Lucy Rodriguez, Mer in LUCY RODRIGUEZ & MER: TWO HOT GIRLS BORED OF EDUCATION 6:01 Busty and nubile student Lucy Rodriguez is having some difficulties understanding her assigned lesson. "I do not understand this," Lucy says to herself. "Where is my teacher?" Frustrated, Lucy turns her attention to something more important. Namely, her big, juicy milkers and sexy body. She rubs her pussy, squeezes her tits and sucks on her nipples. This is the traditional way for a voluptuous student to spend her time while waiting for her teacher to show up. Finally her teacher arrives to catch Lucy misbehaving instead of working on her assignment. This stacked instructor, Miss Mer by name, is disapproving. "Miss, what are you doing?" she asks Lucy. "I am bored," Lucy replies. "I thought you were studying," says Mer, playing with Lucy's pigtails and dangling her large tits over Lucy's face. Apparently, the teacher-student bond between these two honeys at this school is very strong. There's a lot they can both learn from each other with their looks and fantastic bodies. The curriculum at this school is really advanced. "It's just that I got bored," Lucy claims. "Bad girl! I'll punish you," declares Mer as she licks Lucy's neck and works her tongue all the way down to Lucy's heavenly hooters. Mer drools on Lucy's nipples and sucks on them hard. The two beauties, bored of education but eager to study sex education, take turns lovin' on each other's stiff nipples. When it comes to sucking nipples, Mer and Lucy have Doctorate degrees. They could teach guys how to properly suck on a busty girl's tits. Mer didn't forget to bring her teaching tools, two large cock-shaped dildos. Teacher and student fuck each other's pussies and tits, and suck on the dildos. They bump boobs and rub their nipples together. "You are a very naughty teacher. I'm going to make you cum," warns Lucy. Lucy squeezes her loaded breasts and squirts milk all over Mer. She spits on Mer's knockers some more and enjoys watching Mer's face in the throes of pleasure. Mer fucks Lucy's pussy fast with the dildo. She wants to see Lucy cum hard and hot. "I hope I get an A," Lucy says, squirting milk in Miss Mer's face.
Katanna in Small Breasted Teen Katanna is Insatiable with Her Toys 9:59
Katanna in Small Breasted Teen Katanna is Insatiable with Her Toys 9:59 Never underestimate a young slut's penchant for reveling in her own vanity. The ever-beautiful Katanna comes to us by way of this sexy, sensual and sometimes outrageously gutsy solo show. Taking place in a furnished living room, there she is, perched atop a ejaculate-colored armchair in her matching white bra and lingerie. It's impossible not to notice her perfectly toned legs, especially those sexy calves. She pops off her bra like it's no biggie and squeezes her apple blossom hooters to scintillating effect. But if you think that's hot, just wait until it's toy time.
Amy Anderssen in HITTIN' THE MEGA-BOOBED OFFICE HOTTIE 5:59 If you're not a geek in an IT department, you could fast-forward right away to the cock-sucking, but why not enjoy Amy's tight cardigan show which opens this video? She's an Otis Sweat painting made flesh. Seeing Amy Anderssen jerk a hard cock until it explodes cum into her mouth, which then drips on her huge hooters, is one of the highlights of "Hittin' The Mega-Boobed Office Hottie." But let's backtrack. A computer nerd has been asked by Amy to fix her computer at work. This is a great fantasy for any guy who ever worked in the IT department and dreamed of banging a co-worker with big tits. Actually, big is not the word for Amy Anderssen's rack. Giant, fucking knockers is more appropriate. SCORE veterans may remember Amy when she first appeared in April 2007 SCORE magazine. She did not look like she does now. Back then she was Jayna James. She was a blonde Canadian from Ontario with a hot body and big, but smaller, boobs. "I was totally different," Amy recalled. "I had way smaller breasts. I think then I was around 900ccs. I was totally blonde. I used to wear blue contacts. I used to always use spray tans. That was basically what was happening seven years ago. I was playing that part seven years ago, and now I'm going with my natural hair color, my natural eye color and I do less tanning."
Angel Wicky in ANAL CREAMPIE ANGEL 6:00
Angel Wicky in ANAL CREAMPIE ANGEL 6:00 It's his one-man bachelor party and Angel Wicky is his entertainer for the evening in this club. She's all pink and blonde and sugar-sweet. Angel promises to give the groom a show and a lap dance he'll never forget. It might even make him change his marriage plans. A born exhibitionist, Angel dances in her hypnotic costume on the stage of the private champagne room and flaunts her perfect body at her seated guest. She taunts and teases him about having fun on his "last night." Angel shakes and jiggles her big boobs. She turns around and rotates her fine ass. Her spell is cast. A man would need the willpower of a kung-fu monk to resist this Angel. Hovering over him, Angel unleashes her twins from her bikini top, shoving her tits in his face and giving him some cleavage to motorboat. He worships those fuckable hooters, sucking her nipples and sinking his fingers in her soft tit-flesh. Angel's bachelor-party special gets hotter than usual. She lovingly unzips his pants and takes his prick out to suck. It pops out erect like a meat switch-blade, much to Angel's kittenish purrs and sounds of pleasure. She takes his rod in her hand and wipes it on one areola, spits on it and starts her expert blow job. Angel gets on her back so he can drive his spit-slathered skin bus between her deep-cleavage mountains. Heading south, he spreads her pussy lips so he can tongue-tickle her candy box. That drives her crazy and prepares her fleshy tunnel for penetration. Angel is so hot the devil's mistress would be jealous. Mr. Groom fucks Angel's freshly wet slit and then puts her on top of him in a reverse cowgirl. She lowers herself, and his cock slides deeply into her asshole. He may change his mind about marriage after doing the push-push in Angel's ass and dropping his load inside Angel's lovely butt-pipe.
Cheryl Blossom in CHERYL BLOSSOM'S HOUSE OF HOOTERS 6:00 Cheryl Blossom's apartment is one big bounce house, as this scene demonstrates. Who needs a mini-trampoline when there's a big couch to wildly bounce on. Cheryl likes to have fun on-camera. She doesn't call modeling for SCORE work. Editor Dave wrote of Cheryl, winner of Voluptuous magazine's Model of the Year contest 2020 (See Volume 28 Number 1), "Cheryl is not only Vmag's Model of the Year...she's SCORELAND's first Model of the Year, having edged out Kim Velez, Daria and Alexsis Faye in a contest dominated by naturals." Diana Eisley was voted Newcomer of the Year in that same edition. "Sometimes I walk down the street and men turn around or shout out words of surprise or approval," Cheryl said. "It's especially funny to watch the reaction of men who are going hand-in-hand with their girlfriends. Many of them try not to look, but they cannot resist, and it turns out bad for them."
Sha Rizel in BODY MAGIC 6:00
Sha Rizel in BODY MAGIC 6:00 Sha Rizel wears a red top over a black bra, skintight black pants and star-spangled high heels. Very American footwear. Sha takes off her top. Her big breasts form high-crested boob mounds in her supportive bra. She kicks off her shoes and pulls off her pants to reveal her slim hips in black panties. Sha stands up and fondles her body and big tits, her metallic bracelet making jangly sounds as her hands slide around her slim and stacked figure. In a few seconds, her underwear will be jettisoned as she saunters to the divan. The camera is low and pointing up at Sha for some sexy in-your-face angles. Sha removes her bracelet and drops it on the divan. Stretching out on it, she is now totally nude and barefoot. Sha caresses her pussy and hooters and sticks her tongue out to lick her nipples. She takes one of her metal earrings and rubs it on herself, then tosses it. She alternates between rubbing her pussy and her tits, writhing from the pleasure she is giving herself. A girl who's serious competition in any beauty contest she enters, Sha has a powerful sensuality that the camera picks up on, whether it's in pictures or video.
Eva Notty in This Is What It Sounds Like When Moms Fuck 12:00
Eva Notty in This Is What It Sounds Like When Moms Fuck 12:00 Danny's girlfriend's mom is such a tyrant that he needed to go in her place after she moved out to collect the rest of her things. To get her revenge, Eva decided to keep her daughter on the line while she seduced her boyfriend. Judy had to listen while Eva gave a loud, wet blowjob, juicing up the rod while she jerked the shaft. Only a stacked Milf like Eva has the hooters big enough to engulf Danny's big dick properly for a titfuck. With the daughter still on the phone, Eva sat on Danny's face, and then jumped on top to bounce her thick booty as she rode him cowgirl!
Kitty Cute in Kitty Cute: Sexy Selfies 6:01
Kitty Cute in Kitty Cute: Sexy Selfies 6:01 Kitty Cute is alone and on her couch taking selfies. She's aiming for face and bust photos and keeps shooting so she can have a selection to choose from. Perry Layne walks in and watches her, then sits next to Kitty. Taking the phone from her, he offers to help her out by shooting some pics for her. Perry gets extra-friendly, and Kitty doesn't mind. He feels up her huge breasts, takes pictures of the two of them together, his head resting on her boobs, like they're big, soft pillows. Soon, Kitty has lowered her top and gets her naked tits licked and sucked. Perry keeps snapping away, getting Kitty to lick her breasts and pose with her tits out like she's doing a photo shoot. They're both having fun so it's time for Perry to get serious, drop trou and show Kitty how stiff she's made him. She leans over, takes his boner in hand and makes it vanish between her hooters. Perry works fast and quickly has Kitty on her back so he can fuck her tits. Kitty plays tit-games with Perry's prick. She sits up to rub her breasts with his cock, disposes of her clothing and underwear and gets comfy lying on her back so Perry can fuck her.
Holly Wood in Holly Wood's House-Warming Party Heats Up 6:00
Holly Wood in Holly Wood's House-Warming Party Heats Up 6:00 Holly Wood is getting her new home ready for a house-warming party when Nicky Rebel arrives with a gift. Except he's way too early. He claims he made an error about what time the party starts. That's a lie! Nicky just wants some alone time with the statuesque Holly before the other guests arrive, and Holly knows it. We don't blame him for using this strategy since it was our idea anyway.Nicky can't decide whether to stare at Holly's big, heavy, traffic-stopping hooters or her big, round, traffic-stopping ass cheeks. Dangerous curves ain't the word for this blonde sex-bomb. Holly's wearing a tight, leopard print dress that clings to her shapely body. She has the time to have some fun before her friends show up so she takes Nicky into her bedroom and fucks him senseless. On her back, squeezing her boobs together, Holly watches a big load of cum shoot out while he's fucking those hot tits.
Stella Daniels in Stella Daniels: Good To The Last Drop 6:01
Stella Daniels in Stella Daniels: Good To The Last Drop 6:01 Stella Daniels and Milan are sitting on the edge of the bed, soon to be their altar of hot lust where Stella will generously give him her huge tits and thick body to enjoy. Milan asks pretty girl Stella where she's from and how old she is. He even asks if she has a boyfriend at home. Her breasts are bigger than his hands and each boob is larger than his head. He fondles them and does the boob drop. A polite dude, he asks if he can lick and suck her nipples. He palms them feeling the weight, lightly pinches them and rests his head on them. Now that Stella has given Milan a breastman's holiday, she is anxious to see what he has for her. She approves of his junk and her eyes light up when she pulls down his briefs. Still dressed with her big boobs out of her top, Stella licks his dick like a lollipop and cups her tits, sucking his balls hands-free. Taking his balls in her mouth, she gently pulls on them. Stella could teach a course in ball-sucking. She's very orally-oriented. Milan holds her head and fucks her throat fast, feeding her every inch and pulling out every few seconds so she can catch her breath. Tapping her outstretched tongue with his cock, he holds Stella by her hair and pumps her mouth. Ready to fuck, Stella climbs on board for a cowgirl ride, the first of several positions Milan will pound her in. Stella sucks the head of the cock, using her hand to stroke the shaft. He jacks off in her face and wipes his cock on her cheeks. He has to feel those tits again before he gets off the bed. Stella stands up and rubs his skeet into her massive hooters and holds them up to lick them. Fascinated by Stella's jugs, Milan reappears to kiss her nipples again before heading to the bathroom. Looking at the camera, Stella licks her fingers clean to swallow what's left of his nut-sauce. Looks like they got along very well.
Maserati in Breastfest In Bed 6:00
Maserati in Breastfest In Bed 6:00 It's every breast-man's desire. His deepest wish. His ultimate goal. To be woken up by a super-busty babe--with or without breakfast--and to get a morning delight to satisfy his morning wood. Such is the case brought to bouncing and shaking reality when one man is served "Breastfest In Bed" by one of the bustiest girls SCORE and Voluptuous have the pleasure of training their cameras on: Maserati!Maserati is a walking busty wet dream when she appears to awaken Mr. Champ with a tray loaded with bananas, whipped cream and strawberries... and those giant brown hooters. They are built for sucking and fucking before he plunges into her succulent wet pussy.There's only one thing we never understood about Maserati. She said she's attracted to guys who don't pay attention to her right away or even ignore her. Guys who look like a challenge to her, or, more likely, just pretending to be a challenge.Maserati: the breakfast and the breastfest of champions. So, if you ever spot Maserati and get the chance to pretend you're not interested in her, go for it. You may get that breastfest breakfast in bed, too.
Noname in The Best Breasts Winners of Mr. Skin's Anatomy Awards Part 1 11:30
Noname in The Best Breasts Winners of Mr. Skin's Anatomy Awards Part 1 11:30 These are the very best breasts to have ever hit Mr. Skin as this playlist is filled with Mr. Skin's Anatomy Awards winners. Check out the absolute hottest hooters in Hollywood all in one place!
Madelyn Marie in Madelyn Gets A Big Cock Fitting From Tailor 8:00
Madelyn Marie in Madelyn Gets A Big Cock Fitting From Tailor 8:00 Madelyn is an eye-popping, beauty queen, with heavenly hooters, and a divine T&A body. While trying on her wedding dress, she succumbs, to the erotic overtures, of her brawny tailor, and is soon ravenously, savoring sucking his prodigious prick, with sluttish, epicurean relish, verve, and masterful, oral expertise. Then, he brutishly slams his monster cock into her, in standing doggie, as she moans and howls, with uncaged, bestial passions. Picking her up, he vigorously bounces her, on his meat saber, for an eye-popping standing, reverse cowgirl, then standing cowgirl, then a glorious, standing 69, as she moans and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. Once on the bed, she continues her wild ride, in cowgirl, as her sublime, heavenly ass, robustly bounces on him, as she moans and wails, with impassioned ardor. Then, he barbarously plows his titanic tool, into her almost bald pussy, topped with a thin, landing strip, in missionary, as she moans and squeals, in pornographic jubilation. Planting her, on his fuck pole, in reverse cowgirl, he ferociously fires it, into her, releasing a torrent, of screaming, gut-wrenching orgasms. After a sumptuous 69, he resumes barbarically pounding his horse cock into her, in doggie, then missionary, sending her, into a moaning, screeching, cock-crazed revelry, as screaming. To quench, her incendiary passions, he rains down a monsoon, of creamy cum, into her mouth, and all over her face, tits, and belly, leaving her, a gorgeous, gooey mess.
Melissa Manning in Sweater Stretcher 6:00
Melissa Manning in Sweater Stretcher 6:00 We have the same kind of fanatic attention to detail that UFO investigators have except we focus on tits not flying saucers (unless they are shaped like boobs). Our V-mag editor spotted the change the second she saw Melissa. Maria decided to have Melissa measured by our make-up stylist in the models' dressing room. Absolute scientific accuracy was the goal. Melissa 'fessed up and said she hadn't been measured since she was 15 and her approach to bra buying was hit or miss. She'd try on different sizes and brands, picking them out by eye, and see what fit her wonderful hooters. The end result? Melissa thought she was a 34G but she is really a 36H. She admitted that she tries not to buy bras too often, but now, armed with this new data, Melissa can march confidently into a bra shop or the ladies underwear section of her favorite department store.
Brandi Bae, Justin Hunt in Anal for Big Tit Babe Brandi Bae 11:00
Brandi Bae, Justin Hunt in Anal for Big Tit Babe Brandi Bae 11:00 There is only one way to get big tit babe Brandi Bae quaking her thick booty on your big dick: anal sex! But when it comes to cock-shattering cumshots, this blonde bombshell's voluptuous hooters, shaved pussy, and big ass do the trick! Brandi is hot in heels and fishnet stockings, but this PAWG is so much hotter when naked, bouncing her big tits, twerking her booty, and giving blowjobs. The Italian indulges her footjob fetish fantasy first, and it's awesome. But her thick lips wrapped around your prick in POV, and her deep throat gargling and gagging as she bobs for balls is the match that lights cock on fire. It's hard banging ass-to-pussy and gaping ass-to-mouth from there on, and it's enough to let that huge load loose with a dripping facial!
Sheridan Love in Busty Babe's Cravings: Rock-Hard Cock Fucks Voluminous Tits! GP2152 15:00
Sheridan Love in Busty Babe's Cravings: Rock-Hard Cock Fucks Voluminous Tits! GP2152 15:00 Today’s episode of DDF Network’s Busty series is packed with amazing XXX hardcore fucking! See our busty babe’e cravings being fulfilled by a rock-hard cock, fucking her voluminous tits real hard! Sheridan Love is an American dreamgirl with brown eyes and big natural tits. The stunning milf impresses us with two 34G / 75I hooters and makes you wanna bang those all natural knockers all day long! When Mr Pete shows up at her doorstep, the hot milf gets so horny and seduces the young man to fulfill her horny desires. After some deep throat cock sucking, he fingers her pussy and makes her twat gape, so he can slide his thick prick deep into her wet box. Pete fucks her doggy style on the couch and makes her massive titties shake all over the place. He plays with her hard nipples and feed her his tool before getting ready for a titty fuck marathon. While drilling her hole with his tool, Sheridan sucks her nipples and later rides his cock like a cowgirl. Finally, he bangs her big bosom with his dick and blows an impressive load of cum on her tits!
Alexis Breeze in Alexis Breeze Is One Fucking Hot Tamale 8:00
Alexis Breeze in Alexis Breeze Is One Fucking Hot Tamale 8:00 Alexis is a sultry, voluptuous, raven haired, Latina MILF, with some huge, heavenly hooters, and a bodacious back side. She starts us off, with an erotic strip, while sensually fondling her divine T&A body. When the stud du jour arrives, he delights in licking her pretty, bald, honey pot, as she moans rhapsodically. When it is her turn, she voraciously sucks his horse cock, with rapacious, sluttish avidity, verve, and adept, oral virtuosity. Mounting his ivory tower of power, in reverse cowgirl, she ferociously slams her gluttonous cunt, onto his pleasure pole, with savage fury, as she bellows and bawls, in depraved jubilation. Following some frenzied titty fucking, of her massive mammaries, he resolutely plows his titanic tool, into her garden, of decadent delights, in a side missionary, as she groans and cries out, in X-rated exultation. Moving into doggie, he vehemently slams his monster cock, into her, as she moans and howls, with uncaged, bestial passions, like some wild, primeval fuck beast. He continues, brutishly drilling his donkey dick, into her in spoon, as she writhes, moans, and shrieks, in a delirious, cock crazed revelry, until he pulls out, to spray paint, her monumental mammaries, with a copious coating of cum, leaving her glazed and dazed.
Kelli Maxx in She Wore A Blue Titty Top 6:01
Kelli Maxx in She Wore A Blue Titty Top 6:01 Is there a better way to spend an evening than with Kelli Maxx, her HH-cup hooters pouring out of a blue top, soft music and white wine? We think every member of the Fraternal Brotherhood of XL Men would say, "Heck, no!" "Thanks for joining me," Kelli says as she fondles her boobs. "I've been feeling so hot today." With looks like this, we think it's safe to surmise that Kelli feels hot every day. "Want to get me naked?" she teases as she continues to bounce her boobs. Kelli, when you're here with us, you don't even have to ask. Kelli's sexuality pops off the screen when you watch her. She has perfect boobs, a sexy body and a dripping-wet Boston cream-pie pussy she can't keep her hands off of. "Oh, I bet you want to rub my pussy," she says. "Or do you want to fuck me." Kelli begins to fuck herself with her fingers and eventually makes herself cum so hard she begins to shiver. "Did you like fucking my pussy?" She teases again. "I bet you did."
London Reigns in Creampie For Bikini Babe London Reigns 6:00
London Reigns in Creampie For Bikini Babe London Reigns 6:00 London Reigns wants to go to the beach. She's bought a new bikini and models it for Johnny The Kid. He's been waiting impatiently in the bedroom for London to come. Never rush a girl, especially when she has big tits and a big ass. A girl like London. When London enters the bedroom wearing her swimsuit, Johnny changes his mind right away about going out. That was guaranteed to happen. She's triggered him and now he just wants to get London in bed and fuck her. He lifts up her bikini top and plays with her huge, heavy knockers and thick body. Lip-locking London's nipples, Johnny goes crazy. Removing her bikini, he bends London over the bed and finger-bangs her, spreading her ass-cheeks to get at her pussy. The next thing he wants is to get a blow job. London kneels over him and sucks him hard, filling her mouth. He finds ways to look at and play with her tits with his dick in her mouth. London's body is his playground. She crushes his cock between her pillowy hooters and then gets on top in cowgirl for her first of several fuck positions. While London is getting banged with her legs in the air, she feels his nut shooting into her pink, hot honey-hole and then leaking out. London's bikini beach date will have to wait until another time. Maybe next time she should just meet him there.
River Fox in Blonde Hottie River Fox Gets An Anal Creampie 11:00
River Fox in Blonde Hottie River Fox Gets An Anal Creampie 11:00 Sporty blonde hottie River Fox loves fun, games, big dick, and anal creampies! Playing with balls is one of her favorite pastimes, which she proves with a sloppy ball-sucking after stripping from her cute tennis outfit. But that's hardly the extent of this busty teenager's hobbies. She may be a young PervCity beauty, but the naughty 19-year-old can take a deepthroat face-fuck like she's been doing it for years. And her big tits? Those hooters are made for insane titjobs! But it's her shaved pussy and big ass that your cock will chase after. Filling those sweet holes from ass to pussy in doggy style and in missionary will make your prick pop your load into her begging barely legal butthole!
Lissa Hope in Lissa Hope: Incomparable Honey With Heavy Hooters 6:00
Lissa Hope in Lissa Hope: Incomparable Honey With Heavy Hooters 6:00 Looking unbelievably busty in her tight dress that's as low-cut as possible, American dream girl-next-door Lissa Hope tempts a boob-shocked Johnny into sucking and licking her nipples, for starters. They get it on with lots of heat and high-energy sex.The fact is, Lissa is irresistible and one of the greatest discoveries of 2019 at SCORELAND. We can state that with close to 30 years of experience photographing lovely lookers who bust their bras.Now about doing sex on-camera, Lissa's point-of-view was self-motivating and thoughtful."I just made myself do it!" Lissa said. "I figured if you think about it too long, you won't do it, so I didn't think about it too long and just jumped right in."As Voluptuous editor Dave said to Lissa, "We would've shot you whether or not you fucked on-camera. You're that good!" Truth!
Katie Kox in Big Boobed Blonde Katie Kox Devours BBC 8:00
Katie Kox in Big Boobed Blonde Katie Kox Devours BBC 8:00 Katie is a stunning, mega titted, voluptuous, blonde bombshell. Watching her, teasingly strip, and oil up her humongous hooters, while fondling them, as she talks dirty to us, will leave you salivating, like Pavlovian dog. She then, joins legendary, big, black cocksman, Lexington Steele, ravenously sucking, his inky black, ginormous, dinosaur dick, that requires using both hands, to handle, along with some adroit, oral artistry, coupled with, some amazing, titty fucking, for a marvelous blow job. He then, ardently plows his horse cock, into her hungry pussy, that is topped, with a barely there, fur coat, in missionary, while she moans and cries out, in libidinous exultation. Then, she raucously slams her voracious cunt, onto his obelisk of lust, in reverse cowgirl, moaning and yelping, in salacious jubilation. Lex brutishly pounds his donkey dick, into her, in doggie, as her face contorts, in the agony of ecstasy, moaning and howling, with raw, untethered, primal passions. Then, Katie’s full, round ass, looks divine, wildly humping him, in cowgirl, as she moans and screeches, in a decadently crazed, perverse revelry. Lex goes back, through all of the positions, putting her, through her paces, as he fucks her senseless, relentlessly, pile driving his titanic tool, into twat, while she groans and screams, in an ecstatic rhapsody of lust, until he finally pulls out, firing a jet stream of jism, all over her titanic tits, leaving her glazed and dazed.
Sierra Skye in Sierra Skye Is A Titanic Titted Slut For BBC 7:59
Sierra Skye in Sierra Skye Is A Titanic Titted Slut For BBC 7:59 Sierra’s an alluring, titanic titted, redheaded, pale skinned, vivacious vixen. She oils up, and flaunts her humongous hooters, and fingers her pretty pussy, that is topped, with a closely cropped, fuzzy, soul patch, in a mesmerizing display. When her swarthy stud arrives, she ravenously sucks his coal black, monster cock, with sluttish gluttony, gusto, and accomplished oral prowess. She then, mounts his massive, meat missile in cowgirl, as it fiercely fires into her, while her face contorts, in the agony of ecstasy, moaning and wailing, in sluttish jubilation. Moving her into doggie, he barbarously pounds his monster cock into her, as she moans and howls, with unchained, bestial passions. Following some firm, titty fucking, he brutishly drives his dinosaur dick into her, in missionary, as she groans and cries out, in orgiastic exultation. Perching her, on his ginormous prick, in reverse cowgirl, he furiously fires it into her, with savage fury, launching her, into a moaning, shrieking, dick drunk delirium. Returning to spoon, then missionary, he diligently drills his colossal cock into her, as she moans, and screeches, in an intoxicated whorish rapture. He finally hoses down her mountainous mammaries, with his creamy cum, for gorgeous, gooey ending.
Lena Paul in The Porn Office 2 15:00
Lena Paul in The Porn Office 2 15:00 If you have ever seen The Office, you may think you know which character Lena Paul is playing, but Pam has nothing on this bad bitch. She sits at her desk in high, black stockings, doing business like a dynamo before challenging her male coworkers to a sales competition. The person with the most sales gets the biggest reward, her juicy, delicious cunt. Immediately, the office gets to work until finally our stud wins out and gets to claim his prize. He takes Lena into his cubicle space and strips her bare, slipping his cock between her high powered hooters for an oiled up titty fuck. He sits back in his office chair while she climbs on top of him and rides him like the workhorse that he is. Finally she gets down on the floor so he can deliver the sales pitch of the century, his semen all over her face! Now that is some good team work!