney Cole, Nicki Ortega in Pajama Party 01508 15:00
Sydney Cole, Nicki Ortega in Pajama Party 01508 15:00 I dare you to... thats right, on this latest submission we had a group of college kids playing one of the oldest games in the book. After some easy dares like taking off an item of clothing and booty shaking, the party got real hot. Especially with the star of this one, Nicky. She was a hot little bombshell that delivered one steamy Dare Dorm! Though the game may be old, Nicky brought a whole new meaning to it, and you won't want to miss it. This one was an instant Dare Dorm classic.
Jackie Hoff in Jackie Hoff-BlacksOnBlondes 12:00
Jackie Hoff in Jackie Hoff-BlacksOnBlondes 12:00 Jackie is really enjoying her vacation to Tuluum Mexico. The resort she is staying at is very relaxed and with everybody off on tours for the day she finds the pool all to herself. Soon she is joined by another American who also is taking advantage of the quiet time by the pool. Having spent a great night out partying in Mexico he is set to relax with a margarita by the pool when he spots the hot little brunette lying in the shade. He introduces himself and does his classic line of putting some suntan lotion on her. Knowing how horny white girls get when touched by a black man Mazee starts giving her some finger magic. Moaning and horny in the tropical sun this little white chick knew what she needed. Some Big Cock. Oh indeed. Cause no matter where you are in the world that is all that matters. Pleasantly surprised by the girl and size of this gorgeous hunk of a black man's cock size, Jackie soon finds it balls deep in her mouth. Pussy twitching and aching for cock she needs it bad. But that sphincter is dilating as well and screaming for big cock injection and soon she finds her asshole stretched wide as Mazee sends his mammoth pussy blaster deep in her rectal region. Assfucked and cumming in Mexico is always a great memory and Jackie is definitely getting stuffed with memories right now. Basted in hot jizz she is shining with happiness.
Kimber Lee in Pretty amateur fucked after a crash 11:59
Kimber Lee in Pretty amateur fucked after a crash 11:59 In this weeks bangbus were out doing what we do but this we bring you an oldie and I mean that with the utmost respect lol JMAC!! is back in this mug and he is ready to take down whatever comes his way (Granny's ya'll aint safe) lol any who we come a cross this little garage sale and decide to hit it up and we literallly run over all there parked merchandise lol but with all travesty comes some good there was a cutie there selling her goods but man we had to deal with her "granda" she was really her aunt but she looked old enough and it just ticked her off evertime that i called her granny! anywho she made us responsible for the damaged goods and actually made sure that we pay asked her niece to come with us to a nearby ATM...All in all we've got an instant classic in todays update and you guys are going to love it.
Valentina Bellucci in Inappropriate Kiss 15:00
Valentina Bellucci in Inappropriate Kiss 15:00 My stepmom Valentina Bellucci is from Italy, she's new to America so I (Brick Danger) show her some classic cinema. She seems to love it and complains my dad never watches films with her. Or makes her cum. What!? She goes in for a kiss and then quickly apologizes. The next morning, she comes into my room in a little slip-on. She says she can't stop thinking about us. Then she pulls my dick out and before I know it my foreign stepmom is slurping away at it. She is so horny and can't help herself, she tells me she wants to ride me.... Hop on! She has amazing tits and big nipples, I suck them as I fuck her good from beneath. I slide her panties to the side and watch as her wet MILF pussy slides up & down my big cock. I fuck her hard from behind before flipping her over. She keeps telling me to cum in her pussy, but she's my stepmom! Oh well... I guess stepmom knows best!
Alice Shea in Nipple Piercing 7:44
Alice Shea in Nipple Piercing 7:44 Stunning Alice Shea, a blue-eyed blonde from Ukraine, is dressed in lingerie – a classic set of bra, panties and garter belt in black lace. She rolls tan stockings up her long, toned legs and clips the tops onto the garter straps. The camera lingers on the details of her beautiful body, including her tattoos and her peachy ass cheeks, left bare by the thong-back of her panties. She sits in front of her vanity to apply her burgundy-red lipstick, and ruffles her shoulder-length, wavy hair. Next, she slips down her bra straps to reveal small, beautiful breasts, then carefully retrieves a pair of barbell nipple rings from the counter. With deft, practiced ease, she slips them through the piercings in her stiff nipples and screws on the ball-ends to secure them in place. She stands up and, feeling horny, caresses her body then begins to masturbate through her panties before slipping a hand inside of them. She yanks the crotch sideways and, head thrown back and eyes shut, circles her fingers in her slit, teasing her clit. She tangles her free hand in the decorative straps of her bra, moaning as she cums. Not yet satisfied, she removes her panties and sits, legs splayed, on her vanity seat. Moaning, she resumes her self-pleasure, her pussy lips tender and puffed up from her first orgasm as her second one builds. Momentarily, she clamps her thighs shut around her hand, almost too sensitive to handle any more stimulation. But she persists, taking herself to the brink. Finally, she sits on the floor, legs wide apart, as she teases herself to a cum. Once again, her legs scissor shut, this time pinning her hand in place as her body arches and writhes in ecstasy. Then, she caresses her body, tweaking her pierced nipples and flashing the sweetest glance and smile at the camera before the picture fades.
Holly Garner in THE NATURAL WONDERS OF HOLLY GARNER 6:00 Blessed, beautiful and busty, Holly Garner dances and bounces in and out of her classic bra and panties. Holly has it all. A stunning face. An innocent smile. Big, natural boobs that are perfect in every way. She has sensuous posing skills and a natural charisma that the camera captures. At SCORELAND, we call this quality "the magic." In this introduction, it's clear that Holly is proud of her gorgeous body and striking looks. Holly Garner has the magic.
Victoria Vale in VICTORIA VALE: THE TOTAL PACKAGE 6:00 Victoria Vale's poolside bikini scene inspired one SCORELAND member to write, "I have to say this is one of my favorite scenes of all time. Vicky Vale's tits are just perfect." R. Bailey commented, "Victoria Vale has some of the biggest and the best tits at SCORE today. I'd like to see her and Ricki Raxxx team up in a hypothetical Mega-Boob Olympics 2. Wouldn't that be a sight!" Victoria flies solo in this scene. She wears a neon yellow tank dress that clings like a second skin to her Amazonian curves. Miss Vale slips if off to show us her tan-lined mega-boobs. She fondles and rubs her massive breasts as she seductively talks about her twin peaks, then she rubs and fingers her pussy and clit. Then she licks and sucks her fingers to taste her sweet cum juices. "I absolutely love having my breasts played with and fondled during sex," said Victoria. Some readers have emailed that she reminds them of the classic showstopping SCORE Girls of the Big '90s. "I love my nipples lightly sucked, and I love giving a guy the Russian treatment. I enjoy dressing for sex...high, sexy heels, thigh-highs and garters, skimp dresses or lingerie, bright lipstick."
Zora Banx in Fetish Favourite Zora Banx Will Show You How to Fuck 11:09
Zora Banx in Fetish Favourite Zora Banx Will Show You How to Fuck 11:09 Your favourite fetish blonde Zora Banx is back in Private’s classic “Deviation”. She has her man feel up her big perky tits, massaging her latex costume to make her nice and wet. He just can’t resist the taste of her pussy! He spreads her legs and eats out her warm wet cunt before being treated to the back of her throat with a sensual blowjob. After some sloppy deep throat, and some serious finger fucking, she opens up her pussy to take his cock hard and fast. Finally, after taking a deep anal drilling, she goes ATM to catch his cum.
Kissy, Loz Lorrimar in Loz & Kissy 54200 12:01
Kissy, Loz Lorrimar in Loz & Kissy 54200 12:01 Here we go with another classic anal fisting movie. These two chicks start going at it really hard. Kissy prepares her flexible ass for some good fisting. It's an incredible thing to see.
Alice In Orgy Land A Classic Porn Fairy Tale 8:00
Alice In Orgy Land A Classic Porn Fairy Tale 8:00 In this silly, bawdy, ribald, homage to Alice in Wonderland, Stacy a stunning blonde MILF, plays a delightfully coquettish Alice, while big boobed, dark skinned, ebony MILF, India, is the evil Queen, who wants her head. Lovely and loquacious, brunette temptress Lexi, is the Mad Hatter, and big titted, blonde MILF, Cindy, is the Cheshire Cat. Alice, who is running for her life, stumbles upon their tea party, followed by the Queen, and her guards; however, since the Queen loves tea, she orders, that they have a sex party instead. Adhering to the Queen’s proclamation, every pretty pussy is either barbarically pounded, fingered, or lavishly licked, while the girls moan and wail, in pornographic exultation, in this depraved, debauched, and decadently, degenerate jamboree, as their frantic, frenzied fucking and sucking usurps every hungry hole, with every potent prick, for a breathtaking display, of lewd and licentious, carnal chaos, culminating in a crescendo of creamy cum, raining down upon pretty pussies, voracious open mouths, and gorgeous faces, for the quintessential, vintage, porn finale.
Claudia Rossi in Claudia Rossi, the Blowjob Queen 6:14
Claudia Rossi in Claudia Rossi, the Blowjob Queen 6:14 Private’s classic Cum on My Face 6 presents Claudia Rossi in top form! One of Private’s all-time favourites, we exhibit her perfect body, including her supple perky tits! After a hard finger fucking and a solo session, she puts her tonsils to work with a nice sloppy blowjob. This cock sucking expert gets to it, gagging down his huge cock with some nice deep throat and then finishing him off with a hand jerk special, earning herself a nice sticky facial.
Dana Vespoli in Dana Vespoli is a Heartless Anal Addict in A Thing of Beauty Part 4 10:00
Dana Vespoli in Dana Vespoli is a Heartless Anal Addict in A Thing of Beauty Part 4 10:00 Dana Vespoli makes another good portrayal of a carnal she-devil in her Faustian feature “A Thing Of Beauty,” she’s equal parts beguiling and intimidating. The ambitious movie’s story surprises, convincing acting, hellish imagery and clever special effects ignite a potent variety of sex scenarios in a depraved re-imagination of the classic devil’s bargain. Natural-bodied redhead Bree Daniels’ transformation from mousy mess to confident cutie enhances her professional and sexual satisfaction. A man with something ripped off from his back marks sits while Dana Vespoli approaches him with lusty intentions. That same man starts examining Dana’s tits and pussy and just made her suck his dick just because he wills it. Dana goes at his dick hard. Same thing happened when the man wants it inside her. He lies down and made Dana do the fucking. She eventually get slammed on the table and gets fucked hard. The man gets a little rest when he pulls out and just hovers his dick over her face have her suck on it again. Dana then was dragged to go on all fours. The man fucks her hole from behind and went at it for a good amount of time. Next bit is quite interesting. Dana lies on her back and her legs behind her ear to expose her holes to the man. The man now penetrates her ass and goes at it really hard. The wingless man now fucks that hole with all his strength until he can’t do it anymore. Dana kneels down before him and he squirted his cum into her mouth for her to swallow. You might see a little lesbian action in the end so if you like that, make sure that you stay until the end. It might look like a prequel or sequel to something so if you want to know the story, you know what to do.
Hime Marie in Lacy Stocking Anal Lover 12:00
Hime Marie in Lacy Stocking Anal Lover 12:00 Cock tease Hime Marie shows off her gorgeous body in this classic showcase. She is licked and fucked to perfection by Kiernan Lee before he cums in all her holes! Hime takes Kiernan's dick for a wild ride in this fun, steamy scene. All while keeping her sexy lace stockings on!
Lorena B, Tess B in Be Mine... Again 12:01
Lorena B, Tess B in Be Mine... Again 12:01 This reprisal of the 2013 SexArt classic "Be Mine" finds enchanting lovers Lorena B and Tess B reunited for Don Caravaggio’s erotic movie "Be Mine… Again." They start with a pillow fight, both girls irresistible in sexy black lingerie. They tussle playfully, rolling on the crisp white sheets, the game turning passionate as they kiss hungrily. Tess straddles her Spanish sweetheart, leaning forward to get her perfectly perky breasts sucked; then peels the giggling brunette’s black lace panties off. Kissing Lorena’s peachy ass cheeks, she begins to stroke her lightly-furred pussy. Lorena gasps with pleasure, hips rocking up as Tess spreads her sweet folds open and licks her skilfully. She moves to her knees as her girlfriend fingerbangs her frantically, grabbing her wrist to urge her on as she cums with great intensity. Sitting behind the Czech cutie, Lorena squeezes her breasts with one hand as she frigs her shaved pussy hard and fast, then moves on top of her in a sixty-nine, eating her and grinding on her face until they are both going wild. Lorena dons a strap-on, and Tess slathers it with lube, then bends over to get fucked from behind, Lorena pumping her hips to slam the mock cock deep as she fucks Tess to a powerful orgasm. It’s a fervid encounter that stirs up hot memories and creates some delightful new ones.