Ruby O'Connor in Shower time with Ruby O'Connor 6:01
Ruby O'Connor in Shower time with Ruby O'Connor 6:01 Much too much time has passed since we last saw Ruby O'Connor. It would have been even longer had we not found this photo set and video buried in our archive. Hey, it's a big archive and sometimes shit happens. This is a solo scene in which Ruby, a 56-year-old wife, mother and grandmother from Arizona, starts off in sexy lingerie and knee-high boots. "What do you think about this outfit?" Ruby asks us in the video. "It's hot and kind of fetishy. It just turns me on wearing it." Eventually, Ruby takes a shower, getting her hot body all nice and wet, then gets off. 50PlusMILFs: You're a swinger. You must have some stories. Can you share one with us? Ruby: Sure. I've had a couple of threesomes, and the guy I had the threesome with moved away, so he said, "You and your husband need to join a swingers website," and we did, and it was funny because the very first night that we joined the website was a meet-and-greet and hotel takeover, so that was my introduction to the swinger lifestyle, and what was funny about that was I found out what a Sybian is. 50PlusMILFs: For the readers who might not know, tell us what a Sybian is. Ruby: A Sybian is like riding a bull, but you have a cock on it that's remote-controlled. That was quite an experience! I didn't wade in. I went in the deep end! A girl just led me over to it, and I started riding and was very turned on. I didn't notice at first that everybody was watching, but it was an exciting adventure. 50PlusMILFs: And then you had a threesome the same night. Ruby: Yes, with my husband and another guy. 50PlusMILFs: Are you into ladies? Ruby: I have had a little bit of contact with other women, but I like hard cock. I went to a house party and they had a sex swing hanging from a ceiling, so I experienced that with a little prompting from another woman. She ate my pussy while I was on the swing, and that was good, but that's about my contact with other women so far. 50PlusMILFs: Have you ever been with more than two men at once? Ruby: One time. It was just two guys, and my husband was filming. That turns him on a lot! We have a lot of good sex videos, and we watch them together. He gets really hard and I get really wet and we end the night really fucking wild. 50PlusMILFs: Well, Ruby, you came to the right place. Ruby: I did!
Jynn in The guy with the BBC is Jynn's former student! 6:00
Jynn in The guy with the BBC is Jynn's former student! 6:00 It's the ultimate MILF fantasy: student fucks his former teacher, teacher fucks her former student. While Lil' D. fixes her computer, Jynn, a 50-year-old wife and mom (and former teacher), watches and touches herself. She likes what she sees. At this point, she doesn't care if her internet access gets fixed or not. "I think the internet should be good now, Mrs...." Lil' D. says when he's done. "Jynn," she says. "It's funny," he says. "I had a teacher named that. You kinda look like her, too." "I think I remember you," she says. "Third period. Algebra." "Oh, yeah," he says. "It is you!" "I remember you looking up my skirt a few times," she says. "Damn, I was just a little boy back then," he says, just a little bit embarrassed but not much. "You're not little anymore," she points out, then she pulls him over to her bed and pushes him down. This is the kind of thing that could've gotten Jynn in a lot of trouble back in the day, but she's not a teacher anymore and he's 20 years old. Young, yeah, but old enough. She sucks his big, black cock long and deep, getting it all wet. He can't believe he's about to fuck his hot teacher, and she can't believe she's fucking her former student. But that's exactly what happens. Jynn on sex: "I have sex as often as I can and more than once a day." "I am completely satisfied when I am taken from behind." We asked her if she's ever had sex with a much-younger man. "No," she said. Well, she has now!
Tayler in TAYLER 11:00
Tayler in TAYLER 11:00 22 yo ex-webcam girl Tayler shows up at the airport, looking like she just fell out of a birds nest. After throwing as much makeup at her as we can find, we realize no matter how much you glam up this girl, she's gonna be a pasty white trailer trash from Vegas who talks like she's in a gang or something. Granted, she is pretty funny. And those big natural tits are awesome. And yes, she's as open-minded as she claims to be. She's super nervous when she finds out that instead of the camera dude, "someone else" is going to fuck her. She thinks we're joking at first but then realizes we don't kid around with that. Our dirty-blonde fun bucket gets pretty nervous, which is made worse by the fact that the person who's going to be fucking her is like an hour late. We get to know Tayler very well, get her to play around with her pussy and tits on camera, and generally kill time (much of it we had to cut out, otherwise this video would've been a pretty boring 2 hours.) until HE finally shows up. HE is a huge black man with an enormous dick. It's Tayler's first time having sex with a black man, but the way she reacts you would think she's never even seen a black dude. But she's down to give him a try. It becomes clear early on that JD and his big dick are way more than Tayler expected or has ever handled before. JD's cock is the largest she's ever seen, let alone sucked or fucked. She can barely fit that black snake in her mouth, and her pussy is stretched to the limits. Despite all that, thanks to Troy's sweet talking she agrees to try anal! It's not smooth. In fact, we can call this PAINAL. There isn't a lot of loooooong strokes of that big black dick going in and out of her asshole, JD barely fits it in and wiggles it around in her ass, occasionally pushing ind and out an inch or two, and Tayler whinces and whines (but never stays stop!...). It's clear this curvy girl isn't putting on a show, she's as real as it gets and that includes the fact that this BBC is simply too big for her -especially her ass. Nevertheless, we get everything we need from this cheery amateur. That includes a creampie. She was shocked at first when we told her JD will cum inside her, but then just shrugged it off by saying she'll be going to the pharmacy to pick up a morning-after pill. We offer to provide her one but will take it out of her pay. She even fished out his sperm from her pussy and ate it to give us maximum fappable footage. Yummy creampie! That's the spirit, you little trailer trash cum bucket! Tayler is a funny girl, not the brightest, curses like a sailor, and clearly isn't cut out for the porn business. But she didn't walk out when she was ambushed by that big black cock, and did everything we wanted her to. So overall - great success!
Chanel in Chanel 2 11:01
Chanel in Chanel 2 11:01 What could drive a "good girl" who has only had 1 guy in her life to suddenly decide to do a porn scene and start fucking other dudes like it's her new hobby? Trump deporting that 1 guy, that's what. Seriously, 22 year old Italian-Native American cutie Chanel has played it safe with her Mexican man for years. Chanel is quite shy and nervous about today. She didn't want to tell us at first why she "broke up" with him but it slipped out that he actually got deported. Now she is making her previously pristine pussy available to other men in town (Latinos only). And to huge black cock lord Jovan (which she doesn't know at the time she gets into Troy's car). Thank you, President T ...we guess? We only tell Chanel that the white dude she's been flirting with in the car is not the guy she's going to be fucking on camera...2 seconds before she walks into the hotel room. Just look at her face when she steps in and sees a huge naked black man on the bed waiting for her. Jovan is already stroking his dick in anticipation. Chanel has never been with a black man before and she recalls all those rumors about black men and huge cocks. We let Chanel keep her clothes on for now as she sits next to him, strokes him hard, and even starts sucking his huge cock (she did NOT expect that dick to be so big!). Letting her keep her clothes on for a few minutes serves 2 purposes. One, it makes her feel comfortable and gives her a way out should she decide to call the whole thing off. Two, we want to see some Clothed-Female-Naked-Male (CFNM) action. It's hot. Let us know if you like that and we do it again. Anyway, Chanel eventually warms up to Jovan's charm but his enormous cock is a lot to handle for her tight pussy. She has to take a few breaks and we can tell our black lord is stretching her Italian snatch to the limits. Anal is an absolute no-go unfortunately, no matter how much we beg. "He's too big, my pussy already hurts!", she whimpers. We try to make up for it by having her deep-throat and gag herself on J's big black cock, and let him have his way with her precious vajayjay however he pleases. He ultimately has his fill and unloads a big load of cum over Chanel's pretty face (yes dear members, we did get your emails and tweets about seeing a cum facial again, so here it is). Dripping with the black man's sperm, we take a few photos of a very spent, very used up white girl who will undoubtedly walk funny for a few days.
Janessa Loren in The big-titty MILF from New York City 6:00
Janessa Loren in The big-titty MILF from New York City 6:00 I've always gotten a lot of attention, especially when I go to the beach, but it doesn't faze me anymore as long as the attention is nice, said Janessa Loren, a 44-year-old native New Yorker who showed off her big rack and sexual skills for the first time at SCORELAND. Considering the success of our DVD series Big Racks, Hot MILFs, we thought it was time to remind ourselves of Janessa's titty greatness. When she came to us, Janessa was a personal assistant working in Manhattan. She has a super-curvy body and all-natural G-cup tits. Janessa started to develop chestily at age 11 and reached her current size at 14. But Janessa doesn't dress to show off her chest. She low-keys it, so you won't see her walking around New York in tank-tops or low-cut sweaters with bulging cleavage mounds. But in this scene, you will see her talking about her tits, showing off her tits, suffocating a lucky, 21-year-old dude with her tits and sucking and fucking his cock. That's something she had never done on-camera before she came to our studio and something she doesn't plan on doing again. She's a girl-next-door, not a porn star, and she did this for the fun of it. "I actually know a photographer in New York who does a lot of art but also a lot of erotica," Janessa explained. "It's all very tasteful stuff. He had sent girls to you before and he talked to me about it and said you guys are the best. So he was the one who recommended you to me. "The funny thing is when I was growing up, I never thought about my boobs," Janessa said. "But as I grew up and saw movies, pictures and whatever else, I realized one day that they were pretty awesome to have. So now I really like my boobs. I love my body now. I have to thank every Latin singer who has come out in these past few years. My body type wasn't considered to be special back then. These bombshell bodies, you know? It took from about the late-'90s to now where these bombshell bodies are considered sexy." Was there really a time when mature women like Janessa weren't considered sexy? That's hard to believe.
Sunny C, Frida A in Stick it in 5:59
Sunny C, Frida A in Stick it in 5:59 Being a cool woman means I am a hot, brilliant, funny woman who adores football, poker, dirty jokes, and burping, who plays video games, drinks cheap beer, loves threesomes and anal sex, and jams hot dogs and hamburgers into her mouth like she’s hosting the world’s biggest culinary gang bang while somehow maintaining a size 2! Frida said as she slowly started licking Sunny's body from head to toe.
Veronika in Chesty Czech Chick 6:00
Veronika in Chesty Czech Chick 6:00 Veronika keeps a low-profile and doesn't look for publicity and exposure in the big-tit world. Not to be confused with another prolific, now-retired Veronika who starred in Busty Euro Maids, this Veronika got into modeling in 2003 and started at SCORELAND in 2005. Veronika goes back to "civilian" life periodically, then resurfaces, usually with different colored hair, sometimes slimmer, sometimes heavier but with the same lusty, busty attitude and love for the aggressive cock pounding into her. "I like guys. I once said I like a man who is an animal in bed and controls me. I don't have so much interest in making videos with girls but I do have fantasies of orgies with men and women. "Guys are always talking to me, wanting to take me home. One said to me 'You have nice, big eyes.' That was funny."
Autumn in Autumn 10:59
Autumn in Autumn 10:59 21 year old sugar baby Autumn initially agreed to have sex with white guy Rick on camera for his personal porn collection. She's into "older" guys and admits to have daddy issues, so this arrangement suits her just fine. A hundredfiddy bucks should do it. But our busty gold digger quickly turns into a negotiation master when big black cocklord P-Nutty makes his entrance. Rick reveals to Autumn that his fetish is to watch girls bang black dudes with big dicks. "What if I don't want to?", Autumn teases, and then negotiates to pimp out her pussy for 400 bucks to fuck that black dude on camera. Every girl has her price, it seems, and Autumn's is right at "my ATM limit", as Rick says. "Then you should probably get a better bank", she counters. Yes, Autumn is as funny as she is eager to make some coin with her vajayjay. It's all bit awkward for Autumn but she takes P-Nutty's dark salami pretty well. Not much gagging, and her uterus is probably fine, too. Whenever he tries to pound Autmumn's white putty a bit harder, she does grimace though. So he has to keep the rough sex in check. Those big swinging tits on Autumn looks damn delicious and Rick decides he wants to have at least a little fun for the money he's throwing at her, so he offers her an extra fifty bucks to let him cum on her face.
Bexa Pierce in Guys On Standby 5:59
Bexa Pierce in Guys On Standby 5:59 Occupation: Waitress; Age: 19; Born: January 10; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Thongs; Anal: Not usually; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: I'd rather fuck. We hear a lot of wild cherry-popping stories from the girls we shoot, but Bexa's is a sad way. "The guy's dick was too small, so the condom got stuck inside of me! It was in his parents' bathroom, and I spent half an hour laughing, crying and trying to get it out of me. The next guy I had sex with had a huge cock, so it was like losing my virginity all over again. The second time was better." "I have a couple of guys on standby for when I'm feeling horny. I've masturbated before, but I don't really like doing it. What's the point, really? I like fucking a million times more, and it's really easy to have a guy swing by and bust me out."
Katrina in Young ass is the best 2 10:00
Katrina in Young ass is the best 2 10:00 Watch this beautiful teeny in classic sneakers as she works her pretty lips up and down a firm creamy cock and gets banged in the ass by some random guy she met on the Internet. Fuck being charming and polite on a first date! She doesn't want to hold hands and tell funny stories she wants to gag on big cock and get her tiny ass hole drilled deep and hard till hot cum starts oozing out after a powerful anal cumshot.
Jamie Michelle, Kyler Quinn in Everything Goes Wrong For Thanksgiving - S4:E2 15:00
Jamie Michelle, Kyler Quinn in Everything Goes Wrong For Thanksgiving - S4:E2 15:00 What would happen if four families each contributed one member to create a new family? In this episode of Family Swap, Kyler Quinn and her swap mom Jamie Michelle are cooking Thanksgiving together. Charles Dera and his swap son, Alex Mack, are helping out by doing the dishes together. Everything is going great until Charles comes up and starts feeling up Jamie in front of everyone. Jamie rebuffs Charles by saying that they're supposed to be paying respect to the pilgrims and exhibiting good family values. Later, when they're all seated around the table, the swap family starts exchanging raunchy jokes. Everyone finds it funny except Jamie, who gets increasingly upset.When Kyler starts making comments about moist meat, Jamie has had enough. Getting to her feet, she hikes up her miniskirt and shoves Charles's face into her pussy so he can experience something really moist. Alex tries to deescalate the situation and in response, Jamie whips out her tits and tells him to get over here for some breast meat. When Kyler speaks up next, she gets her face shoved to the other breast. Then Jamie orders everyone to the living room so she can whip Charles's hardon out and sink down onto it for a stiffie ride. She announced that they all wanted to ruin Thanksgiving as she starts riding. It turns out that watching their swap parents fuck is a total turn on for Kyler and Alex, so soon enough Kyler has popped Alex's cock out to start sucking him off right there in the living room. That only encourages Jamie to climb off of Charles and slurp her own juices off of him even as Kyler pushes Alex down to enjoy him in a reverse cowgirl ride of her own.Since they've all found some common ground together, the swap family goes for a partner swap where Kyler gets to try out Charles's cock and Jamie gets to try out Alex's. Laying back to back on the couch, the girls spread themselves wide open so their partners can dive balls deep into their tight cooches. Then they swap back so that Charles can fuck Jamie from behind and Alex can give to Kyler in doggy. The men rise to the occasion, pumping harder and faster as the girls keep begging for more. Alex is the first to lose it, filling his swap sister up with a big creampie. Charles follows Alex's example a moment later as he gluts Jamie's pussy with his own pop. The girls begin talking about having cream pies for dessert, but the guys are more interested in football now that they've both been able to bust a nut.
Nestee Shy in Vertical ass fucking 10:00
Nestee Shy in Vertical ass fucking 10:00 According to her funny t-shirt this teen cutie in sneakers loves sleeping and the best dreams come after she gets fucked in the ass by some hot college guy. Just look at her! She's having such a great time giving head to her horny friend and taking hard anal in various positions. Her favorite one is when she's on her fours and the guy drills her ass from above slamming his cock down with all his power and passion. Sweet dreams!
Magdalyn in MAGDALYN 11:00
Magdalyn in MAGDALYN 11:00 22 year old Artist type Magdalyn dropped by the couch this week. She’s a little bit different than our typical applicant. She’s got the dreds, she’s got the tats and the piercings, so I think it’s safe to say she’s kind of a hippy. Now, typically I'm not a fan of hippies, but this one just happens to be fresh, sweet, funny, gorgeous and has this great attitude that brightens up the room. There’s really nothing like a girl who comes in, rolls with the punches, is laughing and being goofy and genuinely enjoying herself. During the interview, we find out that Magdalyn is for sure one of those free love types of people. She’s got stories out the wazoo of her sexual conquests and they go about how you’d expect. When it’s time to get her naked she really doesn’t mind showing herself off. She’s got a really really sleek pussy… because lets be honest, I totally expected some (lots) of hair. Next, she has some fun playing with the toys, then I had some fun snackin’ on that snatch. When we get to the dick suckin’ part she doesn’t disappoint. That deepthroat is lethal, but amazing none the less. After that, she fucks like a champ, and we bang all over the office. The riding on the floor is a lot of fun for everyone but Rick, who unfortunately is in the splash zone from her intense squirting… haha sorry Rick. Finally, she gets a big delicious facial before she finds out she isn’t gonna get paid and we send her on her way
Jade Aikens in Waiting For You 2 6:00
Jade Aikens in Waiting For You 2 6:00 Occupation: Bartender; Age: 24; Born: February 4; Ht: 5'6"; Wt: 120 pounds; Bras: 34C; Panties: Anything lacy and soft; Anal: Sometimes; BJs: Swallow if you ask nicely; Masturbate: At least once a day. "I've always been a sexual person," Jade told us when we asked why she decided to try doing porn. "I masturbate every day at least once. I didn't do it this morning because I wanted my first orgasm of the day to be with you."  We have talent scouts who search the globe for fresh, exciting newcomers willing to strip and fuck on-camera. Sometimes, the girls find us. That's what happened with Jade. "I find porn super empowering," she told us. "I like that I'm in control of my image and how I'm seen. I like feeling good with my body and receiving compliments. I just Googled the best place to shoot with, and you guys popped up first." "I like guys and girls, but guys always win. The funny thing is that guys are always obsessed with my butt, and girls prefer my boobs. There must be some sexy psychology behind that, but I don't spend too much time thinking about it."
Xxlayna Marie in Step Daddy's Little Secret 12:01
Xxlayna Marie in Step Daddy's Little Secret 12:01 Xxlayna hears her step dad showering so decides it would be funny to face time her best friend and show her what he looks like naked. They quickly realize that he's not just showering, hes jerking off! She hangs up the phone and walks in the bathroom to have a talk with her step dad. She's always thought he was hot, but never realized how big his dick is. She can't help herself. She jumps in the shower with him and starts to jerk his cock. After promising to never tell her mom, they hop out of the shower and get in bed for the real fun. She gives him an amazing blowjob before they fuck in multiple positions. He feeds that hungry pussy until he's ready to bust a huge load all over her cute face.
Mia Marin in Mia Marin Works Out On Her Trainers Big Dick To Stay In Shape! 15:01
Mia Marin in Mia Marin Works Out On Her Trainers Big Dick To Stay In Shape! 15:01 Mia Marin isn't really one for going to the gym. She's a spoiled rich bitch that prefers to have her trainer come to the house and work her out. Funny thing is there is very little exercising going on but a whole lotta sex! You see Mia can't get enough of her trainers massive cock in her tiny pussy hole!
Sera Ryder in Sera Ryder Has Her Pussy Stretched Out By Some Big Daddie Dick! 15:01
Sera Ryder in Sera Ryder Has Her Pussy Stretched Out By Some Big Daddie Dick! 15:01 Sera Ryder did a great job, so I didn't just give her a tip, I let her shake her ass on top of this dick! I could tell she wanted it from the way she was looking at the bulge in my pants and since she's the one that put it there...have at it hon! Just don't tell anyone why you're walking all funny now.
Sasha Sean in Cup Of Coochie 15:00
Sasha Sean in Cup Of Coochie 15:00 Sasha Sean is one of the wittiest MILF's we've ever met. She was so funny we probably spent too much time talking to her, to convince her to come back home with us. She claimed her husband was a wrestler and that we were lucky he was not around. As long as he's not around, he can't body slam us, so the mission continues. We offered her $1,000 to come back with us for a good time. She claimed that she hadn't been fucked in a while so the money was just icing on the cake for her we imagine. Sasha was everything we expected, her wittiness turned to dirty talk and it just made her even hotter.
Brittany Shae in Arch That Back Challenge 15:00
Brittany Shae in Arch That Back Challenge 15:00 Social media is a funny thing. One minute it helps you keep up with all the latest celebrity beefs and the next minute it is showcasing the next big trend among the youth. Today we bring you Brittany Shae as she tries to tackle the Arch That Back challenge! She was having trouble finding the perfect angle from which to highlight her ASSets and that's the exact stepmoment her stepdad walked in and saw her full moon! Curious, Tony looked up the challenge online and once he knew what it was about he was more than happy to lend his services and help Brittany get the perfect shot and not tell her stepmom! She could tell that Tony was getting very excited and wanted to see her stepdads junk for herself - so she unzipped his pants and unleashed his beast. As far as he was concerned Brittany was the winner of any challenge, especially the bounce on the dick challenge, and after working up a good sweat he sprayed his daughters face entirely with his cum!
Tiffany Watson in Funny-Boned 12:00
Tiffany Watson in Funny-Boned 12:00 Charles Dera can't believe his ears when Tiffany Watson confesses that being tickled makes her squirt, and he can't believe his eyes when she proves his doubts wrong! Looking to really put her to the test, Charles breaks out a feather, teasing and tickling Tiffany's feet, ass and pussy with it until she can't take it anymore, leading to a squirt-filled fucking!
Funny Hill in Ready for some hard cock 6:00
Funny Hill in Ready for some hard cock 6:00 Again this dazzling babe named Funny Hill loves a good gang bang. Tolerant that she is this lady has also a sense of humor and always ready for some hard dick. This horny lady is also one of our gang bang professionals and always into some hardcore fucking as you can see in this crazy update.
Sara Luvv in The Girl Next Door 2 15:00
Sara Luvv in The Girl Next Door 2 15:00 Sarah Luvv has an admirer, but she just hasnt found out yet. She spends her days at the pool getting sun all over her rocking body. Little does she know, her semi-creepy neighbor not only watches her, but sometimes even snaps pervy photos of her nude sunbathing body :0. His dream comes true one day when Sarah comes home from school and forgets her keys. She has nowhere to go, so figures maybe the neighbor can accommodate her until she can get in. Its funny because she was more apprehensive about it than he was. They get inside, start talking, and Sarahs inner slut comes out right away. She knows that he thinks shes hot, and knows she wants some thick black cock, so she starts to take her top off. Right away we can see this dudes face look like he just hit the lotto. He fucks her tiny holes all over the kitchen, permanently stretching her pink bubble gum pussy with his tremendous black mamba. Sarah now has a friend whenever she might lose her keys again, or if shes craving a furious storm of spooge all over her. Either way, you can always count on your neighbor!
Mila in SHY CUTIE TURNED INTO SEXAHOLIC SEXY STARLET 10:00 Only last summer she was a shy girlie with funny pigtails and in a funny dress and this summer she turned into hot cutie with yummy boobs and butt and with head full of dirty desires. Of course, her old friend, whom she did not see for a whole year, could not resist such a hottie and promised to do everything to please her in exchange for a permission to stuff her tight anus with his cock. To his surprise, the cutie agreed for anal sex and begged for more.
Mia Parker in Cute brunette squirts thanks to Doc 12:00
Mia Parker in Cute brunette squirts thanks to Doc 12:00 Mia has been interested in anatomy for a long time and having finished the first year she received a task for summer vacation. Students had to write an essay on the free topic. The girl had been thinking about something interesting for a long time and decided to expand the issue of female orgasm. It was an original topic for the first-year student who also found it very interesting and funny. After researching the library for a couple of days and digging up a lot of information on the Internet, Mia decided to check thematic forums where she made acquaintance with Doc. It was a pleasure for Doc to answer her questions online then he invited her to an appointment to turn knowledge into practice, so to speak. It was an awesome practical exercise! Mia received a lot of pleasure and experience. But she won't mention that in her essay.