Dressing Room

Melissa Manning in Sweater Stretcher 6:00
Melissa Manning in Sweater Stretcher 6:00 We have the same kind of fanatic attention to detail that UFO investigators have except we focus on tits not flying saucers (unless they are shaped like boobs). Our V-mag editor spotted the change the second she saw Melissa. Maria decided to have Melissa measured by our make-up stylist in the models' dressing room. Absolute scientific accuracy was the goal. Melissa 'fessed up and said she hadn't been measured since she was 15 and her approach to bra buying was hit or miss. She'd try on different sizes and brands, picking them out by eye, and see what fit her wonderful hooters. The end result? Melissa thought she was a 34G but she is really a 36H. She admitted that she tries not to buy bras too often, but now, armed with this new data, Melissa can march confidently into a bra shop or the ladies underwear section of her favorite department store.
Anna Khara in ANNA KHARA — THE DRESSING ROOM 8:46 Hot blonde Anna Khara is our latest pissing pornstar to feature on Wet and Pissy and this stunning babe admires her reflection in the mirror while wearing a blue bra and panty set and a button down shirt which is left open over the top. Anna rubs her hand down over herself and puts on some denim hotpants but before she can pull them all the way up, she realises she is desperate to pee and starts wetting her panties! Her golden piss stream flows through the crotch of her panties and down into her denims but this naughty babe takes them off and mops up her piss puddle seductively. Anna sucks her hotpants and then bends over with her panties pulled to one side to masturbate. She strips naked and fingers herself in front of the mirror then holds apart her pussy lips before she pees all over her dressing table! This hottie licks up her piss to give herself a taste of piss drinking and splashing her stream all over her naked body too! Anna finds a dildo stashed in her drawer and toys her piss soaked pussy, with time to pee again, this time into a glass bowl. This gorgeous girl continues to pleasure her pussy with her dildo and masturbates before enjoying an orgasm, closely followed by another piss!
Naudi Nala in NAUGHTY NAUDI 5:59
Naudi Nala in NAUGHTY NAUDI 5:59 Age: 21; Born: July 27; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 125 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: I love lace; Anal: Yes; BJs: Spitters are quitters; Masturbate: All the time; Lives: Albuquerque, New Mexico. "I'm so excited to shoot these pictures for you guys," Naudi told our camera guy when they first met. "Like, my pussy has been crazy wet all week just thinking about it! I've been aching to have sex, but I decided to edge myself until after I shoot for you because I want to build up the pressure and see if I can squirt. I squirt almost every time I masturbate, but I haven't been able to do it with a guy. I'm hoping that if I'm horny enough, I'll end up soaking my fuck buddy. "I've worked in the mall ever since I was in high school. It's okay, but the best part is that I know the building like the back of my hand. I've fucked pretty much everywhere in the mall; the staff elevators, the sales floor, the dressing rooms, fountains, etc. I've gotten so good at public sex!"
Kelly Christiansen in KELLY CHRISTIANSEN RIDES AGAIN! 5:59
Kelly Christiansen in KELLY CHRISTIANSEN RIDES AGAIN! 5:59 An immediate smash hit with SCORE Men, Kelly Christiansen is a rare kind of SCORE Girl, the huge-boobed beautiful wife of a magazine reader, website member and DVD viewer. Now, that's sexual liberation of the busty kind. Another amazing thing about Kelly is how she gets hotter and hotter with every visit. It's as if posing nude and fucking on-camera has transformed her. "I think I said that was one of the reasons I got into this--that I wanted to boost my confidence," Kelly said as she relaxed in the models' dressing room. "It worked! Before I walked into the studio the first time, I really, honestly did not think I could pose, and coming in and having such a good time and seeing the magazines, definitely, I couldn't believe it. It was great. The thing is, I'd never had sex on-camera before and watched myself. My husband likes watching me with other guys and he likes the idea that his wife is a star. We were watching one of my DVDs at home and got all hot and heavy and into it, and he was like, 'Wait, let me rewind!' We laid there and had sex while I was having sex. It was surreal. Totally different."
Delilah Day, Maddy May in MADDY MAY DELILAH DAY 3WAY 11:00
Delilah Day, Maddy May in MADDY MAY DELILAH DAY 3WAY 11:00 Yes this summer was pretty shitty with Covid and all but we were able to maintain social distancing and use face coverings to keep Maddy May and Delilah Day over an extra day so Delilah could experience her first taste of pussy. "Oh yeah" said Jay when I told him these two hotties were staying over. That's right Maddy with all her experience has taken part in the delightful treats of the female body, but Delilah's a slit virgin and we're all about firsts here. So since these two thought they would only be here over night for each of their BG scenes Jay needed to take them shopping for outfits; and of course things got real hot, real quick in the dressing room. Yes this kind of shit does go on in shopping mall dressing rooms more often then you think. Anyways, this scene is split in two parts with the BTS its own part for those who want to get strait to the hotel fucking and once the fucking begins. It begins! First Maddy tastes Deliliah's pussy as she sucks Jay's rock hard cock. Then they switch it up and swap bodily fluids between the 3 of them for a pretty fucking hot fuck section if you ask me. Blah Blah Blah Jay fucks Maddy. Maddy licks Delilah as she's fucked. The girls 69 and Jay fucks each of them as tongues probe, Maddy squirts, slits are fingered, clits are vibrated by the hitachi, assholes are rimmed, both girls get fucked in every position possible, cum is ejaculated onto faces and everyone has a fucking absolutely amazing time. Just go watch it. If you're still reading this you probably buy Playboy for the articles so get to the sucking and fucking.
Vicky Love, Alexis Crystal in Silent Musings 15:00
Vicky Love, Alexis Crystal in Silent Musings 15:00 As model Vicky gets dressed and makes the final adjustments to her flawless hair and makeup, Alexis prepares her art supplies and sets up her easel in the studio. But, when Vicky emerges from the dressing room looking good enough to eat, Alexis soon aband
Haydee Rodriguez in My Underwear Is Fun To Wear 6:00
Haydee Rodriguez in My Underwear Is Fun To Wear 6:00 Haydee Rodriguez puffs on a cigarette, rubbing her enormous jugs over and under her retro-styled hooter-harness. She looks like some hot skirt from the 1940s waiting for a private dick to enter her dressing room. "Feels good," she moans between puffs.
Fuck)Fuck)Jade Nile, Kacey Lane in Kacey Lane Sneaks Off Set 9:59
Fuck)Fuck)Jade Nile, Kacey Lane in Kacey Lane Sneaks Off Set 9:59 James Deen is in the middle of directing a film called ‘Black and Blue’ when her actresses starts being so playful. He’s with Kacey Lane and she’s the one who started all of this. James was so focused in his job but this little teen slut keeps giving him a hard time— literally. With all that tit flashing and her showing off her outfit, James’s dick is craving for some action. Leaving him with no choice, James drags Kacey in their dressing room and makes Kacey regret doing what she has done. He grabs his camera and records Kacey slurping his dick hard. Kacey happily took in that fat dick into her mouth and occasionally gags as James tries to make his full length go deep inside her mouth. While this goes on, Jade Nile walks in and catches them doing this. Jade really doesn’t care at the start and just went in front of the mirror and starts fixing herself up. Going back to the two, James now bends Kacey over on the counter and stars stuffing his big dick to her pussy. This goes on for a good while until that observer, Jade Nile, decided to join in and get some James Deen big dick into her system. Jade now says hello the guy by going down on her knees too and starts licking and sucking his dick. Like Kacey, she gets bent over and get fucked. From this point, James’ fat dick gets double teamed by these two sluts and gets dragged on different places in the bathroom to take turns on his dick. Their fucking isn’t really limited them girls being bent over. James made sure to spread them out and let them ride his dick from time to time. James properly ended this little break by making Kacey jack off his dick for one last time until she gets covered with good amount of cum.
Alona Bloom in Case No. 7906155 - The Hairbrush 15:00
Alona Bloom in Case No. 7906155 - The Hairbrush 15:00 Alona Bloom sits in the backroom when security officer Rusty Nails tells her that there’ve been complaints about strange noises coming out of the dressing room where she was found, plus, a ripped tag, a hairbrush with no tag, and no wallet indicate that she might’ve been stealing. Alona denies all the accusations so officer Nails submits her to a strip search and a deep cavity search and discovers that Alona had been pleasuring herself with the stolen hairbrush! She must now demonstrate what she was doing and follow his every command in order for her to go free!
Karol Lilien in Victory Celebrating with Beauty Queen 8:00
Karol Lilien in Victory Celebrating with Beauty Queen 8:00 When Carol won the crown on Beauty contest she was so exited and so happy with all that work they've made with her new stylist from France. After all celebrations they left alone in dressing room and all those little bubbles in champagne made her little bit horny, so she decided to play a game with that black guy...
Stacy Cruz, Venera-Maxima in Stacy Cruz and Venera-maxima Star in Anal Threesome 12:00
Stacy Cruz, Venera-Maxima in Stacy Cruz and Venera-maxima Star in Anal Threesome 12:00 Stacy Cruz and Venera-maxima are two of our top models in Private Gold, Lingerie Models Agency and today they’re in for an unexpected surprise with stylist Lutro who turns out to be far less gay than they think! No man could ever resist these sexy girls in their lingerie as they show off their amazing natural tits in the dressing room, and soon enough the lucky Lutro gets to join in. A double sloppy blowjob, a hard pounding for Stacy, anal for Venera and a facial for both stars to share, be sure not to miss this hot threesome on www.private.com!