Torii in TORII 11:01
Torii in TORII 11:01 Torii's a slightly bigger girl with curves you just wanna bite in. She's a bit older and a "bit" more experienced with guys. Ok, she fucked her way through High School and college and probably banged more dudes than Jenna Jameson (if you're under 35, look her up). So we're not all that surprised when Rick tells her she'd be not fucking him but someone else today, and black emperor JD walks in...and she barely bats an eye. This girl is just a cock machine and she don't care if that cock is white, black, small or big. Well, today's it's black and fucking HUGE. So huge, even Torii can barely take him. There's one problem with this shoot though - the POV camera failed for most of it. Works in the beginning, and at the end. That's great because that means we get the hard pounding in doggy and the creampie. But the middle is pretty much all cobbled together from the other 2 cameras. Not smooth but watchable, and white curvy Torii taking that black dick looks hot no matter what angle captures it. Rick talks both into a quick BJ scene at the hotel dumpster before he let's them go back their regular lives. We're classy like that.
Jenny Wild, Mia Trejsi, Marylin Sugar in BBC sports part 1 6:00
Jenny Wild, Mia Trejsi, Marylin Sugar in BBC sports part 1 6:00 Because I was in a large group, I didn't have a chance to talk to any of the other people my own age. This was probably good. The older people were more experienced. They had been doing this longer. More importantly, they seemed to have a much better attitude. So I wanted to work out in a smaller group, with a big juicy potential. It was totally worth it!
Ruby O'Connor in Shower time with Ruby O'Connor 6:01
Ruby O'Connor in Shower time with Ruby O'Connor 6:01 Much too much time has passed since we last saw Ruby O'Connor. It would have been even longer had we not found this photo set and video buried in our archive. Hey, it's a big archive and sometimes shit happens. This is a solo scene in which Ruby, a 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Arizona, starts off in sexy lingerie and knee-high boots. "What do you think about this outfit?" Ruby asks us in the video. "It's hot and kind of fetishy. It just turns me on wearing it." Eventually, Ruby takes a shower, getting her hot body all nice and wet, then gets off. 50PlusMILFs: You're a swinger. You must have some stories. Can you share one with us? Ruby: Sure. I've had a couple of threesomes, and the guy I had the threesome with moved away, so he said, "You and your husband need to join a swingers website," and we did, and it was funny because the very first night that we joined the website was a meet-and-greet and hotel takeover, so that was my introduction to the swinger lifestyle, and what was funny about that was I found out what a Sybian is. 50PlusMILFs: For the readers who might not know, tell us what a Sybian is. Ruby: A Sybian is like riding a bull, but you have a cock on it that's remote-controlled. That was quite an experience! I didn't wade in. I went in the deep end! A girl just led me over to it, and I started riding and was very turned on. I didn't notice at first that everybody was watching, but it was an exciting adventure. 50PlusMILFs: And then you had a threesome the same night. Ruby: Yes, with my husband and another guy. 50PlusMILFs: Are you into ladies? Ruby: I have had a little bit of contact with other women, but I like hard cock. I went to a house party and they had a sex swing hanging from a ceiling, so I experienced that with a little prompting from another woman. She ate my pussy while I was on the swing, and that was good, but that's about my contact with other women so far. 50PlusMILFs: Have you ever been with more than two men at once? Ruby: One time. It was just two guys, and my husband was filming. That turns him on a lot! We have a lot of good sex videos, and we watch them together. He gets really hard and I get really wet and we end the night really fucking wild. 50PlusMILFs: Well, Ruby, you came to the right place. Ruby: I did!
Carmen Caliente in Carmen and Orgasms and Bears, Oh My 9:50
Carmen Caliente in Carmen and Orgasms and Bears, Oh My 9:50 Lots of teens use toys to orgasm, but Carmen Caliente takes masturbation to a whole new level when she uses the PervCity teddy bear to get off! The bubbly blonde is more than a little sassy when she arrives for her scene. And she's unapologetically kinky when she notices our stuffed mascot naively sitting in the corner or the sofa. She can't resist herself. She straddles his furry face and starts humping and corrupting him with her shaved pussy. Her big ass bounces and natural tits jiggle as she steals his innocence. But it's just not enough for this experienced Latina teenager. Carmen sinks into the couch and spreads her legs wide. She reaches her hand between her thighs and charges to her clit until she cums. "I think this pussy is ready," she says, licking her fingers clean. Oh my!
Claudia KeAloha in Total Cock Control 7:59
Claudia KeAloha in Total Cock Control 7:59 Fred is lying on the massage table receiving a great massage treatment by Claudia Kealoha. The young man asks the experienced masseuse if she is able to give him a full body session, and to his surprise, the huge-titted Latina does not refuse. The brunette lady gives him an amazing cock massage treatment, using her both hands and big tits. The bad news is she does not allow him to cum unless she says so. The young dude is barely holding his cum for as long as possible. Is his mistress going to give him a cum permission soon?
Sasha Sparrow in First anal with sweet mouthful 10:01
Sasha Sparrow in First anal with sweet mouthful 10:01 Driven by her long-resisted anal desire this hot nubile brunette is finally ready to enter the new never before explored realm of pleasure. She has him blindfolded and slowly seduces him like an experienced courtesan spreading her pussy and ass for his cock and getting buttfucked for the first time ever. Oh, she just can't wait for a mouthful with sweet anal flavor adding this special tone of exquisite delight to her first anal experience. Enjoy!
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Shey Holmes in SHEY HOLMES 2 11:01 You can probably say 21yr old first timer Shey Holmes comes across as a girl that's as pure as the driven snow. And your right. Or maybe she's just an inexperienced slut just begging to fucked right. I say the ladder or why else would she be here, right? Trust me when I say you willhave these same thoughts as you watch this shy newbie getting her makeup done and probably wondering, "Why are you here?". I was thinking the same thing but just glad she was. This girl just confirms that there are no "Good girls", just "Bad girls found out" and she reveals just howinexperienced, yet experienced she is. Let me explain:Q: "When did you start masturbating, or do you masturbate?", A: "I never have... No, never",said with a nervous smile. (WHAT?!?!)Q: "Have you ever used a sex toy?" A: "No... Ummm no, no" (Fuck me! I've never want to be a sex toy more than I do right now)Q: "Are you very orgasmic?", A: "I've only had 2 before" (WHAT?1?1 I know. We were as shocked as you are. She's practically a virgin by porn standards)Q: "So what made you want to do this today?", A: "Umm. Well. I like to try new things, so why not" (I'm pinching myself to make sure I was not dreaming at this point)Q: "So are you a sexual kinda girl? Are you promiscuous?" A: "Umm, yea" (Now your talking)Q: "Have you had a lot of One-Night-Stands and stuff?", A: "Umm yea, yea" said with a bigsmile and giggle, "I like to have fun". (This truth is revealed. Shey is a bad girl just waiting toshow everyone how naughty she is.)Q: "Have you ever hooked up with a girl?", A: "Umm, not one-on-one, but I've had some3somes" (Daaaamn!!! Now you're talking!)And finally:Q: "How many cocks do you think you've sucked", A: "Not a lot, I can probably count on onehand the number" (FUCK ME again! I wanted to jump up and start throat fucking her right then)Just watch the entire interview to set the mood, it's worth it. But are you seeing a pattern here?Shey is a naughty girl that just hasn't discovered her clitoris yet or been fucked right we think. Ithink she just hasn't figured out that it's ok to rub her body or its ok to play with herself. SEXcan be a solo activity, and it's pretty fun to by the way! Trust me, my cock was getting harder andharder as I clung to each word that passed over her innocent lips. This interview really brings outjust how coy and innocent Shey is, and the best part is we get to exploit and do all sorts ofperverted things to this fawn for your viewing pleasure. I could go on and on about how perfectand wholesome this girls' body is. How perky her pink supple nipples are, and just howengorged her pussy lips got as the Hitachi danced over her clit and lips. But you just have towatch it and see for your self. Can she suck cock? Fuck yea she can and between JJay and myselfusing the Hitachi on her we gave her more orgasms in almost every position he fucked her in then she has ever had in her life. I counted 5, and she lost count. OH and her ass? That ass isASSTASTIC! There are no fucking wrinkle lines on this girl's body that I could find. By thetime JJay got her in reverse cowgirl those pussy lips were so pink and looked like they had neverbeen pounded so good. But the best is yet to cum. When Shey gets on her knees to accept thehuge load from JJay she just waited eagerly with that little shy smile and mouth open until heunloaded squirt after squirt directly into her mouth. Of course she swallowed it with joy. Goodgirl, good girl. Fuck me one last time, but Shey is one of my favorite fucks, and I never evenfucked her! Just watch this video and we are sure she will be a favorite fuck of yours as well. Soenjoy this innocent girls gift of showing the world her sexual awakening and innocence lost, It'sfucking awesome! We have all waited long enough.
Anna in ANNA 3 10:58
Anna in ANNA 3 10:58 Anna is really excited about her first porno today. She doesn't know exactly what to expect but she hopes for a tall athletic guy who is experienced in the art of lovemaking. You see, poor Anna had a very strict Catholic upbringing in her German-American family, and as such has only started to have sex in college, ie recently. Having never been with a black guy, we have to hold our breath for a moment as big black porn god JD reveals himself to our blonde newbie. After the initial shock, Anna works hard to prove that not only is she not a racist, she can also take a huge black cock like a pro. Well, she can't. But she tries, really hard. She creams up to the point where we think JD came inside her early (happened before) but nah, that's just Anna enjoying that huge black cock in her pussy. Happens the first time during cowgirl, you can't miss it. After some sweaty and intense rough sex, Anna asks JD to take her anal virginity (!). To make things extra juicy, we have Anna get on the floor and we put one camera on her ass so we can see JD's big dick fuck it, and one camera on Anna's face so we can watch her facial expressions as she gets ass-fucked for the first time in her life. You'll love it! After pushing that envelope, we get Anna to do the pornstar anal cowgirl. You know it when you see it. Hell, it's the big thumbnail pic here. At some point her now devirginized asshole tightens up too much and JD can't get back in, so he just puts his cock back in her pussy until he cums - without telling anyone. So the resulting creampie footage is a tad shaky. Not that it matters because the man shoots so deep inside the blonde, hardly anything comes back out. Most of that white stuff you see on his dick is actually Anna's cum. Cowgirl and big black dick really seem to get her going. We make Anna take a morning-after pill and film it to cover our asses, then send her packing to...whatever the heck she'll be doing. She really enjoyed her first porn, her first black man, and even felt her first anal was a good experience. So who knows, maybe we see this leggy blonde somewhere else some day.
Alura Jenson in If You Want To Keep Your Job You'll Fuck Me Hard 10:01
Alura Jenson in If You Want To Keep Your Job You'll Fuck Me Hard 10:01 Alura Jenson has been lusting after Christian XXX, and she is willing to do anything to get his hard cock up inside her. When she meets with him though, it doesn't take much, and he reveals that he's been wanting to pound her hard himself. The start kissing, and immedately rip each others clothes ,off, unable to hold themselves back. She takes his massive girth inside her experienced mouth and works him like a prop. Then she orders him to bend her over and take her from behind, as he dutifully shoves his dick into her wetness. They both lay down on the couch and he pumps her to orgasm, and she licks off his hot seed.
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Vivian Taylor in Vivian Taylor Goes For The Experienced Dilf Dick When She's On The Prowl 14:59 Vivian Taylor is a horny southern belle with a big caboose from my block that went to town on Jerry's cock! All the dadz in the area know Vivian because she's got a thing for their dicks! Vivian may be a college co-ed but she's all about fucking and sucking that experienced DILF dick!
Dixie Lynn in Aching for Cock 6:01
Dixie Lynn in Aching for Cock 6:01 I like older men. Guys anywhere from 19 to 35. I might even go a little bit older if he's super sexy. I like that older guys are more mature and experienced. With them, I feel like I'm with someone who knows what they're doing and can take care of my needs. Older guys make me cum harder because they take the time to eat me out. There's no rush. They know how to draw things out to make me so horny that my pussy is aching for cock.
Teresa Ferrer, Angie Miller in IMMORAL FAMILY - PART 8 - MOMMY'S TUTORIAL FOR ANAL . TERESA FERRER AND ANGIE MILLER SEX 11:00 Teresa Ferrer wants her daughter Angie Miller to be good at sex. The experienced lady instructs her daughter through a video call on how to have anal sex and not die in the process.
Julie in Perfect Teen Julia Gets Naughty With Her Boyfriend 10:01
Julie in Perfect Teen Julia Gets Naughty With Her Boyfriend 10:01 Julie is usually only focused on figuring out what clothes she's going to wear for the day, but today she's getting a surprise visit from Ferris. He certainly would rather have her completely naked than wearing any clothes, so he strips her down to see her perky, sweet tits and tight coed pussy. This brunette might not be very experienced in the sack, but she's going to be giving it her all in every position that he has her trying out, making her moan and whimper in pleasure as his dick spreads her out wide.
Antonia Deona in Antonia Deona Gets Covered In Cum After A Threesome Fuck 15:00
Antonia Deona in Antonia Deona Gets Covered In Cum After A Threesome Fuck 15:00 Antonia Deona is the epitome of hot. Sure she's a MILF but that doesn't matter. All it means is she's more experienced and she knows how to handle a dick....or two! That's right people, Antonia is getting fucked by two studs at once in this epic threesome scene that leaves her covered in cum.
Sierra Fontaine in Sierra Fontaine wants you to play with her 6:00
Sierra Fontaine in Sierra Fontaine wants you to play with her 6:00 So there you are! 63-year-old Sierra Fontaine says when she walks into your bedroom. She's wearing a tight little top that her nipples are poking through, short shorts and heels. "You're stroking your cock? You naughty little man. You need some help? Looks like you do. Why don't you let me give you some help. Give me that nice, hard cock. Stroke it nice and long. "I'd love to help you out with that. Who were you thinking of when you were stroking your cock? Were you thinking of me? Would you like to play with these big titties? Would you like to feel my nice, hot pussy? Does that make your cock hard?" Damn right it does! And, yes, Sierra, we were thinking about you and your tight body, big tits and long legs. Sierra is a newbie to 60PlusMILFs.com, but it looks like she can handle our cocks like a pro...or like the experienced GILF she is. The thing is, though, that Sierra doesn't have as much experience as she'd wish. "I became a swinger about four years ago," said Sierra, who's divorced and has children and grandchildren. "I was very open to it because, unfortunately, I lived most of my life and 20-plus years in a sexless marriage and wasn't promiscuous, so I missed out on a lot during my earlier years." She's making up for lost time. "I love to masturbate," she said. "I can't get enough of it. I love to grab a toy or two and kill two birds with one stone, so speak. Let the warm water of a shower run all over me while I start touching myself then grab one or two of my toys to bring me to orgasm, feeling refreshed inside and out." In this video, Sierra invites you to stroke your cock while she strokes her pink pussy and big clit. That's an offer you can't refuse.
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59
Remi Jones in REMI JONES 2 10:59 Do we have a treat for everyone today! Meet 18 year old sweet, innocent? Super fucking hot Lez- Lovers Remi Jones (VIRGIN) and her 18 year old girlfriend Hazel Heart. Where do I begin? Well before I do let me just clarify that today is Remi's day. The intro and car sex is edited to focus on Remi. If you want to see more of Hazel's scorcher you need to see her scene that's coming out after Remi's. And it's worth it, trust me. Now that I've clarified that, let me say these girls are two of the cutest geeks I have ever meet and Jay's dick was hard as soon as they got in the car. We find out that they met 3 years ago Cosplaying and their friendship grew into love. I love this story and pussy does not come any fresher than these two. They even have untrimmed pussies and peach fuzz on their bodies. The fucking innocent, hot peach fuzz. Yeah... that's what I'm talking about. So we find out that Hazel was the initiator of the relationship and has a sex drive I don't think either Jay or myself have experienced in a long time. This girl appears to be frustratingly starved for cock. Why? Well they live at Hazel's parents' house. How innocent is that? They also share a bedroom with her younger sister! OMG! How really innocent is that? And yep, she keeps walking in on them lezzing out!!! My dick is getting hard as I type this shit. I couldn't think up a better story. So as Jay whisks these two fresh-as-fuck 1st timers away for the best sex of their lives he gets these two naked for one of the hottest car BTS porn-play shot to date here at ExCoGi. Yes, I know some will be frustrated that a majority of Hazel is edited out, but today's focus is on whom? The one in the backseat who has never seen, touched, sucked, held, fucked, or tasted a man's cock or cum before. YES Remi is a VIRGIN! Now we do find out that Hazel and her have fucked with a strapon before but Remi is taking this huge leap of faith with her girlfriend to expand her horizons. And let me say that Jay should be paying me for this experience. No doubt and Jay samples these two newbie's for some hot car and outdoor sex having Remi see, touch, stroke and suck her first cock ever! Now once I edited this scene down there was just so much fucking good content (3 hours worth) that I'm breaking Remi's scene into two parts. Today's is the car intro with her girlfriend and the hotel sex. This alone is 1h:58m worth of hot as fuck virginity lost sex and the BTS, makeup with interview, shower is over an hour long going up a few days after this scene. There's just too much good shit here to leave anything on the cutting room floor. As stated by Jay "I was not expecting you to suck dick this well". I second this! I might say this girl just needed a good cock to suck and a little interest from the boys to show her how good a stiff cock feels up her pussy but she found out today. Remi confesses that she had a few guy friends in the past growing up but they never showed must interest. Their loss I say because this girl is a natural. I guess all that pussy licking translates into dick sucking because she took Jay's cock down her throat like a pro. She likes to be dominated by girls so Jay found out if she likes being dominated by a man as well. Yep! She liked it from the smiles all over her face as Jay throat fucked her and once he probed that virgin hole she loved it even more. Let me also clarify that Remi has had a strap-on up her from Hazel but in her own words she likes a cock much better. "It just feels better with real skin." Dildos hurt more declared Remi and we agree that nothing compares to the real thing. I could give you a blow by blow of the positions but with each one Jay fucked her in you could tell Remi was just a little overwhelmed. But in a good way. We don't blame you sweetheart. Losing your virginity is a special time in a girl's life and we are glad we could be the one to take it from you. Oh and of course we kept her over to have a 3way with Hazel. These girls are special, sweet and I'm not sure your perverted fucks out there deserve this but get ready for a special treat. Here's REMI! Steve
Alice Visby in Sex Tips from Step-Sis 12:45
Alice Visby in Sex Tips from Step-Sis 12:45 My new stepsister Alice is kind of a bitch, but she has nice panties. They smell pretty good. I'm trying to enjoy the scent of some her fresh panties when this girl walks into my room - talk about no boundaries!? It doesn't take long before she finds them on me and then the ridiculuing starts...I'm not exactly that experienced with girls. But in a change of character, she offers to guide me through some of these milestones using her body. Man, my stepsister actually has great tits, pierced too! I'm not sure if my stepsister has a saliva problem or blowjobs are supposed to have this much spit? Either way it felt amazing. She twerked her juicy ass cheeks all over my hard cock before sliding up and down it, driving me crazy! I got on top of her and fucked her really hard, making her tits flap around - it was awesome! Just as I'm about to pull out, she keeps me inside her insisting I creampie her hairy pussy! Man, that escalated quickly...
Rebeca Fox, Vivian Grace in Threesome art and fuck lesson 10:01
Rebeca Fox, Vivian Grace in Threesome art and fuck lesson 10:01 This experienced art teacher is as skilled with his brushes as he is with his big thick cock having one of his nubile students ride him in reverse position as another one licks his balls. He teaches these eager babes art and sex at the same time and they gladly share his big fuck tool taking it from every angle, having some lesbian fun along the way and tasting sweet cum like dessert. Now back to the painting lesson, honeys!
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Summer Breeze in Gaping ass hole creampie 10:00 This blonde teeny feels very flirty and slutty today. She loves it when her boyfriend just starts kissing and touching her everywhere and totally seduces her like an experienced player. Now her pussy is all wet, but she wants cock in her mouth and ass too, so why not? Blowjob, deep fuck and her very first anal ever – that’s how you get to the ultimate satisfaction when you are young and horny. Yeah, and watch her take a big load of cum right in that gaping ass hole! Wow!
Tess Tango in TESS TANGO 11:00
Tess Tango in TESS TANGO 11:00 Some girls just want to be porn stars and today’s Ex*!%@t Tess Tango fits this bill perfectly. This girl has all the requirements to make it in the Jizz Bizz. She’s eager to suck cock and do whatever we ask of her. She loves to show off her very nice and sexy body claiming her tits are her favorite feature. She can even do the splits and this girl wasted no time showing her skills off on the bed before we started the interview giving us a little sneaky peak of her very cute pussy. She, in fact, couldn’t keep her hands off her tits and perky nipples either as we got to know her. We love this about horny girls and in fact, she had the cutest way of playing with her pussy as we asked her questions and there are no complaints with anything this sex kitty wants to play with. She just has this way of oozing sex and playing up to the camera like a stripper trying to excite the patrons at your local gentleman’s club. Well here’s a no shocker, Tess is a dancer and this girl knows how to work a room with all the assets she has at her disposal. So I bet you’re guessing that Tess has done everything being so super sexual and all but nope. This girl experienced a lot of firsts today including licking a guy’s ass for the first time, receiving her first facial, getting fucked with the magic wand and just overall gets her pussy wore out. Great job Tyler and job well done buddy. At least her pussy gets a rest because she lost her analginity the next day over at BackRoomCastingCouch and we heard she took it like a champ. My predictions are you will be seeing a lot more of Miss Tango spreading her moneymaker because she loves money and knows how to make it. So enjoy Tess everyone.
Monique Woods in Moaning Monique 15:00
Monique Woods in Moaning Monique 15:00 This foxy French girl named Moniique called me up and asked about the apartment's availability. I informed her about all the dates still vacant and luckily it coincided with the days she needed the place. We agreed on $200 a night but she never paid a down payment. She showed up on the first day and was fortunate enough to have a shot at the apartment since we hadn't rented it out yet. We talked about the price and she maintained the price was too high. I told her there was a way for her to get a "deep discount". She was suspicious but I made her comfortable enough to hear me out and not freak out. Moniique was the quiet kind of girl which most experienced guys know means how freaky she can truly be. It's always the quiet ones that are the freakiest and she was no exception. She was slim with a some pretty trim, cute ass and a nice pair of perky tits. She pulled out her friend and gave me a little masturbatory show before Choky swooped in and collected my rent.
Riley in RILEY 11:00
Riley in RILEY 11:00 We meet 23 year old Riley chomping down on her lunch at the local waffle place. She's having a sensible plate of eggs and hash browns because that's the kind of girl she is. Sensible. Reasonable. Not very adventurous. In between bites, she tells camera guy Troy about her ex husband, the kind of sex she likes and he didn't give her (hence the "ex" part), and the craziest sex she's had. Having been married for so long, Riley hasn't really been playing the field with other guys and in line with her sensible (boring?) lifestyle, she hasn't exactly experienced a lot of variety. Yet. Troy asks for the check and plates are being removed. And who but our 6-foot-6 black cock lord Jovan is cleaning up the table! Riley thinks nothing of it when the guys greet each other - and that tall black dude sits next to her. Just one of the camera guy's buddies who works here? Nope, dear Riley - HE is the guy you will be fucking on camera today. Stoic and with the driest humor, we can't tell if Riley's "OK, sounds good" attitude reflects what's really going on inside her mind. Turns out, it didn't. Once at the hotel, a now visibly shocked Riley sits next to Jovan. Now that reality sets in - no, girl, this wasn't a joke. You really WILL be fucking your first black guy today - Riley's body language tells us everything we need to know. This is way outside her comfort zone. The guys make sure to get Riley's OK on camera to continue. Consent obtained, the guys let Riley demonstrate her ability to please a cock. When she unpacks Jovan's monster dick, she hesitates a few milliseconds before she realizes that if this doesn't happen, she's not going to get paid. Or laid. And so our first-timer goes to town sucking her first big black cock, which happens to also be one of the thickest ones in porno land. She did say she likes big dicks but Jovan's BBC is something even she she has to work her way up to. But to our surprise, Riley gets turned on so quick, she doesn't even ask for lube as she straddles our man Jovan. Troy is always up for saving a dollar or two in lubes so...points for Riley! Let's see what else she's got in store for our dark lord. It doesn't take long for Riley to not just warm up to Jovan and his big black cock, but positively fall in love with him. She keeps eye contact with him as he's fucking her and our stud has to work hard to not blow his load inside her early. She tries to caress his arm and chest but that would certainly make him cum early so Jovan takes things up a notch and throws our girl into positions where he can be a bit more rough and in control. That doggy is fucking amazing. Hard, slow, fast, hair pulling, it's sweaty and makes Riley cum. Her first BBC and she's orgasming! It wouldn't be a proper white girl ambush if our dark lord didn't inseminate her with his massive load once he's done with her. It's a huge cream pie that the guys make her lick off before she's allowed to rest and tell us about her first time BBC experience.
Bailey in Bailey Having Sex With The Massage Worker 10:00
Bailey in Bailey Having Sex With The Massage Worker 10:00 Hot suburban white milf with nice hangers goes to the massage therapy parlor. He therapist is Bailey who is experienced. But she is also a lesbian and always horny. As Bailey starts to run her clients body, he edges closer and closer towards her private parts, massaging the oils into her. As there is no response to stop, he starts to massage his clients little perky boobs and the shaved pussy hole. The massage guy whips out his dick and Bailey sucks on it. He climbs on the table and fucks her tight asshole till he pours out his warm thick jizz
Keira in Teen Keira's Boyfriend Drills Both Her Pussy and Ass 10:00
Keira in Teen Keira's Boyfriend Drills Both Her Pussy and Ass 10:00 There is some fantastic anal in this one! Matthew slyly slips an arm around the shoulders of young blond Keira while they are studying then he pulls her towards him, mashing her firm young breasts against his chest as he kisses her. Keira turns out to be surprisingly eager once she is naked, sucking Mathew's prick up and down although she is not that experienced at oral sex, she is suitably enthusiastic! Both holes are on offer, too, with Keira yelping and moaning as Matthew busts open her ass hole, but not resisting. Matthew swaps wilfully between both tight entrances, contaminating Keira's pussy with her nasty ass juices.