Scarlett Hampton in Interception 12:00
Scarlett Hampton in Interception 12:00 Is dancing with another woman cheating? What about flirting with a sexy blonde stranger like Scarlett? How about taking her upstairs to your room and recording a video so your significant other can see your new friend in her sexy skirt, stroking your… yeah, that’s probably cheating.
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 1 11:01
Blake Blossom in BLAKE BLOSSOM PART 1 11:01 Does your mom know you're doing this? That was the question asked of this week's exploitee Blake Blossom as Jake and I drove through her well-groomed and upscale community as we pulled up to the very nice home she lives in with her mother. "Oh yeah she knows and is cool with it" proclaimed eager Blake in her sweet, sexy giggly voice. Right away we new we were in for a treat with this one because Blake has the personality and voice you just want to fuck over the phone. "Oh my god... She's so hot", confessed Jake, with a big smile on his face as we pulled up. It reminded me of a kid pulling into Disneyland with his parents for the first time, and his eye widen like saucers as he gazes upon all the massive fun rides he will get his hands on and soon ride. Yeah it was kinda like that for Jake I think as he gazed upon very fuckable, 20 year old Blake with her 32DD tits and curvy, it all right places, body. "What ride will I go on first" I'm sure was dancing through that perverted mind of his, because I have to admit, she's special this one. As the car door opened Jake scampered out to meet our unsuspecting amusement ride and her twin sisters that precede her. "You are so hot" was her greeting from Jake. "I am?" responded Blake coyly. These are the car rides wet dreams are made of and I'm sure everyone won't mind Jake getting right to the business of unwrapping Blake so he can go on his first ride in the car. We do however take the time to have Blake properly introduce herself and say a few words, but shortly there after the fun stuff begins. I won't bore all of you regurgitating the brief car interview questions. Most of the interview happens back at the hotel anyways at the end of the car ride, but trust me, this car sex and hotel interview is so hot and long we decided to make this scene 2 parts. Not many girls can command enough great content to warrant 2 updates from the same day but Blake is that kinda gal. "This is so crazy and fun you guys", sexy Blake declares as she strips down to her birthday suit in front of two complete strangers. The power of a hot expensive car to influence inexperienced young girls to get their juices flowing and explore their sexuality at 90 mph. Love it. Yeah this car ride is that hot and Jake takes full advantage of the situation giving our newbie a good taste of what she's been needing, from the only industry that can fill those needs. What "needs" need to be filled from a young hot thing like Blake you ask? GREATEST MIND BLOWING SEX of her life is a good start I'd say. Oh and being physically dominated by a cocks-man like Jake who she's watched in porn and gives her her first squirting and orgasm EVER is another good one. Oh and not to mention sex lasting longer than 10 minutes, yeah that made the list also. The list goes on and on but you get the picture of what Blake is in for today. Lets just say that when I asked her what her favorite position was back at the hotel she screamed with a big smile, CAR SEX! Wasn't aware the car sex was a position but we get what she's saying. Yes this week's scene is broken down into 2 parts because I just felt 3 hours of good content could not be trimmed down into 1 update and it warranted it. So sit down, strap in, keep all hands, feet and genitals inside the moving car at all times because the rocket ship is about to take off and your in for a fun ride today. Stay safe by staying home. Wash your hands. Wash your butt! Enjoy, Steve
August in August 11:00
August in August 11:00 August is a 19 year old charismatic stripper earning $1000 per day, but dancing does not deliver the fame she craves. Watch how far she'll go to get what she wants!
Diana Eisley in Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters 6:00
Diana Eisley in Diana Eisley: Breast Size Matters 6:00 There are many ways to find big-boobed models. There's the direct approach by one of our finders in the "real world." That's how Diana Eisley came our way. Jay told us how he discovered her. "I went with some of my friends to a popular Japanese restaurant and I noticed the very busty hostess greeting patrons. I couldn't help but be fixated on how massive her breasts were and how genuinely adorable she was. I thought to myself, "She would make a perfect model for The SCORE Group." On my way out, I politely introduced myself. Her name was Diana, and I mentioned to her that that I'm a talent scout for a modeling website. I gave Diana my number and told her to get in touch with me in case she was interested. The next morning, she texted and inquired about the modeling gig. I was transparent with her and told her it was for an adult website. After showing her the website, Diana gave an enthusiastic 'Yes.'" Diana likes crafting, reading, dancing and sword fighting. Yes, sword fighting. A sword fighting hostess in a Japanese restaurant. That could be a martial arts movie idea. Diana also enjoys figure skating and gymnastics. You can see in the video that she's very flexible. "Once I started developing, I was the biggest in the bra department," said Diana, a girl with 32J-cups who likes to get fitted to make sure she gets the support she wants.
Kenzie Reeves, Piper Perri in Spring Break Lake Powell 1 - S1:E1 15:01
Kenzie Reeves, Piper Perri in Spring Break Lake Powell 1 - S1:E1 15:01 It's time for Spring Break at Lake Powell with a host of your favorite Nubiles hotties! This houseboat adventure features Piper Perri, Haley Reed, Gina Valentina, and Kenzie Reeves as they party hard with Bambino and Damon Dice! From thong bathing suits and bikinis to pole dancing and naked sunbathing, this is wet and wild adventure that has it all! These hot and horny girls are sex crazed to the max, so it's no surprise when Piper finds herself with Damon between her thighs and Kenzie's pussy in her face as they share a vibrator. Damon is quick to prove that he can easily satisfy two blondes as he plays stud to both girls riding his hard dick. They take turns riding him while making sure that they're both satisfying their lusty needs. Getting on the table side by side, Kenzie and Piper watch with delight as Damon pounds each bare fuck hole in turn while finger banging the other. They use the vibrator to double down on their delight, each of them exploding in orgasmic bliss. When Damon can't hold back another moment, he pulls out and takes aim so that his cumshot hits each of their bare twats to leave them dripping in his jizz.
Clockwork Victoria in Hot ballerina dance studio sex 9:59
Clockwork Victoria in Hot ballerina dance studio sex 9:59 Her private lesson is barely over and this slender ballerina already gets down and dirty with her handsome partner right in front of a large dancing studio mirror. She doesn't even need to get naked to take his hard cock in her tight young pussy. She is so agile and horny she can do it standing up or in any other position she wants. Dancing is the art of passion and she puts her passion on full display in this casual sex video.
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00
Eva Alvarez in EVA ALVAREZ 11:00 “I’m a chef all day, every day. It’s what I like to do… And I LOVE seeeexxxxx,” are the seductive and sensual phrases that pass over 33 year old Eva Alvarez’s luscious lips in her submission video to us. Wow! And who could resist a hot MILF that loves sex and cooks? I can just see her now standing at the stove with just an apron on and that perfect, and I do mean really perfect, ass peering out just begging to be slapped, kissed, and spread wide, revealing those wet pussy lips anxiously awaiting a stiff hard cock to be rammed up it from behind. Those same lips that soon will be wrapped around Jake’s stiffy. The same wet lips that will be bouncing up and down on said hard cock just minutes after the airport pickup, and we can’t wait. So lets get-it-on shall we? So Eva’s an admitted tease and knows how to use that perfect body of hers to get what she wants from guys. Yes MILF Eva’s a stripper and once she’s stripped off those clothes of hers in the back seat it becomes very apparent why she can hang with the teeny boppers at the clubs and command the guys attention while on stage. This girl is hot, and with that fast-tongued Cuban personality and spirit, this girl may be too hot to handle for most men. Well she isn’t too hot to handle for Jake and he dives straight into this spicy Cuban dish to taste what delicacies this fine ass Caribbean meal has to offer. Did I say this girl is hot? Well she is and with such a pretty pussy and silky smooth skin that just begs to be touched and manhandled, it’s more than Jake can resist. So as I eluded to earlier, Eva’s willing and ready to get into her birthday suit just minutes after her pickup and demonstrate what phenomenal cock sucking skills she possesses for an out of this world ball drainer of a BJ. Her fucking skills are exceptional as well as you will see, hopping aboard the Jake Adams “rail me” express on her way to fucked silly town. Fuck, this girl can ride a stiff cock and she looks fucking hot as hell doing it. You know what I’m talking about. When you see a hot stripper on stage and you wonder if she’s just as good in bed as she is swinging around the brass pole? Well Eva lives up to all the hype and is well worth the cover charge and admission. So Jake fucks the shit out of our Hot MILF on the ride back to the condo and this girl knows how to use her body, and use it she does. This is one hot as fuck car dicking and a prelude to the just-as-hot condo bedroom sex that gives Ms. Eva multiple O’s. And just like in the club, she’ll be leaving today with a pocket full of Benjamin’s and a smile on that pretty cum covered face of hers. As for Jake? He’s leaving this stripper’s club more than satisfied and unlike most guys after a night at a strip club, he doesn’t have blue balls. So boys and girls, moms and dads, perverts far and wide, grab your lube or favorite toy because this show’s about to start and up on center stage is Eva. But you don’t need to tip the hottie dancing at this club. Your tipping and cover charge is the admission to our site and we thank everyone who has joined and enjoys our content. Without you we would not be able to do this. We thank you all!
Alexis Fawx in The Gold Bar 12:00
Alexis Fawx in The Gold Bar 12:00 Alexis Fawx is having the time of her life, salaciously dancing and showing off her tits and ass at her favorite bar. Jax Slayher is a lucky bar patron who gets to watch the show. When the hot pair lock eyes, Alexis decides to go over and make a sexy introduction, letting Jax have his way with her. Alexis never could resist a big dick!
Jolie Webb in The Royal With Jolie Webb 6:00
Jolie Webb in The Royal With Jolie Webb 6:00 The Royal is an erotic film featuring model Jolie Webb as an “on call” sexual mistress, ready at a moment’s notice to provide you with her most explicit pleasures. Just give her a call, tell her what you need, and she will be there waiting to fulfill your most intimate fantasies. Do you want to see her in a sheet bodysuit, whip in hand? Laying nude on silk sheets with legs spread? Posing and dancing for your pleasure? Don’t be shy, join her in this Superbe erotic film, and live your fantasy.
Janet Jade in Detroit 44-30-36 6:00
Janet Jade in Detroit 44-30-36 6:00 Janet Jade is just like any healthy, young, super-stacked girl. She roller-blades, watches movies, and likes to have fun. "I love R&B music," Janet said. "I love to dance to R&B. Shake my titties." Janet used to be an exotic dancer before she moved to Las Vegas from Detroit. A very quiet, charming girl who moves gracefully and quickly picked up the basics of photo modeling, Janet is one of the most physically versatile models we've ever met. When they are newcomers, some models find that holding a pose for a still picture is more strenuous than they realized. Not Janet. She was physically fit from playing sports in high school. She was also a cheerleader. Imagine that. She keeps in shape with her roller-blading and gym visits. Janet didn't like her boobs when she was growing up. When she started dancing at 19 at a club in a suburb near Detroit, she realized how much guys liked them and her attitude softened.
Fuck)Fuck)Roberta in Sexiest Little Teen Roberta Penetrated By Huge Dick 10:00
Fuck)Fuck)Roberta in Sexiest Little Teen Roberta Penetrated By Huge Dick 10:00 If you like your girls slim but stacked, sexy little college babe Roberta is definitely going to get you hard! She's a skinny cutie with a surprisingly large and full pair of boobs, still perky and right. After a night out dancing with her man Alex, she is putty in his hands as he slides off her top, cupping her breasts from behind while he nuzzles at her neck. Then it's Roberta who uses her mouth, licking Alex's ballsack before she licks his cock from the tip to the base. She will do anything sexual that her man wants, taking it from every angle and also taking the dirty dick back in her mouth to suckle out his spurting load.
Mandy Muse in Dont Tell Dad 10:29
Mandy Muse in Dont Tell Dad 10:29 My annoying sis Mandy was being shady so I followed her in my stepdads room where I caught her stealing money from his drawer! I recorded the whole thing and made her strip naked, suck my dick and then I fucked her! The next day I caught this slut webcamming in the living room! I threatened to tell on her if she didnt give me private show. So she stripped, fingered herself and then sucked my cock until I came in her mouth! A few days later I found out she was dancing on the side, so I got Mandy to put on some revealing clothes and pleasure me one last time so I wouldnt tell our parents! I fucked her tight pussy and she loved it! She even swallowed my load!
Bree Star, Sage Fox in BREE STAR & SAGE FOX THREEWAY 11:00
Bree Star, Sage Fox in BREE STAR & SAGE FOX THREEWAY 11:00 Some girls just can’t get enough cock, some can’t get enough pussy and some need a lot of both which perfectly describes our return girl Bree who has visions of porn stardom dancing in her head. And what better way to get ahead than to do some lezzing out with our new cummer Sage Fox, a sexy redhead who was eager to lose her lesbian cherry, and do a threeway with our stud Jake. Yes, it's THREEWAY day and this is Sage's FIRST GIRL experience for real, all for your viewing pleasure! Sage has had a few brief encounters with pussy in the past, but never really took it all the way, but we can assure you that this threeway got her all the muff diving she could handle! Bree and Sage look great together and were lip locking from the start. Of course neither of them had any problem taking Jake's massive man meat along for the ride which made for a frenzied fuck fest that literally left them breathless. The girls got their turns while keeping busy with each other which added to the hotness of the scene. This one has all the action you could ask for and we know you’re gonna get off on this one. Enjoy!
Ryan Smiles in PAWG ALERT 5:59
Ryan Smiles in PAWG ALERT 5:59 You wouldn't guess that Ryan Smiles was a late bloomer. That big ol' booty of hers didn't blossom until Ryan turned 16. She's been making dudes' heads spin ever since. "I'm the only one in my family with a big ass," Ryan said. "I love it, though. Guys have loved my ass ever since high school. It's perfect for being spanked." Girl, you didn't have to tell us that ass is perfect for spanking. We already knew. So did our boy Johnny. Not many people love ass more than this dude, and he knows exactly what to do with an ass like Ryan's. He taps, smacks and worships her milky white booty before going to work on her. Ryan says she is usually more assertive sexually, but she lets Johnny take control. "I usually go after what I want," she said. "If I want your cock, then I'm going to get it. I also like girls, and I'm the same with them." Johnny tells Ryan to go down on his cock, and she hastily goes down on his monster dick, taking every inch that can fit into her mouth. Soon after, he instructs her to jump on his cock and ride him. Ryan eagerly hops on top. "I love riding cock," she said. "If I could, I would do it all day. I like having a cock so deep inside me, it feels like it's hitting my stomach." Ryan turns around and twerks her ass and pussy like she's on the dance floor of a bangin' nightclub. She used to be a stripper, and seeing her go to work here, we know this bitch was leaving guys with cum-stained pants when they left the private dance area. "I love dancing," Ryan said. "Almost as much as I love fucking. If I could dance and fuck all day, I would be the happiest girl in the world." You can tell she's pretty happy right now with Johnny's fat cock inside her. He bangs her out from the side and then missionary style before dropping a thick creampie in her pretty, pink pussy.
Mia Magnusson in A day at the pool with a 61-year-old granny 5:59
Mia Magnusson in A day at the pool with a 61-year-old granny 5:59 Today, we get to spend the day at the pool with Mia Magnusson, a 61-year-old divorcee, mother and grandmother who looks great in her little bikini. Most women her age wouldn't dare to wear it, but Mia is very daring. After all, she's one of the dick-sucking, pussy-eating, hard-fucking stars of the hit movie Granny Fuck Club. 50Plus MILFs: Hello, Mia. How did you end up here? Mia: A friend suggested I write to you, and I did. I don't shy away from cameras and spotlights, whether it's with sex or not. When you're younger, being awkward and shy, you're a lot more inhibited and shy, and, at least for women, you attach a great romantic expectation out of sex, so you're always riding that high and low of broken hearts. When you get older, you can enjoy it for what it is: freer and more fun. And like I said, I'm not shy. I was a Polynesian dancer back home in Australia, and then I moved to Hawaii and learned new dances. I've been dancing since I was a little girl--ballet, jazz, and I ended up doing Polynesian and belly dancing professionally. Go-go dancing and exotic dancing. I still do that occasionally. 50Plus MILFs: So here you are, showing off your beautiful body and having sex in movies like Granny Fuck Club, and you're 61 years old. How do you feel about that? Mia: Great! I used to lie about my age to make myself seem older and then I lied about my age to make myself seem younger, and now I'm actually telling the truth about my age, which is how it should be. Women today are able to maintain a younger lifestyle for a lot longer, and, suddenly, younger guys like older women. That works for me. I'm sure there have always been men like that, but for me, it's a new phenomenon. 50Plus MILFs: Do you consider yourself a very sexual woman? Mia: Definitely. I love sex. Sex is a part of life that I embrace. Like dancing, it can send you to that next level of bliss. I thought having sex on-camera would be a big jump and so nerve-wracking and scary, and it really isn't. I don't know if that's because I'm an exhibitionist or because I have a more-healthy attitude toward sex in general. And being here and shooting with all of those beautiful, wonderful women has been a great experience.
Freya Parker, Skye Blue in Vanity 2 12:00
Freya Parker, Skye Blue in Vanity 2 12:00 What happens when new friends have a girls-night-in? Only the usual: giggling, dancing, trying on make-up… but if they’re becoming really close, like Skye and Freya, they might help each other into some lingerie to take stunning selfies for sharing or keeping to themselves. Skye and Freya are playing it fast and fun, and if things keep progressing as they are, they might make it a sleepover.
Destiny Love in A Date With Destiny 15:00
Destiny Love in A Date With Destiny 15:00 Seems like there is a lot of Texas talent coming in lately. This week we have a lovely, petite 22 year by the name of Destiny Love. Destiny is 5'3" and loves to dance. We asked her what kind of dancing and she replied "twerking". Make sure you check out her little twerk session. It's actually decent. For a petite thing with A cups Destiny actually has a nice butt. Destiny is also pretty freaky. She liked it a little rough and even put a finger in her butt hole while getting fucked doggystyle. She even chocked a little while trying to swallow Tyler's schlong. All in all, we think you guys will being seeing more of Destiny in the future.
Cindy Cupps in Tits & Tugs 2 6:00
Cindy Cupps in Tits & Tugs 2 6:00 Cindy has been dancing and a SCORE model since 1999. In all that time, she's turned down many offers from many studios to do a boy-girl scene. Then she decided to try her hand at a breast-sexin' scene, just one, that's it!--and SCORE was given the honor. The result was Tits & Tugs and Cindy has probably never been sexier.
London River in London River: Drag Me and Fuck Me! 10:00
London River in London River: Drag Me and Fuck Me! 10:00 Blonde MILF London River is wearing an enticing black corset with her big tits exposed. She also has a black pantyhose on revealing her shaved pussy. Her eyes are blindfolded with a black lace, she is undeniably into the hardcore type of fucking. She was proudly showing off her tight asshole and pinkish pussy, dancing seductively when a naked man enters the bedroom. There is no reason to wait any longer. London hurriedly goes down on her knees, excited to show off her deepthroating skills. She takes Markus Dupree’s full length member inside her filthy mouth, deeper and deeper each time. She gives him a sloppy blowjob until he starts fucking her tight pussy in the missionary position before shifting to doggystyle. London is now on the hallway, giving pleasure to another man. She is still on her knees, with James Deen facefucking her until her once-beautiful makeup is ruined, her eyes are starting to tear up. James screws her tight pussy in the doggystyle position until he is satisfied. The horny threesome are now in the living room. London kneels on the floor with Markus and James on her side. She takes one dick after another inside her mouth, deepthroating both big dicks until they are ready from some good old threesome session. Markus and James take turns banging both her asshole and pussy before they went for double penetration. The two hot men fuck her wet pussy and tight asshole all the same time. Being double penetrated is something that she’s been wanting to experience. Having two dicks inside her holes is undeniably satisfying. Markus Dupree and James Deen rock her world in the same rhythm. London sexily moans as they thrust their dicks in and out of her holes, hitting all spots. They fuck her hard until they orgasm, showering her beautiful face with a load of their jizz.
Anjii Ross in MEET ANJII 6:00
Anjii Ross in MEET ANJII 6:00 If Anjii Ross and her natural 45-inch boobs were bouncing in a strip club near our office, your editors would be there after work like greased lightning clutching a roll of dollars.But sadly for us, and our neighbors, Anjii is not a dancer. It wasn't long ago that super-stacked babes like Anjii Ross were dancing in clubs, either moonlighting or doing it full-time. Now more girls are going into web-cam modeling and Anjii is one of the net generation.A Florida girl who loves the sand and surf and wearing out bikinis, she's had sex on the beach, and we don't mean the drink. "I like foot play, playing with my titties and putting toys and fingers inside my pussy until I orgasm," Anjii revealed."I really love my Hitachi wand, too. I enjoy girls so I continue to play with women when I can. The kinkiest thing I've done was going camping in the woods and getting dirty in the bushes." Describing her special talents, Anjii says, "I am the best titty fucker ever!" A bold claim, but Anjii definitely has the assets for the task.
Misty Stone, Daya Knight in Flirty Dancing 15:00
Misty Stone, Daya Knight in Flirty Dancing 15:00 Daya Knight is relaxing when her stepmom, Misty Stone, stops by to excitedly talk about an upcoming wedding they're both going to. Misty is especially excited to be able to bust out her dance moves... though this revelation mortifies Daya as she gives Misty some tough love, telling her she's a bad dancer.Misty denies being a bad dancer, demonstrating some of her outdated moves for her horrified stepdaughter. Daya FINALLY offers to teach her stepmom some NEW moves so that she won't make a total FOOL of herself at the wedding. When Daya shows Misty the kind of moves that are in now, which are much more sexual than Misty's, Misty is pretty sure she'll NEVER be able to dance like THAT. But Daya is to the rescue as she offers to teach Misty.Things are awkward at first since Daya has to be rather hands-on to show Misty the dance moves. Slowly and surely, as Misty finds her new rhythm, sparks fly between them. With each touch, the air becomes charged between them... and once they go in for a kiss, it's time for them to do a whole other kind of dance!
Leaya in Ballet 2 8:00
Leaya in Ballet 2 8:00 Beautiful blonde ballerina Leaya moves gracefully, dancing and stretching in a pale pink leotard that hugs her slender body and leaves her firm ass cheeks exposed. After working out at the barre, she sits on an exercise ball and pulls her leotard down to reveal gorgeous breasts with perky pink nipples. She rocks back and forth, grinding against the ball, then strips off the leotard and begins to stroke her shaved pussy. Moaning softly, the sexy blue-eyed babe rubs her clit, then turns onto her knees to masturbate harder, pushing her fingers into her tight slot. She sits with her long legs spread wide to frig to an intense orgasm.
Sicilia in Sicilia, doesn’t remove her bikini to fuck at the pool party 12:00
Sicilia in Sicilia, doesn’t remove her bikini to fuck at the pool party 12:00 Sicilia is a beautiful blonde model body who did not want to miss our Pool Party. Dancing, drinks and big fat cocks all await this babe and she gets down to business quick! She wonders off with Emilio Ardana and gives her man a sloppy blowjob and climbs onto all fours to have her tight pussy eaten out and slammed. He destroys her shaved pussy and then finishes this slut off by drowning her in cum, giving her a hot facial.
Demi Sutra, Gizelle Blanco in In Her Club 15:00
Demi Sutra, Gizelle Blanco in In Her Club 15:00 After Demi Sutra discovers her best friend (Gizelle Blanco) has been fucking her boyfriend (Michael Vegas), she ties them both up in the VIP room of her club, leaving them in suspense until she's done dancing on the main stage. After her performance Demi confronts the cheaters, faced with a difficult decision: who does she want more - her best friend, or her boyfriend?